Teagan Stryder

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    1.   1.1  Appearance
    2.   1.2  Essentials
  2.   2.  Relationships
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    2.   2.2  Relations
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Teagan Stryder is the daughter of Lyris Stryder and Luca Knight, and littermate to Indi Knight. She was born and raised in Casa di Cavalieri, and was mentored by Sylvie Agnès up until she passed her First Blood ceremony in August 2016. In her career, she has only taken on one apprentice, Minerva Griffith.

After she was the unwitting target of vengeance, Teagan’s sweet and ever-curious personality of her youth disappeared. Afterwards, she chose to distance herself emotionally and focus on bettering her fighting skills. She took a great interest in sword fighting, which later became her primary weapon of choice alongside her natural ability in hand-to-hand combat.

She is someone that is often noted for her bravery and her desire to protect others. In fall of 2016, Teagan nearly died [M] in her need to protect Indi while the girls were far away from home. She actively participated in the Syndicate Revenge Conflict in the summer of 2017, where she got her first true taste of war. A few weeks after the final fight, Teagan decided to take a trip to Portland for various reasons, and, while she was there, she met Makoto Ridley, whom she helped become free from his oppressors [M], The Ragdogs.

She currently resides in Casa di Cavalieri, ranked as War Lord, a member of the Council. As a Brotherhood member, she is the Master of Bladed Weapons. She holds the co-rank of Falconer and is an Ambassador for Salsola.





N P C s

E T C .

  • Nickname: Tea (family only)
  • Pronunciation: TEA-gan STRAY-der
  • Meaning: "beautiful"
  • Origin: Irish
  • Epithet: Warrior Princess

P A C K ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

O O C ∙ A S S U M P T I O N S !

  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri (August 2015 – Present)
  • Rank: War Lord (May 2018 – Present)
    • Additional Ranks:
      • Brotherhood – Master of Bladed Weapons
      • Falconer
      • Ambassador (Salsola; Feb 2019 – Present)
  • Previous Ranks:
  • Brotherhood: Lionheart (Apr-May 2018)
  • Brotherhood: Valiant (Feb-Mar 2018)
  • Brotherhood: Sworn (Nov 2017-Jan 2018)
  • First Officer (Sep-Oct 2017)
  • Second Officer (July-Aug 2017)
  • First Cadet (June 2017)
  • Second Cadet (May 2017) (Demotion)
  • Bracciante Prima (Nov-Apr 2017)
  • Bracciante Seconda (Sept-Oct 2016)
  • Lotta (Jan-Aug 2016)
  • Poco (Aug-Dec 2015)
  • Additional Ranks:
    • Ambassador (Krokar; Jan – Nov 2018)

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Having had brief interactions with Teagan, such as a passing greeting or during shift changes; please contact me beforehand if you are unsure or would like a more personable/in-depth interaction
  • Seeing Teagan…
    • …around the territory, usually alone or with Mako
    • …practicing her swordsmanship or fighting skills, or patrolling
    • …accompanied by and/or working with her falcon or with her horses
  • Knowing that Teagan…
    • …works with the pack’s falcons
    • …is related to [parent, sibling, aunt/uncle] within the pack

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: While Teagan's physique is more inclined to be wolf-like, the dog blood of her lineage appears slightly more prominent than in her siblings. Her fur, facial features, and markings are vaguely doggish while the build of her body is more similar to that of a wolf.
  • Fur: Double-coated and of medium length, Teagan's fur is noticeably longer in her four-legged forms (seen particularly around her neck/chest, haunches, and tail) [1]
    • Optime Hair: Silky soft, reaches mid-way down her shoulder blades, and is typically put up in a high-ponytail with a few stubborn bangs framing her face.
  • Facial Features: Built to clearly resemble that of a wolf, but the folded tip of her right ear is a giveaway to her dog lineage.
  • Build and Size: Teagan inherited the stocky build of her father rather than the willowy one of her mother. She stands on the taller side, and is lean and muscular. Her body type allows for easy muscle gain, and geared more towards strength rather than speed.
    • Lupus/Secui: Large due to her ancestry and with sinewy muscles.
    • Optime: Like her parents, Teagan stands on the tall side of the spectrum. She has soft, womanly curves, but has a lean, muscular, athletic look to her as well.
  • Humanization: Moderate. While Teagan is very interested in armor, she sees most humanized accessories as a luxury rather than a must. Even when dressed, she shows little interest in fancy, eye-catching items. She prefers comfort and practicality over attention and vanity.
    • Teagan is not someone to collect more than she deems necessary, and, overall, lives very simply. She sees no purpose in flashy jewelry or frivolous accessories that have no other value than for appearances. Everything she owns has a practical use, or, has a distinct and significant meaning to them.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Chamois (#edd8b3)
  • Markings:
    • Her muzzle, underbelly, socks, and tail tip are dipped in Pampas (#f2f0ea)
    • Mine Shaft (#323232) colors her saddle which bleeds down onto the top of her tail, ending half-way down. Her mask and ears are also this color.
    • Fuscous Gray (#535250) sits between Linen and Mine Shaft, and helps fade her main cream color to the darker black markings
  • Eyes: Pale Canary(#ffff9d)
  • Optime Hair: Mine Shaft (#323232), with highlights of Chamois (#edd8b3)
  • Nose, Claws, Paw Pads: Tundora (#464646)
  • Scars: Quicksand (#bda290)



Chamois (#edd8b3)
Pampas (#f2f0ea)
Fuscous Gray (#535250)
Mine Shaft (#323232)


Pale Canary (#ffff9d)

Nose, Pawpads, Claws; Scars

Tundora (#464646)
Quicksand (#bda290)


95 lbs (45 kg)
34 in (84 cm)


She favors this form for ease of travel and for its speed in comparison to her other ones

160 lbs (73 kg)
46 in (117 cm)


Rare; Teagan doesn’t see much benefit in using the halfling form, usually able to get what she needs out of Lupus or Optime

190 lbs (86 kg)
6 ft 9 in (81 inc / 206 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Teagan is often found in this form, as it functions primarily for her more humanoid tasks; such as sword fighting, falconry, and horseback riding


  • Four teeth marks on upper left arm from a loner
  • Four claw-like marks across her chest, moving down right to left and over her breasts; obtained from a loner [M] while trying to protect her sister
  • Four faint claw marks on her left forearm from accidental friendly fire [M]
  • Nick in her right shoulder from a Syndicate member [M]
    • One long, faint scar from the top of her right hip to the bottom of her shoulder blade
    • Nick on the right side of her neck; barely visible


  • Dark, olive-green rank cloak lined with cougar fur (Council rank)
  • Various tunics ranging in pale, dark, or dull colors
  • Brown leather belt
  • Brown-leather falconer’s gloves, fingerless
  • Black and brown leather armor set [2]
    • Brown-leather bracers with steel plates
    • Black-leather 4-plated pauldrons with engraved Stryder-Knight crest over right shoulder
    • Padded, black-leather, sleeve-less tunic with a Celtic-knot emblem sewn in purple over her heart
    • Black and dark-brown leather, belted skirt



1.2  Essentials


Actions speak louder than words; Socially distant; Abrasive; Prideful; Confident; Tomboy; Hard outside, soft inside; Justice-seeker

She is not the most friendly or social of individuals, and often prefers to keep to herself. Because of her lack of outward friendliness, she might be regarded as cold or unsocial. Teagan’s not much for casual conversation unless the mood suits her—or if forced to by the situation—and, so, words that fall from her tongue are often spoken in a tone that is abrasive, brash, blunt, or confident. Teagan is very prideful, a trait that is often her downfall, as she is not one to easily admit she’s wrong or change her mind when it’s made up. She is a creature that is very confident in herself and her actions (not to point of arrogance though), and is often noted for her bravery. She is a go-getter and someone to be proactive about things than let something just fall into her lap.
Overall, she is a tomboy that is not afraid to get her paws dirty. She loves to fight and roughhouse, and will bear her teeth at girly or “soft” things. She doesn’t like to appear weak, and will often cover these feelings or signs with aggression, faux confidence, or indifference/ignoring or avoiding the subject matter. As a result, she is not very touchy-feely or a gal in-tune with her more emotional side. She may become overwhelmed if smothered with those that are the opposite of this, and may—unintentionally—snap or become aggressive in an attempt to maintain her “personal bubble.” Teagan is, however, compassionate with things she cares for. She is the type to find other ways to show her affection without being outright with it though. As well, Teagan is highly protective of those she deems a friend or ally, and will go out of her way to make sure that they are happy—at any cost.
In spite of this, she has high morals, which often keeps her from doing anything too dark. As such, Teagan is someone who thrives on justice, and may be hard-pressed to let something just slide by unpunished. Teagan is not a Luperci known for her tack either. She is blunt and judgmental of others, and is typically not one to honey her words. She believes in a tough skin, as it is the precedence she puts for herself.


  • Likes: Her family, Mako, adventure, challenges, fighting and wrestling, birds, horses, fall, meat, training
  • Dislikes: Dishonesty and cheaters, laziness, bullies, shady individuals, weakness, overly chatty Luperci, misogynists


  • Outlook: Equally optimistic/pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Motivations: Family and friends, pride, justice
  • Fears: Failure, losing loved ones, being weak/unable to fight, dying in childbirth


  • Speech: (ex. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII)
    • Not one for sweet-talking; typically abrasive or aggressive, concise
  • Scent: Forest-y (pine, maple, cedar, leaf litter), river water, prairie grass, metals, horses, birds
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Is not touchy-feely, and will actively try to avoid instances where it may be required for her to be; Does not like to be touched by strangers; Scowls, huffs, and crosses her arms a lot
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident and disciplined


  • Packs: Hates Anathema
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: None
  • Gender: Most men are pigs and misogynists
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: Looks down upon polygamy and unfaithful partners; supportive of same-sex couples even if she herself would never consider it
  • Age: Elders are to be respected, children needed to be watched and guided


Despite her multiple bad experiences with men, Teagan is heterosexual, with a preference towards strong, healthy males that can keep up with her both physically and mentally. She may be perceived as asexual though, due to her lack of attention or romantic hints or tendencies at all towards others. If teased about her affections, would vehemently deny any attraction to another (but would be embarrassed all the while).

Spirituality & Substances

Teagan believes in a higher being—Fenris—due to her upbringing as a Knight, but rarely does she entertain the thought of religion.

Teagan isn’t particularly fond of alcoholic drinks due to the fact that they make her feel vulnerable and more likely to reveal things she would have otherwise kept behind tight lips. She also doesn’t like the feeling of being hungover (and was scared sober by her mother in her youth). She has never tried drugs, but has seen the aftereffects to know she wants nothing to do with them.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Indi Knight is her littermate, sister, and was her best friend. A softer side of Teagan is seen particularly when around Indi, as she is one of the few Luperci that Teagan feels that she can let her hard, outer shell down around. She places complete trust and secrecy into Indi. Teagan is highly protective of her sister in this regard, and is not above decking someone who might hurt her. Paired with Indi, the two sisters have proven time and time again to be a terror for anyone in their way. Though time apart has made the sister not as close as they once were, they’re still supportive of each other.
  • Makoto Ridley is Teagan’s best friend and lover. Their relationship started off somewhat rocky [M], but, they eventually became good friends. Teagan trusts him with her back, and values his expertise on weapons, armor, and fighting techniques. Aside from Indi, Mako is one of the few Luperci that Teagan can confide in. He annoys her sometimes with his antics and affections, but she secretly enjoys it. They share a complicated relationship, mostly in part to Teagan being scared to admit and act on what she feels for Mako.
  • Lyris Stryder and Luca Knight are her parents. She thinks the world of them and idolizes them. They are strong, courageous, and beyond compare. They are her greatest role models and she highly respects them. Of her father, she is greatly fond of, viewing him to be the more compassionate one of the two. She was somewhat fearful of her mother because of how powerful and fearless she carried herself. Lyris’ passing in the fall of 2017 though shook Teagan to her core, and she does not speak of her mother anymore.
  • Jonas and Isaac Coblentz were two brothers that were prominent figures in Teagan’s youth. They often dealt with her troublesome ways, and were familiar faces that she eventually grew fond of. They came to her rescue when she was attacked, and were the first to see her shift. Teagan was saddened by Jonas’ death during the fall of the Red Star, and has become more open to Isaac as a result.

Close Relations

  • Arlen Stryder is her dweeb of a younger brother. While she finds him utterly annoying, his likeness to Indi has wormed his way up to be one of her favorites of his litter. He showed great potential before his accident after his First Blood, and the two grew close after an attack that that damaged Arlen both mentally and emotionally. She is protective of him, particularly when the truth behind his attack came to light [M]. While she does not always approve of his childish ways in regards to the Nightshade children, she can understand his reasons.
  • Cedric Stryder is her youngest brother, and, of her siblings, Cedric is the one that Teagan is the proudest of. She sees a lot of herself and her mother in him, and his work ethic and knightly nature sings a harmonious tune to her soul.
  • Minerva Griffith was her first and only apprentice, assigned to her in the fall of 2017 by the Lune, Teagan’s father, Luca. They had a rather strange relationship at first, what with being so opposite from one another. Eventually, she became someone that Teagan grew proud of. Teagan is very protective of Minerva, and often finds herself looking out for Minerva’s best interests. She highly trusts Minerva as well, and the Griffith is the only Cavalier that knew that Teagan aborted her first pregnancy.
  • Jace Wolfe is a veteran warrior that Teagan highly respects for her life experiences, battle knowledge, and overall wisdom. Having similar personalities, as well as Jace having been close to Teagan’s parents, made the older woman looked upon favorably in Teagan’s eyes.
  • Veri Secanti is someone Teagan knew since her youth. A woman renowned for her medical knowledge as well as fighting expertise, Teagan respects Veri and trusts her completely with her injuries. While she feels that Veri may have a soft heart, Teagan does not look down upon the Secanti for it.
  • Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii is the son of Jace, and an individual grew more open to through Mako. She thinks him to be a highly capable individual on the battlefield, and trusts his knowledge and experience with livestock and horses. She often trades jokes with him.

Other Relations

  • Darkness Hushhowl was a man that Teagan originally thought to be rather simple-minded and feral. His desire to better himself and be of use to both his family and his pack earned her Teagan’s respect, however. He eventually proved himself to be a worthy adversary in her eyes.
  • Nora Knight is her youngest sister and is a bit of a free spirit. While Teagan does not think highly of Nora’s failed First Blood, she has tried to be supportive of her sibling and accept that they simply have different views on priorities in life.
  • Temnota and Pushok Hushhowl are two brothers that Teagan felt a sort of pity for, as they lost their mother much like her own siblings had. Though she gets frustrated when they speak to her in Russian and Svinka, she finds them likeable enough. She protected Pushok from a bear attack that resulted in him shifting early.
  • Jazper Rhiannon-Knight was her great grandfather that Teagan idolized and strove to be like up until his death in the winter of 2016.
  • Callum Knight, Grynn Garcia-Knight, and Lorenzo Knight are/were Teagan’s relatives that she highly respects and loves.
  • Itō Miwa saved Teagan’s life after she received a fatal injury far away from home. While not the friendliest of medics, Teagan is grateful for what she did.
  • Sylvie Agnès was Teagan’s mentor during her youth and taught her many things. She highly respected her and thought of her to be a very inspiring woman after all that she had gone through in life.
  • Myra Garcia and Remus Knight are her younger siblings. Teagan acknowledges them, but is not overly affectionate with them. She will help them in a time of need, is supportive of them, and will protect them, however, her initial distance from them when they were young has created quite a rift that has persisted into their adult lives.
  • Skoll Haskel, also known as “Mister Hero” or “Jerk”, was an admirable Courtier that Teagan quietly idolized in her youth. He annoyed her and she is sure to let him know it. Though she won’t ever admit it, she believes herself in debt to him for saving her life from a cougar [3].
  • Bayani Grimm (Blue) was a Loner that was something of a pain in her side every time they crossed paths. In her younger days, he stirred feelings in Teagan that the tomboy was not willing to acknowledge. After he nearly killed Agrona, however, what little feelings Teagan did feel vanished.
  • Iorek was a simpleton and feral individual that reminded Teagan of a bear. He was someone driven by an innate, unchecked anger, leading to him accidentally attacked her [M] during a border skirmish. She tried her best to train with him to hone his fighting prowess into something that was not fueled by his rage, however, he was unable to let go of his past demons, which led to him eventually being exiled from the pack.

Minor Relations

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Education and Learning: Living in a pack that very much prides itself on its combat readiness, it is to no surprise that Teagan was taught from a very young age how to fight and defend herself. After the attack that caused her to shift early, Teagan poured herself into her training, and only continued to push her limits thereafter.
  • Swordsmanship (Master):
    Her preferred and primary form of fighting, Teagan has pretty much mastered her ability to fight with swords. Quick, ruthless, ever trying new things, and always practicing, Teagan is very knowledgeable in the field, and can handle her own in most fights. She has trained herself to be able to fight with her left hand as well, though, it is not as skilled as she is with her right.
  • Close-combat/Hand-to-hand (Master):
    Taught by her mother, Lyris, Teagan often puts what she knows into her other fighting techniques. When disarmed or forced into closer range without her sword, Teagan often returns to this style.
  • Knives (Journeyman):
    Having had knives been used against her multiple times, Teagan has trained with them in hopes of better familiarizing herself with the various techniques that they can be used with and to, therefore, be able to get the upper hand in a fight. Training with her sister, Indi, and, later, with Mako, has helped.
  • Shield (Apprentice):
    While having received basic training on using shields in her youth, it wasn’t until the Syndicate Revenge Conflict in the late summer of 2017 that Teagan decided to invest a better interest in them. She trains and learns from Mako.
  • Feral (Dabbler):
    The most basic of fighting styles, it was the first that Teagan took up before she took a greater interest in swords and hand-to-hand. Since then, her training sessions in it have taken a backseat to her main focus. She knows enough to get by, but is noticeably better in her Optime form-type techniques.
  • Archery (Dabbler):
    One of her original considerations before she took up the sword, Teagan’s mentor, Sylvie, and her mother, Lyris, both excelled in the field and taught Teagan the basics. Teagan knows enough to use a bow, but is by no means an expert shot. She has since practiced with Darkness to retain what she knows.


  • Education and Learning: Raised by a family that used horses in their everyday lives and by parents that were invested in the pack’s falcons, Teagan followed in their footsteps. She hand-raised her own falcon, and has worked with horses since she her youth. She works with both daily.
  • Falconry (Journeyman):
    Like her grandmother, Neela, Teagan took a liking to the pack’s falcons and eventually hand-raised her own from her grandmother’s female. Most of her training is self-taught, learned from her parents, or lessons passed on to her from visits with her grandmother in Halifax. She is very knowledgeable about the art due to this and her constant work with her own bird.
  • Equestrian (Journeyman):
    She took a liking to horses at a young age thanks to her initial introduction to them by her uncle, Callum. Teagan worked with the pack’s communal horses up until she got her own. She knows the basics about taking care of the horses and using them for various tasks.
    Teagan started training in mounted combat with her father, Luca in early fall 2017, and has kept up her training with the help of various packmates and friends.


  • Hunting, Tracking, Patrolling (Journeyman):
    Often traveling out into the wilderness beyond the pack’s borders, Teagan has learned to be quite efficient with these skills in order to not starve or walk into trouble. Since obtaining and training with her falcon, Agrona, her success rate has only doubled. Teagan is quite good at sneaking about and covering her tracks. She knows what a hunter will look for, and applies that to her actions and decision-making to remain as undetected as possible.
  • Reading and Writing (Journeyman):
    She was taught how to read and write from a young age, and has maintained this skillset though reading various medieval-themed books and from notating fighting styles and techniques
  • Foreign Language (Japanese) (Dabbler-Apprentice):
    Teagan knows a few words and phrases in Japanese in part to her close relationship with Mako.

4.  Residence

  • The Stone Home
    A one-story home made of white stone that has since become dirty over time, coated in moss, ivy vines, and dirt. A few strong cedar trees grow near it, as does a lonely apple tree on a less shaded side, and these allow for the home to feel a bit more secluded as a result. It has a front and a back porch with the doors being located roughly across from one another. Each room has one to two shuttered windows.
    From the front entrance, one walks into the living room that is decorated with a single couch, a Luperci-made coffee table, end table, and a high table that is pressed up against a wall. Various commissioned or prototype gear or weaponry in-progress may be found here. Connected to the living room is a small kitchen-dining area. A table that can fit four is located here, though, the kitchen itself is not often used for its intended purpose, and serves more as an additional storage area for supplies of food, materials, and gear.
    There are two bedrooms in the home, though, one has been used primarily as the main storage area for linens, furs, materials, gear, and additional weaponry. A book case with a few books taken or hand-copied from the pack’s library can be found in the smaller of the two rooms. Down a short hallway is the larger room that is Teagan’s. It has a single, queen-sized box spring that is covered in stretched leather, various furs, pine needles, and straw for added padding and stability. A closet along one wall houses her sparse choices of clothing, her armor, and her rank cloak. A weapon stand in the room proudly holds her sword, and a nightstand near the bed allows her to keep a few personal items (like a knife) easily within reach.
  • The War Lord Office
Used strictly as an office. Teagan's personal living space is her house in the Fort.
Clean, neat, and organized, everything has its place. The room has a large wooden desk with several bookshelves all pushed up directly against the wall behind it. There is a chair for the desk, two chairs that sit opposite of the desk, and a sofa lines the wall that has the room's window. A long, large table is pressed up against the opposite wall (the one that is shared with the outside hallway). On this same wall, there are various maps of the pack's territory as well as areas known beyond it and a rough estimation of the location of other packs. Several weapons racks can be found lined against the remaining wall space, and various weapons, shields, or armors can be found throughout the room in general.

Previous Residences:

  • The Courthouse Room
Weapons rack near the door; Two beds lined up against opposite walls; A few fur rugs placed on the floor to make the room feel less cold; Wooden dresser put between the beds, against the wall, and under the window; Indi's side is littered with shiny knickknacks; Teagan's side is very sparse save for a few medieval-themed novels
  • The Family Home
Luca and Lyris' House was a fixer-upper in-progress when Luca came into possession of it in January 2015. Inside is a rough wooden floor and white walls. The house consists of only one floor including: a large living room, small kitchen, small bathroom, master bedroom, and one additional bedroom with two twin-sized mattresses. (Floor Plan)

5.  NPCs




Can be Referenced...

Agrona (Peregrine Falcon)

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Peregrine Falcon
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2016
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Length: 19 in (48 cm)
    • Wingspan: 43 in (109 cm)
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs (56 oz; 1.59 kg)
  • Key Features: Steel-grey "hood" and "sideburns", barred underbelly
  • Coloration: Steel-grey with white, barred underbelly; dark brown eyes

Around Casa di Cavalieri:

  • Being used by Teagan for various tasks to include being used in tandem with Apollo
  • Knowing that she's Teagan's bird, and that she will only obey certain individuals (Teagan, Mako, Indi, Lyris, Luca)
  • Seeing Agrona…
    • …in the Bird Sanctuary with her mother, uncle, and brother
    • …around the pack territory, hunting, patrolling, or with Teagan


Skills & Abilities

  • Having been hand-raised since birth, she is capable of broken High-Speech
  • She has been used for scouting and patrolling purposes
  • Teagan has been working with her to hone her hunting capabilities to work in tandem with Luperci hunting
  • Agrona has been used for guarding and protecting Teagan's effects and person
  • On occasion, Agrona has also been used for carrying messages from one place to another

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Teagan, rewards/praise, chasing and hunting things, diving, head and neck scratches
  • Dislikes: Unknown Luperci, aggressive or physically enthusiastic individuals, being treated as a lesser creature by Luperci, losing, larger predatory birds


Highly intelligent and a quick learner, Agrona’s education excelled under the combined tutelage of Teagan, her father, and her mother. She grasped High Speech at a very young age, and bonded quite quickly to Teagan, making her highly protective and loyal to her handler later on. Agrona is a rather picky bird with her Luperci, and obeys only a small few while ignoring or disobeying all others. She is very perceptive and generally understands Luperci and their antics, and can often read them and accurately judge what an individual might do.
She is a very aggressive bird, and not above attacking a perceived threat to her person or to Teagan. She has been known to protect Teagan and her belongings, and has even gone so far as to protect other Cavaliers.


Agrona is one of three chicks born from Teagan’s grandmother’s falcon, Marahute, and a non-related male in the spring of 2016. Marahute had built her nest on Oyvind (Esther) Island, and when the female falcon failed to return to Casa di Cavalieri in the aftermath of the fall of the red star [4], Teagan became worried. With the help of Teagan’s father, Luca, the two set off to the bird sanctuary with the intention of finding Marahute. When they discovered three chicks, they rehoused the baby birds back in Fort Kingsbury to ensure their safety as well as to hand-raise them.
Teagan took a liking to Agrona and named her, and her parents, Luca and Lyris, allowed Teagan to keep the falcon to raise as her own companion. Teagan's father kept Agrona's brother, Murdock, and the other sibling was given to another pack as part of a trade agreement. Agrona developed a very close bond with the Stryder child, and her training began from an early age with the help of Teagan's parents to guide her. She learned High-Speech, and has very little fear of horses due to living near them and having been used around them for all of her life. She shows exceptional skill and potential to live up to her mother and grandmother's legacy.
When Teagan came of age, she and her sister, Indi set out on a journey to sight-see the Nova Scotia area and the packs within it. Agrona was a valuable asset during this trek, often used to keep the siblings on track, find resources or landmarks, as well as for hunting. Her greatest use, however, was seen when Teagan became severely injured, and the siblings were forced to ask for aide from Sapient. Agrona was tasked with flying a message back to Casa di Cavalieri, and later returned with their reply for the Sapient's compensation for using their time and resources on a non-allied pack member.
Since such time, Teagan has worked to hone Agrona's abilities, further strengthening their bond to one another. During Teagan's recovery, Agrona was a source of comfort and way to take the falconer's mind off of her once life-threatening injuries. It was during this time that Agrona developed a loyalty and need to protect her partner, and, to an extension, Teagan's possessions. She has gone so far as to attack Luperci caught trying to steal from Teagan. In her time since, Agrona has excelled in her bond and usefulness to Teagan.

Apollo (Percheron Horse)

  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Percheron
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (Spring 2012)
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 18 hands (73 in; 185 cm)
    • Weight: 1,900 lbs (860 kg)
  • Key Features: Feathering
  • Coloration: Brown dapple with a dirty-blonde mane/tail that fads to brown; dark brown eyes

Around Casa di Cavalieri:

  • Being used by Teagan for various tasks to include being used in tandem with Agrona
  • Watching your Cavalier with interest when they pass his stall
  • Knowing that…
    • …Apollo will attack animals he perceives as a threat to him, Teagan, or an ally, be they a lesser animal or a Luperci
    • …though his is typically a rather calm individual, he will actively fight and defend himself if challenged by another horse, particularly if it’s another male horse
    • …Apollo has received training as a Warhorse


Apollo is very handsome for a stallion, being well-muscled and athletic in build. He does not sport the stockier look many draft-type horses have, and has a relatively smooth coat with only light feathering near his hooves. His mane is kept naturally long, though his tail may be tied up if working with equipment or cart-pulling. When used for riding, he is equipped with a western-style saddle.

Skills & Abilities

  • Thanks to Apollo's previous owner, he is rider-trained
  • Teagan has begun trying to get him accustomed to cart-training and being used for labor purposes due to his strength, temperament, and size
  • Apollo is very surefooted, making him ideal for cross-country treks over various terrain
  • Having been used as a primary mode of travel by his previous owner, Apollo also excels greatly in endurance

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Teagan, Mako and Whiskey, apples, working, patrolling, playing, running
  • Dislikes: Aggressive stallions/geldings, being confined for long periods of time, big wildcats (will attack), being ignored


Upon first meeting, one might think Apollo to be a gelding with his calmer personality. He is a generally curious and playful soul, and may often be compared to a horse of younger age than what he is. Amiable and polite, Apollo often wins the affections of Luperci and horse alike. He is quite intelligent, and may become bored if confined for any great length of time. This often requires him to be exercised or worked multiple times a day, or left out to pasture. He has a strong willingness to work, and may even become overly eager to do a task that is asked of him.
Despite all of his calmer tendencies, Apollo is still very much a stallion. He is noticeably brave when confronted with a threat or something new, and can become quite aggressive with other male horses that challenge or try to dominate him. He has been known to attack and actively go after large, wild cats, and has defended Teagan against threatening Luperci. Around mares, he is surprisingly gentlemanly, and shows signs that he either has a low libido or low testosterone.


Apollo’s life before being obtained by Teagan is largely unknown. It is suspected that he was used mostly for travel by his previous owner due to his temperament and skill as a trail horse. He was used to the road and comfortable with being tacked.
When Teagan was severely injured [M] while out in the Frost Reaches, Apollo was one of the two horses she and Indi stole in order to escape the bloody crime scene of their fight. Upon them, the sisters managed to make it Sapient, where Teagan received medical aide. Afterwards, Teagan decided to keep Apollo, having grown fond of him and his easy temperament. She has since worked on trying to get him cart-trained and has entertained the idea of using him as a warhorse.

Kenyon (Gypsy Vanner Horse)

  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Gypsy Vanner
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (2010)
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 16 hands (64 in; 163 cm)
    • Weight: 1,700 lbs (771 kg)
  • Key Features: Heavy feathering on feet
  • Coloration: Black and white tobiano-patterned with a dark mane; dark brown eyes

Around Casa di Cavalieri:

  • Seeing him in his stall or around the territory with Teagan
  • Knowing that…
    • …Kenyon was previously owned by Lyris Stryder before Teagan inherited him in the aftermath of her death
    • …he can and will challenge an unexperienced rider or stablehand
    • …he has a mind of his own, and will test limits and boundaries
    • …he is aggressive and distrustful of strangers
    • …Kenyon has received training as a Warhorse



Skills & Abilities

  • Rider-trained, warhorse in training

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: TBA
  • Dislikes: TBA


Free-spirited, arrogant, confident, loved to run with Lyris saddled and bareback. In tune to her every command, a very loyal companion. Aggressive/distrustful of strangers.


Originally Sangi'lak pack horse, inherited by Lyris after the pack’s disbandment.
Owned by Teagan’s mother, Lyris. Ownership was passed to Teagan when Lyris passed away in childbirth in November 2017.

Abelie (Grade Horse)

  • Gender: Mare
  • Species: Grade Horse (Gypsy Vanner x Unknown)
  • Date of Birth: July 2016
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Weight: 1,250 lbs (567 kg)
  • Key Features: Markings, two-toned mane
  • Coloration: Chestnut tobiano with dark brown eyes

Around Casa di Cavalieri:

  • Seeing her in her stall or around the territory with Teagan
  • Knowing that…
    • …Abelie was previously owned by Lyris Stryder before Teagan inherited her in the aftermath of her death
    • …she can be a stubborn mare and has a mind of her own, and takes patience to work with sometimes as a result
    • …she is distrustful of strangers, and may act aggressively
    • …Abelie has received training as a Warhorse



Skills & Abilities

  • Currently trained to be a warhorse

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: TBA
  • Dislikes: TBA


Abelie has inherited her father's free spirit and occassional arrogance. She will grow to be a confident mare with fine potential as a war-horse and rider


Foaled by Sylvie AgnèsNevada, sired by Lyris Stryder’s Kenyon
Originally owned by Teagan’s mother, Lyris. Ownership was passed to Teagan when Lyris passed away in childbirth in November 2017.

6.  History






Year 2015

  • August: Born.
  • October: Moved out of the birthing den, and into the family’s house. Learned about many new interests, and discovered her fondness for adventure, swords, and horses
  • November: Father was promoted to co-leader, making Teagan a princess
  • December: Attended her first Mateship ceremony

Year 2016

  • January: Graduated from Poco to Lotta; obtained her mentor (Sylvie Agnès); learned some more likes and interests of hers and met more of her fellow packmates; had her first shift after a frightful encounter with a trespassing loner
  • February: TBA

Year 2017

  • January: TBA

Year 2018

  • January: TBA




  1. yNPC And every heart in the room will melt (10 Aug)
    Fort Kingsbury (Gardens), with Lyris Stryder, Luca Knight, yNPC Indi Knight.
    Teagan and her sister, Indi, are born!
  2. yNPC The time will come (17 Aug)
    Fort Kingsbury (Courthouse), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Lyris takes her oath into the Brotherhood, and Luca brings along Indi and Teagan for their first appearance to the pack.
  3. yNPC We are one (16 Sep)
    Fort Kingsbury (Gardens), with Lyris Stryder, Luca Knight, yNPC Indi Knight, Casa di Cavalieri.
    Teagan and Indi are officially introduced to the pack.
  4. yNPC Find faith in the battle (08 Sep)
    Fort Kingsbury (Gardens), with Lyris Stryder, Callum Knight, yNPC Indi Knight.
    The sisters are introduced to their uncle, Callum.
  5. yNPC Feral Sisters (12 Sep)
    Fort Kingsbury (Gardens), with Lyris Stryder, Veyra Damaichu, yNPC Indi Knight.
    Veyra pays a visit to an old friend, and Indi and Teagan meet Callum’s mate, their aunt.


  1. Goin’ Home (28 Oct) (Unfinished)
    Fort Kingsbury (Family Home), with Luca Knight, Lyris Stryder, Indi Knight.
    The family finally leaves the birthing den, and Indi and Teagan are introduced to their parents’ home.
  2. Prepare for trouble, make it double (29 Oct) (Unfinished)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Indi Knight.
    The sisters go on their first real adventure…alone.
  3. I’m not known for my pleasantries (30 Oct) (Unfinished)
    Fort Kingsbury (Stables), with Callum Knight.
    Having wandered down to the stables, Callum keeps Teagan out of trouble while also introducing her to horses for the first time.


  1. Raise a Glass (1 Nov)
    Fort Kingsbury (Great Hall), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Luca is promoted to be one of the co-leaders of the pack, and Teagan and her sister become princesses.
  2. I follow your stride and hope to keep up (02 Nov)
    Fort Kingsbury (Stables), with Lyris Stryder.
    Lyris takes Teagan to the stables to introduce her to an old friend.
  3. Sharper than any tooth or claw (05 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Fort Kingsbury (Armory), with Tristan Callow-Knight.
    Teagan stumbles down into the armory, and Tristan finds her and answers her questions about it.
  4. A song of clamoring metal (07 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Fort Kingsbury (Blacksmith shop), with Grynn Garcia-Knight.
    Teagan finds her aunt’s shop, and Grynn shows her what she’s made.


  1. Come Together (01 Dec)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Weeping Lake), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Teagan attends her first Mateship ceremony, between her great uncle Lorenzo Knight and Sylvie Agnès.
  2. Even unable, I’ll still try (11 Dec)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Sylvie Agnès.
    Having heard of Sylvie’s skills with a bow and arrow, Teagan seeks her out to find out more about the art.
  3. Don't make me be the rain on your parade (16 Dec)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Sea of Grass), with Kira Raine.
    Teagan is out adventuring the plains when she is found by Kira.



  1. Teach Your Children Well (01 Jan)
    Fort Kingsbury (Great Hall), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    The litters of the previous year are brought together in ceremony to receive their mentors.
  2. Try as I might, it just doesn't make sense (05 Jan) (Dropped)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Steam Bathes), with Luca Knight.
    Questions that have bothered Teagan’s mind come to the forefront as she and her father discuss her future.
  3. Throw caution to the wind (12 Jan) (Dropped)
    Casa di Cavalieri border, with Ceridwen.
    Teagan accidentally wanders to the borders and meets a loner.
  4. RO Spare me your pitied looks and feelings of doubt (21 Jan)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Silent Meadow), with pNPC Jonas Coblentz and pNPC Isaac Coblentz.
    On another adventure, Teagan mistakenly makes her way to the pack’s cemetery where she finds a loner and shifts for the first time.
  5. One story ends, only for another to begin (31 Jan) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri border, with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Tristan decides to leave the pack, and Teagan goes to say goodbye.


  1. Fast food (04 Feb) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Callum Knight, Indi Knight.
    Teagan and Indi’s uncle gives them a lesson on hunting, meanwhile, the sisters are at odds with one another.
  2. Birds of a Feather (10 Feb) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Stables), with Luca Knight.
    Luca introduces Teagan to the pack’s falcons and spurs her interest in falconry.
  3. Race Along the Morning Light (10 Feb)
    Berwick and Wolfville, with Nadia Ancientfire.
    Nadia takes Teagan along for a scouting expedition and to introduce the Lotta to the world outside the pack’s territory.
  4. Tunnel Vision (13 Feb)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Indi Knight.
    The sisters finally talk to one another about why they’ve been fighting, and Teagan helps try to make Indi shift.
  5. Lesson Number One (19 Feb)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Skoll Haskel.
    Teagan almost becomes prey to a cougar before she is heroically saved by a golden hero…only to have the encounter soured by their clashing personalities.
  6. Just for a while (29 Feb) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Kitchens), with Lorenzo Knight.
    Wanting a snack before bedtime, Teagan steals off to the kitchens, only to run in to her ill, great uncle, Lorenzo.
  7. Where the streets are empty, that's where we run (12 Feb)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Stables), with Lyris Stryder.
    Lyris gives Teagan her first riding lesson.

MARCH 2016

  1. A Close Encounter (03 Mar) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Windsor), with Indi Knight.
    Teagan follows her sister’s scent to the abandoned human town of Windsor, and the two fight it out against a mannequin.
  2. Class is in Session (05 Mar)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Sylvie Agnès.
    Another training session for pupil and mentor in which Teagan learns how to properly use a bow and arrow.
  3. When the devil's on your back (27 Mar)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Marius Damaichu.
    As part of a challenge from her mentor, Teagan sets off hunting. She finds her cousin, Marius, and seeks his expertise and skills to land her a worthy prize to bring back to her teacher.
  4. Metamorphosis (28 Mar)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury; family home), with Indi Knight.
    Indi finally shifts, and she decides to surprise a sleeping Teagan.

APRIL 2016

  1. When you wish upon a star (01 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Indi Knight.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Teagan and Indi sneak off after bedtime to look at the stars, only to have disaster strikes as one falls to the earth.
  2. Calling Out in the Night (01 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Indi Knight, Luca Knight, Lyris Stryder.
    Fall of The Red Star
    The family finds each other after the initial earthquakes and air blast of the meteor strike.
  3. If This Should End In Fire (01 Apr)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Fall of The Red Star
    The pack is gathered to assess the damage, only to have the fort hit by a tsunami wave. Before a second wave hits, Luca instructs the pack to perform various tasks.
  4. Lead us on to Neverland (01 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Indi and Teagan help Morty gather the pack’s youth.
  5. Then We Should All Burn Together (01 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Alistair rallies the pack after the second wave, deems the fort unable to safely support the pack, and leads them to a safer location.
  6. NPC Misty mountains sing and beckon (16 Apr) (Unfinished)
    Ethereal Eclipse (Mine of Oathes), with Skana Creo, Veri Secanti, NPC Damon, yNPCs Asura Creo, Saleos Creo.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Midnight Shores arrives in Casa di Cavalieri’s temporary camp, and Teagan sees the medics for an injury.
  7. I wanna be like you (20 Apr)
    Ethereal Eclipse (Mine of Oathes), with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
    With Midnight Shores’ arrival, Teagan hears that her great-grandfather came with them, and goes to see him.

MAY 2016

  1. To find what is Lost (05 May)
    Whisper Beach (Oyvind/Esther Island), with Luca Knight.
    When the pack’s female falcon, Marahute, fails to return after the fall of the star, Teagan enlists her father’s help in finding the missing bird. The search results in Teagan obtaining her own a baby falcon.
  2. Happily ever under, gone for days (18 May)
    Dampwoods, with Skoll Haskel.
    While out practicing her skills, Teagan finds a familiar hero.
  3. Crisis of Self (19 May)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Indi Knight.
    Hearing about her sister’s recent scare, Teagan tries to help Indi by testing her fighting skills.
  4. I'm a princess cut from marble (20 May)
    The Sugarwoods, with Lyris Stryder.
    In the aftermath of Indi being attacked, Lyris calls Teagan in for a training session.
  5. The choice is yours (22 May)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Grynn Garcia-Knight.
    Teagan seeks out her aunt to learn a little about each type of weapon and how to they work, but has a secret agenda to try and find out and idea of a weapon might be best for her sister, Indi.

JUNE 2016

  1. Your hands may blister, your muscles stay sore (04 Jun)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Linden Aatte.
    Teagan decides to do some training to keep her out of the way during the Diplomacy Summit, but winds up getting an impromptu sword lesson from a Courtier
  2. [M] Work hard, play hard (04 Jun)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Weeping Lake), with Indi Knight.
    Indi brings back alcohol and pressures Teagan into sharing the bottle with her; they gossip about boys.
  3. You teach me and I'll teach you (05 Jun)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Marsali Amarok.
    Teagan teaches Marsali how to use a sword, and Marsali gives Teagan pointers about feral fighting.
  4. We say nothing more than we need (08 Jun)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Borders), with Rio Marino.
    Teagan gets some sword practice in with a member of the Court.
  5. Let's go back to the basics (11 Jun)
    Casa di Cavalieri (Fort Kingsbury), with Nadia Ancientfire.
    Wanting to improve her feral fighting skills, Teagan seeks out Nadia.
  6. Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream (19 Jun)
    Dampwoods, with Bayani Grimm.
    Bored and in need of adventure, Teagan sneaks out and runs into a handsome Loner.

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