Moscow, Russia

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesWolves, dogs
Luperci DominantYes, but many live as Lupus
ReligionLargely pagan


1.  Description

Moscow is a huge city in terms of size, though it is not nearly as densely populated as many Luperci cities. The vast majority of buildings stand unused and in disarray, though the city itself is not nearly as slummy as its outward appearance would imply. Most canines cluster on the outermost ring of the city's limits, preferring to simply scavenge from the deeper parts of the city than live within it.

Moscow is self-sufficient in terms of supporting its population, as the city is well-surrounded by forests and wilderness which provide the canines living within it plenty to eat. Moscow is connected to Kiev and Sobirat'sya by land route, though it is not advisable to travel either route in winter. Its isolation from the rest of the world is perhaps why Moscow has not flourished as much as the other Luperci cities.

1.1  Culture

Though the population is not great, the citizens of the city are generally very warm and receiving to outsiders, and many traditions regarding guests are time-tested and honored. An outsider with nowhere to go will easily find himself a hot meal and a warm bed simply by heading to the lonely bar and pleading his case. The winter is very long and harsh here, so the canines of this city take great care in preparing for it.

The city is inhabited primarily by Tundra Wolves, with a few Common Gray Wolves here and there. There are few other species -- the occasional Russian wolf may make its way west from its home range, and Steppe wolves, prone to traveling, are often seen in Moscow, bringing in traded goods from various locations. Steppe wolves are arguably the reason for Moscow's continued success despite its desperately small population. Dogs are also common within the city, as there was a booming stray population prior to the extinction of humanity.

1.2  'Souls Significance

1.3  More Reference

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