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Classification: Request. Players must request permission to create a character originating from the area or spent a sizable period of time in the area, but they may play a character that passed through the area or their character has heard of the area.

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SoCal was originally one of the major hubs of the human population. Ultimately, they abandoned the cities after they were more or less destroyed by riots, fire, and earthquakes. Native coyotes and other animals took over these places, ultimately doing little to change them as the Luperci virus had not yet become prominent. Towards the end of 2006, a large group of wolves took up residence in the area after fleeing from Utah. They were followed and ultimately engaged in a bloody standoff with the coyotes and hybrids who had chased them there. Gabriel de le Poer, second-in-command of this latter group, set fire to Los Angeles and killed nearly all living creatures there (wolves and coyotes included). The fire spread north, and without humans to put it out, it burnt for several weeks. Since then, SoCal has been barren, covered in ash, and uninhabitable.

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