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Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Rules/Procedures
    1.   2.1  Update, Please!
  3.   3.  Owned Animals
    1.   3.1  Horses / Riding Animals
  4.   4.  Communal
    1.   4.1  Horses
    2.   4.2  Other
  5.   5.  Owned Animals
    1.   5.1  Horses
    2.   5.2  Livestock
    3.   5.3  Cats
    4.   5.4  Birds

1.  Description

The Rhovanion is a clearing that has been dedicated to livestock and horses. The Rhovanion was once a section of farmland that connected to the City Square, and is surrounded by a stone wall that acts as a barrier against the elements and the harsh wind that can sometimes roll in off the sea. At founding, New Caledonia had no proper stable to protect the animals, so members allowed their companion animals to wander at their own risk. The Rhovanion has ample grazing and room for the animals to roam safely, though some patches of fence lay in disrepair.

Amidst the early 2019 winter season, Merlin Knight, aided by Thyri Dawnbringer, Teagan Stryder, Makoto Ridley, and Genkei Stryder, cut down trees to craft lean-tos for the pack's accumulated horses to act as temporary shelters. These lean-tos can help cut the wind and keep off most of the rain and snow, however, they are far inferior in protection from the elements than an actual building or proper stable.

In June 2020 Toraberā Tanaka and Kadir Ahearne proposed the start of an official Stable Project, and so by August the Rhovanion will be outfitted with a proper Stable for its animals.

The completed stable will be largely made of timber, with flooring made of mixed clay and other soils to be easy on the horses' legs (with scavenged bedding such as moss and straw). It will consist of ten stalls -- two of which will be slightly larger to allow for mares with foals to rest comfortably. Ample aisle space will allow more animals to be taken into the barn in case of an emergency.

Communal horses that require it (e.g., stallions, sick animals) will have priority on stall space, at least until expansions (such as nearby stable blocks) are made -- as horses should roam and graze most of the time! Proper corrals, improvements to the pre-existing lean-tos, and smaller sheds erected for animals like sheep will ensure that our livestock stay safe and cozy.

2.  Rules/Procedures

2.1  Update, Please!

  1. Remember, it is up to you to either add or let us know if you need an animal added to these pages. You can request the leadership do this is you provide information in our maintenence thread.
  2. Please keep the total word count of your description below 150 words. If you need more space, use an NPC Template or your personal Wiki page. This page is only meant to be a brief catalog of your companion animal. o:
  3. If your character leaves New Caledonia, their animals will be removed from this list. Make sure to keep your own copy of the information you put here, in case it is thus removed.

3.  Owned Animals

  1. These animals belong to a particular character; they are non-canine cNPCs (companion NPCs) of their Caledonian owners. Don't powerplay: ask the player before directly controlling or referencing their NPC.

3.1  Horses / Riding Animals

  1. These horses live in various places and are not sorted by their usual residence or location.
  2. You do not need to fill in the About section if you have information available elsewhere about your animals on the Wiki. Just link to that instead; it's easier to update in the long run.
  3. Horses are listed by owner's rank + alphabetical order!

4.  Communal

  • These communal animals may be used for any purposes. (Note each animal's tag and adhere to it.)
  • Note that trading, killing, injuring, etc. these animals is not barred: however, IC consequences may occur if permission is not sought from the leadership.

Large Hoofed Animals

Small Hoofed Animals


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4.1  Horses


Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Stallion 2015
  • Abilities: Riding & pulling.
  • Personality: He is energetic and curious, if a bit difficult to work with.
  • Description: Born in September 2015 to Petunia, Bryony is a Svantevit horse crossed with a draft. He is a silver black pinto: a black and white coat with a flaxen mane and tail, and dark eyes.
  • Born in September 2015 to Petunia, sired by a Svantevit horse.
  • Found and claimed by Salsola following Krokar's disbandment in October 2018. Trained further while in their care.
  • Gifted to New Caldeonia in January 2020.
  • Bryony is most often used by the King. Unless otherwise notes, Bryony is open for free use to anyone in The Realm who may require a horse.



  • Abilities:
  • Personality:
  • Description:
  • Residence: --


Icon Gender DOB Tags About History

Name Here


Gelding DoB
  • Abilities:
  • Personality:
  • Description:
  • Residence: --

Mares and foals

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Mare 2012 [NT!]


  • Abilities: High endurance, ambling gait.
  • Personality: Obedient, but shows nervous tendencies around loud noises.
  • Description: Chocolate palomino mustang with a very light mane and tail.
  • Originally owned by a member of the Boreas faction, Elenore was used as a scouting and pack animal during the Second Boreas Conflict.
  • Gifted to New Caldeonia in January 2020.


Mare 2010 [NO!]


  • Abilities: Rider-trained, fast.
  • Personality: Spirited, playful, aloof toward Luperci but largely obedient.
  • Description: A small, cream-colored mare.
  • Brought from Khalif by Hope D'Angelo.
  • Gifted to Salsola.
  • Gave birth to Fortuna in 2018.
  • Gifted to New Caldeonia in January 2020.


Mare 2009 [RE!]

[EX!] [RT!]

  • Abilities: Riding -- experienced riders only!
  • Personality: She is energetic and clever, often teasing those who might choose to ride her. She has a tendency to buck and should only be ridden by experienced riders, though she is not malicious as much as playful.
  • Description: Bay with minimal paint markings, notably her rump and a splash on the side of her left shoulder. All-white tail, glossy black mane. Strong, stout legs, mustang build.
  • Acquired in 2016 in exchange for prisoner Alistair's safe return.
  • Gave birth to Nadine in 2017.
  • Gifted to New Caldeonia in January 2020.

4.2  Other

Icon Name/Species Gender Number/DoB Tags About


Jenny 2015 [RE!]

[EX!] [RT!]

  • Abilities: Cart pulling and pack carrying; isn't the best for riding.
  • Personality: Has been a working mule all her life, and therefore is strong and obediant.
  • Description: A sandy colored mule (though she is actually a hinny, but no one can tell).
  • Procured through legitimate means from Portland in Spring of 2019 by Baelish D'Angelo.
  • Gifted to New Caledonia in the wake of Mistfell Vale's disbandment.


Unnamed sheep Ewes 5 [NT!]
  • Appearance: The sheep have white fiber and with black heads and legs.
  • Personality: They are somewhat skittish and like to stick together.
  • History: In 2019, a deal for two ewes was made between Arran Fir-Chlis and Kira Damaichu on behalf of Casa di Cavalieri. Casa was promised a ram in the future, bred from Arran's personally owned sheep.
  • 3 Ewes added to our flock from MV


Unnamed Goats Does 3 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Goaty
  • Personality:
  • History: The Does were gifted to New Caledonia after the disbandment of Mistfell Vale.



Name - Species Gender Number/DOB
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • History:


Chickens Hens 3
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • History: Given to New Caledonia after the Mistfell Vale disbandment.

5.  Owned Animals

5.1  Horses

  • These horses belong to a particular character; you must PM them to ask permission to use the horse.
  • These horses live in various places and are not sorted by their usual residence or location.


Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Jenny 2008 [NT!]

[RT!] [PT!]

  • Abilities: Green-broke. In training for cart-pulling.
  • Personality: Though physically strong, Mags can also be strong-willed, and can definitely be stubborn when she feels like it. Thankfully, she loves treats – especially carrots – and is quite food-motivated.
  • Description: Long-legged and tall, Maggie is much larger than your average donkey. She is predominantly dark brown in color, with lighter grey on her nose, around her eyes, and on her belly.
  • History: Merlin acquired Maggie – formally known as Majestic Beast – while on a trading trip when he was a member of Midnight Shores. She fell into Thyri's hands after Merlin was enslaved, and then returned to him when the friends reunited. More?


Mare 2014 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider-trained
  • Personality: She is a quiet horse that was rider trained before Inara acquired her. She loves to have the back of her ears rubbed, and most of the time is found close by Inara, unless stabled. She can sometimes be temperamental and finicky, but it isn't often noticed by those that don't know her.
  • Description: She's a rich earthy soil tone Grade Horse, the earth tone is broken up by white that then becomes a dapple of brown and white on her rear.
  • History: She was originally acquired by Krokar during the Austringer Hostility in 2016, then Inara found her after the disbandment of Krokar in 2018.


IMPORTANT: The icon shows the colt's adult color! He currently appears rose grey IC.

Colt 2016 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Halter-trained. In-training to be ridden.
  • Personality: Striebro has a generally calm temperament, docile in spite of his size, and with a gently playful side.
  • Description: He is a large specimen with muscular hindquarters and a long, full mane and tail. Because of his greying gene, Striebro will continue to lighten with age and presently appears rose grey.


Stallion 2014 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider-trained. Used to carrying heavy loads.
  • Personality: He's a proud creature, but recently Thalion has been more nervous than usual and is learning to readjust. Luperci he doesn't know make him anxious, but he will probably grow out of it once he is comfortable in Caledonia.
  • Description: A large stallion with a reddish-brown coat, cream-colored feathered feet, a blonde mane and tail, and a splash of white on his nose. Image!
  • History: Originally was Amon's master's horse of choice, but they were attacked and Thalion fled. He wandered near NC territory for some time before being found and taken in by Fennore.
  • See Fennore's page for more information.



Stallion 2012 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider-strained. Warhorse. Capable and familiar with pulling heavy loads.
  • Personality: Calm, curious, playful, polite, willing to work, aggressive towards randy or overly dominate stallions, will attack large wild cats.
  • Description: Brown dapple with a dirty-blonde mane/tail that fads to brown; dark brown eyes. Light feathering, athletic draft build.



Stallion 2010 [NT!]

[EX!] [RT!]

  • Abilities: Rider-strained. Warhorse.
  • Personality: Stubborn, proud, arrogant, will test limits, aggressive towards strangers.
  • Description: Black and white tobiano-patterned with a black-and-white mane; dark brown eyes Heavy feathering, athletic draft build.



Mare 2016 [NT!]

[EX!] [RT!]

  • Abilities: Rider-strained. Warhorse.
  • Personality: Free-spirited, arrogant, confident, stubborn, will test limits, will become aggressive with strangers if cornered or restrained.
  • Description: Chestnut tobiano with dark brown eyes.



Mare 2010 [NT!]

[RT!] [PT!]

  • Abilities: Rider-strained. Trained to pull heavy loads.
  • Personality: Gentle, calm, patient, mindful of her feet, eager to learn and help, will attack randy or pushy stallions.
  • Description: Blue roan with a white blaze and stockings; faded mane/tail; dark brown eyes. Feathering on legs, short tail. Draft build.



Filly 2019 [NT!]
  • Abilities: Currently being trained for riding and to be a warhorse.
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: Grey dapple with white mane that fades to dark grey; dark brown eyes. Light feathering, three white stockings. Athletic draft build



Mare 2015 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Heather is a speedy horse and handles long distance travel well.
  • Personality: Spirited and bold.
  • Description: A sturdy, surefooted horse with long legs. She resembles a Thoroughbred, especially in her face. Bay with a white star and snip.

5.2  Livestock

Icon Name/Species Gender Number/DoB Tags About


Sheep Ewe 2017 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Sheep's fiber is whiteish and her face and legs are black.
  • Personality: Although Sheep is often somewhat standoffish, she can be bribed with treats.
  • History: She was originally part of the flock Arran watched in Old Caledonia, and he saved her when he was fleeing.


Unnamed Goats Buck & Doe 2017 [NT!]
  • Appearance: The male goat is mostly a solid gray with a lighter underbelly. The doe is light brown with white on her chest, tail, and front legs.
  • Personality: Both goats are mischievous with a penchant for escape.
  • History: The goats lived in Old Caledonia and were saved by Rhavan when she and Erebel Fir-Chlis fled.



Cow Ox 2011 [NT!]


  • Appearance: Has a thick and stocky build, with long horns that curve gently upwards from his head. He sports a brindled hide with a rich blend of mahogany, brown, and black and bears a white head, dorsal stripe, undercarriage, and legs. Interspersed spots of brindle and roan markings can be found throughout his body and legs.
  • Personality: Loves being around Luperci and actively dislikes being alone, often going out of his way to seek companionship. Pim's favorite spot to be scratched is between the eyes. He seems to have some evidence of separation anxiety.
    • Harness-trained
    • Rider-trained
  • History: Pim previously belonged to Ilse Verhoeven and survived the decimation of their ranch and many months of servitude under the Austringer Cartel together. After Ilse joined Krokar, they lived a life of peace and quiet until Krokar's disbandment. Learn more?

5.3  Cats

Icon Name/Species Gender Number/DoB Tags About



Slink - cat Male 2015 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Slink is an orange tabby with green eyes.
  • Personality: He is skittish at first but warms up after a little while.
  • History: There were many cats hanging around the livestock area that Rhavan was often at in Old Caledonia. She took Slink in when he injured his paw and he never left her. Rhavan refused to leave her cats behind when she and Erebel Fir-Chlis escaped Old Caledonia.



Spring - cat Female 2016 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Spring's head, legs, and tail are brown. She has white paws, and the white fur also extends a little bit up her back legs.
  • Personality: She is very talkative (in meows, speaks no High Speech), friendly, and cuddly.
  • History: Spring showed up at Rhavan's door as an older kitten and attached herself to the older canine. Rhavan refused to leave her cats behind when she and Erebel Fir-Chlis escaped Old Caledonia.


Cat Female 2018 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Small gray cat with pale green eyes and a pink nose.
  • Personality: Adores Luperci and instantly loves anyone she meets and gives her affection. She knows very little High Speech but latches onto names very well. Usually seen with Fennore or wandering around her house.
  • History: Found in Amherst as a kitten.


Cat Female 2016 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Luath is a calico cat with characteristic patchwork markings of orange, black, and white. Tabby striping can be seen on the sections of her coat that are orange. She has a round face and large yellow-green eyes. She has a small, compact body.
  • Personality: Obnoxious and mischievous, Luath seems at her happiest when she's being a nuisance to Luperci. An inquisitive creature, she doesn't reliably obey boundaries and will try to get her nose in just about anything a Krokaran is doing. Despite her annoying tendencies, Lua is an affectionate cat and can be a soothing presence when she senses someone is sad or upset.
  • History: Lua was born in Krokar and lived there up until its disbandment, when she followed Percy and remained with the family up until New Caledonia's formation. Learn more?


Cat Male 2016 [NT!]
  • Appearance: A small and lanky cat, white with brown tabby markings. These patches are largest along his back and cover his tail. He also has a brown "cap" on his head, though most of his face is white but for a small snip on his muzzle. He has golden eyes and very sleek fur.
  • Personality: Caleb is a wallflower of a cat, if one with some hidden depths. Due to his quiet nature, he is often overlooked -- but those that know him well know that he is secretly somewhat high-maintenance and definitely an adept fisher, an unusual cat who takes to water like his canine companions.
  • History: Caleb was born in Krokar and adopted by Myrkr Stormbringer, who he lived with in Amherst until Myrkr's death -- whereupon Willow took him in.


Cat Female 2016 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Ladybird is a tortoiseshell queen. Dainty looking.
  • Personality: Very observant. She is fluent in High Speech, though doesn't always talk to strangers. She likes playing, bugs, hunting, warm spots, and drawers. She dislikes loud noises, rain, snow, and squirrels.
  • History: Ladybird was born to Muddy and Wilson in the aftermath of the meteor impact. Her mother was lost in the caverns of Cour des Miracles, but the little family was safely relocated to the Chien Hotel.

Having partnered up with Gaia early on, Ladybird has accompanied her friend throughout her many adventures.


Cat Male 2019 [NT!]
  • Appearance: A well fed, sleek looking cat. Eddy is tabby colored with yellow/green eyes.
  • Personality: This super real tough guy thinks he's way bigger and more important than he is.
  • History: Eddy was found by Kalypso Savoy during a bad storm in late November. When Daisy helped her with the kitten, Kalypso suggested Daisy take the kitten in. They have been partners ever since.


Cat Male 2017 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Massive Maine Coon. His coat is mix of browns, creams, and grays; he has dirty olive-green eyes, feathery ears and tail.
  • Personality: Probably the laziest cat ever.

5.4  Birds

Icon Name/Species Gender Number/DoB Tags About


Seraphim - Red-tailed hawk Female 2013 [NT!]
  • Abilities: Hunting, broken high-speech, spying, stealth
  • Description: Seraphim is a mature hawk with the ability to speak broken High Speech and work cooperatively with Luperci to hunt, fight, and spy on others. Though independent, Seraphim has the tendency to stick around Thyri unless she is commanded otherwise.
  • History: Thyri acquired her from a talented falconer in April 2016 and has been working diligently with her ever since. More?


Sidonia - Golden Eagle Female [NT!]
  • Appearance: Dark brown with golden-brown plumage
  • Personality: Trained to hunt and pass on messages; knows scraps of broken High Speech. Generally picky about which Luperci she associates with; more tolerant of the Cormier-Parhelion family than most other canines but could be bribed into 'friendship' with enough meaty tidbits.
  • History: Sidonia was sent after Cora Cormier by her previous owner/companion, Eliza Cormier, to keep an eye on Eliza's yearling children.


Agrona - Peregrine Falcon Female 2016 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Steel-grey with white, barred underbelly; dark brown eyes.
  • Personality: Highly intelligent, quick learner, perceptive, aggressive, protective, loyal to Stryder-Ridley family
  • History: See Teagan's page for more information.


Treasach - Peregrine Falcon Male 2019 [NT!]
  • Appearance: Steel-grey with white, barred underbelly; dark brown eyes.
  • Personality: ---
  • History: See Teagan's page for more information.
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