Jamie O'Neil

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Jamie O'Niel comes from a prestigious family from Scotland. During his time in Scotland, he spent an evening with a lady of high ranking within the pack. Once it was discovered that she was pregnant, both families strongly encouraged Jamie to marry her in order to restore his honour. On the day of the wedding, Jamie did not appear, and was found by his father the next day, drunk and in the mud. His father then told him he was disowned from the family and had to leave. With nowhere else to go, Jamie left in search of adventure and glory and hopes to connect with the Knight family he heard rumors about.

Since his arrival at Casa di Cavalieri, he has risen to the rank of Second Officer and found his place working as a guardsman. His clansmen Duncan Mac'claidheim, Raghnall Thorburn, and Dermid MacRae? have come to try and convince him of returning to Scotland. Jamie, unconvinced, continues his stay in Casa hoping to earn his honour back by rising through the ranks.

During his time, he also had a run-in with Beatrix Poitier, resulting in another litter of pups. This time, Jamie decided to help Beatrix raise the pups since Beatrix asked for no romantic commitment from him. Unfornutaly, Beatrix passed away from complications during the birth, leaving Jamie to raise Brannon O'Neil and Maisie O'Neil on his own. Fortunately, Armani Catori volunteered to help with nursing the pups, since her own litter were born a few weeks prior.






1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Tall, dark, and mysteriously handsome. Dark reddish-brown fur covers his body except for his left front paw which has a white mitt. A large scar surrounds his left eye from a fight when he was young.

When in Optime form, Jamie has long, curly locks that frame is square jaw and light yellow eyes.


Mostly stays in Optime form


Is usually seen in his white shirt and blue tartan kilt, and on special occasions wears his black cloak trimmed with highland cattle fur. His main weapons are a Celtic short sword and a targe.


A scar on his left eye.

2.  Personality



Jamie is a strong-willed male that deeply believes in his own convictions. Almost nothing can stop him from acquiring what he believes is rightfully his. Jamie also believes in taking time to have fun when he's not working, which usually involves flirting with a lady or two. While he is chatty with the ladies, Jamie keeps most of his personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to himself.


  • Speech: English with a heavy Scottish accent
  • Scent: Pine, Salt air, iron
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
  • General Posture and Body Language: Formal and poliet






  • Outlook: The law before personal feelings
  • Sociability: Very smooth talker
  • Expression: Confident
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "Shall honor legitimate authority."
    • "Shall promote unlimited order in society."
    • "Shall honor all oaths."
  • Making his family back at home proud
  • Adventure
  • Fun when work is over
  • Not living up to his father's expectations
  • Snakes
  • Bisexual, though a leaning towards women
  • As an alpha male at home, believes he can have any partner he wishes