Dandelion Damaichu

Dandelion Damaichu

Character by Nat & Nuki
Name MeaningIt's a flower
Date of BirthAugust 14, 2015
Age2 years
Subspecies72% Canis lupus lupus (Wolf)
19.25% Canis familiaris (Dog)
8.75% Mutt (Various)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeOff-board; Northern Canada
Current packNone
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


When Dandelion was little he solved most disputes by flopping on the other pup and squishing them until they gave up. That's pretty much all you need to know about the guy, because that's his entire personality in a nutshell. Even in adulthood he tends to dote on his siblings in particular, and he is very affectionate with them. In part because they understand his somewhat overbearing brand of affection and will let him get away with it.

Dandelion doesn't have a mean bone in his body and in fact probably eliminates mean bones in other bodies at about 200 feet in any direction. He's warm, expressive, and playful. He has self-esteem for miles and isn't shy about that fact, but honestly can you argue with results? It's hard to resent that self-importance when he's so deeply convinced that everyone around him is as kind, good, and beautiful as he considers himself.

This can make him seem like a bit of a flirt, and you wouldn't be wrong exactly. He appreciates beautiful people and likes to let them know it. However he's not pushy - he's into people who are into him.

Speaking of everyone around him, Dandelion is devoted to the well-being of the pack. Some may consider him unambitious and unimaginative, even unintelligent, but the fact remains that the "grunt work" he does has to be done. The hard, thankless work that sustains the pack is his labor of love. Despite the fact he's a bit of an airhead Dandy has an excellent eye for detail. He likes to do things the right way the first time, and has a stubborn streak about avoiding "quick fixes". All of his work - no matter how small - shows his intense dedication and love toward that work.

When it comes to passion it's something he deeply admires. Particularly when it comes to those brilliant sparks, visionaries who are driven and know where they want to be and what they want to do. He doesn't mind playing second fiddle to bigger personalities. Perhaps it's because he's a simple guy himself, but he's very drawn to it in others.

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1.  Pre-Souls History

Dandelion was conceived in an alcohol and drug-induced haze in May of 2015. His mother Svetlana Takekuro thought it was nothing more than a one-night-stand and treated it accordingly, leaving the packlands for greener pastures… until she realized she was pregnant. Since she didn’t know the father she initially intended to raise them herself, but near the end of her gestation she put together the pieces, and tracked down Keylo Damaichu. Fortunately, he agreed to help raise the children together.

The firstborn and largest was Dandelion, giving his mother such a hard time that he’ll probably spend the rest of his life making up for it.

He got a head start on that by being a gentle and biddable pup, always doing what was asked even if it made him seem like a bit of a pushover. Dandy was the favorite playmate, the protective bigger sibling. Despite – or perhaps because of – his unusual size and strength. Dandy’s family was probably a strange one, being an accident and all. But it was full of love and laughter, even though his naïve father was pretty sure pups were more a source of entertainment than children. His mom was strict, though, so she balanced things out. She gave him an appreciation and respect for strong women, much like his father taught him to be a bit of a goofball.

Growing up there was only one thing that could draw him from his mother’s side, and that was the lure of learning new things. He’s always loved watching workers at their craft – no matter what the craft – and his sheer stubbornness meant that they eventually let him get away with it. The full saying actually goes “Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one.” and Dandy came to embody that saying in full. He’s picked up a little bit of everything, though his main skills are with livestock and related crafts like weaving and leatherwork.

When his father finally returned to his homeland and Dandelion’s siblings followed, Dandy was reluctant to leave. Why would he leave his mother? His home? Eventually though it came down to the fact that he missed the rest of his family. Eventually he wanted – as many young Luperci do – to make his own way in life. So he followed them, hoping to forge a new path for himself.

2.  Appearance

At a glance Dandelion could pass for a wayward black bear, because he's muscular and big-boned with thick, dark fur. But that's only at a glance. On closer examination he has a soft, sweet face and gentle green eyes. There's a little dove tint to the underside of his jaw and on his chest, which just softens his face even further. More like a teddy bear.

He was a big guy even before he hit 7'6" so he tends to move very carefully for someone so large. Even if he seems like a doofus he's well aware that his size can be intimidating to smaller Luperci - which has lead him to adopt more disarming, casual body language.

Dandy doesn't tend to wear clothes that often, partially because he likes to shift between his forms whenever he likes. However he does sometimes wear hand-woven sun hats of his own design, or work belts that accommodate the changes between his different forms. His hair is almost always up in his signature man-bun... not so much because he likes it (although he does) but because he's always forgetting to cut his hair and doesn't like it falling in his eyes. Other than that he bears a Damaichu family mark on his right eye in the rough shape of a rising sun. He's not really good at wording these things but for him it allows him to carry his family history in some small way, and he does so with great pride.

2.1  Basics


  • Species: Wolf-dominant Hybrid
  • Fur: Thick double-coat
    • Optime Hair: Long and stringy, he usually keeps it up in a messy top-knot, man bun
  • Facial Features: Round and soft, with warm green eyes.
  • Build and Size: Tall and hulking, almost like a bear.
    • Lupus: Sturdy, big boned
    • Optime: High muscle to fat ratio; Dandy has a "beer belly" but under that it's pure muscle; he looks like he's ready for a strong-man competition.
  • Humanization: Low/Moderate - Dandy doesn't wear clothes, but he does practice some more humanlike disciplines like tanning hides.


  • Fur:
    • Tundora throughout with Dove Gray markings on neck and chest; subtle variations of these two colors.
  • Eyes: Reef
  • Optime Hair: Tundora


Tundora (#474747)
Dove Gray (#626262)
Reef (#CBFF99)

By Despi!

2.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: He often sports his Peach Orange (#FDBB98) colored Damaichu family mark on his right eye

2.3  Luperci Forms

Dandelion is comfortable in all his forms but primarily uses Luperci because of the thumbs.

170 lbs
3ft 0in (at shoulder)


In this form 25% of the time. Large and big boned.

200 lbs
4 ft 6in (at shoulder)


In this form 25% of the time. Could be confused for a bear.

350 lbs
7ft 6in

Optime (Preferred)

In this form 75% of the time. He's huge and lumbering.

3.  Beliefs

Alignment: Lawful Good

Dandelion isn't really good at articulating his beliefs, but he does have them even if he can't put them into words. You could say that he believes in the pack... but that's not entirely accurate. Dandy believes in the goodness of others. Not just in some vague, wishy-washy sense of "belief" but as an enduring and unyielding conviction. He's not blind to the cruelty and unfairness of the world, but he believes that there's just as much good in it.

He believes in digging in and digging down, and giving every ounce of his strength to make other lives better. Not just for the pack, but for anyone who needs a strong shoulder to lift them up.


  • Packs: Dandy doesn't really think about other packs much. He has a very small view of the world, focused on what he can see and touch in the moment.
  • Species: He's never really thought about it, but he wouldn't care if he did. They all have four legs and tails and ears and things probably, so they're close enough to being the same species by any measure that he cares about. As far as non-canine-ish species, he generally treats it on a case by case basis.
  • Non-Luperci: It's really none of his business whether or not someone is a Luperci. He doesn't really understand why others care. Though he's not sure why someone would wanna miss out on having thumbs.
  • Gender: Generally speaking he tends to be more submissive to females than males by default. They're more likely to kick his ass. Whether this is actually true doesn't matter, he just thinks this is the case!
  • Sexuality: This is one other thing that Dandy doesn't really... think about all that much. Have lots of sex or none at all, with lots of partners or just one, pick a partner of a different gender every day of the week. He doesn't really care. He personally would consider himself bi or pansexual.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

Damaichu || Takekuro

4.2  Friends

  • None

4.3  Acquaintances

  • None

4.4  Enemies

  • None

5.  Skills

  • Herding - Dandy is pretty good at handling most animals, particularly grazers like cows, sheep, and goats. Just don't ask him to take care of anything with feathers.
  • Leatherworking - He has moderate skill at stretching and curing hides, and is slowly learning to work them into items like bags and sometimes even clothing. He's only not skilled at this because he usually sells the cured hides rather than crafting with them.
  • Weaving - He's not super good at this. Mostly Dandy can comb and card the wool and sell it on to someone who does know what to do with it. Sort of wants to learn how to do more, but it's hard to get spun thread and a loom to work with. He can however weave baskets, hats, mats, and other items with straw or reeds. He also makes a mean flower crown if you're into that.

6.  Notable Threads

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