Aldora Knight






  • Date of Birth: 25 Jul 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (25 Jul 2016 - Present)
  • Rank: Sola
  • Previous Rank: Pack Advisor
  • Minor NPC:
    • Eowyn (6 yr. old amber champagne tobiano sabino Mare)



  • None at the moment, but I'm open to ideas!

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Aldora around the pack-lands
  • Hearing her singing




  • Species: Wolf-dominant Hybrid (75% wolf, 18.75% dog, 6.25% coyote). Only show of hybrid nature being her coat.
  • Fur: Aldora has a thick double-coat with soft guard hairs.
    • Optime Hair: Long, thick, and wavy
  • Facial Features: Feminine with rounded cheek bones, soft eyes
  • Build and Size: Tall and curvy, perhaps a bit overweight, but strong and sturdy in the upper body.
  • Humanization: Moderate humanization; she is just as comfortable wearing clothes as not, and uses tools and weapons


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Coffee Bean
  • Markings:
    • Zorba mask and underbelly
    • Nero cape.
  • Eyes: Lavender
  • Optime Hair: Nero with a thick streak of Zorba in her bangs.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Dune


Zorba (#A59B91)
Irish Coffee (#5F3D26)
Coffee Bean (#2A140E)
Nero (#140600)
Lavender (#B272D0)
Dune (#2E2A24)

By Despi!




Aldora rarely wears any adornments, saving them for special occasions only. These will be specifically mentioned in posts.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • A wire bracelet holding polished citrine and bloodstone. (Gifted to her by Maelyx )
  • A leather arm band holding red coral and turquoise beads, in the center a mother of pearl disc; this used to belong to her mother and she wears it on very rare occasions as it is delicate and worn
  • A wooden circlet with an inlaid polished amethyst stone (a piece of the one she claimed during her Vigil)


  • An olive dress gifted to her by Darius Pierson; for special occasions only
  • Her rank cloaks, worn often; she has several different styles, some with bear fur some without


140 lbs (64 kg)
2ft 5in (74 cm) (at shoulder)


In this form 10% of the time.

180 lbs (82 kg)
3 ft 3in (100 cm) (at shoulder)


Hardly ever in this form.

250 lbs (113 kg)
6ft 7in (200 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

In this form 80% of the time.


  • Speech: Energetic, smooth, and feminine
  • Scent: Smells like the training ring and horses
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She tends to push stray locks from her face, even if they aren't there, when nervous
  • General Posture and Body Language: Relaxed, often her head is cocked slightly to the side



Mostly stoic and serious, Aldora will stare one down without realizing she comes off as intimidating, though her eyes are always gentle. In truth, she is soft at heart, and loves to entertain. Even if she does not show joviality, she enjoys humor and reverie, and has a soft spot for the downtrodden. Only those who purposefully do harm (either to themselves or others) draw her ire.



Excitable, determined, inquisitive, stoic

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant, stoic
  • Alignment: True Neutral


  • Becoming a master archer and hunter
  • Doing right by her family and pack-mates
  • Rehabilitating the sick of mind and conscience


  • Snakes: She has an extreme fear of snakes and will run with her tail between her legs if she encounters one.
  • Death of loved ones: Aldora has lost many in her life, and she dreads the passage of time, where all she knows will soon fall to dust.
  • Failure: She is afraid she will fall short in others' eyes.



  • Bi-sexual
  • Submissive when in a hetero relationship, dominant in a same sex relationship


  • Likes: Family, cooking, archery, singing
  • Dislikes: Cold, rain, sickness, death, being alone, snakes


  • Alcohol: Aldora has tried alcohol on a few occasions but tries to abstain due to the effect it has had on her cousin Arlen Stryder, and friend Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
  • Drugs: Aldora has smoked marijuana with Eros; it has no affect on her, and she equates the scent to any other burning herb


  • Singing/Song Creation Master

Aldora has the talent of perfect pitch, she also can make up songs quite easily, and learns new songs incredibly fast.

  • Archery Master

Trained by three masters: her mother, Lyris Stryder, and Jace Wolfe; she gets more advanced every day.

  • Hunting Master

Has about a 60% success rate at trapping and a 40% success rate in bow hunting.


  • Reading and Writing (English) Novice

Aldora reads and writes at a 5th grade level.

  • Horsemanship Novice

Aldora knows basic horse health, training, and grooming.

  • Trigger-point combat Novice

Aldora was taught trigger-point offense/defense tactics by Veri Secanti and has used it on several occassions.


Her mother told her stories of "the wolves in the sky" who run among the stars, and she believes that her Grandfather and mother are among them. She was also giving a reading by Maelyx Nocturne and believes that it was legitimate. After her mateship to Minerva Griffith she has also adopted the earth goddess diety as part of her spiritual codex.


Family: Knight, Marino, Damaichu, Nomads

Key Relations

  • Eros Damaichu Her brother, she became very fond and close to him after he joined Casa; she sees great potential in him.
  • Callum Knight Father; the satellite, close but sometimes untouchable, brings discipline and stability.
  • Minerva Griffith Her former mate, best friend, and spiritual adviser, Aldora was never the same after she died.
  • Veyra Damaichu Mother; the center of her universe, bringing light, love, and warmth. Aldora was devastated when she died.

Positive Relations

Neutral / Negative

  • Iorek He was once her confidant; she became angry with him after his shameful banishment.


Aldora was the second born of Veyra and Callum's second litter; she is their first and only daughter. Aldora and her brother Rohan were well cared for and loved by both parents until they were able to fend for themselves.

In her first winter, Aldora's life became more complicated. She was matched with her mentor, Lyris Stryder, and soon after saved her cousin Myra Garcia's life after she nearly drowned while they played. Aldora only managed to do this by her body shifting to compensate, and the two of them became much closer for it. Aldora also bonded closely with her other cousin Arlen Stryder, while holding somewhat of a rivalry with her final cousin, Remus Knight.

After besting Remus in their first blood, Aldora, riding the high of the victory and feeling invincible, challenged her siblings and cousins to take down an enormous bear that had been plaguing and raiding the food stocks of Casa. Her brethren readily agreed, but it was doomed from the start. The youngsters were not fully prepared to take on the behemoth, and many of them received injuries, despite their success in killing it. They were punished by their leadership, forced to stay behind the Fort doors for a month.

Aldora was ashamed and felt like she had betrayed not only her family, but the entirety of Casa di Cavalieri. Once the punishment was lifted, she decides to leave the pack for a time to learn more about the outside world and other packs and possibly bolster relations with them. She hopes this journey will give her perspective and wisdom, so that when she returns she will no longer have the pride and foolishness of youth. During the the time of her travels, she learns that Anathema and Inferni were not as hostile as she had been told, but that Salsola was still a problem to be dealt with. She also rescues Kjintora and Ovidiu from Prince Edward Island, both of which had been stranded there since Midnight Shores disbandment.

With winter dying, she returns to Casa di Cavalieri only to learn that while she was gone her mentor Lyris Stryder died from complications of childbirth, and that Raine Nightshade had violated Arlen Stryder and Night Hushhowl. Aldora feels shame for having not been present during this time, and feels as if her journey had done little to prove her worth. She remains secluded for a time, listless and unsure of herself. Then, in the spring, tragedy strikes again when the land is infested by strange giant flowers, the essence of which drives wolves to madness. Her mother Veyra succumbs to this madness, and throws herself from a cliff-face. Aldora is thrown into depression and numbness.

After some time, Aldora begins to find hope again, and begins to focus on the pack and bettering it and herself. She starts to rise in the ranks, and then, falls in love for the first time with Howland Reeves after he pursues her for some time. All is well, and Aldora joins the Brotherhood as Master Tactician. After a time, she ends her relationship with Howland after some difficulties. Her new roll among Casa's elite gives her focus, and she begins to take charge in mentoring new and current pack members alike, so help them become the best version of themselves.

After helping to defend Luca from the attack of trespassing loners, he promotes her to Council as Pack Advisor. She charges head-first into her roll, maturing seemingly overnight, and becoming a gentle and caring figure of authority for the rest of the pack. She begins a new romance with Minerva Griffith and is for the first time in her life confident in herself and her abilities. At the same time, she finds herself becoming more forgiving of the evils in the world; she is much more willing to dismiss the crimes of others, a shift in perspective from her once Neutral Good nature.

Beginning to find her niche in pack-life and society, Aldora enjoys a time of peace and joy. However, in the Spring of 2019, Luca is attacked by a trespasser and in his defense, Aldora take's the villain's life. The aging Lune sees potential in his niece, and asks her to join his side as Sola. Aldora feels she does not deserve the position, nor does she feel she can fully live up to the expectations of leader, but she accepts.

The beginning of her leadership is fraught with bad omens as the world seems to crumble around them with one natural disaster after another. Not only this, but it seems as if the young Sola is but a footnote to her uncle's rule; she does not feel she is his equal, but it happy to be subservient to him. All is well for a time, until Luca is once again attacked. This time he is gravely injured, and even after recovering, the Lune seems off. Luca falls to paranoia as strange things start happening around the pack, he starts making rules so as to control the Cavaliers. Tension builds to a head, which culminates in Luca's killing of two pack-members, believing them to be planning on overthrowing him.

Chaos reins as Aldora is unable, or incapable, of controlling the situation. She is removed from leadership as well by Raghnall Thorburn who claims she, along with Luca, are not fit to rule. There are several months of limbo as Casa is controlled by a small group lead by Raghnall, yet upon the day of Luca's trial, he is found murdered. The day before, Aldora was infromed by one Fredrick Knight that it was Raghnall and his cohorts behind the attacks and murders. The Sola finds her courage and faces the Scot, which ends in his and his companions' deaths.

Aldora reclaims her throne and names Cedric Stryder as her counter-part as the new Lune. However the pack is incensed that Aldora and Cedric would take it upon themselves to deal out justice, and the pair swears to never do such a thing again. Still, it would be much a time before things settled in the pack, and members began to trust their new Sola and Lune again.

Casa di Cavalieri slowly, but surely, returns to normalcy. The pack is blessed with many new members and many puppies in the beginning and Spring of 2021. Minerva and Aldora decide that it is time for them too to become parents, and in early summer of that year bring into the world their first children Ambrose Griffith, Veyron Knight, Lyra Damaichu, and Zanthe Damaichu. They are overjoyed.

Summary & Thread Archive

2016 • PUP-HOOD

Key Events

  • Summary: Was a young pup; was finding her way and getting into some trouble, but mostly just carefree.


  1. Dec. 20 - Liar, Liar
    Aldora and her brother Rohan Damaichu get into a little bit of trouble
  2. Dec. 21 - The fire has found a home in me
    Aldora and Hartt Attaya talk about pregnancy and puppies


Key Events

  • Aldora saves her cousin Myra Garcia from drowning, and shifts to do so.
  • Aldora is matched up with Lyris Stryder as her mentor and begins archery training.
  • Aldora takes her siblings and cousins on a doomed bear hunt and many get injured.
  • Aldora goes on a Nova Scotia wide journey in an effort to visit all the packs.
  • Summary: After being able to shift, Aldora becomes very proud and bold, taking on Lyris' teachings with ease. Her pride and confidence gets the better of her though when she along with her brother and cousins try to take down a monstrous bear plaguing the pack. Many of them are injured, and Aldora feels it was all her fault. To make up for her transgressions, and to prove herself, she leave Casa di Cavalieri on a three month journey across Nova Scotia. Along the way she learns about the other packs, that many of things she has been told were not true, and begins to mature into a worldly young woman.


  1. Jan. 03 - A Brighter Future
    Mentorship ceremony; Aldora gets paired with Lyris Stryder
  2. Jan. 12 - A new day has come
    Hartt Attaya has her pup, Aldora comes to visit.
  3. Feb. 12 - Thin Ice
    Aldora shifts for the first time when she saves her friend Myra Garcia from drowning
  4. Feb. 19 - let the arrow guide you
    Lyris gives Aldora an introduction to archery
  5. Feb. 20 - Ain't hard to see who you are underneath
    Sian Damaichu shifts and Aldora comes to witness
  6. Feb. 21 - morning hunt
    Aldora goes hunting with her cousin Arlen Stryder; she saves him from a goose
  7. Apr. 06 - spring fever
    Aldora and Myra Garcia talk about boys and chase horses
  8. May. 01 - the clouds will clear
    Aldora finds Rocco the ram dead during the Spring Sickness
  9. May. 15 - hunger of the pine
    Aldora ventures outside CdC for the first time and meets a loner, Heroshe
  10. May. 20 - pinned ya again
    Aldora wrestles Arlen Stryder
  11. May. 27 - Tune of ages
    Aldora sings with Shtiya at Asuilaak's coming of age
  12. May. 29 - the coast is unclear
    Aldora and Remus Knight have a tussle
  13. Jun. 05 - Echo
    Aldora and Hartt Attaya go on a hunt
  1. Jul. 10 - only curtains were made to fall
    Aldora responds to Remus and Night's cry for help, finds signs of Hartt's demise
  2. Jul. 29 - slay my demons
    Aldora shows Night Hushhowl the ropes of archery
  3. Aug. 04 - it's in my blood
    Jace Wolfe gives Aldora some advice
  4. Aug. 14 - what do cows drink
    Aldora and Arlen awkward hangz
  5. Aug. 17 - sing me to sleep
    {RO} Aldora catches some mourning doves
  6. Aug. 21 - It Ends Today
    {SYNDICATE PLOT}: Final battle; Aldora kills two Syndicate members
  7. Aug. 25 - do you see something in me?
    Luca Knight gives Aldora some advice
  8. Aug. 30 - Blood of my Blood
    {FIRST BLOOD} Aldora bests her cousin Remus Knight
  9. Aug. 30 - Hardened in the fires of honor
    The youngins celebrate the First Blood
  10. Sep. 05 - To be young and foolish
    The youngins attack and kill a bear, but with consequences
  11. Sep. 28 - We grew up in the same neighborhood
    Aldora arrives at Cour des Miracles and is greeted by the handsome Willow
  12. Oct. 10 - Pauper
    Aldora meets with Silvano Sadira
  13. Oct. 11 - Pumpkins and Palaces
    Aldora talks with Abigail Sadira and exchange goods
  1. Oct. 11 - Cobwebs in the Attic
    Aldora arrives at Anathema and meets Evangeline Lykoi
  2. Oct. 15 - Your Witchy Ways
    Aldora meets Maelyx Nocturne and gets gifts and a divination from her
  3. Oct. 22 - The Barrel Still Smoking
    Aldora arrives at Inferni to find it in a bad state of affairs
  4. Oct. 23 - Should I send smoke signals?
    Aldora meets Crucible de le Poer who tells her of the war
  5. Oct. 29 - Finger Bones
    Aldora meets Meridia Lykoi, who gifts her painted bones
  6. Nov. 03 - Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line
    Meets Coaxoch and receives poisons and bottles as a gift
  7. Nov. 07 - You leave a bad taste in my mouth
    A young Salsolan ruffian (Krios Heiwa) comes to chase Aldora off
  8. Nov. 12 - Castaway
    {RO} Aldora visits POE and picks up two new traveling companions
  9. Nov. 26 - Getting my paws wet
    Krokar visit; Aldora meets with Iroquois
  10. Dec. 04 - Our Heritage
    Aldora runs into her grand-uncle
  11. Dec. 27 - through the fire and the flames we carry on
    Aldora visits the New Inferni and speaks with Vicira Tears


Key Events

  • SUMMARY: Aldora returns to her homeland to find Lyris Stryder dead and cousins raped. She had hoped her time outside Casa would have given her strength, but as she comes into adulthood Aldora finds it difficult to make a place for herself in Casa. Tragedy strikes again when alien flowers grow, causing madness, which her mother succumbs to, killing herself. After the loss of her mother, Aldora continues to struggle, but makes headway when she strikes up a relationship with Howland Reeves. With new hope in love, Aldora rises through the ranks and joins the Brotherhood as Master Tactician.


  1. Jan. 01 - Each day cometh tidings three
    Aldora returns to Casa; Howland Reeves gives her bad news
  2. Jan. 11 - Mother Earth and Father Time
    Aldora visits Luca
  3. Jan. 12 - Mirror Image
    Aldora returns Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh to her family
  4. Jan. 25 - The Sound of Music
    Aldora gives Night Hushhowl singing lessons
  5. Mar. 01 - Quoth the Raven
    Aldora hosts the CdC/CdM poetry slam
  6. Mar. 03 - Dancin' in the Moonlight
    Aldora dances with her father at the ball
  7. Mar. 03 - what's a martini without an olive
    Howland Reeves approaches Aldora with romantic intent at the ball
  8. Apr. 03 - Lifting my Spirits
    Aldora visits the new tavern and speaks with Grynn Garcia-Knight
  9. Apr. 07 - A Merchant Arrives
    Aldora meets a merchant Ezra Vahn at the borders
  10. Apr. 09 - What about now?
    Interaction with Kira Raine after Aldora has a minor injury
  11. Apr. 12 - April showers bring May flowers
    Aldora works in the gardens when Luca approaches her
  12. Apr. 14 - 'cause you're a sky full of stars
    Aldora learns of her mother's death
  13. Apr. 17 - [M] Lions and Tigers and Flowers - oh my!
    Arlen and Aldora visit the flowers after Veyra's death; Arlen saves her life (and breaks her tail)
  14. Apr. 29 - Rainbow Flowers, Rainbow Dreams
    A group from CdC go to try and destroy the flowers
  1. May. 07 - A tiger won't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep
    Aldora bring Jace a gift, and meets Besekel Greyfire and Uriah Greyfire
  2. May. 20 - little silver fish
    Aldora interacts with Iorek
  3. May. 21 - Share a Drink With Me
    Aldora interacts with Minerva Griffith
  4. May. 22 - Walk a mile in my shoes, if you will
    Aldora makes up with Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
  5. May. 23 - [M] Fight the horde singing and crying, Valhalla, I'm coming
    Aldora fights off trespassers with Iorek
  6. Jun. 05 - a bird in the hand
    Aldora and Darius Pierson travel to Inferni with gifts but are turned away
  7. Jun. 20 - One step, two step, three step four
    Aldora trains (dances) with Arlen
  8. Jul. 18 - Strumming My Pain
    Aldora learns about trigger points from Veri Secanti
  9. Jul. 19 - Shipoopi: the girl who's hard to get
    Howland Reeves comes crashing back into Aldora's life.
  10. Jul. 25 - Which is heavier, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?
    Ovidiu spars against Iorek; Aldora gives pointers.
  11. Jul. 28 - The Perfect Day
    Aldora takes a trip outside CdC borders.
  12. Aug. 04 - life was beautiful then
    Aldora reminisces with her father.
  13. Aug. 15 - All the Stars We Steal from the Night Sky
    Remus Knight and Night Hushhowl mate-ship ceremony.
  1. Sep. 17 - [M] mess with the bull, get the horns
    Aldora and Damon are ambushed outside Halifax.
  2. Sep. 22 - This ship will carry our bodies to shore
    Ovidiu and Nayavota enjoy some time on the beach.
  3. Sep. 29 - Somehow, I've stumbled to the top
    Aldora's Brotherhood Vigil.
  4. Sep. 30 - Universe inside your heart
    Aldora runs into Howland on the way back from her vigil.
  5. Oct. 09 - Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
    Aldora seeks out Abigail Sadira's advice on romance.
  6. Oct. 10 - A Sixpence for the Coffer
    Aldora runs into a member of Omni, Rosa Somnia
  7. Oct. 13 - Head like a hole
    Aldora has young Risa Rivera help her with her horse.
  8. Oct. 16 - [M] Just a hero on a bridge that's burning down
    Iorek and Aldora chase off some trespassers, but Iorek nearly kills one.
  9. Oct. 31 - one reaps what one sows
    Aldora conducts Cedric Stryder and Nayavota Denahlii's Firt Blood.
  10. Nov. 19 - [M] is this really happening
    Her brother, Eros Damaichu, shows up at Casa's borders wanting to join.
  11. Nov. 19 - Can i escape this life of mine?
    Ovidiu tries to comfort and mentor a disturbed Mercy Nightshade.
  12. Nov. 19 - [M] Under the Mistletoe
    Aldora and Howland do the do.
  13. Nov. 19 - Silent Night, Holy Night
    In a training session gone wrong, Aldora and Cedric fight off a mountain lion.


Key Events

  • Aldora settles in to her roll in Casa, rising through the ranks
  • She forges deep relationships, both romantic and platonic
  • SUMMARY: Fully an adult now, Aldora finds herself carving a niche for herself in the pack, both in rank and in society. Her relationship with Howland ends on good terms, and she finds herself growing closer to her brother Eros. After trespassers enter the territory and attack Lune Luca, Eros and Aldora defend him, killing the intruders in the process. Seeing Aldora's loyalty and willingness to put her life on the line for Casa, Luca promotes her to his counsel as Pack Advisor. Flush with authority and pride, Aldora finds confidence in going after a new and unlikely lover, Minerva.


  1. Jan. 01 - [M] remember who's in charge here
    Aldora and Eros go on a hunt, Aldora disciplines him for being insuborinate
  2. Jan. 07 - [M] Are You Checking up on Me?
    Aldora opens up to Eros, he gives her advice and comforts her.
  3. Feb. 01 - Help Them Grow
    Mentorship Ceremony; Aldora becomes mentor to Starlight Hushhowl
  4. Feb. 01 - I was afraid; but the fear soon left me
    Aldora speaks with Teagan Stryder about her role in the pack.
  5. Feb. 11 - First time for everything
    Aldora and Nora Knight go on a hunt.
  6. Feb. 20 - Istanbul (Not Constantinople
    {RO} Arthur Knight tries to save Aldora from Ovidiu.
  7. Mar. 21 - We do try, if lacking
    Aldora gives Jhiral training advice.
  8. Mar. 24 - Aches and Pains
    In the wake of the Court's disbandment; Aldora challenges Rumpa Nightshade's view of Casa.
  9. Mar. 25 - [M] Full Moon Rising
    Aldora joins Minerva in blessing the pack's new territory.
  10. Mar. 31 - Honest Labor
    Aldora gives advice to new member, Theodora
  11. Apr. 06 - Thunder Rolling
    The Brotherhood go on a search party for missing member Quinn
  12. Apr. 06 - Company Calls Epilogue
    Aldora comforts and advises a distraught Risa
  13. Apr. 15 - [M] Another Day on the Job
    Aldora follows Eros out of the pack-lands and confronts him.
  14. Apr. 23 - Certain Skills Speak the Heart
    Aldora gives Pushok a singing lesson.
  1. May. 2 - [M] the stork is on his way
    Aldora and Myra aid Cinzia in giving birth.
  2. May. 3 - [M] Free the Caged Bird
    {RO} Aldora's horse dies from birth complications.
  3. May. 5 - [M] Just Give Me a Reason
    Aldora and Eros defend Luca against trespassers.
  4. May. 5 - [M] the touch of slender fingers
    Minerva patches Aldora up.
  5. May. 13 - Strid
    Aldora is feeling much better, spends some time with Honrin.
  6. May. 16 - Face Freedom with a Little Fear
    Aldora has awkwards hangs with Theodora.
  7. May. 18 - Bulls-eye
    Aldora has a friendly competition with Nora.
  8. Jun. 5 - The Gold Vein
    Luca promotes Aldora to Pack Advisor.
  9. Jun. 15 - A British Woman with A Loyal Spirit
    Aldora accepts Nyx Moonhunt into Casa.
  10. Jun. 19 - Gold and Diamonds
    Aldora cleans up her new office with Cidro's company.
  11. Jun. 21 - the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters
    Aldora spends some time with Cedric.
  12. Jul. 4 - paint my eyes with ashes
    Aldora discovers the lands of the Del Cenere Gang.
  13. Jul. 9 - [M] Counting Sheep
    Aldora and Starlight help a ewe in labor.
  14. Jul. 15 - [M] is it getting hot in here?
    And in heat Aldora visits Minerva.
  15. Aug. 8 - [M] No Weakness
    Aldora interacts with Eros after one of his jobs.
  1. Aug. 15 - [M] Beautiful Trauma
    Aldora and Minerva do the do.
  2. Aug. 31 - the world on your shoulders
    Cedric takes his Oath.
  3. Sep. 21 - Cornucopia
    Aldora meets with Nazariom, the leader of DCG.
  4. Sep. 22 - [M] In Two
    Aldora meets with Boone Lykoi.
  5. Sep. 30 - Raise Your Glass To Us
    Casa di Cavalieri celebrates their prosperity.
  6. Oct. 11 - The Salt Lick
    Aldora and a group of Cavalieri's help Isaac build a BBQ pit.
  7. Oct. 20 - Celebrate Eachother
    Casa di Cavalieri's welcomes guests from the other packs.
  8. Oct. 21 - Crown of Thorns
    Aldora meets O'Riley Eternity at the diplomacy feast.
  9. Oct. 21 - Happenstance
    Aldora dances with Athras Eryn at the diplomacy feast.
  10. Oct. 21 - send shivers down my spine
    Aldora admits her feelings to Minerva Griffith.
  11. Nov. 22 - In the darkness we remember
    Aldora grieves along the other Cavaliers at the Ceremony of Stones for Darkness Hushhowl.
  12. Nov. 28 - Sharpen the body like a sword
    Aldora spars with her cousin Armani Catori.
  13. Dec. 20 - In need of a gentle advisor
    Aldora helps Cedric Stryder retrieve his cold ward, Fredrick Knight.
  14. Dec. 20 - even in the ice we grow
    Kjindrah Wolfe-Denahlii and Lotai Wolfe-Denahlii's mentorship ceremony.


Key Events

  • Aldora stakes up the mantle of leadership as Sola
  • Lots of bad shit happens; earthquakes, alien flowers, TREASON AND DEATH
  • The Scots are defeated but Aldora finds her reclaimed crown heavy
  • SUMMARY: Seeing a need for someone by his side, Luca names Aldora Sola, his counterpart. She feels strange taking up this mantle, and also feels as if the pack-mates don't truly take her seriously. Natural disasters also are the harbinger of things to come; sever earthquakes and the return of the alien flowers are bad omens.
Something also seems to be afoot in pack society, starting with a threatening message left in lamb's blood on the Courthouse wall. Luca becomes paranoid and raises restrictions on pack members, and Aldora still green in her role, does not oppose him. Eventually there is a trial, Luca kills two members, before the truth is revealed that it was the Scots all along. After being humiliated for not seeing the madness in Luca, Aldora gives up her title while she quietly investigates what's really going on.
Soon, through a confession from a young member, she learns the truth; the Scots are behind it all! Aldora and Raghnall fight to his death, she reclaims the title of Sola, and names Cedric Stryder her Lune counter-part. But many in the pack are unhappy with how things went down; will Aldora be able to rebuild and maintain her trust and credibility?


  1. Jan. 01 - The Sun Will Surely Rise Again
    Aldora becomes Sola.
  2. Jan. 01 - Take my hand
    Aldora asks Minerva Griffith to become her mate.
  3. Jan. 03 - [M] A particular set of skills
    Aldora asks Eros Damaichu to hunt down Rurik Ivanov's killers.
  4. Jan. 05 - Auld Lang Syne
    Aldora speaks with Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii about her becoming Sola.
  5. Jan. 10 - I am what I am, and what I am can change
    {RO} Aldora finally let's go of the trauma associated with her mother's death.
  6. Jan. 10 - Snow has the Power to Stop Life in its Tracks
    Aldora speaks with newcomer Jamie O'Neil.
  7. Jan. 11 - Happening for Reasons; Coming in with Seasons
    Aldora speaks with newcomer Zetsubou.
  8. Jan. 13 - Wipe the sleep from your eyes
    Aldora encourages Dawn Hushhowl to come out from hiding after the blizzard.
  9. Jan. 13 - Turtle Doves
    Arlen Stryder comes to talk to Aldora about his recent betrothal.
  10. Feb. 06 - Even the Mountains Will Crumble
    An earthquakes shakes Casa di Cavalieri.
  11. Feb. 18 - Dishonor is worse than death
    {RO} Arlen Stryder is demoted to Dishonorable.
  12. Mar. 06 - Took the midnight train goin' anywhere
    Aldora accepts Jamie O'Neil's kin to Casa di Cavalieri.
  13. Mar. 26 - I'm Just Getting Started
    Pack Tournament: Close combat event.
  14. Mar. 26 - A fine test of strength and speed
    Pack Tournament: Hand to hand combat event.
  15. Mar. 27 - An Arrow to Pierce the Sky
    Pack Tournament: Archery event.
  1. Apr. 18 - A favour of grand design
    Cedric Stryder asks Aldora and Minerva to act as surrogates.
  2. May. 7 - May the eye of the goddess bless
    Aldora and Minerva Griffith's mateship ceremony.
  3. May. 12 - Crumble, to the Sea
    A second and larger earthquake hits Casa di Cavalieri.
  4. Jun. 1 - Great Spirits Welcome Thee
    Minerva Griffith gives birth to Cedric Stryder's pups.
  5. Jun. 21 - These quiet moments
    Aldora shares an intimate moment with Cedric Stryder and the pups.
  6. Jun. 22 - Lips are sealed
    Aldora tries to get Fredrick Knight come out of his shell.
  7. Jul. 07 - Stand in the mirror, you look the same
    Aldora welcomes Sian Damaichu back into the pack.
  8. Jul. 10 - [M] Broken teeth, shattered dreams
    Aldora speaks with Luca Knight after he is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant.
  9. Jul. 26 - Knighthood in my veins
    Aldora speaks with Armani Catori.
  10. Aug. 15 - [M] Torn Envelope
    Luca Knight kills Tessa Raskin and Duncan Mac'claidheim, Aldora calls for his arrest.
  11. Aug. 17 - [M] The Scales of Libra
    Aldora presides over the trial and sentencing of Luca Knight.
  12. Aug. 20 - Queens Knight to D2
    Armani Catori pledges her alligence to Aldora.
  13. Aug. 20 - [M] A Moment To Be Sad
    Aldora and Eros reflect on the life of the passed Lune.
  14. Sep. 15 - Whispers of confession
    Fredrick Knight finally speaks, and his words are damning.
  15. Sep. 15 - [M] Better to live on year as a tiger, then a hundred as a sheep
    Aldora fights and kills Raghnall Thorburn
  1. Sep. 16 - Heavenly Bodies
    Aldora reclaims the throne, and names Cedric Stryder Lune.
  2. Sep. 24 - What Will You Make of This Second Chance?
    Aldora accepts Nazar Blacksun into the pack.
  3. Sep. 24 - A blanket of fear I've been wrapped in for years
    Sian Damaichu confides in Aldora abuse she suffered in Portland.
  4. Oct. 3 - Strong Foundations
    Aldora accepts Armani Catori into the Brotherhood.
  5. Oct. 27 - every mile mattered
    Aldora accepts Crowell Proudfoot into the pack.
  6. Oct. 28 - Germination
    Aldora aspeaks with Hibiki from New Caledonia
  7. Nov. 5 - the moonflower only blooms in the dark
    Aldora accepts Eros Damaichu into the Brotherhood.
  8. Nov. 5 - The Eagle Lands to Rest
    Veri Secanti requests to retire.
  9. Nov. 8 - it's basic economics
    Aldora visit Del Cenere Gang for a trading venture.
  10. Nov. 18 - And then they were one
    Pallas Nephus and Sian Damaichu's mateship ceremony.
  11. Dec. 27 - The sunlight shines a little brighter
    Mentor Ceremony for Celia, Soledad, Nilda, Lyall, Brannon and Maise.
  12. Dec. 28 - He Who Finds Peace in His Home
    Aldora speaks with Ezra Vahn
  13. Dec. 29 - His first day (and surely his last)
    Aldora begins Brannon O'Neil's training as her new ward


Key Events

  • TBD
  • SUMMARY: In progress


  1. Jan. 01 - [M] The Path Can be Painful but Rewarding
    Aldora seeks her brothers help in shifting.
  2. Mar. 14 - You Put the Spring in My Step
    Aldora and Minerva talk puppies.
  3. Mar. 30 - Where to begin
    Aldora meets newcomer Radulfr Bergfalk.
  4. Mar. 30 - A world so new
    Aldora meets newcomers Odin and Zeus Firebringer.
  5. Apr. 5 - it'll all come out in the wash
    Aldora meets newcomer Soledad and asks about her homeland.
  6. Apr. 10 - Funny how these things just happen
    Cerberus Ganesa tends to a wound of Aldora's and confirms her pregnancy.
  7. Apr. 24 - Thinking Clearly
    Minerva confesses her desire for promotion.
  8. May. 1 - She speaks for the spirits
    Minerva Griffith joins the Brotherhood.
  9. May. 6 - What's a Good Word for That?
    Aldora and Pushok Hushhowl sing some songs.
  10. May. 12 - Rock-a-bye baby in the tree top
    Aldora speaks with Peony Braithwaite about puppies and packs.
  11. May. 15 - All around the mulberry bush
    Aldora and Zetsubou confront a loner at the borders.
  12. May. 15 - Memory sifting like grains of sand
    Injured loner Yrsa Firebringer is brought to the medical bay for treatment.
  13. Jun. 1 - The Divines Give to Us
    Minerva Griffith gives birth.
  14. Jun. 4 - [M] The sweet embrace of life
    Aldora gives birth to her first litter.
  15. Jun. 5 - The gathering of torch-light
    Opening ceremony for Casa's hosted Olympic Games.
  16. Jun. 5 - Don't Think Twice
    Aldora talks with Azade Feriqi.
  1. Jun. 6 - Olympic Game :: Archery
    Aldora judges the archery competition.
  2. Jun. 8 - Olympic Game :: Swimming
    Aldora judges the swimming competition.
  3. Jun. 10 - Olympic Game :: Short Horse Race
    Aldora judges the short horse race competition.
  4. Jun. 12 - Olympic Game :: FEAST FOR THE AGES!
    Celebratory feast at the end of the Olympics.
  5. Jun. 27 - The kids of tomorrow don't need today when they live in the sins of yesterday
    Aldora helps Brannon O'Neil train for his Firt Blood.
  6. Jul. 6 - Field Trip
    Aldora takes her children outside to play.

Earned Casa di Cavalieri Swords

Earned IC 'Souls Catacombs