Credit: Zyn


  • Full Name: Aspirin Cherrythorne
    • Pronunciation: AHS-prihn
    • Meaning: over-the-counter painkiller
  • Epithet: Stockholmed Servant
  • Date of Birth: 28 February 2011
    • Date of Death: 1 December 2017
  • Sex: Female
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Species: Wolfdog hybrid

Pack Information

  • Pack: Cercatori d'Arte (March 2013 - May 2013; July 2013 - September 2013)
  • Rank: Artisan
    • Co-Ranks:
      • N/A

OOC Information

Aspirin was a wolfdog living in 'Souls following a brief stint as a slave.

As a young girl she was kidnapped by slavers and served a man named Sterling. A fellow slave, Jorge, fought with their masters and allowed her to escape at the cost of his life, and from there Aspirin ran, absolutely clueless and fearful of where she would end up.

After wandering 'Souls for a bit, she joined Cercatori d'Arte and began to learn to live again as a free woman — and a freshly-turned luperci, at that — but after suffering from panic attacks and paranoia, she left to find herself in the sanctity of the wilderness. Months later, with a revitalized spirit, she returned to the pack to start anew, but this period did not last long either; again she left 'Souls, a bit disillusioned when her dear friend Ridpath was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, after months of solitude and borderline starvation, she made the acquaintance of a man named Kaiser, who coincidentally was the brother of her former slave master, Sterling. While it took her some time to warm up to him, they became close friends and eventual mates, though Aspirin still longed for the lost companionship with Ridpath. They had one child, Octavia, who eventually travels to 'Souls herself.

Aspirin lived out the remainder of her life with Kaiser in their small home on the coast. While she never did return to 'Souls or find her long lost lover, she passed away with a man that truly did care for her and adore her.



Nervous. Always cautious. Jumpy. A stammering mess. Slavery was not kind to Aspirin. It taught her to fear everything and everyone, and even those with good intentions had the blackest of hearts. Only when she was shown kindness with Cercatori d'Arte and Ridpath did she realize not all was lost in the world.

Once someone gained her trust, she was the nicest woman in the world — a people-pleaser, she would tell others what they wanted to hear and pine for their affections. All she really wanted was to be loved. Any sort of positive attention kept her going, and she strove to do what was right and good as best she could.

As innocent and harmless as she was, her vulnerabilities still left her quite prone to emotion; she could not handle criticism well, and any slight against her or her character was agonized over and probably cried about. She was paranoid that others often put on fronts just to use her; she had a hard time knowing who to trust.

But as she grew older, Aspirin learned that not everyone put as much thought into their actions as she did. No one was out to get her.

She was safe now.


A nondescript, doggish girl of creams and browns. She was short, abysmally so, and very obviously malnourished. Scars littered her body, and her tail was docked short. Her hair was short and messy, barely making it past her folded ears.

Her eyes were a curious lavender hue, bright and warm. Being a Verto Luperci, she preferred her lupus form quite a bit, though she would often shift up to her optime form in order to learn two-handed tasks.

In Cercatori d'Arte she took to wearing clothes, often simple dresses she crafted after Esther Hennamin taught her how to sew. Other times she would don colorful scarves. When she would leave the territory, rare though it was, she would wear a red cloak.


by Zyn by Westy by Jazzy by Laura