Callisto Stormfast

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Callisto Stormfast


Date of Birth: January 1st, 2018
Age: 4 years (x human years)
Gender: Female
Luperci: Ortus
Species: Wolfdog (80% Wolf, 20% Dog)
Family: Stormfast
Residence: Storm Valley
Creator: Silverfrost


The daughter of Maera Stormfast and Stormblade, Callisto comes from Storm Valley. She was born alongside her twin sister, Aisling Stormfast and three brothers.


By SterlingKato


Physical Description
  • Callisto is considered to be the "runt" of the litter (and the entire generation for that matter). She is curvy and fast.
  • Looks like a full wolf except for the extra fluff from her Caucasian Shepherd blood.
  • She has thick fur that causes her discomfort in normal summers. Also the extra fluff makes her seem bigger. Her dog heritage causes her fur to be soft.
  • Her Lupus form is a big wolf with thick fur.
  • Her Secui form is monstrous mass of muscle and fur. Looks like the unholy cross of wolf, bear, and lion.
  • She is tall and has an hourglass shape in Optime form. She has a feral posture and stance with a thick, unstyled mane.
Coloration Palette


Shark (#292C2F)
Corduroy (#5A6664)
Woodsmoke (#161C1D)
Ghost (#BFC3CC)
Shark (#191F20)
Woodsmoke (#0D1112)


Blue Chill (#088DA3)


Woodsmoke (#161818)

34 in ↔ 150 lbs

45 in ↔ 200 lbs

6 ft 7 in ↔ 250 lbs


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  • Feral
  • Doesn't seem to know her own strength. Sometimes breaks objects with her strength and size.
  • Playful but can seem rough
  • Eager, go-getter
  • Curious and sometimes doesn't know personal space

Skills & Hobbies

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  • Mother: Maera Stormfast
  • Father: Stormblade
  • Siblings: Aisling Stormfast, Aegir Stormfast, Caedmon Stormfast, Kazimir Stormfast
  • Extended: Stormfast
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