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by Raze

Asuilaak is a young Loner traveling with his best friend Shtiya, having fled from their homeland a few months before arriving in 'Souls. Since then, they have joined Casa Di Cavalieri and Asuilaak hopes to hone his skills while climbing the ranks.






  • Family: N/A
  • Birthplace: Quamaniq, Alaska, USA
  • Species: Dog
  • Subspecies: Husky mix
  • cNPC: Shtiya
  • yNPC: N/A
  • Animal NPCS
    • Aippaq (Asuilaak's horse)
    • "Putiq" (Shtiya's horse)



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Casa Di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Asuilaak and Shtiya training, together or separately, with their weapons.
  • Asuilaak exercising his horse, Aippaq, alongside Shtiya and Putiq.
  • Seeing them exploring the pack lands, chatting with pNPCs, and pulling their weight around Casa.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Asuilaak is a dog through and through, with no indication of wolf heritage.
  • Fur: Fine, thick fur with a dense undercoat
    • Optime Hair: Fluffy, shoulder-length hair pulled up into a half-ponytail at the base of his skull. Has sideswept bangs that fall just above his eyes.
  • Facial Features: Lean, rounded, and arguably feminine. Bright, almond-shaped eyes sit below large, slightly pointed ears. Doggish and friendly-looking.
  • Build and Size: Tall for a husky mix. He is lean-muscled, but retains baby fat in his stomach and face. His strong, but slight shoulders are held back with confidence.
    • Forms: See forms for descriptions and measurements.
  • Humanization: Moderate to high humanization. He wears simple, decorated, luperci-made clothing and accessories, in addition to using tools and fighting with weapons.



Solitaire (#E7D1BD)
Barley Corn (#bc9b5f)
Bourbon (#A9773C)
Golden Brown (#9f5c0d)

Eyes, Nose & Pads, Skin, Scars

Maya Blue (#70dbfd)
Paarl (#835637)
Eunry (#cbab96)
Rose (#CC8F86)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Many small scars from training accidents and general clumsiness; most are covered by thick fur.
  • Piercings: A pair of bright blue ear band piercings made out of bone.
  • Tattoos: N/A


Asuilaak views his tools and weapons as examples of expert craftsmanship and artistry. His leather sword sheath, quiver, and bow holster are decorated with carved designs depicting Quamaniq deities and benevolent spirits; every few weeks, the markings are re-dyed in bright blues and greens. His boomerang and bow are painted with swirling, golden patterns, faded from use and time. The antler hilt of his bone short sword is similarly ornamented, with blue-dyed leather wrapped around its grip; though clearly ceremonial, he adores it. Even his heater-shaped shield, made of wood and covered in blue-dyed rawhide, depicts the golden shards of the original deities.

Perhaps, most important to him, is the old, metal sword intricately depicting the golden shards of the original deities; he is convinced that it belonged to an old, lost hero from his pack.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Blue, dyed bone earrings.
  • Leather belt with several pockets and an attached sword sheath on the right hip.
  • Blue, dyed leather cord used to tie up his hair.
  • Leather backpack for collecting supplies.



  • Sky blue tunic with faded, angular, white designs around the collar and hem.
  • Simple, beige pants that cut off just above the ankle.


  • Sky blue, short-sleeved over shirt with snowshoe hare trim; has simple, angular, pale gold designs around the collar and hem.
  • Worn, ivory, high waisted pants with two buttons made of bone.

Inclement Weather

  • Dark, sealskin cloak with thin, wolverine fur trim around the hood. Worn as a raincoat.
  • A simply decorated, knee-length, caribou skin parka with the fur facing outward; it has thicker, wolverine fur trim around the hood. Rarely worn.


70 lbs (31 kg)
25 in (64 cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

136 lbs (62 kg)
37 in (94 cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

167 lbs (76 kg)
5ft 6in (67 in / 170 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

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  • Speech: Slightly high-pitched and quiet. Rough from lack of regular use. Uses short phrases and sounds to communicate intent.
  • Scent: Dog, horse, Shtiya, leather, earth
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Points and makes large gestures. Stands with his hands on his hips. Gaze shifts frequently, especially when being spoken to. Repeatedly adjusts hair and clothing when agitated or stressed. Stretches and shifts feet when bored or distracted.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Rigid and disciplined, but submissive posture around superiors; this falters the longer it is required at one time. Tense and controlled body language around strangers. Confident, but relaxed posture around friends.


2.  Personality

Asuilaak is courageous and headstrong. He’s very convinced of his role as a protector and guardian, though his young age and recent sense of duty leaves him vulnerable due to a lack of experience. Despite this responsibility, he works hard to remain humble; he was taught that a sworn duty requires little more payment than seeing its results, a lesson that has stuck with him as he’s grown. Still, if a reward is offered, he’ll gladly take it.

Asuilaak strives to be kind and compassionate to those around him, strongly believing that what he does to others will reflect back on him in due time.

He practices appearing friendly and warm to make up for his selective muteness and issues with personal boundaries, but remains introverted. Asuilaak needs time to recharge between social encounters, especially since he has to work harder to successfully communicate with others.

Selfless to a fault, nothing matters more to Asuilaak than the safety of his loved ones. He’s quick on the draw and prepared to defend those he cares about without hesitation. Regardless, though he keeps it quiet, he wishes he didn’t have so much responsibility on his shoulders.

He is fiercely loyal and protective, often to the detriment of his own safety and, on occasion, others’ privacy.

Asuilaak becomes irritated at problems with complicated solutions, finding that his patience wears thin when things cannot be solved simply and quickly. This causes frustration that can result in genuine anger. Despite knowing better, Asuilaak tends to feel a strong desire to break things when upset, as if that will somehow solve his problems.

He’s also notoriously lazy and a heavy sleeper; for most, rousing Asuilaak requires little less than an earth-shaking ruckus.

2.1  Ideals


Couragous, humble, protective, compassionate, headstrong, lazy, impatient

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Primarily submissive, situationally dominant.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Upholding justice
  • Protecting loved ones
  • Honing his skills


  • Inability to protect his loved ones
  • Being tracked down by Arrluk


  • Packs: N/A
  • Species: Is unfamiliar with coyotes, jackals, and visually different dogs and may offend due to innocent curiosity.
  • Non-Luperci: Asuilaak doesn't fully comprehend non-luperci; he knows some canines are incapable of shifting, but the notion confuses him.
  • Gender: Looks up to strong women and takes their advice and opinions more seriously than that of others'.
  • Color: N/A
  • Sexuality: Is unaware of any difference between same gender and non-same gender pairings.
  • Age: Admires older, more experienced individuals. Is entertained by the quirks and worldview of children.



  • Likes: Horses, hunting, playing, boomerang-throwing, sword-fighting, training, sleeping
  • Dislikes: Dangerous terrain, complicated problems, prolonged social interaction, threats to Shtiya, injustice, waking up early


Asuilaak has not tried any illicit substances, but might be persuaded to indulge in them for religious or spiritual reasons.


Asuilaak believes in the Quamaniq religion of the original three deities, Taliriktug the powerful, Ataninnuaq the wise, and Tuuluuwaq the courageous; the two halves of Quamaniq, Ataciara the leader and Corazon the protecter; and Keelut the demon king. Asuilaak also strongly believes in the markings and triangle-shaped shards left by the original three deities. He feels he is destined to find the shard of Tuuluuwaq, invoke it into his being, and activate its power.

He subscribes to the notion of prophetic dreams, which he is convinced will both keep him on the right path and connect him to his loved ones' despite the great distance between them.

Asuilaak additionally believes in guiding spirits; they were created from Quamaniq's split and they appear as balls of floating light to those connected to Quamaniq's two halves, even distantly.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Unknown

  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Adopted Grandmother: Sirmiq
  • Adopted Sister: Nauyak
  • Children: N/A
  • Cousins: Unknown
  • Extended: Unknown

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Shtiya Asuilaak's sworn protected and best friend. They grew up together and are fiercely protective of one another.
  • Nauyak Asuilaak's adopted younger sister; he misses her greatly and hopes she is safe and happy.
  • Sirmiq Asuilaak's adopted grandmother; he fears that if and when he returns to Quamaniq, she'll have passed away.

Positive Relations

  • Kattituyok Shtiya's father and Asuilaak's mentor in Quamaniq.

Neutral / Negative

  • Arrluk? An evil, power-hungry wolf that believes he is possessed by the spirit of Keelut. He is hunting Asuilaak and Shtiya, believing that if he kills them, he can obtain their gifts from the gods and release Keelut once more.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Arrluk?, Araq clan
  • Murders: Two, unidentified Araq raiders

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Asuilaak knows multiple languages due to either growing up with them, experiencing them on his travels, or being taught them by Shtiya. The majority are various Inuit languages.
  • Inuit languages (Apprentice-Master): Asuilaak knows several Inuit languages, though his proficiency varies depending on his exposure to them.
  • English (Journeyman): Asuilaak has significant skill in speaking and understanding English, though larger words confuse him and scholarly terms allude him.
  • Canadian-French (Dabbler) Asuilaak knows a few short words and simple phrases taught to him by Shtiya.
  • Despite his experience in speaking and understanding multiple languages, he speaks with an accent and his rough voice can be difficult to understand at times. He often has to focus to have clear speech, especially in English and Canadian-French.


  • Education and Learning: Asuilaak is leaning how to use a bow by Shtiya. Her father, Chief Kattituyok, taught him the basics of sword-fighting and four-legged combat.
  • Lupus (Apprentice): Asuilaak is more skilled at fighting in his lupus form than with weapons while on two legs, owing this to a longer amount of time spent practicing.
  • Sword-fighting (Apprentice): He is learning how to fight with a sword and shield, though he only had a couple months of training prior to leaving Quamaniq.
  • Archery (Apprentice): Asuilaak is only just learning how to shoot a bow; his aim is developing and his upper-body strength is on par with his current skill level.
  • Asuilaak is prone to overextending himself during training, believing that doing so will unlock some hidden potential in him. He hopes that his destiny will make up for his lack of experience, if it comes down to it.

Miscellaneous Skills

  • Education and Learning: Asuilaak was taught to hunt and navigate using the stars by Shtiya; how to ride by her father, Chief Kattituyok; and how to throw a boomerang by his grandmother, Sirmiq. He also has second-hand experience with very basic healing, as his grandmother was a medicine woman.
  • Hunting (Apprentice-Journeyman): Asuilaak is more skilled at hunting small game on four legs than on two, though he's learning how to hunt progressively larger prey with his bow.
  • Star Navigation (Apprentice): Asuilaak can navigate using the stars on clear nights. He's learning to recognize directional stars more quickly.
  • Horseback-riding (Apprentice): He is skilled enough at horseback-riding to maintain control over his horse Aipaqq, even at a gallop. He can also ride other, similarly relaxed animals. In an emergency, though he's wary of it, he's capable of riding a more skittish horse such as Shtiya?'s.
  • Boomerang-throwing (Apprentice-Journeyman): Asuilaak is skilled at boomerang use and is capable of stunning animals and knocking down things that are out of reach.
  • Healing (Dabbler): Asuilaak has incredibly basic knowledge of how to use plants in medicine and of the native flora around Quamaniq.
  • As Asuilaak is still young, he lacks the muscle memory and skill to consistently catch prey, maintain full control over an agitated horse, or not misjudge the aim of his boomerang and get it stuck up a tree. He becomes easily distracted while navigating and has trouble quickly identifying directional stars. His lack of familiarity with the native Nova Scotia flora leaves him hesitant to find another herbalist teacher, in addition to making him homesick.

4.2  Inventory

Personal Possessions


  • An old horse brush and heavy duty horse comb with several tines missing.
  • Two sets of horse tack.
  • A wooden bowl full of seashells and small, shiny trinkets.
  • A tarnished, golden ring with a large, round, empty setting.
  • A large, detailed encyclopedia of plants.


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5.  Achievements

5.1  Catacombs

go get yo' catacombs template, son

6.  History

Before ‘Souls

Asuilaak was abandoned at two months old on the border of Kanosak, a pack in the middle of Quamaniq. Despite this, he recalls his parents as being doting, if quiet. It was reaching the peak of summer, long after the snow had melted down and away.

Asuilaak was thereafter raised by an elderly medicine woman named Sirmiq. The woman gave him his name, which meant, “which is expected has arrived.” Sirmiq had also, mere days prior, adopted a newborn pup named named Nauyak. They were raised as siblings, with Asuilaak becoming very protective of his new, adopted sister.

Due to the presence of a strange marking on his left, front paw, Asuilaak was quickly introduced to their leader, Chief Kattituyok, and his boisterous daughter. The young princess, Shtiya, quickly took a liking to the quiet boy; during his first few weeks in Kanosak, her daily presence helped distract him from the fear and confusion of losing his parents.

Over the next few months, he began to learn how to hunt and defend himself. Chief Kattituyok and other members of his pack trained him in various disciplines, and imparted wisdom for when this training extended to two-legged pursuits. Asuilaak also, due to regular accidents during playing and training, learned rudimentary healing skills from his grandmother.

Asuilaak also made friends regularly and rapidly, becoming close to packmates both younger and older than him. His speech and understanding of language began to progress, though he remained a boy of few words. Additionally, he found social interaction for more than a couple of hours at a time downright exhausting. Shtiya was one of the only people in his life that didn’t tax his social reserves to such an extreme degree, strengthening their bond as a result.

Often found wandering around the pack’s common areas, Asuilaak was always ready to lend a paw and learn something new in the process. He found good work at the stables, visiting them daily and helping drag lightweight supplies from the pack’s storage to the horses’ stalls. The boy, even as his baby fat clung to his otherwise lithe body, began to put on a thin layer of muscle.

It was around this time, when he was about four and a half months old, that Asuilaak was requested to accompany his chief and Shtiya for her blessing ceremony. The tradition followed a young luperci’s first shift, consisting of a week-long journey to visit Quamaniq’s neighboring packs.

While Asuilaak was not yet allowed within the borders of the other packs, citing his young age and the traditional importance of entering them for the first time after his first shift, he was taught of the region’s religion during this journey.

He was also taught, in brief, simple terms, of his destiny to become a skilled warrior withinQuamaniq. Asuilaak challenged his chief on this; after all, a quiet child had all the more time to ‘’listen’’. He’d overheard more than enough, as censored as it was, to know that important details were being hidden from him. Chief Kattituyok, impressed by Asuilaak’s perceptiveness, insisted that all would be revealed in due time.

Upon returning to Kanosak, Asuilaak’s grandmother suggested he ask Shtiya about the chief’s secrecy; despite knowing of her grandson’s destiny, she knew it wasn’t her place to interfere. It took several weeks for Asuilaak to muster up the courage to confront his best friend, fearing she’d respond poorly to his lack of patience.

Planning to broach the topic during a walk through the unclaimed land between Kanosak and a neighboring pack, Asuilaak was interrupted by an unexpected attack against him and Shtiya. He provided a distraction, biting into the assailant’s bare ankle, as Shtiya and a royal guard fired two arrows into the assassin. Once he was dispatched, the wolf was quickly identified as a devotee of Keelut; a fire-branded member of the Araq clan.

The adrenaline and panic that had coursed through Asuilaak during the attack caused his first shift, the transformation being triggered several weeks early. He powered through it with a vicious nosebleed from being kicked in the face, coughing and laughing as Shtiya tried to soothe him. For the first time, much to his delirious surprise, he realized how ‘’pretty’’ she was. This, of course, was quickly and awkwardly shoved to the back of his mind once he’d regained his senses.

Chief Kattituyok approached him and his grandmother once Asuilaak was carried home. He apologized for the delay in Asuilaak’s blessing ceremony that the attack had caused, but expressed pride at Asuilaak’s bravery under such unexpected circumstances. The chief also ensured Sirmiq that patrols from Kanosak and its neighboring packs would be increased posthaste.

While this did little to comfort the elderly woman, she was content to tend to her grandson alongside her newfound helpers; while Nauyak’s eagerness to assist was that of a worried little sister, Shtiya’s was that of a guilty young woman who blamed herself for the attack.

Once Asuilaak had rested and recuperated for a few days, he found himself being dressed in ceremonial garb and waving a temporary goodbye to his little sister and grandmother. For the next week, he would be showered in blessings and gifts from Quamaniq’s neighboring packs. Asuilaak would also, much to his excitement, learn about the rest of his destiny.

First, they traveled to the pastoral, mountain-dwelling Qilaq to the north; then, to the coastal, fishing pack Aukaneck, to the west; followed by the militantly matriarchal, matrilineal Atiqtalik to the south; and finally, to the more relaxedly patriarchal, pastoral Amaguq to the east. Each, in turn, gave him a gift.

Qilaq gifted him a painted hunting bow and a decorated quiver of arrows; Aukaneck gave him a pair of traditional, dyed-bone earrings, much like the ones Shtiya wore; Atiqtalik presented him with an bone sword with a decorated, leather sheath; and Amaguq offered him a hand-crafted boomerang. These gifts were clearly more intricate than those the other, older children in Kanosak had received, barring Shtiya?. He also found that he was treated as if he was worthy of similar, if not equal, deference as the royalty he traveled with.

On the last night of Asuilaak’s blessing ceremony, as they rested within the guest’s lodging in Amaguq, Asuilaak, Shtiya, and the chief found themselves alone together for the first time in days. This was when the chief recounted both Asuilaak and Shtiya’s destinies in full, unabridged detail. From the unique, divine markings on their hands; to the true gravity of the attempted assassination; to Asuilaak’s destiny as the great hero who was to protect Shtiya, their generation’s great leader; to them being fated reincarnations of the two, forcibly-separated halves of the deity Quamaniq. This was all explained over the course of several hours, keeping the trio up late into the night.

Keelut was growing stronger, or at least the Araq clan believed he was. Asuilaak and Shtiya would have to train consistently to find and invoke the deity shards that would allow them to defeat Keelut’s “heir,” a man named Arrluk? who was convinced he was destined to release Keelut from the entity’s imprisonment.

Before Asuilaak and Shtiya fell asleep that night, they made each other a promise; as much as Asuilaak was supposed to be her protector, and her his protected, they’d do everything in their respective power to keep the other safe.

Asuilaak’s training was hastened, expanding to include archery, sword-fighting, boomerang-throwing, and horseback-riding. Similarly, Shtiya found her religious and diplomatic studies increasing in both frequency and difficulty. Still, the pair demanded time be put aside to spend relaxing together and updating each other on their respective progress.

By the time Asuilaak was eight months old, he had a decent grasp on fighting with weapons and controlling a horse. As a result, he found himself in possession of a cavalry steed. The chestnut mare, named Aippaq, rapidly bonded with him. Similarly, Shtiya was officially given Putiq, the pure white daughter of her father’s royal stallion. The children’s first winter was turning out to be a pleasant, if cold, one.

Unfortunately, disaster struck Kanosak soon after. Arrluk? and other trained warriors from the Araq clan put a large-scale raid against the pack into vicious motion. Despite Chief Kattituyok’s having insisted that Asuilaak and Shtiya flee immediately, their loyalty to their people had them hesitating. Asuilaak and Shtiya managed to kill multiple raiders, but more kept coming, filling the place of those felled. Still, Kanosak’s warriors fought back viciously and turned the tide of battle in their favor.

Despite this, the raiders were behaving strangely; every blow from their clubs and slash from their knives seemed to force the other warriors away from Asuilaak and Shtiya. By the time the children realized why, it was too late.

The raid was a distraction; to their horror, they soon found themselves cornered by the heavily-armored Arrluk?. Chief Kattituyok rushed to their rescue and demanded they flee once more, giving his life to buy them much-needed time to escape. They cut their horses free from the stables just as the whoosh of a large fire was heard from behind them; one of the remaining raiders had thrown an improvised firestarter into the interior of the chief’s hall, setting its wooden interior alight.

A royal guard who was freeing the rest of the horses tossed Asuilaak and Shtiya small packs of rations that had been tied to his belt and ordered them, just as the chief had, to ‘’run’’. After also grabbing a bag of dried feed for their horses, they did just that.

They had a few small comforts, even as they ran for their lives into the forest. Asuilaak knew his little sister and grandmother were safe, quickly evacuated by members of the royal guard alongside others that were unable to fight. Shtiya knew that Arrluk?’s large, heavy-bodied warhorse was slower than their smaller, sleeker steeds. They were ‘’both’’ confident that nearby patrols from other packs would quickly dispatch of any Araq stragglers, and if need be, distract Arrluk?.

The distant crackling of fire faded and they rushed eastward through unclaimed territory. They didn’t stop for more than a few hours each night over the first few days that followed the raid. Sleep-deprived and running out of food, they hid their scent to the best of their ability and took respite in an empty cave. Despite their best attempts at taking watch throughout the night, they both fell into a fitful sleep after several hours.

When they awoke the next morning, they were alarmed to find pelts draped over their sleeping bodies. Strips of cooked meat had been placed in a wooden bowl situated between them. Outside, alongside the crackle of a fire, were the sounds of their horses that had been hidden a fair distance away.

Fear rapidly turned to confusion as they cautiously wandered out of the cave, coming face to face with an elderly luperci. He gave them no name to call him by, but insisted whatever they had been running from could wait an hour or two while they filled their stomachs and finished resting their horses.

They prepared to set off once more, but were interrupted as the old man gave them a wink and handed them a heavy bag. A cursory glance revealed a dull, metal sword and a bundle of metal-tipped arrows. Perhaps most surprising was the design on the sword’s hilt; the familiar arrangement of three triangles left Asuilaak speechless. Shtiya demanded an answer from the old man, but he simply winked again and explained that the truth of the original deities’ wasn’t exclusive to their homeland. Not for a long time, at any rate.

As they left on their horses, Asuilaak glanced back to see the old man waving. He convinced himself that the strange, vaguely triangular marking on the man’s left palm was a trick of the light and decided not to bother Shtiya with it.

Over the next couple of months, the pair traveled with more caution; they rested when they could, careful not to exhaust themselves again. They trained in friendly locales under the guise of hunting or to show off their gear, remaining ever-vigilant that Arrluk? wouldn’t stop hunting them until he, or they, died.

Asuilaak and Shtiya’s path winded further eastward through increasingly warmer and more unfamiliar regions. Larger packs of luperci name-dropped several locations of interest as they passed through them; the one that stuck out most, however, was a region on the coast that was allegedly filled to the brim with luperci packs. They lived in relative harmony as well, as far as their leads were aware. It was painfully, bittersweetly reminiscent of how outsiders had once described Quamaniq.

Finally, shortly after Shtiya's first birthday, they arrived in the region known as ‘Souls. If they were going to stop and lay low anywhere, after hundreds of miles of traveling, it might as well be there.

6.1  Post Log & Archives

April 2017


  1. Hey! Listen (24th)
    With Shtiya (cNPC).
  2. Lost Woods (24th)
    With Elva Kai and Shtiya (cNPC).
  3. Song of Storms (25th)
    With Sylven Firebringer and Shtiya (cNPC).
  4. Serenade of Water (25th)
    With Myrkr Stormbringer and Shtiya (cNPC).
  5. blue neon lamp in a midday country field (26th)
    With Brandy Blackrust and Shtiya (cNPC).
  6. Ballad of the Wind Fish (27th)
    With Shtiya (cNPC).
  7. Sacred Grove (29th)
    With Maelyx Nocturne and Shtiya (cNPC).

May 2017


  1. Pushing the Limit (1st)
    With Arlen Stryder and Shtiya (cNPC).
  2. Hyrule Field (4th)
    With Luca Knight and Shtiya (cNPC).
  3. [M] - Secret Village (6th)
    With Arlen Stryder and Shtiya (cNPC).
  4. Let's see your footwork (18th)
    With Teagan Stryder.
  5. Spring in My Step (21st)
    With Luca Knight.
  6. Pulled strings (24th)
    With Myra Garcia and Shtiya (cNPC).
  7. Song of Time (28th)
    With Morty (pNPC), Isaac Coblentz (pNPC), Arlen Stryder (PPed), and Shtiya (cNPC).
  8. Tune of Ages (28th)
    With Arlen Stryder, Aldora Knight, Morty (pNPC), Isaac Coblentz (pNPC), and Shtiya (cNPC).
  9. A New Sun Rises (30th)
    With Casa di Cavalieri.

June 2017


  1. Spreading the Load (1st)
    With Casa di Cavalieri.
  2. ding dong ditch (3rd)
    With Clover, Conrad Nielssen (IF pNPC), Veri Secanti, and Shtiya (cNPC).
  3. More Hands Are Welcome (4th)
    With Veri Secanti.
  4. Hyrule Castle Courtyard (5th)
    With Hartt Attaya and Shtiya (cNPC).
  5. What a catch, Donnie (--)
    With Iorek and Shtiya (cNPC).
  6. I meet you in the wildflowers, undercover (14th)
    With Lyris Stryder and Shtiya (cNPC).
  7. Labyrinth (--)
    With Gerulf Voznik and Shtiya (cNPC).
  8. Heart Piece Complete (--)
    With Morty (pNPC), Isaac Coblentz (pNPC), and Shtiya (cNPC).

July 2017

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