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  1.   1.  About
    1.   1.1  Items and Use
  2.   2.  Current Stores
    1.   2.1  Weapons
    2.   2.2  Specialty Items
    3.   2.3  Tools and Materials
    4.   2.4  Food and Cookware
    5.   2.5  Miscellaneous
    6.   2.6  Medical Supplies

Storage Shed, Salsola

by Alaine

1.  About

On the southern coastal edge of Millstone Village, a small hump of land hunkers against the bay's breeze. It at first seems to be the average esker or drumlin, just another patch of land showing sign of past glaciation. Upon closer inspection, one realizes there is a thick and heavy oak door in the hillside itself, half-disguised by overgrowth from the hillock it sits within.

Salsola's small storage unit is a single, small room no larger than twelve feet by twelve feet (3.6 meters x 3.6 meters). The pack uses this area to store public goods such as dishes, dried plants, or anything else they're comfortable sharing. There are sturdy wooden shelving units in the storage shed, leftover from the humans.

1.1  Items and Use

  • All members are encouraged to give items over to Salsola as a whole; placing things of practical within the storage shed is seen as a gain for Salsola and can result in positive opportunities for your character.
  • Members are free to use these items however they see fit. Of course, excessive "take" without much "give" in return (i.e., if your character continually loots the storage shed, yet does not provide anything of value in return) may result in consequences if discovered by the leadership.
  • Salsola adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  • Please update the item quantity when you have made use of it. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

2.  Current Stores

2.1  Weapons

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

Spears and Staffs

Spears x2 All of these are made of wood with antler points for tips. Donated by Siv Helsi.

Bladed Weapons

Daggers x9 [NT!] Daggers, all traditional and older. Boreas spoils, as well as three gifted from Anathema, three acquired by Claire de Valence in a trade with Leonardo Auditore: two bone and one longer and made of recycled metal.
Combat knives x9 [NT!] Knives, all in various modern combat-knife styles. Boreas spoils. Till gifts the pack 5 more in early November 2015.
Swords x12 Swords, traditional and older. Boreas spoils, as well as two gifted from Anathema.
Throwing axe (paired) x3 [NT!] Pairs of throwing axes, all modern styled. Boreas spoils.
Two-handed axe x1 [NT!]


Traditional styled and old. Boreas spoils.


Shields x5 [NT!] Thick wood and metal shields.
Gauntlets x3 [NT!] Thick boiled leather gauntlets.

2.2  Specialty Items

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

Nose Rings

Nose Rings x10 [FT!] Salsola has a small supply of rings appropriate for use in canine septum piercings. These were traded for on the 2011 Freetown trip. The vast majority of the rings are gold or gold-plated. These were used previously to mark slaves.


Spyglass x1 [NT!] Anann Kelevra of Casa di Cavalieri brought Salsola a gift of a high-powered spyglass, capable of seeing distances of up to 200 feet (60 meters). The item has considerable value, and Salsolians are well-advised to treat it with extreme care.

Obsidian Dagger

Obsidian Dagger x1 [NT!] This is used for the Cotona ritual of adding the Hand of Eris to a member of Salsola. This item is not allowed to be used for any purpose other than the Cotona ritual. While Salsolians aren't exactly barred from handling or moving the knife, the Segna should always have priority use of this item.

2.3  Tools and Materials

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

Horse Items

Saddles x5 [NT!] Western styled saddles, leather of various quality. Boreas spoils.
Reins and headgear x5 [NT!] Boreas spoils.
Saddle bags x8 [NT!] Boreas spoils.


Open Cart x1 [NT!] Salsola has two carts: one was obtained by Odessa D'Angelo, the other donated by Larkspur D'Angelo. Salsola's communal animals with cart training are typically used to pull either of these carts. Either cart can be handled by one or two horses, depending on the load size. Odessa's cart is capable of seating two Luperci in the front and is larger, albeit with less cargo space.
Covered Cart x1 [NT!] Larkspur's cart has only one seat for the driver, but a Luperci can still sit in the rear; the cargo space of this cart exceeds the first, but a fully-laden cart requires the use of two carthorses. Additionally, it has a canvas cover top, frequently used to help disguise the cart.


Various Woodworking Tools Medium Sized Amount [NT!] Various carpentry tools -- hammer, nails, saws, etc. -- gathered for various construction projects.
Farming Sythes x4 [NT!] Crafted by Phobos Erbos, traded from the Serf by Helena - added to Salsola's storage after being used in the switchgrass and bluejoint harvests. The blades made of sharpened stone, handles are straight wood, held together with sinew and hoof glue.
  • Two are long and thin bladed - they are most efficient for mowing grass or wheat.
  • Two shorter, more robust scythe are more appropriate for clearing weeds, cutting reed or sedge and can be used with the blade under water for clearing ditches and waterways.
Fish Hooks x4 [NT!] Traded for in Freetown.
  • Two are of relatively soft, easily-bended metal; care must be taken with these in order to not break or otherwise ruin them.
  • Two are made from hardwood and are surprisingly 'sharp'.

Carrying Bags

Mulch Bag x1
Large Bag x3 All of these bags are made from leather, of various sizes.
Medium Bag x3 None of these items are decorated or otherwise embellished.
Water Skins x5 The water skins are made from bladders and remarkably effective.
Woven Read Baskets x4 Varying in size from small to large, these are baskets woven by Luperci and are meant for storage use, such as harvested fruit or items of value for trade. One or two come with handles of willow and reed.


Utility Knife x2 [NT!] Salsola posesses, for the moment, two utility knives. They capable of various purposes and with a very well-made blade, although the plastic handling might need repairs or even replacement. The knife was obtained by Eris via trade with Chione. Clementine also added one of these much later. Salsolians are free to use this knife for their own purposes, and are encouraged to claim more items of this variety.


Torches x20 [NT!] These torches are constructed of a thick stick with one end wrapped with a pitch-soaked rag. These are used to light the gathering place of the Last Supper during each celebration; uses of these specific torches is prohibited for any other purpose. However, members are still free to have their characters construct torches -- and even add to Salsola's supply!

Hides, Pelts, Etc

Pelts x43 [FT!] Salsola posesses numerous cured pelts in varying sizes, colors, thicknesses, etc. Most are deer skins; there are several raccoons, and a growing supply of rabbit pelts in both summer and winter phases thanks to the rabbit-keeping project. All of the pelts obviously have fur; nothing has been cured into leather, stitched, or cut. While most pelts are in superb condition, some have holes or other imperfections making them unsuitable for craft purposes; however, a particularly clever canine might still put them to use.
Reindeer Pelts x12 These are extremely well-tanned hides, with their thick winter fur still on. They were traded from Inferni.


Pine Tar x10 jars [NT!] Produced by burning the roots and stumps of pines, "has a long history as a wood preservative, as a wood sealant for maritime use, in roofing construction and maintenance, in soaps and in the treatment of skin diseases."
Pine Pitch x8 jars [NT!] Made of the same pine wood, "traditionally used to help caulk the seams of wooden sailing vessels (see shipbuilding). Pitch was also used to waterproof wooden containers, and is sometimes still used in the making of torches." This latter purpose is typically Salsola's employment of the material.
Whale Oil x36 jars [FT!] Salsola has both high grade oil, produced from pure blubber (a smaller supply) and middling grade, produced from cooking the meat of the whale. Traditional uses include use as a candle product, lamp fuel, combing wool, a food ingredient, and other uses.
  • Osrath traded three large jars for a bridle in April 2016.
  • Quicksilver traded one jar for multiple seeds in March 2017.
Tallow x40 jars [FT!] Tallow is made of the same process as the whale oil. Traditional uses include producing soap, leather conditioner, as a food ingredient, for candle-making, and as a base for medicinal salves.

2.4  Food and Cookware

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description


Fish & Game Large Amount A large stockpile of smoked and salted meat has been gathered for leaner seasons, such as summer. Older members and those with children are given first priority when it comes to use of such meat.
Eggs Fluctuating Eggs collected from Salsola's chickens.
Curds Small amount Small, tasty pieces of cheese curds courtesy of Katinka Holt. These spoil very quickly, so they are a rare treat!
Flour Small amount A small satchel of coarse-grained flour that Clementine Salcedo managed to trade for and added to communal storage.
Salt Medium amount A medium-sized bag of salt that Clementine Salcedo traded for in Freetown and added to communal storage.

Bowls and Cookware

Bowls x15 Salsola has a medium-sized array of various bowls and plates for the Supper feast. Larkspur D'Angelo added to this supply in early 2012 with a Freetown trip. Many bowls are wooden-carved and appear to be Luperci-made; there are a few that seem to be made of ceramic or even false china.
Plates x20
Pots x5
Cast-iron pans x7 [NT!] Clementine Salcedo added two more of these in October 2019.
Plastic containers x4 [NT!] Clementine Salcedo added four of these; they're cloudy and much abused, but will hold water or other liquids.


Vodka x5 Luperci-made.
Wine x10 Luperci-made.
Mead x5 Luperci-made.
Moonshine x5 Luperci-made.

2.5  Miscellaneous

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description


Unisex Leather x2 Boreas spoils.
Cloaks x5 Boreas spoils, as well as donations from Siv Helsi. These are of average grade and not as valuable.


Bracelets x8 Boreas spoils.
Earrings, paired x7 Boreas spoils. There is a more valuable pair of diamond earrings in addition.


Medical Book x1 Re-written from found text, this contains instructions on basic and more advanced first-aid techniques.
Horsecare Book x1 Re-written from found text and personal experience, this thick volume outlines details in regards to the care and keeping of horses. The back half of the book contains a written pedigree of Salsola's Pauson Horses.
Carpentry Books x2 Re-written from found text, these outline information about material, planning, and design.

2.6  Medical Supplies

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

Medicinal Book

Single Volume x1 [NT!] Odessa D'Angelo constructed a book that contains information on all the plants (the medicinal/drug ones) in the Garden, their uses, a sketched image, and how to prepare them. Any member may reference the medicinal plants therein.

Dried Plants

Medicinal Herbs Small amount Salsola has a small supply of dried plants -- jars of various Garden Plants have been dried and stored.
Dried Tobacco Medium amount Salsola trades for tobacco. Clementine Salcedo added these stores not once but twice.
Dried Lavender medium amount Picked and dried by Isabella for public use.
Dried Mint large amount Picked and dried by Isabella for public use, mint grows quickly and is easily replenished. These were cut from an aggressive growth on Salsola grounds.


Cloth bandages. Large amount. A large amount of clean, woven cloth serves as bandages for wounded members. These are Luperci-made, and vary in grade; some are thin and others thick.

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