Viridian Rose Soul



Credit: Songbird


  • Full Name: Viridian Rose Soul
    • Pronunciation: vr-ih-dee-uhn rohz sohl
  • Epithet: The Loose Cannon
  • Date of Birth: 1 November 2018
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus


OOC Information

NPC Information

Pack Information

  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (May 2021 - Present)
    • Rank: First Officer
      • Co-Ranks: Guardsman Tier I, Scout Tier I
  • Show Previous Affiliations:
  • New Caledonia (April 2020 - April 2021)
    • Commoner → Privileged → Distinguished → Disgraced

OOC Assumptions

Cavaliers may assume...

  • Seeing Viri around the pack, having minor interactions ("hey, how are ya")
  • Knowing that Viri is a Guardsman for the pack and often patrols the borders or Fort
  • Want to practice archery? Viridian's your gal!


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Viridian Rose Soul (briefly known as Wither Rose Soul) is a member of Casa di Cavalieri, formerly of New Caledonia.

Born on her family's farm at the cusp of a harsh winter, she grew up in the shadow of her three brothers, all of which quickly designated her as the resident punching bag. This led her to learn to fend for herself and rival them in typically 'masculine' roles, quickly establishing herself as the breadwinner of their family unit — vehemently against her mother's wishes, who wanted her only daughter to be of a certain, feminine disposition. Eventually, the turbulent household became too much to bear, and whilst visiting her uncle Jandro in 'Souls, she decided to stay there, abandoning her birth name and fashioning a newer, edgier one for herself: Wither Rose. Her mother and brothers were none the wiser, and she hopes they don't look for her, because she certainly doesn't miss them.

After weaving through 'Soulsland aimlessly, a tumble down a hillside left her with a twisted ankle; after hearing talk of a nearby "kingdom," she approached them for aid. What was meant to be a brief stay ended up in her joining the pack. Now a Caledonian proper, Wither reckoned she might as well pull her own weight, and she has worked predominantly as a huntress on their behalf.

More recently, she has come to find her niche in more questionable territory, and her growing dependence on alcohol and various substances to get through the day is beginning to show itself in worrisome ways. After entering a toxic relationship with Rand Coara, her alcoholism took a turn for the worst, aided by the Priest's flagrant disregard of her feelings or aspirations. After months of sleeping with and being egged on by him, fueled by booze and weed, Wither lashed out at Rand and very nearly took his life, where she was then sent to the Underthing while the Valar could decide her fate.

She was given the opportunity to leave under the condition she would could never return. So, she did. Leaving the problematic "Wither Rose" moniker behind in New Caledonia, Viridian now seeks to drudge her life out of the dark hole she has dug for herself — or at the very least drink her problems away, if she scrounges together enough alcohol.

[M] And I've replaced my heart with metal parts

1.  Appearance


Viridian is very clearly a hybrid, though her coyote heritage shines through the rest of her muddied blood. She is built to last, fairly muscular and tall, and she is mostly found in her Optime form. Her fur is of an average thickness, perhaps a tad thin, and it is somewhat smooth and glossy. Her Optime mane is thick and curly, but oftentimes it is pinned back in a messy bun.

Really, she isn't bad-looking, but Viri doesn't put much thought into her appearance. She often has brambles and twigs stuck in her fur, and her hair can appear a frightful, knotted mess.


  • Lupus: 25 in (63 cm) ↔ 40 lbs (18 kg)
    • Sometimes used. Thin, slightly. She is visiting this form a lot more recently to just run around and let off steam.
  • Secui: 40 in (102 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (59 kg)
    • Sometimes used. Hulking and oddly-proportioned, though she does make use of it occasionally to hunt.
  • Optime: 6 ft 2 in (74 in / 183 cm) ↔ 190 lbs (86 kg)
    • Commonly used. A whole-ass woman.


  • Claw marks across chest
  • Smaller nicks at the left side of her muzzle
  • Two marks on her left knee, one smaller mark on her right
  • Smaller claw marks on her left wrist

Show Wardrobe

  • Black lace up crop-top and harem-style pants
    • During warmer months, she is often unclothed. When it gets colder, she can oftentimes be found in this outfit; however, Viri is perfectly at home walking around in the nude and sees nothing wrong with it.
  • An alphabet cone shell necklace on a leather cord
    • Used to always wear this necklace as it was a gift from her suspiciously-absent father, though nowadays, she can take it or leave it.

Color Palette


 Ship Gray (#39333F)

 Mobster (#76707C)

 Martini (#B0A19D)

 Almond (#EAD1BD)

 Snow (#FFFFFA)

Optime Hair

 Almond (#EAD1BD)

 Rosy Brown (#B99272)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

 Cocoa Brown (#241B1C)

 Lily (#C8AAB2)


 Cornfield (#FAFAD2)


by Nat! ♥

1.1  Gallery

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by Gobbo by Nat by Nic by Raze design by Dale, template by Despi

2.  Personality


tl;dr: a walking disaster in the making.

Bold and brash, Viridian has the capacity to be about as lovely as old nickname. She is horribly self-centered unless she kind of likes you, in which case, she's a fast friend. Nevertheless, she's cripplingly self-assured and eager to prove herself to anything that moves that she's the best huntress in the world, amongst other things. She is likely to fall in and out of love on a whim, as well as partake in substances and the party lifestyle; she is unlikely to grow out of this with age. A dysfunctional upbringing means she has a reliance on these things to keep her going, and secretly, she wants the approval of her peers so she doesn't feel like as much of a screw-up.

With an addictive personality and an unbeknownst knack for self-destruction, Viri regularly walks a tightrope between reality and her made-up fantasy world in which everything is fine and she definitely doesn't have a drinking problem. And a smoking problem. And a sex problem. Amongst other things.


  • Demeanor: Blunt, high-energy, sarcastic, impulsive, combative.
  • Speech: voice ref — Lili Reinhart. pretty typical, alto-range; generally expressive.
  • Scent: Woods, cat, various game, Amon
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Tapping her chin when thinking, using her hands to talk; smirks a lot like the smartass she is. Eyebrow dance!
  • General Posture and Body Language: Relaxed and comfortable, doesn't usually stand to her full height (aka hunched), cool kid strut B)

2.1  Traits


  • Likes: Hunting, archery, annoying people, being a nuisance, ALCOHOL & DRUGS
  • Dislikes: Being told what to do >( Uppity people in general grate her nerves.


  • Packs: Salsola seems a little weird; meeting one of their slaves has put them in the "creepy" category.
  • Species: She takes pride in her coyote blood, but doesn't necessarily see any one species above another.
  • Non-Luperci: Do those... exist??
  • Gender: Unless they are eye candy, most men are pretty useless. This probably stems from the childhood bullying she went through and the fact her brothers (and her absent dad) were next to useless, so she hasn't been proven wrong yet with this hypothesis.
  • Sexuality: She doesn't have a strong grasp of what is "normal" yet, but presumably would find anything other than heterosexual partnerships a bit strange at first — more than likely, she wouldn't be terribly biased against them, though.
  • Age: Definitely hates old people. Puppies are neat, though! Until they're annoying.

Motivations and Fears

Wither is motivated by the pursuit of pleasure. That's... basically it. Sure, she wants to prove herself as a mighty huntress to everyone and anyone that'll hear her out, but just having a good time and forgetting the pressures of life tend to weigh out.

She likes to think herself as fearless, but she's not. Recognizing that she may have a substance abuse problem scares her. Losing the few friends she has scares her. But she's definitely not scared of overdosing or blacking out, which she ought to be cautious about — her priorities are all over the place, unfortunately.


Heterosexual, but with bi-romantic leanings. Her type is big strong bois, but not so strong that they can push her around; she is likely to be an assertive lover. Open to flings, though she is somewhat guarded and careful not to confuse romance for sex after her relationship with Rand.

Truthfully, she wants to find someone that actually cares about her and loves her for her, not for the sex, but she is too scared to even try at this point.


Her biggest vice, unfortunately. Viridian doesn't really know when to call it quits. She was known for wandering New Caledonia's City Square after-hours in a drunken stupor, and she has a penchant for dangerous cocktails of alcohol and marijuana and a few other smokables she's run into along the way. Her binge drinking and cross-fading activities indicate that she might be developing Alcohol Use Disorder or early signs of Substance Abuse Disorder concurrently.


Religion is kind of an afterthought; agnostic, more than likely, because religion was never a big thing in her household. Viridian has the vague concept of gods, but not specifics about any one deity. She heard about this guy called "Jesus Christ" from a drinking buddy once, and while she absolutely no idea who the hell he is, she often calls upon him in the form of an expletive. That's about as religious as she gets.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Viri saw very little of her merchant father (daddy issues, anyone?), but she is not overly fond of her mother nor her brothers. Between her mother's unreasonably high expectations and her siblings' constant harassment, there's little wonder as to why she acted out so terribly in her youth. Still, she does miss them to an extent now that they're not around. Generally speaking, she's much more soft on her uncle.

Extended Family

3.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • If she ever sees Rand Coara again, she is gonna finish the job she started. She hates his fucking guts and looks back upon their relationship with disdain and regret. His gaslighting and manipulation fed into her substance abuse and subsequent downward spiral, and he is basically the reason she got banished from New Caledonia. She is very aware that he 100% does not feel bad about it and is never going to forgive herself for playing into his game for so goddamned long.

Notable Relations

  • Wally Sherman is something of a friend/frenemy, she reckons. When they first met, he was a part of Mistfell Vale while she was riding solo, but now they've both ended up in the same pack. Viri likes picking on him since he's a good sport about it and gives her a taste of her own medicine now and again, and she's relieved to have something of a friendly face now that she's starting from scratch again.
  • Eros Damaichu piques her curiosity and really seems to vibe with her. Sometimes he asks questions that are way too close for comfort, but that comes with the territory; much like herself, Eros is exceedingly casual, borderline dickish, and he has also made it very clear that he thinks Viri is hot — an attraction that goes both ways.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Rand Coara
  • Murders:
  • Significant Negative Acquaintances: Wrath

Past Relations

  • Fennore was once her mentor, and while they started on rocky terms, things eventually became tolerable and even occasionally friendly. However, when Wither began her relationship with Rand, things took a turn and Fennore berated her for her foolishness, as the Moonwraith could see as an outsider that her ward was being used. Wither didn't handled this especially well and told her to fuck off — but hindsight is 20/20. When Wither was sent to the Underthing for almost killing Rand in a cross-faded fit of rage, Fennore visited her frequently, trying everything in her power to help her, but Wither refused to admit fault or pay any further penance for her crime. In the end, Fennore extended the option for her to leave New Caledonia entirely instead of rotting away chained up in the Underthing, and while it was a difficult decision, Wither chose exile over imprisonment. Nowadays, she's unsure how to feel about Fennore and feels a little bad about how things panned out between them.
  • Calan's cute. She saved him from drowning once. He's also willing to party hard with her, which makes him an automatic 10/10. Good times.
  • Ierian Songthorn is just about the only luperci that's been able to put up with her antics (for now, anyway). She's soft on him because he helped nurse her back to health when she took a tumble, the whole reason she ended up staying in Caledonia in the first place. A drunken encounter, however, left them in a rather... interesting position, and Ierian actually ended up taking her V-Card!! Yeah, shit got crazy.
  • Toraberā Tanaka is a cool-ass dude and she thinks the world of him. They got on well because of their shared cynicism and interests, but unfortunately her relationship with Rand soured this friendship, since she ended up attacking him at Tora's wedding, only the most important night of his life, no big deal. He punched the shit out of her jaw in retaliation but still visited her in the Underthing, understanding where she was coming from. Tora is definitely one of the guys she will miss the most from her past life.

3.3  Minor NPCs



image by Sheila Brown, released under Public Domain
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Cardinal
  • Date of Birth: 2020


  • Appearance: Pretty average-looking for a Northern Cardinal. He's got the works; red feathers, a little tuft on his head, red beak, and a black throat.
  • Personality: Asshole, real bird name unknown, has made it his sole mission to annoy the shit out of Viri whenever possible. This can include ruining her hunting trips, bothering her on patrol, or following her back to the Courthouse to poop all over her stuff. Oddly enough, his genuine hatred for her after a bit of fun seemed to morph into more light-hearted mischief, and eventually Asshole will become something of a companion rather than a headache.


Cavaliers may assume...

  • Noticing that a particularly annoying cardinal often berates Viri out and about Casa territory
  • Wow this bird is annoying what an asshole