Ceridwen is a loner.


Wavy chestnut hair awkwardly hangs over Ceridwen's face. Bright golden eyes watch thoughtfully, partially concealed by short choppy bangs that she trims herself. There is a scar reaching from just under the right eyebrow at the corner of her eyes, running half way down her cheek. It is a thin and faint scar of a pinkish silver hue. Her fur is various shades of browns, her under belly, and chest are a dark cream color. Her muzzle is partially dark brown or black, depending on what light you view it in. Her ears are black, and she has a black cape on her back.

She is on the shorter end of the scale, standing five foot and four inches tall when shifted, and weighing 130 pounds. While she seems as if she were malnourished, she is simply small compared to most canines. This may be due to the mixing of different heritages. Ceridwen is 60% wolf, 20% coyote, and 20% german shepherd. Her height is the most obvious indicator of her coyote heritage, while most of her coloring comes from her german shepherd blood.

She does not have any tattoos, nor does she wear clothing, though she does have an eyebrow piercing in her left eyebrow a former lover gave to her.


Ceridwen is commonly level headed and in control of her emotions. She is very curious, which has given her a sort of wanderlust. She is generally optimistic, and doesn't understand why some wolves don't see the bright side of things. In fact, one of her favorite things to do with the pack she grew up in was to play a game. They would name something they were upset or annoyed about, and she would name something that gave it a positive outlook. She is not naive, however. She knows that life is not all rainbows and sunshine, and she understands that life can be cruel.

She is not generally a romantic person, nor does she care for romantic gestures. She is looking for adventure before she settles down, and she wants to hold off on the settling down part. She isn't generally flirty, nor does she care for the flirty sort of people. She can be blunt, sometimes to the point of seeming rude or arrogant.

When she cares about someone or something she is fiercely loyal and protective. Being protective is a major characteristic of her personality, in fact. And should she find herself in a pack setting again, she will find that she is devoted to them and a hard worker.

She has one major personality flaw... she is afraid of snakes and spiders.


Ceridwen was born and raised in a small tight-knit pack of luperci who lived in a small village somewhere in North America, where she was simply one of multiple pups. She wasn't anything or anyone special, nor were her parent or siblings. Nothing tragic happened to her in her youth, no terrible losses or major catastrophes. In fact, there was only one truely damaging thing that happened to her in her youth. One day she was exploring with one of her brothers, and he and she got into a minor fight, as pups do. As luck would have it, he snapped at her, giving her a small cut on her face. Her mother made more of a fuss over it than she did, truthfully. That's the whole story behind her scar, a simple childhood accident.

Even her first love, the one who pierced her eyebrow, was a simple tale of two lovers who ran away from home to travel. They wandered far from home. finding themselves in a land that was suddenly full of Luperci like themselves. He decided he was done with traveling. She was curious about the new lands. He returned home, and she continued to explore, finding herself in new and exciting territory, and not ready to give up the adventure just yet.

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