Warsaw, Poland

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~2003
Primary SpeciesCommon Gray Wolf
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

The human city of Warsaw was completely destroyed upon the demise of the human race, and it is a completely unique place in that all of its structures are Luperci-built. Parts of old Warsaw burned, and whatever was left eventually crumbled -- Luperci did not inhabit the area until early 2004. It is more or less a trading post and less of a city, though the resident population has been growing in recent years.

Warsaw has one of the most expansive marketplaces in the Luperci world, covering the entirety of the inner square of their city. This place is the best to go to trade or barter one's wares in Europe, arguably the world. Warsaw was dependent on Berlin canines for their technological abilities at first, and canines from the neighboring city played a large role in the construction of Warsaw.

There are five or six buildings arranged in a square, each of them a wild menagerie of wood and metal and concrete, and the Luperci who live here are proud of their handiwork. Warsaw is a crossroads of sorts, directly connected to Berlin, Budapest and Kiev by various clearly marked land routes. Though there are few indoor areas to stay for travelers, camping grounds are provided all around the buildings, and most Luperci are not averse to sleeping outside, of course.

2.  Culture

There are few permanent residents, little more than a few families -- most of them are adept builders and carpenters, however, specializing in Luperci-made craft. Some of the handiest Luperci in the civilized world live here; they are deviously cunning when it comes to putting their opposable thumbs to good use. Canines from Warsaw are often traveling to Amsterdam to assist in boat restoration.

In the years since its founding, Warsaw has boomed to almost five times its original population of roughly two dozen canines. Most of the newcomers are those born here, semi-permanent residents (such as traders and their families), and Luperci and non-Luperci alike who've wandered in to live on the fringes. As a result, many new shops, crude taverns, and other such places have begun to spring up in Warsaw. There is still a lack of livable, permanent structures, however, and most of these establishments are stalls or open-air affairs.

2.1  Species

Warsaw wolves are generally Common Gray Wolves, though as it is a traveler's outpost, many transient canines of various species and subspecies may be found here. Steppe wolves are an extremely common sight here -- although not native to the area, their nomadic nature and propensity for trading leads them to be frequent visitors of Warsaw.

2.2  Significance

2.3  More Reference

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