Iorek Stormfast

Iorek Stormfast
by Jasmae
Basic Info
Date of Birth: February 20th, 2016
Date of Death: July 7th, 2020
Age 4 years (Human Age: 42 years)
Gender: Male
Luperci: Ortus
Pronunciation: Your-ik
Meaning: Unknown
Origin: His Dark Materials
Epithet: The Gentle Giant
Family: Stormfast, Raknison
Birthplace: Yellowstone
Species: Wolfdog (50% Wolf1, 50% Dog2)
Mate: Riley Rockateer
cNPC: Riley Rockateer


Birdflower, Druzy
OOC Info
Player: Silverfrost
Forum Profile: Clicky!

Iorek Stormfast was a former member of Casa di Cavalieri. He was a member of the Brotherhood --- Lionheart -- and Master of Tooth and Claw before he was exiled.

Iorek was the son of Lyra Stormfast and Ragnar Raknison. He was the mate of Riley Rockateer and father of Colette Rockateer, Deucalion Rockateer, Lyra'eve Stormfast, Morrigan Stormfast, Perses Stormfast, and Skoll Stormfast.

Born in Yellowstone, he was raised by his mother until her untimely death. When he was only a year old, Iorek and his mother became separated from each other for only a few minutes before a pair of Luperci jumped her and fatally injured her before her son arrived. He doesn't remember much of the incident - or at least he doesn't try to - but he killed both males in an enraged fit. He survived on his own until he came to Nova Scotia. Later, he joined Casa di Cavalieri.

He came just in time for the Syndicate Conflict and Iorek was caught in several traps. When patrolling with Teagan Stryder, the pair were attacked by three Syndicate loners. Seeing one of his pack-mates pinned by two of the attackers made Iorek go into a fit of rage, his mind connecting it to his mother's death. He killed one of the loners and almost killed another before Teagan stopped him. Unable to distinguish friend from foe, he lashed out at her. The skirmish scared him and he began to fear himself, suffered from nightmares, and anxiety after the incident. He also met Riley Rockateer who later joined Casa di Cavalieri. After a disastrous few battles and being attacked by a demon, Iorek decided to become a healer, studying under Veri Secanti. Though, through encouragement and training with his pack-mates, Iorek also began to refine and hone his fighting skills.

In January, Iorek joined the Brotherhood as a Master of Tooth and Claw. He and Riley also became closer since Riley's return from the Outpost in November and in mid-January they started a romantic relationship. In February, Iorek, Jace, and Riley aid Anathema in their fight against Kentaro's forces. Ultimately, Anathema falls. At the start of summer, Iorek became the mentor to Nayavota Denahlii.

At the end of July, Iorek was injured by Lux Einar while protecting a young girl. In October of 2018 Iorek begins to display an unusual level of aggression, murdering a loner and is exiled from Casa along with Riley.

He was a loner living in Praegrandis with his mate and his many children until his death.

Physical Description
  • A hybrid of large dog breeds and large wolf subspecies, Iorek is an enormous Luperci with a broad build and thick fur layered over his muscular frame. He is built like a tank; a lot of muscle and some fat coats his broad frame and his thick fur only exaggerates his size. His deerhound and great dane blood gives him somewhat longer legs and his malamute blood gives him a bit of stamina. He has a short bob for a tail; he was born with this trait.
  • His muzzle is broader than a wolf's due to his mastiff heritage. He also has shorter, rounded, smaller ears that make him seem very bearlike.
  • His fur is very thick and waterproof due to his dog heritage. His coat is thickest during winter and shortest during summer; his fur exaggerates his size. Iorek's thick fur is a blessing as much as it is a curse. He has some natural protection against feral opponents, though summer heat is uncomfortable, especially in his Secui form.
  • Speech: Iorek's voice always has a quiver or a slight stutter. He's soft-spoken and a man of few words. His voice ref is Stephen Amell
  • Scent: Wolfdog, flowers, Casa di Cavalieri, herbs, feathers
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tilts his head a lot, may exhibit cat-like mannerisms.
  • General Posture and Body Language: He doesn't utilize his full height. He often has his head lowered and is hunched.
  • Scratches on his forearms: From a Syndicate male [M] 1
  • Diagonal scar on sternum: Only visible in Optime. From a spear [M] 2
  • Scars from Lux Einar [M] 3, only visible in Optime
    • Large claw mark from his left shoulder to his bicep:
    • Claw mark from his right collarbone to his pectoral
    • Claw mark on his right shoulder
    • Diagonal scratch from his right hip to his abdomen

Lupus: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 180 lbs (82 kg)
Iorek is rarely seen in his Lupus form unless he really has to. His Lupus form is broad-shouldered with thick fur. He's built like a Caucasian Shepherd. He's still rather large, heavier-built than a wolf. He has thicker limbs than a wolf would as well.

Secui: 54 in (137 cm) ↔ 280 lbs (127 kg)
This is his preferred form and he uses it when not needing to use hands. His Secui form is a colossal creature with a lot of muscle and thick fur that further exaggerates his bulk. Easily the size of a pony, Iorek is a rather massive in this halfling form. He has a thick mane and large paws which causes him to be mistaken for a bear at times. He has thicker limbs and is very strong. He is rather intimidating in this form.

Optime: 7 ft 5 in (89 in \ 218.5 cm) ↔ 350 lbs (159 kg)
Being in a humanized pack, Iorek uses this form often, normally when he needs his hands. His Optime form is a hulking individual and take up a lot of horizontal as well as vertical space. His fur is still thick in this form and only serves to make him seem bigger. He is a big and bulky figure that is very bear-like. He is quite muscular and has a healthy layer of fat. He has been known to drop down to all fours, but only for very short lengths of time. His scars are most visible in this form as his fur shortens. He doesn't normally wear clothing in this form.

  • Bandages wrapped around his forearms
  • Necklaces: Key, Pink seagalss, Amethyst, Red Pendant
  • Bracelets: (Optime Only) 1 & 2 on right wrist. 1 and 2 on left wrist
  • Flower crowns (Ex: 1, 2, 3
  • Feathers (Cardinal, magpie, etc.) and necklace chains woven into his mane
Color Palette


Rodeo Dust (#C9B098)
Hillary (#B4A18E)
Zeus (#1F1814)
Cocoa Brown (#322621)
Taupe (#4C3F36)
Citrine White (#FAEADB)


Maroon (#7C0000)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Cod Grey (#110F0E)


Iorek at his core is a benevolent creature who is kind and gentle. His sweet and kind disposition is one of his most notable traits as well as his caring and calm demeanor. He cares deeply about others and their well-being, often placing it above his own. He is relatively friendly when meeting new people and can easily make friends. He is very empathetic and is able to understand others feeling or at least provide a listening ear.

He is a hard worker and is rarely idle, always wanting to help his pack in some way whether it be training with others, patrolling, or going on trips to look for things to bring back. He is helpful and can easily be roped into tasks, though he is starting to grow a spine when it comes to some things asked of him. He can be fairly stubborn when he puts his mind to something and it can be difficult for one to persuade him otherwise.

Due to his stutter and feral upbringing, Iorek does appear to be dimwitted, though he is intelligent and has a cunning side. Most of it comes from his unfamiliarity with many things that could be considered common by the members of his pack and other humanized individuals. He also often enjoys what others may consider "simple" and his quirks and interests may be considered to be "weird". However, he can be fairly perceptive and observant with an analyzing mind that allows him to figure things out; sometimes he may just ignore certain clues or telltale signs due to him not considering it to be "important" at the time. He has a good memory and a quick learner, though he does make mistakes.

Iorek can be an enigma to many due to his many quirks that set him apart from most Luperci. His feral upbringing coupled with his year in Casa di Cavalieri has caused a flux between humanized and feral. Iorek is also a mixed creature and has several quirks and traits that are nowhere near the norm. He does exhibit some traits which may be consider feminine though he has little to no understanding of gender roles; he likes jewelry and flowers and may seem slightly maternal at times. Iorek also often doesn't act entirely Luperci or canine at times. He has a couple of catlike mannerisms such as licking his paw and rubbing up against people like a cat as well as a large amount of his fighting techniques are noticeably feline. He also has some distinctly birdlike mannerisms such as tilting his head rather owlishly and having an almost magpie-like obsession with shiny objects.

Iorek sees himself as a protector rather than a fighter; one is more likely to get a fight out of him if they threaten those he cares about. One of his main motivations is protecting Casa di Cavalieri, though to him, it is more than just protecting them from harm. His protective instincts are also strong due to his dog blood and may cause him to react strongly to perceived threats towards those he considers to be family. Iorek's formerly pacifist nature has been replaced by his protective instincts, though he does believe in mercy and while killing is no longer last resort from him, it is reserved only for certain threats. Iorek does have a violent side and over time learned to use it rather than to fear it.

  • Outlook: Optimistic with a hint of pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, submissive
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Myers-Briggs Type: The Mediator (INFP, -A/-T) and The Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Neutral Good characteristics.
    • "Good is best defined as whatever brings the most benefit to the greater number of decent, thinking creatures and the least woe to the rest."
    • "He will never attack an unarmed foe and will never harm an innocent."
    • " Life and the assurance of other creatures' rights take precedence over all else."
    • "He will help those in need and works well alone or in a group."
  • Motivations: Casa di Cavalieri, family and friends, helping others, learning new things
  • Fears: Harm befalling his pack or loved ones
  • Interests:
    • Likes: Helping others, scavenging, jewelry and trinkets, flowers, feathers, hunting, water
    • Dislikes: Rapists, horses, weapons, bullies
  • Packs: Casa di Cavalieri is his home and Cavaliers are treated like family. Most former Anathemans are also treated favorably as well. Friendly with all other packs though may be less trusting of Sapiens. Loners are treated warily, especially if they fall within his other biases.
  • Size: Iorek is more likely to become more defensive with unknown males close to his size or larger due to past experiences. Especially if they fall within his color biases.
  • Color: Iorek is more likely to react aggressively to unknown dark-colored males that have golden or amber eyes.
  • Gender: Older women and smaller females do remind him of his mother and are treated gently. He respects women and seems more comfortable around them than males. Iorek's understanding of gender and gender roles are sketchy at best so he doesn't really bat an eye at anything.
  • Non-Luperci: His mother was born Non-Luperci and seemed to resent how she was changed. Because of this, Iorek does not support the infection of Non-Luperci without consent and treats them and former Non-Luperci kindly and sometimes protectively.
  • Sexuality: He is unbiased, though flirting flies over his head and he doesn't know much about mateships/marriage. All that really matters to him is that it's consensual.
  • Age: Iorek doesn't know much about older people, though he thinks of them as frail and needs protection. He does respect them.
  • Humanization: Iorek feels a kinship towards fellow feral canines and may interact with them easier.

  • Iorek is a 5 on the Kinsey Scale; Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual. He will only bed with a female for reproductive purposes.
  • He seems to be on the demiromantic spectrum as his romantic feelings developed after an emotional connection and is monogamous. While he is unable to fully describe his romantic feelings, he is loyal towards them and can be very affectionate.
  • He also seems to be a grey asexual though leans towards the demisexual spectrum; he's a-spec. For him, sex can easily be replaced by another activity, though isn't opposed to it.
  • He will only sleep with someone if they want to and is never one to do it on a whim; normally they must have some kind of connection. Being as inexperienced as he is, he primarily follows his instincts when it comes to sexual encounters.
  • Iorek's humanization is somewhere between low and medium. He wears a lot of accessories though doesn't usually wear clothes unless required of him or if encouraged by someone else, though that is rare. He is literate and can cook as well as crafts jewelry. He also lives in a house and in a humanized pack. He also has had several animal companions (birds and cats).
  • He goes between Optime and Secui and values Optime for the use of hands, though has shown a preference towards his Secui form for many activities.
  • Iorek dislikes weapons and doesn't use them in a fight and probably would never do so. He does use tools such as a knife, a mortar and pestle, and cooking equipment though it would be rare for him to use anything else. He also is noticeably adverse to horses and other domesticated, hoofed creatures and sees little use for them. He has very little knowledge of horses and avoids them when he can unless they have a rider.


Iorek's beliefs are fairly vague though he is spiritual and considers there to be a "Mother Goddess". He believes in spirits and can believe in deities if given enough exposure and explanation, though may pick and choose from different religions. He does have a belief that spirits go to the sky but may wander on earth as he believes that he interacted with his mother's spirit. He does believe in magic and practices rituals as well as has knowledge of tarot cards.


Iorek doesn't participate in using substances if he can help it. His exposure is limited to alcohol as well as a poorly-remembered time on hallucinogenics, his knowledge is primarily limited to alcohol. And while he doesn't approve of others, he will express his disapproval or disappointment when they are wasted or hungover.

Main Focus

Feral Combat:

  • Iorek primarily fights in Secui form, normally using misdirection and tricks to gain the upperhand. Those familiar with felines may notice that his techniques seem catlike in a way. He is capable of fighting Optime individuals with weapons and typically seeks to disarm his opponent. He can fight in Optime form - though he is fairly unskilled - and uses his teeth and claws as well as strength.
  • His reflexes are fairly good and allows him to try to get out of the way of attacks.
  • Iorek's knowledge of weaponry is fairly sketchy past bladed weaponry; he may not recognize weapons that don't have an obvious sharp edge and has only practiced against swords; blunt weapons such as staffs don't register as much of a threat to him. He also has little to no knowledge on using a weapon.

First Aid and Herbalism:

  • Iorek is able to clean and dress wounds, though only enough to send the person to more experienced healers. He can sterilize and apply ointments, though he lacks the knowledge for anything further. He can also change bandages, but only for wounds that are close to being healed. He can also identify common or flowering herbs, though lacks knowledge past that.
  • Iorek by no means is a medic, but simply someone that can dress the wound until they can see a medic. Iorek is also useless when it comes to anything past a minor wound and has a weak stomach.


  • Iorek has an eye for shiny things and can identify places where he is more likely to find valuable items - though valuable for him involves anything he can make jewelry out of. He also is fair at finding carcasses.

Low-Speech (Corvid)

  • Iorek can understand and speak Corvid low-speech, primarily crow and magpie.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies


  • Being a rather giant individual grants him immense strength and stamina, allowing him to exert himself longer than average. Though his large size costs him speed and agility. He can easily be outpaced by smaller individuals and isn't the best at tight maneuvers and chases past a quick burst of speed. His size also makes it difficult to maneuver in small spaces and his bulk also makes it difficult, especially in places meant for humans or smaller Luperci. His size also requires a lot more fuel.


  • Iorek's solo hunting style is either hiding in wait to ambush prey or stalking prey until he gets close enough to pounce. He mainly hunts in forested areas due to him needing cover to stalk prey and is fairly stealthy. He primarily hunts beavers, squirrels, rabbits, and deer. He can also fish fairly well using his claws to hook fish.


  • Iorek is a natural swimmer due to his waterproof fur and water dog heritage. He is also capable of keeping his head underwater and often submerges his entire body with only his nose out of the water.

Reading & Writing:

  • Iorek can read, but mainly lists or instructions; he does read books though most of them are simple elementary-level books or some simple guides.
  • Iorek can grasp some concepts in books, particularly feelings and can get the gist of stories, though anything that heavily involves humans and technology flies over his head.


  • Iorek is capable of making simple necklaces and small decorations.


  • Iorek can cook meat and make tea.

  • Maternal Grandparents: Faolan and Lovetta Stormfast
  • Paternal Grandparents: Charon Raknison and Persephone Saffron
  • Maternal Aunts: Leitha Stormfast, Maera Stormfast, Katria Stormfast, Bestla Stormfast, Freki Stormfast
  • Maternal Uncles: Lyall Stormfast, Lycidas Stormfast, Marrok Stormfast, Minigan Stormfast, Bleiz Stormfast, Faelan Stormfast
  • Maternal Cousins: Rianorix Stormfast, Artair Stormfast, Roarke Stormfas, Mharie Stormfast, Dearla Stormfast, Alastrine Stormfast, Ostrythe Stormfast, Aisling Stormfast, Callisto Stormfast, Aegir Stormfast, Caedmon Stormfast, Kazmir Stormfast

Italics indicates an unknown relationship

  • Riley Rockateer has been with Iorek since July as a friend but the two started a romantic relationship in January. Iorek and Riley's relationship is subtle at times but both care deeply about each other. Iorek loves Riley though hasn't completely figured out his feelings yet.
  • Lyra: Iorek's mother, Lyra was a Non-Luperci before being attacked. She was also petite for her breeding, smaller than average. She was beautiful with her cream and brown pelt and blue eyes. After the attack, she chose to raise her son without much contact with others. She was killed in an attack. Iorek loved his mother dearly and blames himself for her death.

Other Relations
  • Veri Secanti is a mother figure to Iorek and was a sort of mentor to him when he began to show interest in the healing arts. Also was there for him when he broke down and is a teacher to him as well as someone to talk to. He respects her greatly and will do anything she asks.
  • Teagan Stryder is someone he respects and considers to be a friend. They have fought together as well as sparred.
  • Jace Wolfe is a woman that Iorek respects deeply and is intimidated by her, especially now that he is mentoring her daughter.
  • Nayavota Denahlii is his apprentice. He treats her akin to a little sister.
  • Aldora Knight and Iorek are best of friends and close confidants.
  • Night Hushhowl is another friend.
  • Lux Einar The man assaulted him and shook Iorek to his very core. After, Iorek fought him to protect and girl and left him for dead. Though, he isn't dead so Iorek is scared.
  • River Grimm? is an associate of Lux, not to mention there is something seriously off with her. Avoid at all costs.
  • Raine Nightshade can burn in hell.
  • The Syndicate: Iorek's all messed up because of them
  • Shaamah is rude..

Home & Inventory
Home (Show former)

Fort Kingsbury, Casa di Cavalieri Formerly

  • Layout
  • They live in a rather quaint house with a stone foundation and ivy growing up the wall. It's a standard three bedroom home with a bath and it's rather spacious. The flooring is hardwood and the walls are light color. There are a couple of skylights to let in light during the day and at night candles are used.
  • Inside is a living room with a small kitchenette and a table and two chairs in the kitchen area. A large couch stands in the middle of the living room and is reinforced to hold larger Luperci. There are a couple of rugs in the living room, some fur and some woven. There is also a medium-sized brick fireplace near the couch.
  • The master bedroom is a bit larger than the other two bedrooms and is first on the right in a long hallway. The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed on one side where Riley sleeps. Piled on the bed are furs and a lot of blankets. In the opposite corner there is a pile of furs on a straw mattress that is vaguely shaped like a nest. Next to Riley's bed is a small nightstand. A good-sized closet holds all of Riley's outfits as well as a small chest of drawers for Iorek's stuff.
  • The room across from it has been re-purposed as an office but has a small twin bed that hasn't been moved. On one wall is a large table that normally has fabrics and leather piled on it as well as clothing scraps and a sewing kit or two. This is Riley's workspace and he sometimes sleeps there if working on late night projects. It's rather tidy except for the work bench having objects strewn across it. There is also a small chest of drawers with other items and a small bookshelf with some books.
  • The bathroom is the second room on the right but it has been gutted. There is a long grey counter, a small toilet on the other side in the left corner. A small tub is at the back. Iorek keeps all of his jewelry, feathers, sea glass, herbs, and any of his odd stuff here. Oftentimes it has all of the belongings strewn everywhere on the counter or it could be hidden away in random nooks and crannies.
  • The third bedroom across from the bathroom is normally storage but has a large bed in the corner. Often used for storage.
Inventory (Show)


  • Iorek has multiple pieces of jewelry he had gotten from scavenging. Most of these he cannot wear but it is very valuable to him. Some of the jewlery is in pieces, the elastic or string decaying.
  • Iorek also has a collection of sea glass that he collects from the beach
    • Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Iorek collects feathers and primarily owns them to wear them. He mainly has magpie feathers but also collects feathers made from other birds.


  • Riley often has leather and fabrics for tailoring as well as a multitude of scavenged clothing and scraps
  • Always has a couple of weapons. Bow, arrows, knives, and a pair of scimitars

Animal NPCs
Birdflower (Magpie)


by Nat


  • Name: Birdflower
    • Meaning: (does the name have meaning?)
    • Pronunciation: (how is the name pronounced?)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Eurasian Magpie
  • D.O.B.: June 2017
  • Onboard?: No


  • Appearance: Lorem Ipsume
  • Size:
    • Height: 0 in
    • Length: 0 in
    • Wingspan: 0 in
    • Weight: 0 lbs
  • Personality: Lorem Ipsume
  • Skills: Lorem Ipsume


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Druzy (Crow)


by somebody, probably


  • Name: Druzy
    • Meaning: (does the name have meaning?)
    • Pronunciation: (how is the name pronounced?)
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: American Crow
  • D.O.B.: September 2017
  • Onboard?: No


  • Appearance: Lorem Ipsum
  • Personality: Lorem Ipsum
  • Skills: Lorem Ipsum


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Casa di Cavalieri

Duration: June 2017 - October 2018
  • Lionheart (July 2018 - October 2019)
  • Valiant (April 2018 - June 2018)
  • Sworn (January 2018 - April 2018)
  • First Officer (December 2017 - January 2018)
  • Second Officer (November 2017 - December 2017)
  • First Cadet (September 2017 - October 2017)
  • Second Cadet: (August 2017 - September 2017)
  • Recruit: (June 2017 - August 2017)
  • Healer
  • Scavenger
Master of Tooth and Claw
Weapon of Choice:
Tooth and Claw

Iorek is the son of Lyra Stormfast and Ragnar Raknison. Ragnar had attacked the formerly Non-Luperci female and impregnated her against her will before leaving her to cope with pregnancy and being turned Luperci. It shook the female to her core and caused her to stay away from Luperci, especially Luperci males. Iorek was the only child of the litter and it was a difficult pregnancy for Lyra, rendering her sterile and slightly weakened. Lyra raised her son alone and often in isolation from other canines, especially Luperci. She was only visited by her sister, whom helped whenever she could.

Iorek's first shift was rather traumatic for the child since he had been left alone and didn't know about shifting, as his mother never left her Lupus form. He managed to only transition to his Secui form and never went back to his Lupus form after that. Since his first shift, he served as a protector, protecting his mother from hostile loners. But one day, he failed. When he was only a year old, Iorek and his mother became separated from each other for only a few minutes before a pair of Luperci jumped her and fatally injured her before her son arrived. He doesn't remember much of the incident - or at least he doesn't try to - but he killed both males in an enraged fit.

Iorek wandered away, getting into trouble with others at times. He wandered into Nova Scotia after several months. As a loner, he had trouble hunting and mainly scavenged off of kills but was half-starved until he joined Casa di Cavalieri after having good interactions with many of its members. He came just in time for the Syndicate Conflict and Iorek was caught in several traps. When patrolling with Teagan Stryder, the pair were attacked by three Syndicate loners. Seeing one of his pack-mates pinned by two of the attackers made Iorek go into a fit of rage, his mind connecting it to his mother's death. He killed one of the loners and almost killed another before Teagan stopped him. Unable to distinguish friend from foe, he lashed out at her. The skirmish scared him and he began to fear himself, suffered from nightmares, and anxiety after the incident.

In August, Iorek found a young magpie stuck in a flower bush and named him Birdflower. Birdflower decided to stick around and became Iorek's companion. Then, Iorek met a loner named, Riley Rockateer and later rescued him from two Syndicate members. Iorek was slowly starting to recover, but being assaulted by a demon scarred him badly. It took a while for him to recover, but he did managed to fight in the attacks, but was wounded in the second attack and this set him on the path of a healer. Though, through encouragement and training with his pack-mates, Iorek also began to refine and hone his fighting skills.

In January, Iorek joined the Brotherhood as a Master of Tooth and Claw. He and Riley also became closer since Riley's return from the Outpost in November and in mid-January they started a romantic relationship. In February, Iorek, Jace, and Riley aid Anathema in their fight against Kentaro's forces. Ultimately, Anathema falls. At the start of summer, Iorek became the mentor to Nayavota Denahlii.

At the end of July, Iorek was injured by Lux Einar while protecting a young girl. In October of 2018 Iorek begins to display an unusual level of aggression, murdering a loner and is exiled from Casa along with Riley. They left, traveling past Portland and coming across a settlement called Praegrandis. They settled down and started a family.

Iorek passed away a month after the birth of his youngest litter.



Iorek was born in the wilds of what was once known as Yellowstone National Park on a winter day to Lyra of the Stormfast family. She had set out when she was a year old as all Stormfasts had done to find a mate to bring back to Storm Valley. But, she was attacked and assaulted by Ragnar Raknison and contracted the Luperci virus as well as expecting a child. Lyra had fled to the wilds after being taught by a kindly loner about Luperci basics and raised her child in isolation.

Iorek had always been the protector ever since he had first shifted, fighting and scaring loners off with his larger than average size. He learned some hunting skills from his mother but his fighting skills that came from his clashes with loners seemed to be the most practiced. He and his mother stayed away from groups and he developed very few social skills and would be considered very feral and with little exposure to the humanized Luperci.


When Iorek was a year old, he and his mother split up for a hunt on one faithful day. Lyra was attacked by a pair of Luperci males and was mortally wounded before her son arrived. The boy snapped and killed both in a fit of rage and grief before comforting his mother and witnessing her death. He soon repressed this memory after wandering away in the rain, only remembering pieces of it before similar situations brought back the memories.

After he buried her, Iorek wandered away, keeping himself isolated to some degree but without his mother's guidance, he stumbled into trouble due to his own curiousity or ignorance. He had accidentally crossed marked borders and was chased off by the pack, he had been surprised by an older Luperci male who had threatened him with a blade, and other similar incidents. He met his two companions, Jackson and Addison, a pair of cats whom became traveling companions. And then he came to Nova Scotia in June.

A New World

Iorek came to Nova Scotia which was unlike anywhere he had been and had many new experienced. He had been starving due to his difficulty hunting and was mostly scavenging off kills and had a few hunts under his belt. He was introduced to many foreign concepts such as learning about coyotes, cities, and weapons. He later joined Casa di Cavalieri after having many positive experiences with Cavaliers, notably Callum Knight sharing a kill with him.

Iorek learns a lot in his first few weeks, becoming acquainted with living in the Fort, clothing, horses, and other humanized concepts but is still noticeably feral when compared to his peers but tries to mimic certain behaviors. He learns to make flower crowns from Arlen Stryder and learns to read and write from Everett Moreau.

Loss of Innocence

At the start of the Syndicate Conflict, Iorek gets caught in multipe traps such as falling in a pit and in nets.

A week in, Iorek goes on patrol with Teagan Stryder and after helping her dismantle some traps, they are met by a trio of Syndicate loners, Tark, Broker, and Tinsel. Initially, Iorek is afraid and unwilling to hurt the attackers but must do so. When Teagan is pinned by two of the attackers, Iorek's mind connects it with the same events in which his mother was killed: two males ganging up on a female. He snaps and snatches Tinsel away and then rips his throat out. When Tark attacks him in retalioation for killing Tinsel, Iorek almost kills him too, but Teagan interferes. In his state, Iorek was unable to discern friend from foe and lashes out at Teagan before he snaps back to his normal self and is horified by his actions.

Iorek later confides with Arlen Stryder after fleeing and comes to several revelations including the concept of siblings. He later isolates himself and is fearful of the possibility that he might snap again. Later in the month, Iorek finds a magpie in a flower bush and unimaginably names him Birflower?. A couple of days later, he meets a loner named Riley Rockateer and then a couple days later saves him from Syndicate loners.

When Iorek is out wandering, he comes across an Anatheman named Lux Einar. Since he had had positive encounters with members of the pack, he doesn't sense anything off about the man until he attacks and Iorek finds himself pinned and at the mercy of the male. Iorek is raped by the man and later flees after lying there for an hour, washing himself to get rid of the effects. He confides in Riley who was ready to find the man himself, but doesn't due to Iorek's pleas.

During the final Syndicate battle, Iorek freezes up due to his attacker have dark fur. He recieves scars to his forearms before being saved by Aniki and Jace Wolfe. Afterwards, he asks to become a healer.


In October, Riley leaves for the Outpost and Iorek becomes despondent. He later meets his half-brother, Iofur whom bossed Iorek around and showed little respect to some Casa members as well as becoming violent. It didn't help that Iofur and Iorek looked almost the same with Iofur's colors being shades darker the only visual indication of their difference. In November, Iorek and Iofur meet their half-sister, Cerise Rydia Rose, whom Iofur takes interest in and hangs around her more, more or less dropping Iorek.

Lyris' death shocks Iorek to his core and he blames himself for not being able to help and for being "useless". He isolates himself in his room before breaking down and later accidentally breaking his mortar and sending himself into another spiral of guilt and self-loathing which later turns into anger which ends with him striking out and leaving scratches in the wall before bumping into the other wall and leaving a dent. Veri Secanti finds him sobbing on his bed and comforts him.

Midway through November, Iorek helps Lake, a loner Night Hushhowl brought in whom had been attacked by others. Iorek is bitter about Lake being converted into a Luperci, seeing it as "wrong" since Lake had not consented to it. He later helps Lake return to a more comfortable form.

Riley returns to Casa di Cavalieri and is met with Iorek who is joyful, but Riley senses something off with him. Iorek later tells him that he is still feeling bad after his episode after Lyris died and Riley talks to him.

Later on, Iorek takes an interest in fighting again and learns some pressure points from Veri Secanti.


Iorek soon takes an interest in fighting, learning what he can from his feline friends as well as from others. Combining what he learned with with his own experience and knowledge, Iorek soon becomes a fair fighter and proves his skills when sparring with Teagan and when defending Casa from intruders. Iorek feels better about himself and also practices with Riley.

When Raine reveals his true colors, Iorek is rightfully livid as he has dislike of rapists due to his past as well as being the product of one as well. He joins the hunt for Raine and is notably more angered during the hearing, seeming more feral and obviously not the gentle giant he normally is. Iorek rears up to his full height and lets out an angry roar when Veri is injured and later delivers his vote to send Brita away.

Iorek becomes interested in scavenging once again as well as learns about cooking.

At the end of December, Iorek undertakes his Brotherhood vigil, supposedly being visited by his mother's ghost. He brings back a piece of fluorite as well as a piece of malachite for Riley. Riley helps Iorek prepare, getting him dressed up for his Brotherhood oath.


At the end of July, Iorek fends off Lux Einar in defense of a young girl. He leaves the man behind in hopes that he would die from bloodloss. Iorek almost dies from blood loss himself and is injured and unable to leave the Fort until October when his stitches are out and healed.

He is still slightly on edge before learning that Lux in indeed still alive. This sets off his PTSS (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome) that causes him to turn violent when he is reminded of Lux or his mother's death. He attacks a pair of loners in defense of a non-Luperci and later on attacks a pair of loners, one of which resembling Lux, and Aldora has to snap him out of it.

Post Log & Archives
April 2017
  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
May 2017
  1. Thread Name
    With Characters, crazy stuff happens!
June 2017

Iorek spends some time as a loner before joining Casa di Cavalieri.

  1. Unsteady
    Iorek meets Hartt Attaya after seeing her take down a deer in Optime form.
  2. And I'm just the boy using too many chances
    With Kiara Amarok. (Dropped)
  3. My insides are copper and I'd kill to make them gold
    With Characters. (Dropped)
  4. What A Catch, Donnie
    Iorek meets Asuilaak and Shtiya. They tell him about Casa.
  5. Another night alone in the city
    Iorek meets Arlen Stryder on the outskirts of Halifax. He tries to explain the city and humans to Iorek.
  6. Sending postcards from space came
    Iorek meets May and her mean owl.
  7. Come on make it easy, say I never mattered
    Iorek meets Callum Knight when he accidentally drives a deer towards Iorek. Iorek takes it down.
  8. [J] Do you have room for one more trouble soul? (June 15th)
    Iorek joins Casa di Cavalieri and is greeted by Callum Knight and is accepted by Lyris Stryder.
  9. He shudders his coat as to throw off flies
    Iorek meets Vesper after he is drawn by a carcass. He learns about coyotes.
  10. Crown fit for a prince
    Iorek is taught to make flower crowns by Arlen Stryder.
  11. The horses are coming so you better run!
    Iorek has his first encounter with horses and Teagan Stryder teaches him about them.
  12. Said I'll be fine till the hospital or American Embassy
    Iorek chases a butterfly through Jace Wolfe's camp.
  13. Darling I wish you were here
    Iorek learns about swords from Grynn Garcia-Knight and finds a room.
  14. Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis
    Iorek wanders into the library and makes a mess. Everett Moreau teaches him about books.
  15. The little engine that could
    Iorek comes back and Everett Moreau teaches him to read.

July 2017

Iorek participates in the Syndicate Conflict and he gets caught in a lot of traps. He later kills one of the attackers and accidentally lashes out at a packmate during a clash with Syndicate loners and becomes afraid of himself. He also meets Birdflower and Riley Rockateer. He is later assaulted by Lux Einar.

  1. Once a year we love to drop in (July 5th)
    Iorek gets caught in a trap with Arlen Stryder
  2. Foiled (July 6th)
    Iorek gets caught in another trap and Myra Garcia cuts him out.
  3. [M] I'm just dreaming of tearing you apart (July 7th)
    Iorek is patrolling with Teagan Stryder when they are attacked by the Syndicate. Iorek has a flashback and kills a Syndicate member accidentally strikes out at Teagan.
  4. I've turned into a monster (July 7th)
    With Arlen Stryder.
  5. Spirals of Self-Loathing (July 8th)
    With Veri Secanti.
  6. Everybody's looking for something
    With Night Hushhowl.
  7. The Pressure is On
    With Casa di Cavalieri.
  8. Curseth the butterflies, they are evil
    With Raine Nightshade.
  9. You and I are supposed to be friends right?
    With Derek Winter
  10. my insides are copper and I'd kill to make them gold~
    With Maelyx Nocturne.
  11. Since I am dead I can take off my head to recite Shakespeare
    With Virue.
  12. Into the woods to find our fate
    With Jace Wolfe.
  13. I try to picture me without you but I can't (July 18th)
    With Birdflower. Iorek finds a magpie in a flower bush.
  14. When you feel my heat, look into my eyes (July 20th)
    Iorek meets Riley Rockateer
  15. [M] I wanna shelter you, but with the beast inside, we can't hide (July 22nd)
    Iorek rescues Riley Rockateer from Syndicate loners. Riley later joins CdC.
  16. Make it Even (July 24th)
    Iorek participates in the first battle against the Syndicate.
  17. Hands, fists, feet, and wit (July 26th)
    With Myra Garcia.
  18. [M] Don't get to close, it's dark inside (July 28th)
    With Lux Einar.
  19. Paint me a brighter world
    With Moon Moon Damaichu.
  20. Of Mice and Men
    With Jace Wolfe.
  21. Making the world brighter one step at a time
    With Aniki.
August 2017
  1. just big boned
    With Buttercup Damaichu.
  2. [M] It Ends Today (August 21st)
    Iorek fights in the final Syndicate battle but freezing up in battle earns him scars on his forearms.
  3. Teach me to be something better
    Iorek asks Veri Secanti if he can start learning to be a healer.
  4. We're so miserable and stunning
    With Arlen Stryder.

November 2017

Iorek learns that he has a half-sister. Also, Lyris dies and Iorek spirals once more. And then Riley returns from the Outpost.

  1. Senseless Wandering (November 1st)
    With Iofur and Cerise Rose.
  2. rubies are red (November 1st)
    With Iofur, Cerise Rose, and Luca Knight. Iorek meets his half-sister and invites her to Casa di Cavalieri.
  3. [M] We keep this love in a photograph (November 7th)
    With Jace Wolfe, Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, and Veri Secanti. Iorek helps Veri Secanti deliver Jace Wolfe's litter.
  4. I'm one of them boys 'round here
    With Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii.
  5. Everything I touch isn't dark enough. The problem lies in me (November 12th)
    With Veri Secanti. Lyris dies. In grief, Iorek loses control and breaks his mortar and then leaves a scratch on the wall before breaking down and then Veri Secanti comforts him.
  6. Remembering loved ones departed, someone near to your heart (November 12th)
    With Casa di Cavalieri. Lyris's funeral.
  7. cover me with dirt (November 15th)
    With Lake, Night Hushhowl, and Sian Damaichu. Iorek helps to heal Lake's wounds after he is brought to Casa by Night Hushhowl
  8. them bones
    With Lake.
  9. I have died everyday waiting for you darling don't be afraid (November 18th)
    With Riley Rockateer. Riley returns to Casa from the outpost.
  10. Simple Pieces (November 20th)
    With Guinevere Callow-Knight.
  11. Are you ready for another bad poem? Let you teeth sink in
    With Veri Secanti.
  12. Above all shadows rides the Sun
    With Gilmore Whiteheart
  13. We must be swift as the coursing river
    With Night Hushhowl
  14. A touch can mean so much
    With Everett Moreau
February 2018

Iorek, Riley Rockateer, and Jace Wolfe defend Anathema from an assault by Kentaro.

  1. [M] As easy as 1,2, 1 million
    With Greed Lykoi

July 2018

Iorek fights Lux Einar to protect Alvira Phoenix. He is heavily injured and almost dies if not for the help of Riley Rockateer, Remus Knight, Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Callum Knight, and Veri Secanti.

  1. Sun's up, the color's blinding. Take the world, redefine it
    With Nayavota Denahlii
  2. When it doubt, Follow your Nose
    With Kenai Stone
  3. Deep inside your memory
    With Khyren
  4. I got that sunshine in my pocket
    With Night Hushhowl
  5. Reap What You Sow
    With Veri Secanti
  6. Giants are only supposed to exist in fairytales
    With Dandelion Damaichu
  7. This killing time, is killing me
    With Owen Knight
  8. through a glass, darkly
    With Suniva Rashimi?
  9. Which is heavier, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?
    With Aldora Knight, Ovidiu, and Riley Rockateer
  10. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
    With Baelish D'Angelo and Nayavota Denhalii?
  11. Put your rose-colored glasses on
    With Savik?
  12. Heaven in hiding
    With Otiolle Novak?
  13. Oh you'll no longer fear when your heart's turned to gold
    Iorek goes and finds jewelry in the Helios Temple.
  14. We're all chained to the rhythm (July 27th)
    With Nayavota Denahlii
  15. You can't fight the friction, so ease it off
    With Guinevere Callow-Knight and Riley Rockateer
  16. Just a young gun with a quick fuse (July 29th)
    With Malfoy D'Angelo
  17. [M] Somebody help me tame this animal I have become (July 31st) Illustration
    With Lux Einar and Alvira Phoenix (tNPC)
  18. [M] You're silent beside me, a nightmare I can't escape from (July 31st)
    With Alvira Phoenix (tNPC), Riley Rockateer (cNPC), Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Remus Knight, Veri Secanti, Morty (pNPC), Josephine LaBelle (pNPC), Callum Knight (NPC).

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