Alejandra Sanctus



Credit: Alex


  • Full Name: Alejandra Gianna Sanctus
    • Pronunciation: al-AY-hahn-druh sangk-tuhs
    • Meaning: defender of man | holy
    • Origin: Latin/Spanish
  • Nickname: Aly
  • Epithet: The Faithful Servant
  • Date of Birth: 20 August 2017
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Hill Homes


OOC Information

Wiki Code Credits: Mandi, San, & Songbird

NPC Information

Pack Information

  • Salsola (May 2019 - Jan 2020)
    • Indentured Servant
  • Del Cenere Gang (Feb 2020 - Sept 2020)
    • Unkindled → El Elegido

OOC Assumptions

  • Bête Noire members may assume...
    • Seeing Aly around the The Rest Stop or The Hill Homes
    • Knowing that she is interested in seamstressing and sewing
    • More specific instances can be discussed over DM! :>


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Alejandra Sanctus is currently a member of Bête Noire traveling with her partner, Solomon.

Hailing from Zion, she was born into the Boreas faction, but she left with her mother sometime before her first shift. She traveled to 'Souls for trade with her brother, Immanuel, whom left her to return to their mother after only a short time in the new land, leaving Aly all by her lonesome. She wandered for some time, but found herself accidentally trespassing upon Salsolan packlands, where she was discovered by Andrew Greygrief and taken in as his indentured servant.

After months of forced servitude under the fledgling Greygrief banner, in the middle of the night, Pontifex Troy Lykoi helped her escape from Salsola virtually undetected. For almost a month, she trekked Nova Scotia in an effort to distance herself from the Kingdom, and a few misadventures later, it appeared as though her luck had run out. However, by some miracle, she was saved by Johnathan Winthrop and his nephew Boone and taken back to Del Cenere Gang, where she could finally stop running.

She remained here for some time, drifting by and trying to help out where she could — however, the constant pressure of being in a coyote-dominant pack weighed heavily on her, even as she made fast friends and felt safe for the first time in her life. The catalyst for change arrived in the form of her previous master, Andrew, who also fled from Salsola right into the welcoming arms of the Ashen, adding a whole new dimension of stress on the ex-servant.

A chance meeting with an outsider left Aly wondering if something better for her lay beyond the horizon. It took the two several months to fall into a routine, as Solomon's condition made the uptake of their friendship rather slow, but eventually she made the bold decision to leave Del Cenere and take that leap of faith.

Let me change my words, show you where it hurts

1.  Appearance


Aly has very obvious doggish influence in her pelt coloration; her fur is of average length, not overbearingly thick, and she has the boxy ears and face of a wolf. She is shorter in stature and looks rather young and girlish. Far from an athletics build, she is rather curvy and doughy in all forms. Usually, she will be found in Optime, where she has a small bust and wide hips.


  • Lupus: 23 in (59 cm) ↔ 64 lbs (29 kg)
    • Sometimes used. More or less wolfish in build, but slightly smaller.
  • Secui: 34 in (86 cm) ↔ 120 lbs (54 kg)
    • Never used. Aly doesn't like the halfing form a whole lot.
  • Optime: 5 ft 2 in (62 in / 158 cm) ↔ 170 lbs (77 kg)
    • Commonly used. Short, chubby, hourglass-esque form. Her snowy-white hair is kept short and cropped, with choppy bangs hanging just above her eyes.


Aly is fairly humanized, as she uses her hands frequently to sew and create clothing. Because of the brand at her back, she is often found in some sort of blouse or shirt that covers these scars up, and she has a modest wardrobe that she has cobbled together herself.


Scars, Tattoos, and Piercings

  • As of Oct. 2019, she has the Hand of Eris branded in between her shoulder blades, courtesy of Andrew. It has more or less scarred over by now but is still a pink, angry mark against the dark fur there. A dark reminder of the hardships she has faced, Aly often tries to hide it from others, lest any secret Salsolans abroad recognize it and cause trouble.

Color Palette


 Coffee Bean (#291810)

 Korma (#8E4E11)

 Rodeo Dust (#C8B0A4)

 Desert Storm (#FAFAF9)

Optime Hair

 Desert Storm (#FAFAF9)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Brand

 Diesel (#1F0100)

 Thatch (#B7969F)


 Blue Stone (#03615F)

1.1  Gallery

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by Nat by Becky design by Dale by Gen by Katie
by Despi by Kiri by Mandi by Nic

2.  Personality


There was a time when Alejandra wasn't deathly scared of everything, but Salsola snuffed out the one brightly-burning flame.

She is indefinitely anxious, regardless if her fears are warranted. Not wanting to disappoint, she often doesn't inject herself into any situation she cannot reliably control, which explains why she only ever has true confidence in her craft, dressmaking. Otherwise, she is nervy, uncertain, and introverted.

However, this isn't to say one can't earn her trust. Alejandra truly does wish to be happy, but she isn't certain how to attain this for herself. Fatally gullible (and pious, as well), she can easily be molded under another's strong hand. On a positive note, though, she makes for a loyal friend and ever-patient listening ear. What little friends she does have, Aly will be very keen on keeping them. Though she is wary of strangers, it doesn't take much to gain her trust, and she is actually quite warm and conversational around those that she feels comfortable with.


  • Demeanor: Anxious, eager to please, quiet, unsure
  • Speech: Very feminine, high-pitched, girly voice (think Starfire from Teen Titans); light Spanish flare to certain words, like her name or words with accented R sounds.
  • Scent: Pine, garden plants, Alastar, Solomon
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fidgety, stutters, wrings her hands together
  • General Posture and Body Language: Very submissive, non-threatening. Actively makes herself small and out of the way.

2.1  Traits


  • Likes: Clothes, flowers, pretty things
  • Dislikes: Salsola, her old masters, sexually-charged men


  • Packs: Back in Zion, her mother fed her horror stories of Salsola and Inferni, though only one of those panned out to be as bad as the tales said. The latter isn't so bad, or at least its reincarnation isn't.
  • Species: She was raised to inherently hate coyotes, as they are all despicable and unworthy. This is coupled by the countless atrocities carried out by the Scintilla. Her time in the Ashen has challenged this notion, however.
  • Non-Luperci: They're really missing out! Her brother thinks them stupid for not wanting to shift, but Aly thinks they just don't know.
  • Gender: Men are, according to her faith, the superior sex; women are to be subordinate. This is chiefly why Aly is so submissive and polite, as she does not want to overstep her designated role. However, she does fear large, boisterous men after an attempted rape.
  • Color: She has a soft spot for reddish-toned canines and blue eyes, but otherwise doesn't discriminate.
  • Sexuality: Anything other than monogamous, heterosexual relationships are supposed to be looked down upon. Aly feels kind of bad that "sexual deviants" don't get to go to Heaven, though. It's a bit harsh.
  • Age: She will absolutely dote on puppies at any chance she gets.

Motivations and Fears

For a long time, her primary motivation was escaping Salsola and eventually returning to her family. However, now that years have passed since she was separated from her brother, Immanuel, this seems like a pipe dream. Nowadays, she just wants to find somewhere to settle down with Solomon and not cause anyone any trouble.

Relatedly, her biggest fear is somehow being recaptured by Salsola, as she is still in their general vicinity. As far as she knows, she hasn't run into any more Salsolans since her escape, but her time there was so emotionally and physically scarring that she still has nightmares about being discovered.


Wants to believe she's strictly heterosexual due to her upbringing. However, she is probably a closeted bisexual, as she loves to craft outfits and dresses that accent one's femininity and gushes over females constantly; this affinity for women has caused internal strife throughout her life. She is a hopeless romantic and one days wants to have a partner that is her knight in shining armor. Aly will probably never come to terms with her bisexual leanings in accordance to her faith and is unlikely to pursue same-sex relationships.


She wouldn't take anything intentionally. However, there's really no telling what she would think if she indulged in any substances; if they helped her forget her reality for even a moment, perhaps they would be desirable.


She believes in the Abrahamic God, as most do from Zion. Her mother drilled the 'Ten Commandments' (or what they could piece together and reinvent, anyway) and various other Christian beliefs into her children's heads, rendering Aly rather spiritual as she grew older. She prays often and sees coincidences as God's hand moving in the world, and she hopes by believing in Him and being a good person she can die and go to Heaven (though hopefully not while she's young). There have been a few instances where her faith was challenged, though, and she is a bit saddened to hear from her mother how the wolves of Boreas supposedly corrupted pieces of the faith for their own gains.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Familial Influence: Sanctus?
  • Mother: Lydia
  • Father: Unknown
  • Siblings: Immanuel
  • Mate: Solomon
  • Children: Lissa, Mannuella, Marina
  • She misses her family dearly, even if her mother was somewhat abusive and her brother abandoned her. Because she never knew her father, Lydia and Manny were her entire world; she'd give anything to see them again, but it seems unlikely.
  • Her sole surviving daughter, Marina, is the new light of her life. Rini is a bundle of joy Alejandra never knew she needed, and she cherishes her young child almost as much as life itself — she is a testament to the fact that Aly continues persevere and thrive beyond Salsola's clutches.

3.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Solomon is a gentle soul that she met by chance in Del Cenere. In the beginning, it was rather difficult for her to understand him, but eventually he admitted that he had suffered from a traumatic brain injury years prior and had spotty memory as a result; despite this, Aly was patient with him, and they continued to meet several more times, her having to remind him each instance of who she was and how they knew each other. Eventually, spurred on by her fish-out-of-water feelings regarding Del Cenere, she decided to travel abroad with him, and they have kept a fairly low profile while meeting a few friendly faces along the way.
Aly was determined to make herself 'stick' to Solo's mind, in spite of his condition. He made her feel safe and loved, and eventually she worked up the nerve to tell him how she felt, even if he was likely to forget it the next day. Though their relationship has its ups and downs, they truly do care for one another, and Alejandra is more than happy to accommodate for Solomon's unique situation if it means she can hang onto that feeling and cherish his company.
Somewhere down the line, it came to light that Solomon is the brother of Odalis, a slave she had known in Salsola. While she has told him before of her stint in Salsola, Aly doesn't have the courage to tell him about his sister — a time prior, she mentioned knowing Odalis, but, thankfully, he does not remember this. Alejandra is terrified of returning to Salsola, even more so of losing Solomon if he spearheaded some effort to save his sister, and she reluctantly keeps this information from him, even if it pains her.

Notable Relations

  • Alastar is her other closest friend, an old raven that befriended her in Salsola. He often speaks in cryptic High Speech and acts as her and Solo's scout as they travel. Though he is cranky and antisocial at times, she loves the bird anyways. Her shoulder is his favorite perch, even if his talons kind of hurt.
  • While he isn't in her life anymore, thankfully, Andrew Greygrief had a significant influence on her life. He was her master in Salsola, and she was terrified of him. It shocked her to learn that, once upon a time, he too had been a Salsolan slave, but that made him all the more harsh and heartless to her plight. He was the one to brand her with the Hand of Eris, sending her spiraling into a catatonic state for many weeks after. When she escaped the Thistle Kingdom, she never expected to see him again, but ghosts have a funny way of catching up — by some twist of fate, he too arrived in Del Cenere, shattering any semblance of security she had built up for herself. This, paired with her lingering feelings of doubt about the coyote pack, were enough to spur her into departing with Solomon.
  • Pontifex Troy Lykoi was one of the few Salsolans that made Aly feel safe, if not the only Salsolan. Ponti made Aly feel safe, as well as a miasma of other cottony feelings (Pontifex is gorgeous and made Aly question her supposed straightness), and she was the one to plan Aly's escape from servitude. It surprised and shocked her to see her friend in Del Cenere, and it pained her greatly to leave her. She taught Pontifex about her God as well as how to sew simple things.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances:

Past Relations

  • Odalis was a fellow slave, and she and Aly bonded over their shared misery and also keep a few hidden secrets from their masters together. Odalis was one of the few she could speak her mother tongue with.
  • Micheal, a Mendicant. The two servants got fairly close, and had Aly stayed in Salsola longer, perhaps their friendship could have blossomed into something more. She misses Micheal, but she knows she can never see him again.
  • Eden de le Ulrich, despite his heritage, proved to be a pleasant and sweet boy. Aly helped him craft his faux flowers that he wears often on his arm. She was very fond of the boy and considered him a friend.
  • Narcissa Greygrief, the lady of her old house, antagonized her constantly. She was strict, harsh, sharp, and she didn't really cut Aly any slack. Also her cat actively tailed Aly to keep tabs on her but she was largely unaware of that.
  • Till Van Ulrich Lykoi, a man that at one point in time she was absolutely smitten with. He was the first one to introduce her to the world of romance; but their last secret meeting together left Aly disillusioned and confused when she realized how little she actually knew of the man. She fled from him and her feelings and has not seen him since, and while it took her some time to get over him, she eventually did. The consequences of flirting with the enemy of her household, however, are long-lasting, and it was this illicit relationship with Till that sent Aly on a downward spiral.
  • Symre Rask was insane. This bitch was crazy and she scared the hell out of Aly with her witchcraft and her devil-worshiping and her stick-portal havin' ass. (Aly would not really be surprised to hear that she "murdered" the child of her own uncle.)

4.  Minor NPCs



  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Raven
  • Date of Birth: ~ 2014


  • Appearance: Large for a raven, he has oily black wings with dark eyes to match. His curved beak has superficial scratches all along its surface.
  • Personality: Alastar is an old bird; born in Salsola, he has seen much of the Thistle Kingdom's history. He was particularly sympathetic to Aly's plight as he had been observing and watching her for a majority of her enslavement, and he accompanied her when she finally managed to escape. While Alastar knows a small smattering of High Speech, his voice is very rough and rugged and heavily accented.


Characters may assume:

  • Hearing him warbling or gurgling or making weird raven noises pretty much constantly
  • Seeing him either on Aly's shoulder (his regular perch) or atop buildings/trees nearby
  • That he is more or less indifferent to luperci, but will not hesitate to raise hell if someone is bothering Aly



  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: ~ 2010


  • Appearance: Kidd is a stocky, flea-bitten gray horse. She's a little on the rounder side, and has a slight under-bite, giving her a pouty look. Her withers are starting to sag, though it's not terribly noticeable.
  • Personality: A slow-moving but sure-footed mare. Well-trained, but not necessarily friendly. Kidd tolerates a lot, and likes to be spoiled, but otherwise is ambivalent towards many luperci. She does, however, blatantly favor those who feed her.


Characters may assume:

  • Seeing her with Solomon, who speaks some Low Speech with her :O
  • Occasionally seeing Aly try and make friends with her (and being kind of bad at it)
  • Observing that Kidd ignores a lot of luperci (aka you)