London, England

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StatusOPEN! ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesDog
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Significance

  • Large Trade source, good for finding anything needed, has a black market and able to help arrange transportation to other places.

1.1  Description

London has been a noteworthy area for the better part of two thousand years; it has changed little in the Luperci world. London has remained quite true to its roots as a highly diverse city, and it attracts canines from all over Europe. Though much of the city still stands in disrepair, there is a bustling center around which most canines spend their time and reside.

Quite easily one of the more populous cities of Europe, London is serviced by land-trading routes to the port of Liverpool and the smaller Portsmouth, which provides a link across the English Channel to Amsterdam and Calais-Fr├ęthun, which in turn provides a land route to Paris. Well-connected, London is easily the most diverse of the Luperci cities, and it is consider the Western capital of the Luperci world.

1.2  Culture

London is not well-served by areas of wildlife, so much of the food for this city is brought in from trade-happy canines residing in the greater English countryside. The culture is more varied than the usual Luperci "city," with small "districts" of a few same-species Luperci families residing nearby one another (ala Chinatown, Little Italy except it's like Jackaltown and Little Tundra Wolf).

Hybridization is quite common with dog natives of the city, but as there is a constant flow of nomadic canines in and out of the city, many different types of purebreds can be found here. The most common species outside of the city and on the greater parts of the island is still the dog, as wolves were eradicated from the island prior to humankind's destruction.

The Sunders family's mansion is located just outside of London. Several influential families work in London, forming a kind of nobility like in the medieval ages.

1.3  'Souls Significance

  • Amy Sunders was influential here, as the Sunders mansion is located just outside of London.
  • Levent Kartal lived in London with his mother, where he found his companion Wilson.
  • Harvey Butler was born in London and grew up in the East End.
  • The Reverie family originates and is centralized in London and plays a controlling hand in the local black market.

1.4  More Reference

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