Athens, Greece

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Territory Statistics

StatusOPEN ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesMixed
Luperci DominantYes
ReligionAncient Greek Theology

1.  Description

Much of modern Athens lies in ruins, however the citizens of Athens have long since started to rebuild structures to make it inhabitable by canines; most of the structures are built in a historical style, from stone, as shown in old images of the city. Apart from a very successful agora, or marketplace, Athens also has a large port for cargo ships as well as single merchants to come and peddle their wares.

There are a number of fishing and sea-based industries here, and the trade link between Istanbul and the rest of the Mediterranean is extremely important, as the two cities are very friendly with each other. Athens also provides important routes to Rome, Beirut, Tripoli, and Cairo, making it an important hub of Mediterranean trade.


2.  Culture

With a very large population, the canines of Athens are highly civilized for the 'SoulsEra. They've created a simple form of government, with structured laws and a legal force of punishment for those who break them. The citizens are clearly defined in levels: high class (those canines who have status), low class (further divided into workers, merchants, etc.) and slaves (imported from African tribal states), with the high class members living in the ruined area of the Acropolis while the Low City is divided into several districts and used for multi-purpose living.

Most common labour is done by slaves, brought in by ship from African tribes and sold to the highest bidder. Females, because of their ability to bear children, are often held in high regard; many feel a sense of self-worth and few succumb to living a monogamous life under their mates. Both males and females are allowed to have professions, though it is not uncommon for high class members of Athens to forgo a labouring job to pursue the 'finer things in life'.

Unlike most cultures found in the 'Soulsverse, Athens has a monetary currency system. Made from fired clay and stamped with a government seal crafted from bone, the drachma coins were introduced some years ago in order to help create order and promote rank. Though it was a slow introduction, all free members of Athens are now capable of controlling their own drachma within the city. This currency system has not been accepted outside of Athens, however; merchant canines who sell their wares outside of their native city, or non-native merchants who come in to sell, still must utilize the barter system to gain new goods. This forward way of thinking has caused many Athenites to feel superior to those other canines who are not native to Athens, believing that they're more civilized and therefore more intelligent.

There is no clear primary species found in Athens. The residents are made primarily of Common gray wolf, European jackal and various dog breeds, with more sparse populations of Syrian jackal and Iranian wolf. The imported slaves are usually Iberian wolf, Arabian wolf, Ethiopian wolf, and various types of African jackals. This has led to a large amount of mixed hybrid blood. However, despite the hybridization, coyote blood has never been entered into native members of Athens.

3.  Significance

4.  References