Aisling Stormfast

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The daughter of Maera Stormfast and Stormblade, Aisling was born alongside her twin sister, Callisto Stormfast and brothers, Aegir Stormfast, Kazmir Stormfast, and Caedmon Stormfast.

Aisling Stormfast

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Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 1 Jan 2018
    • Age: 3 years
    • Human Age: years
  • Birthplace: Storm Valley
  • Etymology:
    • "dream" or "vision" (Irish)
  • Epithet: She-beast, Arianrhod, Cù-Sith, Asteria
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species:
NPC Information


Physical Description
  • A giant female, Aisling takes after her father's size as well as the Stormfast size. Her size is further exaggerated by her thick fur that gives her more height in her feral forms. She is bulky with muscle and fur, as well as a healthy layer of fat. She has large paws which translates to large hands.
  • She looks like a full wolf except for the extra fluff from her Caucasian Shepherd blood. Her dog heritage causes her fur to be soft and is double layered.
  • Lupus: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 170 lbs (- kg)
    A big wolf with thick fur. She is fastest in this form and uses it for travel though she has the most stamina in this form.
  • Secui: 54 in (137 cm) ↔ 275 lbs (- kg)
    A monstrous mass of muscle and fur. She looks like the unholy cross of wolf, bear, and lion with her thick, bulky body and lion-like mane over her thick-furred body. She has large had paws and a thick mane that makes her seem even taller.
  • Optime: 7 ft 6 in (90 in / 218 cm) ↔ 350 lbs (159 kg)
    Aisling is tall and has a slight hourglass. She has a large bust though it is kept in place by her muscular figure. She has a feral posture and stance with a thick, unstyled mane that cascades down her back. Her fur is shortest in this form though it's thick around her haunches, chest, and forearms.
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by SterlingKato

Coloration Palette


Shark (#292F36)
Mirage (#191F27)
Mako (#3F4348)
Bunker (#101318)
Tiara (#CDD7D6)


Black Pearl (#07162C)
Catskill White (#EEF6F7)


Cinder (#0C0D12)
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by Ben by Shannah HOVER CREDIT


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Aisling is one to follow her natural instincts and often doesn't consider the consequences of her actions. She can be rather impulsive and decides things on the whim.

She can be rough and doesn't know her own strength when it comes to interacting with normal Luperci and human structures. She is rather playful, though her strength may cause her to accidentally injure others or cause some discomfort. She is uncivilized and may seem rude since civilized habits are unknown to her. She has a habit of pushing others aside or taking others' things without asking, though she will return them - albeit they may not be in the same condition as they were before.

She does have a particularly strong protective instinct towards her friends and who she views to be "weaker" (anyone that she considers to be "small"). However, she is a rather dominant individual and may try to dominate those she thinks are "weaker" (often anyone who doesn't match her size) upon first meeting. This comes in the form of using her full height and sometimes in the form of growling, baring her teeth, or snapping at them.

Her father had a slight knowledge of humanized behaviors and she has heard of weapons, though she doesn't understand why someone wouldn't use their teeth and claws? She doesn't seem to fully understand anything humanized, though she is curious and often asks a lot of questions. She may try to mimic or learn certain behaviors because she is curious. However, some things just don't make sense to her, such as keeping "lesser" animals as pets.

Aisling, however, does have a good heart and is often cheerful and energetic. She does try to follow the customs and laws of the land, though she forgets a majority of the time.


  • Species: Only exposed to wolves and wolfdogs. Refers to coyotes and jackals as "small ones".
  • Non-Luperci: Some of her family members are Non-Luperci. She knows about infection to some degree and doesn't approve of infecting Non-Luperci against their will.
  • Humanization: She doesn't understand humanized acts.
  • Size: She will immediately try to dominate smaller individuals.

Skills & Hobbies

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  • Strength: Aisling is large and is getting to be as strong as a horse.
  • Stamina: She has a fair amount of stamina and can continue chasing for a while.
  • Hunting: She learned to hunt from her pack and does best with partner hunting. She's best when ambushing prey that someone chases towards her though she can hunt via the wait and ambush method.
  • Combat: She can defend herself with her teeth, claws, and bulk though can get carried away. Her style of fighting uses her large size and fights like a true wolf. She does use the environment and has a tendancy to smash her opponents into objects or tackle them into them. May try to throw or even attempt to crush smaller opponents.



  • Mother: Maera Stormfast
  • Father: Stormblade
  • Siblings: Callisto Stormfast, Aegir Stormfast, Kazimir Stormfast, Caedmon Stormfast


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1 Wolf breeds: Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, Russian Wolf, Common Gray Wolf, Tundra Wolf, Interior Alaskan Wolf, European Wolf?

2 Caucasian Shepherd and Irish Wolfhound

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