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17 August 2019 – Present

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  1.   1.  Culture
    1.   1.1  Laws
    2.   1.2  Customs
    3.   1.3  Traditions

New Caledonia claims a small portion of the Cape Acadia with many of its members dwelling in the remains of the grand Fort Louisbourg. To the southeast sits the Sugarloaf Resort with its towering ski lifts and great lodge and east from there the Northumberland Strait flows out to the sea. By declaration of the High King, New Caledonia is willing to accept luperci of any and all backgrounds. Non-luperci will either be turned away, or turned.

Caledonians themselves are a varied lot, as in this new kingdom not all hail from the fallen Caledonia. Indeed, New Caledonia seems to be a fresh start for more than a few disparate groups seeking to clear their slates. The hierarchy itself is structured similarly to the medieval societies of old where kings ruled over a collection of nobles and those nobles in turn tended to their flock of the middling merchants and craftspeople of varying skills as well the peasants at the bottom.

New Caledonia's focus is the gaining of Honor and esteem through noble title and names of renown earned through activity, participation, and Grand Quests. Politicking is common and even encouraged for as they say: flattery will get you everywhere. Where in a traditional feudal society emphasis would be placed upon one's birth and blood rather than one's merit New Caledonia flips this notion on its head, as merit and hard-work go a long way to earning one's place among the nobility.

As such New Caledonia was built with experienced roleplayers in mind. And owing to its feudal and folk inspired culture it should be noted that IC actions could incur IC consequences if one does not tread carefully. For the pack itself harbors a dark secret: a gaping chasm and seedy underbelly reserved for dissenters and criminals most foul.

1.  Culture

1.1  Laws

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1.2  Customs

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1.3  Traditions

  • Caledonian traditions are steeped in the history of the original four clans: Taur, Lorn, Aegas, and Menel. Each possessed their own strengths and weaknesses, placing importance on different values. And each saw their world in a different light. While New Caledonia stands as a nation of its own, these practices and beliefs have carried forward. Read more about them here!
  • Each of the four clans had their own gods and ritual practices. Click here to lean more!
  • As New Caledonia grows, new-comers have added their own beliefs and cultures to the already rich society. Noteable among them are the good few Shoalsters who have come to call the pack home. These kind, passionate souls have brought with them their love of trade and exploration and enriched the society with their maritime culture.

Pack Relationships

Outsider Relations

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.



Active Packs

  • New Caledonia and Mistfell Vale haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.
    • Iomair has had an interaction with Zuri.
    • Athras met with Sedona and her brother Phoenix to discuss the rights and use of the abandoned ferry on Prince Edward Island, the former home of Midnight Shores.
  • New Caledonia and Casa Di Cavalieri haven't had much interaction and remain neutral at this time.
    • In October 2019 Athras and a small party consisting of: Percival, Fennore, and Inara attend CdC's Diplomacy Summit and Ball, escorted and attended by Veri and Cedric.
    • in Late Fall Teagan Stryder and her family join New Caledonia, leaving CdC behind.

Defunct Packs

Active Bands

  • New Caledonia and The Troupe have had minimal interaction and remain neutral at this time.

Defunct Bands

  • New Caledonia and The Order haven't had any official interaction and remain neutral at this time.

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