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This page displays all current, active pack relationships. Inactive packs are not included.

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1.  Relationships Key

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

2.  Packs

2.1  Salsola

Casa di Cavalieri -
Violence and conflict between Salsolan members and Cavaliers have occurred regularly in the past. Although not currently at war, the two groups remain provoked - interaction with this pack is tense at best.

  • Though Casa initially sought peace with Salsola, in 2013 then-leader Jazper challenged Salvia as to Salsola's slave practices. She chased him off.
  • Sebastian Auditore infiltrated the pack on behalf of CdC. He fled the pack with two slaves.
  • Aedan de Valence infiltrated CdC seeking information regarding his son.
  • Salsola members Hyacinth Silevue, Boss Salvia Eternity and her mate, Stannis de le Poer captured Alistair Callow-Knight in February 2016. He was held for ransom in exchange for two of CdC's horses.
  • After a long, drawn-out standstill with the Cavaliers, Teagan Stryder shows up on Salsola's borders in Fall 2018 with the proposal for future trade between the packs in the wake of packs dwindling in the area. Boss Elphaba accepts - with conditions.
    • A meeting occurs shortly after the one with Elphaba to discuss trade options more at a discrete location (Biff's Bar) between Brocade and Teagan.
    • Following this, a trade between Teagan, Mako, Krios and his little sister Victoire takes place.
  • In October 2019, the Mafiosi were invited to attend a Diplomacy Summit being held in Casa di Cavalieri. After some debate, terms were agreed upon, and Elphaba, O'Riley, and two handpicked escorts traveled south under the watchful eye of then War Lord Teagan.
    • Other members of the pack set up a temporary trading camp not far from the borders, while still more choose to lurk unseen in the neutral lands beyond.

Mistfell Vale -
Salsola and Mistfell Vale have had little formal interaction, though are aware of each other.

  • Saga D'Angelo, who was born in Salsola's Outpost, abandoned the Family to help form this new pack. Some of her brothers would later join her.
  • Spy Kamari confirms that Saga is a member of MV, as well as that MV actively trades with CdC, and it is likely that they are "friends" with one another given that Saga's wording and business out to the pack in the first place.
  • Working under an alias to protect her anonymity, Helena trades with Mistwalker Ezra Vahn for a rare supply of live bees. It is only the first of a number of trades they undertake, though Ezra has yet to realize he is trading with a Salsolan.
  • Salsola's Mafiosi formally meet Saga at the 2019 Diplomacy Summit, but have little interaction beyond this.

Del Cenere Gang -
Salsola and Del Cenere have had little formal interaction, however due to the gang's population of ex-Infernians the likelihood of unresolved tension from the Salsola/Inferni war is high.

  • After the fall of Inferni post Inferni-Salsola War, soon to be DCG leader Nazario accosts Salsola's borders looking for revenge. He is met by Helena and a violent altercation ensues, in which Nazario loses an eye and is chased from the border. Helena also suffers for her injuries.
  • A squadron of Salsolans (Kamari, Brocade, Kaeli, Seppo, and Symre) search the remains of old Inferni after its disbandment. They give chase to the remaining ex-Infernians they discover; Some of whom go on to become members of the Gang.
  • Symre and Torin investigate the Gang's borders, where they are intercepted by a leader and a small posse. A tense but non-violent standoff ensues when one of the posse and ex-Salsolan, Dahlia, recognizes the allegiance of the two trouble-makers.
  • One of Del Cenere's leaders, Boone, is the ostracized son of ex-Infernian turned Salsolan-loyalist, Andrew Greygrief. During the 2019 Diplomacy Summit, he was informed as to the truth of his father's whereabouts by Elphaba, though Boone did not believe her.
  • Unknown to the rest of Salsola, Andrew's personal servant and little-known, ex-Boreas member, Alejandra Sanctus, escaped (with the aide of Pontifex) and fled to the Gang.
  • Unknown to Salsola, after faking his own death, Andrew, his secret lover and ex-Sotto Cappo member, Helena Troy Lykoi, and their daughter, Pontifex, also fled the Thistle Kingdom for shelter amongst DCG. They were joined by Helena's other daughter and Salsolan-deserter, Eusebia Troy Lykoi.

New Caledonia -
A newcomer to the Mainland, New Caledonia has a barely fledgling relationship with Salsola. Approached with a request for aid, Salsola has accepted a tenuous debt from the pack; Whether this will lead to alliance or conflict remains to be seen.

Previous Packs

Inferni -
For a long time Salsola and Inferni were strong trade allies with multiple positive connections, as many family bloodlines and names transgressed both groups. The two packs previously shared ownership of the Bay Horses, before their relationship soured. During and following the Inferni-Salsola War there were many ferocious fights between the groups. Hostility and tension remained palpable between Salsola and Inferni up until the latter's dissolution.

  • Some members of Inferni participated in the Sequoia Raid, including Vesper, Zana, and Ángel.
  • The Boreas Conflict brought these packs closer together, as the wolves targeted them for their members' coyote heritage.
  • Salvia and Myrika engaged in the Covenant of Salt, a trade pact, in August of 2012.
  • The Second Boreas Conflict saw a return of this mutual enemy. Pack relations strengthen when Salsola and Inferni band together during the war, though communications cease during a peaceful summer.
  • During the fall of 2017, Inferni accuses Salsola of stealing Drifter Bay horses only to be coldly turned away, causing tensions to build. Several following assaults on both Inferni and Salsolan are blamed on the other pack. After the first casualty emerges, war erupted.

Krokar -
There was limited contact with Krokar on behalf of Salsola, though both groups were aware of each other and had traded before.

Cour des Miracles -
Salsola had little interaction with Cour des Miracles, though did spy upon the pack previously.

  • Artemisia Eternity and her daughter infiltrate this pack in Autumn 2013.
  • Loki Helsi joins under guise to gain information on the CdM/Inferni skirmish in Summer 2015.
  • Posing as a loner searching for a relative, Emissary Kamari confronts Skoll Haskel on the Court's borders in October 2018, asking for a coyote named Dove, who was supposedly involved in the disappearance of Loki Helsi's son, Ask. However, she returns with only news of Dove's unfortunate death earlier that spring and nothing helpful about the missing child of the Crone.
    • Using this intel, O'Riley and Kamari set out to Cour des Miracles to seek out information on behalf of Loki Helsi regarding his son that went missing/was pronounced dead during the Infernian-Salsolan war.

Sapient -
Salsola and Sapient remained relatively amicable towards one another, engaging in occasional trade right up until Sapient's disappearance from the Mainland.

  • Sapient approaches Salsola amicably with a small group, including their Ambassador. Despite a few peculiar incidents, a tentative line of contact is formed between the packs.
  • Salsola members later travel to Sapient on a trade mission, and stay for a Masquerade Ball - where they are are accused of having something to do with the murder which occurs, despite their relationship with the hosts. They assist Sapient's efforts in uncovering the truth.
  • While trespassing on what they assumed to still be Sapient territory, Kamari and Brocade come to the startling discovery that it had mysteriously and recently disbanded.

Anathema -
Most of Salsola's original foundation came from Anathema, and for a long time it continued to attract members from this pack. The connection between Salsola and Anathema grew thin over time as the latter became increasingly unpredictable and extreme, and by the time of its conclusion Salsola had little ongoing interaction with Anathema.

  • Sirius and Eris, originally Anathemans, left together to create Salsola.
  • Alaki made babies with Sirius' personal slave, which was an insult; they did, however, work a trade out.
  • Axelle Napier brought gifts to Salsola on behalf of Anathema.
  • Believing Wraith Creed to have come from Anathema, Salvia sent her sister Artemisia to spy on the pack.

Vinátta -
The talk of Vinátta's heritage was what first attracted Salsola members to their borders, though it was hard at that time to miss their neighbors across the bay. They had dealt with many Salsolan members before, though most of those interactions where conducted under false aliases - the truth of what Salsola and Vinátta thought of one another is now largely lost to time.

Older Pack Interactions
Relationships with the packs listed below were so early on in the foundation of the Thistle Kingdom that by present day they have left very little impression. However, they remain integral to Salsolan history, and thus are recorded in the simplest way here.
POSITIVE: Midnight Shores, AniWaya
NEUTRAL: Cercatori d'Arte

Loner Bands

The Troupe -
Salsola has had minor interaction with the Troupe thus far, and is currently neutral toward it.

Petite Cour -
Salsola has had minor to negligible interaction with Petite Cour, and is currently neutral toward it.

The Order -
Salsola has had minor to negligible interaction with the Order, and is currently neutral toward it.

The Eyes of Omni - (Now Defunct)
Salsola had a singular negative interaction with the Eyes, and as such considered them enemies.

2.2  Casa di Cavalieri


Salsolans are to be treated with guarded respect and healthy suspicion

Del Cenere Gang

There has been little to no interaction with members of Del Cenere Gang

  • Casa allowed members of The Cartel to use their ship to cross Loch Fundy.

New Caledonia

There has been little to no interaction with members of New Caledonia

Loner Bands

Bête Noire

There has been little to no interaction with members of this group

The Troupe

There has been little to no interaction with members of this group

La Estrella Roja

There has been little to no interaction with members of this group


There has been little to no interaction with members of this group

2.3  Del Cenere Gang

Active Packs

Active Bands

Salsola and Del Cenere have no official interactions but lingering ill will is still prevalent from the Inferni-Salsola war.

  • Notable Interactions:

Del Cenere and Casa Di Cavalieri haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:
  • Casa allowed members of The Cartel to use their ship to cross Loch Fundy.
  • Aldora Knight brings goods to the Ashen in the spirit of friendship in September 2019.
  • Nazario, Boone, and Lyssa attend the Diplomacy Summit hosted by Casa in October 2019.
  • Various members participated in the Spring Tournament of 2020.

Del Cenere and New Caledonia haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:

Del Cenere and The Troupe haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:

Del Cenere and Bête Noire haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Notable Interactions:
  • None so far!
  • Check out the history page for relationship information on defunct packs and bands.

2.4  New Caledonia

2.5  Active Packs

Refer to New Caledonia's History for more detailed information.

New Caledonia has a tenuous debt to Salsola for the benefit of aid. Their relationship remains good for now, but there is no official alliance as of yet.

New Caledonia and the Del Cenere Gang haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.

New Caledonia and Casa Di Cavalieri haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.

2.6  Active Bands

New Caledonia and The Troupe have had minimal interaction and remain neutral at this time.

New Caledonia and Bête Noire have had minimal interaction and remain neutral at this time.

2.7  Defunct Packs and Bands

Defunct Packs

Defunct Loner Bands

New Caledonia and Mistfell Vale haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.

  • Iomair has had an interaction with Zuri.
  • Athras met with Sedona and her brother Phoenix to discuss the rights and use of the abandoned ferry on Prince Edward Island, the former home of Midnight Shores.
  • Athras made a trade deal with Saga D'Angelo? that resulted in the birth of two pups.
  • New Caledonia and The Order did not have any official interaction and remained neutral.