Golfo de ángeles - Merrick

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Territory Statistics

Area Name MeaningBay of Angels
Name OriginSpanish
Town Name OriginMerrick is named for it's founder
Date of Founding~1992
Age20 years
Primary SpeciesNo dominant species
Luperci DominantYes
Population~80 (Merrick: 50, Surrounding Area approx 30)
Religion-- Varied

This is Neela's hometown. Merrick is the actual town where the main Luperci population live whereas Golfo de ángeles refers to the coastline near the village and the surrounding land where some packs take residence. Any character coming from this area will likely have heard of Neela as the Garcia pack has a bounty on her life. New characters from here are gladly accepted, just throw me a PM so I know who's roaming around.

1.  Description

Merrick is a town located in a section of land near what was once the American/Mexican border. It is located along the coats near a large bay. The bay is known for two things, clear waters and a large population of Manta Rays, which are considered sacred by the locals. For this reason the bay was named Golfo de ángeles and as time passed this name grew to refer to the surrounding land area as well.

Merrick consists of a gathering of wooden, Luperci made structures contained within a log wall close to the sea. The wall is often moved as the town expands, with both this and deforestation caused by the residents building causing conflict with the local packs. As well as the structures Merrick contains a beach and a well maintained dock/shipbuilding area. Despite being isolated from many other Luperci settlements Merrick is popular with traders due to the well maintained dock.

Merrick itself is named for its founder, a trader who owned several ships and initially built the port to house them. The town grew up around the port and gained its own culture as time went on.

2.  Significance

Canines residing in souls: - Neela Garcia [ Known as either Neela Garcia or Neela Manston to Merrick natives. Is considered an outlaw with a bounty on her head]

Canines who have visited Souls but have left or died:

Hunting Party - [These canines visited Souls in Early 2012 in an attempt to hunt down Neela.]

  • Leon Garcia - [Neela's Son]
  • Marcas Garcia - [Neela's Father in Law, ex head of the Merrick Guard]
  • Unknown Garcia - [ Never reached Souls, died of Illness.]
  • Kaer Manston - [Neela's Mother, exiled from Merrick. Worked with the Garcia providing information about Neela's location]


  • Garcia [About 10 members]
  • Cutore Family [About 6 members. The most well educated family in Merrick, act as traders, knowledge keepers and educators for the town.]

3.  Culture

Much of life in Merrick is based around the sea as the residents mainly survive on fishing and trade due to heavy conflict with the local packs making hunting dangerous. The people of Merrick are very superstitious and believe that luck can be heavily influenced by what one does and does not do. While placing little importance in a typical pack structure the people of Merrick value loyalty and duty; there are many unpleasant jobs that must be done in order for them to survive by fishing and if the town were fractured the residents believe that the packs would attack them.

3.1  Species

Mix of all species. In Merrick itself Dog is the dominant species – with the exception of the Garcia family which is predominantly wolf - due to the amount of residents who sail from Europe and settle.


While there are no forbidden forms in Merrick the primary form for most is Optime and there is a subtle discrimination towards those who favour Lupus or Secui. Packs surrounding Merrick typically prefer Lupus form.

3.2  Lifestyle


Spanish and English are spoken equally in Merrick with Luperci from both the Mexican and American regions settling in the town, it is common for Luperci raised here to be fluent in both and switch between them at will.


For the most part the permanent citizens of Merrick live in self build wooden houses. These range from holes in the ground with a wooden roof to log cabins to large scale buildings depending on the skill of the builder and how many Luperci are involved in the project. Some old, abandoned fisherman’s cottages from human times are set aside for travellers to sleep in as they pass through


Generally the technology level in Merrick is fairly low with little to nothing being produced by way of metalwork. However in contrast practical forms of woodworking - specifically building boats and residences - are advanced by Luperci standards.


Independence is highly valued in Merrick; a lot of value is placed on being able to make or repair your own house or boat. The majority of the population works either making, repairing or using boats or supporting them (i.e. dockworkers).

3.3  Structure

Humanised family structure with a council of all adults deciding major actions. The roles of Educator and Guard are typically dominated by two large families: the Cutore and Garcia respectively.


The Garcia family and those working with them in the Guard typically have free reign over law and punishment, though all punishments must be publicly announced alongside crimes and public decision can have a punishment changed or suspended.

A basic law structure is followed in Merrick with thieving, violence and such being punishable.

Typically minor crimes are punished with menial labour, offenders being loaned out to do jobs that nobody else wishes to. Serious crimes are often punished by forced service in the guard, exile (Both temporary and permanent depending on severity) or death in serious cases.

The packs surrounding Merrick do not fall under Merrick’s laws and will often steal food or supplies if they can, leading to conflict between the two groups.


Canines visiting Merrick are well received as the town relies on traders for that human goods they need, typically fishing equipment, woodworking tools and weapons. Travellers are also well received through courtesy and those wanting to settle down in Merrick are welcomed if they possess the skills commonly used or are willing to learn.

Conversely Merrick locals are often very hostile towards the packs that occupy the Golfo de ángeles area, viewing them as savages and thieves. For their part the packs typically care little about travellers, neither hindering nor welcoming them as long as their prey isn’t poached.

3.4  Religion

The Merrick residents don’t have a named religion but they do have a shared set of beliefs, worshiping the sea, sun and moon There are various superstitions about luck, something the locals consider important at sea, and reincarnation is a common belief.

Creation Legends

Common local belief is that Luperci were born when Humans mated with Canines. The reason for doing so, or why the humans were wiped out, are typically seen as things that will never be known though some suggest that the Humans mated with Canines to create the Luperci because they knew they were dying out.


The Sea, Sun and Moon are all typically worshiped:

  • Gran Azul; Spanish for Great Blue, refers to Sea. The sea is seen as an entity that both brings life, by supporting Merrick’s primary food supply, and also brings death, deaths at sea, and is treated with respect as such. Commonly used in insults and challenges (i.e. “Gran Azul take you” is considered a death threat). Manta and Sting rays are considered by the residents to be Ángelos de Azul (Angels of the Blue).
  • Mother Moon; refers to the Moon. As the title Mother suggests the moon is seen as a protective figure and is often invoked as such (i.e. “Mother Moon protect me” is often used as a cry for help. Also used flippantly i.e. “Mother Moon protect me from your stupidity” is a common insult.)
  • Sol; Spanish for Sun. The sun is considered both a life bringing and a destructive entity, often invoked to destroy ones enemies. The sun is believes to have control over the weather and weather is associated with its moods. A clear sky means the run is happy while clouds or rain mean it is displeased or sad. As sailor Luperci rely on the sun and stars to navigate clouds are seen as a very bad thing. Lightening is seen as Sol’s Wrath and it is common for Merrick residents to develop a fear of lightening.


Moon shaped jewellery is often worn as a protective token.

Religious Order

No religious order.


Minor sacrifices or prey are commonly made to the three deities. Part of every catch is thrown back into the ocean as a sacrifice for the sea, prey is burned to sacrifice it to the sun and prey consumed raw at midnight under a full moon is a sacrifice to the Moon.

Another common practise is that when departing on a long journey all members of a ship must howl a farewell to the town. Tradition says that any canine who does not follow this tradition to a place they leave will never return to that place, though this is considered a fact of life and not something that is enforced (A canine who did not perform the ceremony returning to the town is welcomed as an oddity, not turned away.)


Merrick holds few rituals though residents often stargaze on clear full moons and stay inside on the night of the new moon.

3.5  History

Merrick was founded as a trading post and port but grew into a full town over the years. Ever since it was formed there have been conflicts between Merrick and the surrounding pack over territory, food and everything that can be found to be fought over. These conflicts are typically skirmishes with few fatalities or serious injuries as the Merrick Guard are tied by law and the Packs have learnt that any deaths on their parts often result in harsh counterattacks by the Guard.

4.  References

  • No references :c