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ColorsOff-white (#F8F8FF) & Coal (#080808)
Founded ByNaniko D'Angelo, Azalea
Founded OnDecember 7, 2010
Disbanded OnMarch 1, 2018


ScentRust, Musk, Earth, Salt, Dirt
ArchetypeOutcasts, Criminals, Delinquents, Misfits, Thieves, Spies, Addicts
ThemeHurricanes & Butterflies by Muse

Final Leadership

AngelaEvangeline Lykoi
AtheedLukos Greyfire
MalphasNyx Greyfire

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Anathema, a self-titled safe haven for misfits, is located in the Sticks and Stones and Seabreeze Brink territories. Anathema's lands lay claim to Dawn's Breath, the Howling Caverns, Musquodoboit Valley, Phosphagos Foothills?, and many smaller territories in between. Anathema welcomes all joiners, including criminals, assassins, rapists, and everything in between. Anathema is Luperci-dominated due to their joining ritual, the Rite of Agares, which involves a cut on the palm and sharing blood. Because the Luperci virus can be transferred through blood, all joiners are infected upon acceptance.

Anathema once relied on Wicca as a big part of its culture, but has since relaxed and focused more on events and holidays that have been a tradition within their borders for years. Anathema celebrates events like the Coming of Age Rast and Mateship Ceremonies, but is often open to adapting to its member's cultures and believes upon request.

Anathema's hierarchy consists of ranks that cover varying jobs from labor to intelligence. Respect and family are two prominent values within the pack and all members are expected to give proper respect to members and leadership alike, as well as care for one another as one would to family.


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1.  Culture

For a more detailed description, see Culture.

Anathema provides a safe haven for those who don't belong or can't go anywhere else. Where many members are murderers or downright evil, crazy beings, there is a common bond between the dark members of Anathema. Many members come from histories that most places would turn away. Some come to Anathema because of family ties or the fact that the pack has such interesting views on life. Built from the ground up, the group of misfits consider themselves family above all else. Despite all the different personalities within Anatheman, many members would rather pick a fight or play tricks on other packs than play nice. Due to this, Anathema has a bit of a bad reputation with other packs, notably with AniWaya, Casa di Cavalieri, and Cercatori d'Arte.

During Anathema's lifespan, there have been many changes within the pack mostly enacted by the drastic shift in leadership. Voodoo was once the main culture of the pack, but since Naniko's departure, there are no ties that link the pack to voodoo and it has been replaced by Wicca. However, members are still allowed to practice Voodoo, but little to none do so. Anathema has shifted to a mixture of Pagan rituals and black magick. Panda Behr, the pack's Malpas, brings good vibes and rituals to the pack. However, there is an underlying dark presence in Anathema. These dark feelings are felt through the dark magick rituals that its members perform.

1.1  Joining

Rite of Agares: This is the process of accepting a new member into Anathema. This is done by a leader of the pack to any canine that wishes to join. A cut is made on the paw of the joiner as well as the leader, and their wounds are joined letting their blood be shared. The idea of this is to bond the individual to the rest of the pack, thus making them family. For Anathema, strong family bonds are important and these are shown through the Rite of Agares for members that have no blood ties to the pack. Former members are always welcome back into the fold as long as the reason they left was not due to banishment or breaking any major rules.

  • This also ensures that all joiners are Luperci capable of shifting, since the virus is transferred via blood.

1.2  Mateship

In Anathema, when two (or more) Luperci come together to join for the rest of their lives, they are given a ceremony by the leadership and given gifts by the rest of the pack. The main purposes of the ceremony are to make the Gods and Goddesses notice the pair through animal sacrifice and to show respect so that they will award the newly mated pair a lifetime of fortune and fertility. The pair will join the ceremony by walking into the ceremonial clearing called Maxia Negra. They will walk over embers and coals to reach their leader in the center. A lamb is sacrificed, and the leader uses his/her thumb to smear blood across each Luperci’s forehead. The pair will then be given amulets and ankhs to ward off danger and encourage long life and fertility and may receive gifts from pack members and well-wishers.

Same-sex and polygamous mateships and relationships are welcomed within Anathema. It is common for canines of this pack to be polyamorous and hold feelings for many individuals at one time. Canines may also participate in sexual activities with many different canines at the same time or with many different partners separately. While polygamous mateships may be uncommon, the pack generally approves of the idea of "free love".

1.3  Coming of Age (Rast)

Before receiving their adult rank, a Befana will be approached by an adult in the pack. The pup will be told that on the night before their 7th month of life, they must go on a special hunt. They must catch an animal and sacrifice it to the Gods. The pup is not permitted to eat any of the animal that they catch or taste its blood. The next day they must fast, and will spend the day fashioning something out of the bones of the creature that they sacrificed. This item can be anything that can be worn or carried; a bracelet, necklace, talisman, gris-gris, charm, etc.

That night, there will be a ceremony for the pup called "Rast". The pup will wear what they created with the animal's bones. Each animal that can be caught has a different meaning, and at the ceremony that meaning will be explained to the pup, their parents, and the pack. For example, a pup who catches a squirrel will be considered a swift hunter and will be respected in that area. After the meaning is explained, the pack feasts and celebrates the pup's journey to adulthood and promotion into their rank tier of choice.

1.4  Subterritories

Click each one to see their subterritories!

Howling Caverns

Musquodoboit Valley

Dawn's Breath

Phosphagos Foothills?

2.  Pack NPCs

These are Anathema's pack NPCs, available for any member to use in threads and plots. If you'd like to know more, please check out their individual pages! Also, as you may realize, most of these characters are listed below as adoptables!

If you use one of them in a thread, please add the thread link to the bottom of their Wiki profile!

  • Gideon
    • Samax (Guard)
    • Extra needed muscle for various tasks
  • Leticia Aniama (ADOPTABLE)
    • Prophetes (Fortune Teller)
    • Tailor & Jewelry-maker
  • Lyserg Benoît (ADOPTABLE)
    • Medic (stitch wounds, set bones, deter infections, etc.)
    • Poisoner & Closet Homosexual
  • Yindi (ADOPTABLE)
    • Scarification & Livestock
    • Reading & Writing
  • Innya (ADOPTABLE)
    • Witch (Black Magick)
    • Performs hexes, curses and Satanic rituals

3.  Adoptable Characters

Below is a list of both Pack NPC and player-owned adoptables that are available to pick up if you are interested! With these characters, you are able to skip the whole joining thread and jump right into the game!

  • Some of these characters have a rank within the pack and some can be a fresh start! As long as it isn't stated on their wiki, adopters are free to change their pack direction as they see fit. (ex. If Bear is currently ranked as a Seere, but you want him to be a Tuyul instead - that's ok!).
  • Picking up an adoptable here can help you find a place within the pack immediately and start roleplaying, collecting game points, bettering relationships, working on your rank, etc.
  • We'd love it if you helped us promote our Adoptables!
  • Have an adoptable and want it on the Wiki? PM a leader and let us know!
    • Please note that all adoptables listed below must either be intended for Anathema, Anathema-preferred or have plots within Anathema! If you have further questions regarding this, ask us!
  • Interested in one of these adoptables? PM Anathema Leadership for further instructions!

3.1  Current Adoptables

Leticia Aniama
Tailor, crafter, part-time evil genius, and Prophetes (Fortune Teller)

Aboriginal priestess mute, skilled in scarification & animals

Pack witch, skilled in black magick and Satanic rituals

Kino Amarok
Daughter of Amorette & Kohaku, Haku's sister

Lyserg Benoît
Medic, Toxicologist and Closet Homosexual

Haku Amarok
Son of Amorette & Kohaku, Kino's brother

War Lykoi
Synopsis of your character here

Malefica Vedmaova
Pack Witch, specializing in black magick

Mortifera Vedmaova
Pack Witch, specializing in black magick

Former member of Malus' gang and former slave

Former member of Malus's gang and former slave

Adrian Raven-Shadowryn
Half sister of Avinalora, a former assassin and excellent seamstress

Your Character??
Synopsis of your character here

4.  Pack Relationships

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

Northern Packs


Anathema hasn't had any recent interaction with this pack, so relations are assumed to be good.

  • May 2011: Many of Salsola's founding members were once from Anathema. Despite having left to form the pack secretly, Anathema harbor no hard feelings and many members have family and friends within Salsola.
  • December 2012: Axelle brings Salsola gifts on behalf of Anathema.


The established alliance has been broken and Vinátta no longer holds Anathema in its good graces.

  • July 2012: Grace D'Angelo left Anathema to join Vinátta, asking Saul Stormbringer to promise no harm comes to her previous pack. [1] Grace then takes Lilin to meet with then-leader Alaki to discuss an alliance. [2]
  • October 2012: Successor Aeron Ganesa brings gifts to leaders Saul, Lilin, and Colibri in hopes of cementing their alliance. The talks go well, establishing the ground rules. [3]
  • October 2015: Hearing of New Dawn's suspicious and violent disbandment, as well as Anathema's possible involvement, Vinatta cuts off all ties with Anathema. Members are tense in the presence of the Misfits, at best.


Following New Dawn's disbandment, Krokar has barred trade and contact with Anathema.


Anathema has had little interaction with this pack, so they are assumed to be in neutral standing.

  • Nada!

Southern Packs


In lieu of New Dawn's disbandment, Anathema and Inferni's friendship has soured, resulting in passive-aggressive (more aggressive) behavior between the packs.

  • December 2010: Inferni and Anathema experienced some tension when Izaak accidentally trespassed onto Anatheman territory.[6] This incident cost him his life and resulted in bad blood between the two groups.
  • Late 2012: Aeron Ganesa requests stud service from a high-ranking Infernian, so that she and her same-sex mate may have puppies. She and Charm Sawtooth raise the children of Helotes Lykoi.
  • October 2015: Vesper attacks Lelouch Amarok on sight[7].

Cour des Miracles

Anathema has had little interaction with this pack, so they are assumed to be in neutral standing.

  • Nada!

Casa di Cavalieri

Anathemans are warned to avoid Casa di Cavalieri and its members at all costs. They are declared enemies.

  • March 2013: Casa members march on Anathema to free the slaves.[8]
  • March 2014: Kentaro Lykoi meets with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight, bringing gifts and introducing himself.
  • June 2014: Kentaro Lykoi & Mido meets again with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight at the Leaders' Ball. Pack relations have since been neutral.
  • October 2015: Casa di Cavalieri sends out scouts to alert all other packs of Anathema's attack on New Dawn, souring relationships between Anathema and their previous friends and allies. In response to the attack, several warriors from Casa di Cavalieri head to Anathema to confront them.

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