World Territories

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'Souls has been around a long time, and as the game has progressed there are characters from many different places around the world, each with a story specific to that place. If your character has come from a major area of canines with a sizable population, you can add that place to the Wiki!

1.  Editing

2.  Areas

2.1  Player-Created

Remember! These cities are player-created areas. Some are restricted in use (see the World Territory Guidelines).

Western Hemisphere

Eastern Hemisphere

2.2  Major, Populous Cities

Remember! These cities are "open" areas, not player-created. Use them as you'd like within reason (see the World Territory Guidelines).

These are the only areas in the world where large populations (200+) of Luperci can be found. These cities are generally situated along some kind of trading route that allows them to receive imports of food that support such a large population -- one example of this is Moscow receiving dried fish from as far away as the White Sea. There is not enough prey in major cities without significant greenspace and wilderness to support these numbers of Luperci; food, prey, and livestock are all imported via trade. This sort of sophistication occurs exclusively in Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. The New World does not have such sophisticated trade routes, nor does it have areas with such significant populations of Luperci.

Large, Populous Cities

Remember, these cities are the only areas of the world where significant concentrations (200+ canines) of Luperci can be found in the world. See the World Territory Guidelines for further information about concentrated populations of Luperci.

Large Cities Without Significant Luperci Occupation

These are larger cities without significant Luperci occupation. They may be home to a small number (perhaps less than fifty) Luperci, but they are not heavily populated.

3.  Maps

The maps are presently maintained by Sie. If you'd like your area added to the map, please see the relevant Talents forum studio.

Maritime Map

Maritime and trade map

Civilizations of North and Central America

Civilization Map

Civilizations of the Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia