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Innokentiy Prizmov is a high-ranking member of Salsola, ranked as an Arbiter. They sailed in from London to find their cousin & eventual mate, Egregore Prizmov, though were tracked and followed by Lev Prizmov who eventually joined the cause to find Egregore. The two followed reliable information from other sources to make their way into the Thistle Kingdom and presented offerings to earn their entrance. Egregore agreed to sponsor them, as well.

Of the Prizmovs introduced into Salsola, Innokentiy appears the most cool-headed of the bunch on the surface, though underneath they struggle with the horrors of the family's past as much as any of them. After some time in the Thistle Kingdom, they were officially mated to Egregore and bore pups in early December. Right before, this, however, Lev decided to depart for the Outpost after Innokentiy scared his close friend: ex-Serf Kaleidoscope away from the Kingdom. There are many other stressors bearing down on Innokentiy as they try their best to conform and adjust to their new life.

Innokentiy is plural, and has more than one identity as detailed in their profile. For more information on the Innokentiy system, please view their personality section.

Innokentiy Prizmov
by Hydra Triangle

Credit: Hydra Triangle

OOC Information
Basic Information
Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 27 Feb 2018
  • Birthplace: Moscow
  • Etymology:
    • Innokentiy: innocence (Russian)
    • Prizmov: child of the Prism (Russian)
  • Nickname: Innokesh
  • Alias: Cornelius
  • Epithet: ---
Physical Description
  • Gender: Non-Binary
    • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: They/Them (Innokentiy, system as a whole), He/Him (Cornelius), She/Her (Kesha)
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolfdog
    • 75% Canis lupus (Wolf) 1
    • 25% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) 2
  • Family: Prizmov
  • Pack/Loner Band: Salsola
  • Rank: The Arbiter (Dec 2022 – Present)
  • Additional:
    • Co-Rank, Co-Rank
NPC Information

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Innokentiy…
    • …muttering or whispering to themself
    • …working on a jewelry project outdoors
Plot Opportunities
  • Innokentiy, as of December 5th, has just given birth! Come see the newborns and congratulate them?
  • Trade: Yes

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


If one manages to catch Innokentiy without their usual fanciful ensembles, it can be noted that they have a markless pelt. It stands though as unsoiled snow, not a single footprint to be seen. This allows them to blend stealthily in with snowy or generally light scenery and also to appear 'plain' enough to be overlooked when desired. However, they are more typically found in the drapery of some amount of intricate ornamentation by a sweeping margin. They do not weave the clothes they wear, but they do create the jewelry they wear (and also use to trade for clothing).

Their skin is a light rose, a result of their dazzlingly white pelt. Their paw pads and nose are pink with it, adding to the overall appearance of purity and innocence. This is how they earned their name at birth. One of their eyes is a bright white to match. The remaining left eye is a steel blue, contrasting with the former.

They keep themself well-groomed, bathing more often than one would on average, even going so far as to scrub their teeth clean with leaves and fabric. Their scent is perfumed with the floral fragrances of their teas. They are careful to conceal their assigned sex through these scents and to obscure any clues one may use to guess at their gender. Their androgyny is something they take pride in by either contradicting typically 'opposing' gender characteristics or by hiding them as much as is possible. The only exception to this is within Salsola, where they may display a more feminine appearance to showcase their power, as Salsolans praise the female sex. Overall, it is difficult to call them bland with how they present themself so uniquely.



  • Lupus: 27 in (70 cm) ↔ 80 lb (36 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (101 cm) ↔ 145 lb (66 kg)
  • Optime: 72 in (6 ft 0 in / 182.88 cm) ↔ 165 lb (75 kg) (Preferred)


Hand of Eris: They had been strangely pristine despite their troubled past, but in late 2022, Innokentiy earned their first scar on purpose: the Hand of Eris. It is on their right shoulder.

Tattoos & Piercings:


  • Speech: Russian accent, their voice does not carry much emotion Kesha has a Common accent, while Cornelius has a British accent
    • Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English
  • Unique Scent: Metal, ink, various oils and herbs
  • General Posture and Body Language: Often blank-faced when not putting on a polite smile, stiff, inexpressive
Coloration Palette


Iron (#C9CED2)
Alto (#D7D6D6)

Optime Hair

Iron (#C9CED2)
Alto (#D7D6D6)


Iron (#DADADB)
Steel Blue (#5A7BBB)


Cameo (#DCA7A3)
Akaroa (#DCC8B5)
Reference Images
Lineart by DespiBy Hydra TriangleBy JazzyBy Viktory SystemBy Nat

1.2  Personality

Innokentiy Prizmov is a plural system, like their cousin. The members of this system have been broken up into their own personality sections. (For even more information about plural systems, check out Plural Jumpstart! And if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.)

The system functions with relatively small amounts of amnesia. At this time they are still learning how to communicate with each other, but they can remember each other's memories, even if they might question them (e.g: 'why did I do that? that's not like me'). It may also require prompting by external forces for them to recall each other's memories.


Summarized: Disciplined, apathetic, calm, deceitful

Innokentiy is the host of the system currently. They front the most and are usually responsible for major life decisions.

Before the 'accident' that caused Egregore to flee their birth cult, Innokentiy was meant to become an advisor to him once he had ascended. Though these plans have been discarded, their intelligence is plain to anyone who spends time getting to know them. Mind games are an enjoyment to Innokentiy, though they no longer take pleasure in outright manipulation like they once did. They now get their fill of brain challenges in less harmful ways, typically by engaging in skills that take high levels of concentration and know how—this is how they became an intricate jeweler, not to mention a brewer with a love for experimentation. These skills stimulate them because they are always looking for the next, new thing. They get bored by routine and prefer to work smart, not hard, unless more elbow grease is necessary to get what they want.

Innokentiy views their skills as both a puzzle that is stimulating mentally and something practical to do with your hands that is stimulating physically. Due to their value on logic, they also have pursued jewelry for its financial value to some of the nobles within London. Trading high value jewelry has historically been what has fed, clothed and sheltered them since their departure from the cults in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. They work very hard to maintain a quality of living that is lavish or at least superficially opulent. They do not enjoy having to 'rough it out' in the wild, especially on their own with no one to help or to complain to.

They are apathetic to most people, but they will at least recognize the logical value of getting on the good side of some, so this along with plain old habit has kept their talent at manipulation alive in some ways. Though they have a measured greed for things that afford them a more comfortable lifestyle, driving them to be deceitful and any manner of other questionable things, they have matured to understand that they should explore alternative options of what they want to prioritize. Their curiosity and dedication, especially when it came to finding out what happened to their cousin, has meant they have come to be somewhat of a detective—or at least they view themselves to be.

  • Motivations: Building a family legacy and settling down
  • Fears: Becoming disconnected from the world around them, falling behind on the latest news or technology
  • Likes: Tea, quiet study time, mind puzzles or games
  • Dislikes: Loud rowdy parties, strangers asking for favors
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • Values their family, but will not heed their requests necessarily.
    • Is not concerned with politics, most likely.
    • Has few close friends and would never betray those they have, unless circumstances are dire.

Summarized: Idealistic, generous, distant, charming

Cornelius doubles as the system's alter ego outside of Salsola, so he is commonly found fronting around Outsiders.

If Innokentiy is the part of their system that loves to earn wealth, then Cornelius is the one that more so loves to spend it. He is responsible for most, if not all, shenanigans that the system finds themselves wrapped up in. Despite his impulsiveness, he is notably much more friendly than the others and easier to get to know. He loves to be an advisor to people in his own special way. For practical advice, you might turn to Innokentiy for assistance, but if you want someone to drink away your problems with, then Cornelius is who you want.

Cornelius loves to host guests and entertain them as best he can with good food and drink, even regale them with fantastical stories if they so desire. His work in jewelry and teas is less methodical but his experiments can pay off in a big way, often the designs or flavors are more unique in nature.

  • Motivations: Lifting up others, growing wealth to support friends
  • Fears: Poverty, losing reputation or friendships
  • Likes: Parties, gambling, drinks (tea or alcohol)
  • Dislikes: Solitude, dirt and grime, messy eaters
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation.
    • Obeys all personal contracts.
    • Considers public service in a leadership role an honor.

Summarized: Serious, critical, hard-working, abrasive

Kesha functions as a trauma holder and protector of the system. She deals with the dark, grimy things of this Prizmov's life. Of the three, she is the least sensitive to the body's chronic pain. Or rather, she has the habit of attempting to ignore it. She often abandons or forgets the cane that is frequently used by them.

This disregard for her body's protests says something about her personality, as well. While Innokentiy & Cornelius prefer a lavish life, Kesha feels more at home in a fight than at a party. It was her that often dealt with the bloodshed of being in their old cult. She is highly differentiated from the other two because of this. However, Kesha isn't always as obvious as she might seem. She is still able to blend in to scenarios she is otherwise internally uncomfortable with.

Adaptable and resilient, Kesha flickers in and out of the body's consciousness as is needed. She knows her role and does as well as she can. Of the three, she is the most understanding of her situation as a separate person in one body. She does not reject the others, and instead views them as her charge. Apart from this, she is also rather kind to her fellow Salsolans.

  • Motivations: Being strong & powerful, or at least appearing so
  • Fears: Bodily harm
  • Likes: Starry skies, collaborating, hunting
  • Dislikes: Complaints, advice, daydreaming
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Finds most people to be narrow-minded and inflexible.
    • Finds the legal procedures of her nation corrupt.
    • Will not betray a family member, unless the circumstances are dire.
  • Age: Believes that most people severely underestimate and mistreat the young.
  • Species: Coyotes and jackals are easier to take advantage of if need be.
  • Non-Luperci: Views them as a relic of the past, an entirely different beast altogether. Likely would not think of them as entirely sapient.
  • Sexuality: While Innokentiy does not view polyamory as a whole as bad, they approve far more of romance-driven polyamory. They disapprove of sex that consists of more than one pair of canines, thinking it barbaric. They believe that having more than one sexual partner is acceptable as long as it's not all at once. They also look down upon the act of selling one's body.

Innokentiy is panromantic and demisexual. They view sex as an intimate, sacred act that should only take place for good reason between two partners that trust each other. They believe that, since sex can naturally lead to children, it should be given careful consideration and thought. To rush sex is a vile thing and any violation of consent is about the worst crime you could commit in their eyes.


While they used to genuinely believe in their original cult's beliefs, including that they became enlightened after murdering and cannibalizing their cousin, due to missing and patchy memories they aren't quite sure what they believe. They still view themself as enlightened in a way that is spiritual, although they have ceased to remember the true origin of this belief. They view themself, and some other luperci, as simply 'special'. According to Innokentiy, some people are just inherently more magical or powerful (spiritually speaking) than others.


Has previous experience with many substances due to their strange upbringing. Generally does not appreciate them these days, as being under the influence typically makes their work suffer.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Artisan
  • Jeweler:
Innokentiy made a living crafting jewelry during their time in London as they investigated what had happened to Egregore Prizmov. It was at first a way to pass the time while they thought of where they wanted to go in life, if they would follow their cousin to Nova Scotia or not. It quickly became a passion that brought them much praise from the nobles of the area. Since then they've crafted many pieces. Their hands are naturally steady and when paired with other great minds, they can make some extravagant things.
  • Brewer (Master):
They specialize in teas. This is Innokentiy's pride and joy. They picked it up shortly after escaping the Prosveshchennyy cult in Moscow. It was at first full of bare bones experimentation, simply throwing random herbs into the pot and boiling them to see what it tasted like. They practice this skill daily now and are always trying out new ingredients. They can craft delicious drinks, and have the know how of which herbs are dangerous and which are not so much.
  • Agriculture:
Though the weakest of their three main focuses, as Innokentiy frequently trades for herbs rather than grow them themself if they are not found in the wild, they have tried to cultivate certain herbs that they find particularly tasty or use often.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Manipulation (Master):
When surviving in the Prosveshchennyy cult, this was Innokentiy's bread and butter. They have since strayed away from manipulating others constantly to get what they want now that they no longer need to do it to get by. However, it is still a pathological trait of theirs and they may lie without even noticing they are doing so to further their own profits or gain.
  • Literacy:
Uses their own unique form of shorthand to keep track of their stock. Draws designs for jewelry. Can write basic English words and letters from being in London, although they may frequently misspell words, it is still legible.

2.  History

Duration: July 2022 – Present
Ranks: The Arbiter (Dec 2022 – Present)
  • The Tradesman (November-December 2022)
  • The Confidant (October-November 2022)
  • The Family (September-October 2022)
  • The Associate (July-September 2022)
Co-Ranks: Co-Rank
Pre - 'Souls
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WARNING: This page contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

In Moscow, a month before the last litter of Gavriil and Lyuba Chernbelov, Innokentiy was born to Lyuba's sister, Diana Chernbelov, and an unknown father. Given that they were born into a brain-eating cult of the Prosveshchennyy (Enlightened/Luminous) ran by Lyuba, Innokentiy learnt quickly that they needed to do terrible things to survive. Rather than become all brute strength, Innokentiy became a sly manipulator, controlling their siblings and cousins with honeyed words rather than wrestling (though there was a fair bit of wrestling, too). During this time, however, Innokentiy also had an uncontrollable temper, and would abandon words for pure brutality if pushed too far. Because of this, they did commit murders while in the cult, and became 'supremely enlightened' (in the eyes of the cult) by cannibalizing others.

Their first murder and cannibalization being a cousin, Stepan Chernbelov. Innokentiy was eight months old and had shifted. Stepan was six months old and had not. Stepan had abused Innokentiy before either of them had shifted. Once Innokentiy shifted, they bided their time until one night, they killed Stepan in his sleep. This was following Innokentiy experiencing an episode of flashbacks to how Stepan had abused them, far after Innokentiy had physically healed from it. When found nearby Stepan's dead body, their mother demanded they not let this opportunity go to waste: eat his brains and become illuminated in the eyes of both her and all that believed in the cult. Innokentiy did as they were told.

Despite the horrors Innokentiy lived through, they still valued their remaining family. The way they saw it, as long as they respected them, they should be protected and kept close. While not all of their family fell into this exception (including murders like Stepan), when 'Svyatoslav' (Egregore Prizmov) was nearly killed by his mother Lyuba, Innokentiy felt horrified. They were one of the few, if not only, cousins that joined Egregore and left with him to Saint Petersburg. Most of their littermates stayed behind in the Prosveshchennyy cult, seeing Egregore as the problem.

When they arrived to Saint Petersburg, they were accepted along with Egregore's siblings, although Egregore himself was rejected. This always bothered Innokentiy, and was why, after a year of staying in Saint Petersburg, they decided to follow Egregore to London, England. However, when they arrived, they found out that Egregore, who had been working under a new name 'Zero', had just recently fled, leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Innokentiy spent some time investigating what had happened, and learnt that he had sailed to Nova Scotia after murdering his teacher, Dalton Thornton. Innokentiy thought heavily on the decision to continue following Egregore, while receiving training and practicing his skills in London. After two long years, he finally sailed after him.

Since the horrors of their birth cult are behind them, they have since blocked out and repressed many of the more gruesome memories of it.

Call to Action Arc

At first unbeknownst to them, Egregore's brother, Lev was tracking them to find Egregore as well. However, by the time Lev revealed himself, they had successfully deduced they were being followed and invited Lev to join them on their journey, to which he accepted...

(This arc is still in progress...)

See Thread Archive? for individual threads »

3.  Relationships


✲: Unaware of relation, does not know this person

  • Parents: Describe relationship with. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cum nostrum assueverit repudiandae id, qui fastidii recusabo deseruisse ea. Accumsan expetenda duo no. Labore feugait intellegam ei his. Te mei audiam omittantur, eum ridens mandamus erroribus ei.
  • Siblings: Describe relationship with. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cum nostrum assueverit repudiandae id, qui fastidii recusabo deseruisse ea. Accumsan expetenda duo no. Labore feugait intellegam ei his. Te mei audiam omittantur, eum ridens mandamus erroribus ei.
Other Relations
  • Egregore Prizmov is Innokentiy's cousin and now their mate and husband. They bought a voyage to Nova Scotia to seek him out specifically. Egregore and Innokentiy were close as children, although they were rivals. Innokentiy used to be the bigger and stronger of the two of them, being older than Egregore, and used to be hard on him. However, he did so in a way that was much more tolerable than some of the other things the cult did to him, so the two remained in good relations after everything happened. When he learnt of the horrors he had committed in London through investigation there, Innokentiy felt a strong desire to save him from himself more than anything. Innokentiy knew well how hard it could be to not lash out at those around you, given their upbringing. They then decided they would find Egregore and write back to Saint Petersburg if they found him.
When they did find him and start a new life in Salsola, the two agreed to become mates primarily to further their own goals of building a new family legacy together. They do have some sort of twisted, genuine love for each other, though it is hard to see past their ambition. They are primarily a couple due to the power it brings them, and the love is, for Innokentiy at least, secondary.
Minor Relations
Past Relations (Show)
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.

4.  NPCs

cNPCs: yNPCs:


Active: MONTH YYYY – Present

  • Sex: ---
  • Species: Species; Alternative, use of resources from our Fauna category!
  • Date of Birth: ---
  • Size: Use this for conversions
    • Length: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height (option 2): --- hands (--- in; --- cm)
    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg) OR Small, Average, Large
  • Key Features: ---
  • Coloration: ---
OOC Assumptions

Packs members may reference:

  • Assumption
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Skills & Abilities:

  • ---


  • Gear: For mounts; do they have special tack?






Active: MONTH YYYY – Present

  • Sex: ---
  • Species: Species; Alternative, use of resources from our Fauna category!
  • Date of Birth: ---
  • Size: Use this for conversions
    • Length: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height: --- in (--- cm)
    • Height (option 2): --- hands (--- in; --- cm)
    • Wingspan: --- in (--- cm)
    • Weight: --- lbs (--- oz; --- kg) OR Small, Average, Large
  • Key Features: ---
  • Coloration: ---
OOC Assumptions

Packs members may reference:

  • Assumption
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Skills & Abilities:

  • ---


  • Gear: For mounts; do they have special tack?





5.  Assets


Note: While the character may have other personal effects, the items listed here are those that are either unique, are significant or have sentimental value to the character, or are items that are regularly referenced to.

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  • Sapphire necklace of prized quality
  • Cane (blade concealed inside)
  • Blue knitted sash
  • Long gray coat
  • Pants
  • Simply made bracelets
  • Simply made rings
  • Backpack
  • Satchel

Innokentiy is a shrewd trader and knows the value of their work and labor. They will only give discounts if they know there is something in it for them.

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  • Plants, berries (Note: During the winter, the quantity and quality of this category decreases due to lack of supply):
  • Jewelry:
    • Innokentiy's jewelry can range drastically in quality dependent on who they are making it for and how much time they have to make it, though typically it is clear that any work made by them is not of amateur make.
    • Innokentiy prefers to have any gem or materials provided for them, along with a bribe of some kind to pay for the labor. However, they can and will obtain materials or gemstones themself if given a good deal.
  • Gemstones:
    • Amethyst, agate, quartz, jasper - all of these can be found in Nova Scotia and Innokentiy will trade for them, or work with them.
  • Food:
    • Innokentiy is not much of a hunter themself, they are used to humanized life, and will happily trade for dried and cured meats, especially those of good quality.
  • Clothing:
    • They love new pieces for their wardrobe.
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The Thistle Tower
A tower with thistles embedded in the cracks of its stone. The first floor performs as a parlor, dramatically lit via slot windows and intricate in decorations. A side room acts as a kitchen. The second floor consists of two rooms as well, one serving as the master bedroom and the other as a study. The third floor is stable but missing its north-facing wall. It has since been converted into a lounge where strong-smelling herbs are hung from the ceiling to dry. The smell permeates from the gap, basking the tower in its unnaturally flowery scent. The adjacent building has been re-purposed into an open air workshop.
  • Egregore is the homeowner.

6.  Miscellaneous

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  • Innokentiy was named after the mNPC of the same name OOCly, but ICly, of course, the wolfdog came first before the owl! Egregore named the owl after them.
  • As such, Innokentiy has something of an owl motif, being regarded as one of the wisest of their family.
  • Awards

1 00% Wolf Species

2 00% Dog Species



Serve in the Central Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Inner Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Faction Tiers of the pack for three months
Serve in the Sotto Capo for three months
Serve as a Servitori for three months OR hold the debt of an Indentured Servant for three months
Earn one Job within the kingdom
Earn two Jobs within the kingdom
Organize a Pack Project OR participate in five threads assisting any Pack Projects
Create 10 All Welcome (AW) threads on Salsola's pack territory
Complete all of the Thread Prompts for any one month
Take part in 5 Last Supper threads
Complete a LASKY thread at or around Fort Preble, the Salsolan Outpost at Portland
Have a thread with a member from each active Pack
Have a thread with a member from each active Loner Band
Take a mate within Salsola
Become a parent to children in Salsola with a mate
Endure a physical punishment
Recruit one Outsider to Salsola and be their Sponsor
Recruit three Outsiders to Salsola
Usurp a Job or Rank from a fellow Salsolan OR be usurped by a fellow Salsolan
Take part in a Special or Ceremonial Event
Earn 10 other Anicombs
Be the Top Poster for a month
Adopt a Salsolan OR create an Adoptable in Salsola
Awarded for exceptional service to Salsola
I participated in the First Boreas War in 2012!
I participated in the Second Boreas War in 2016/2017!
I participated in the Inferni/Salsola War in 2017!
I participated in the CotS Plot in 2019!
I participated during Salsola's 10th Birthday Festivities in 2021!

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