la Chemin

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la Chemin Statistics

Name MeaningThe Way
Name OriginFrench
Date of Founding~?
Agex years
Primary SpeciesCoyote subspecies mixes
Luperci DominantYes
ReligionChristianity; Opus Dei Sect

The territory of la Chemin is currently defunct because of the fires that took the lives of some members and caused the others to leave.

1.  Description

The place was located in the southern part of Quebec, Canada within a Mixedwood area. It was situated in Montreal and took up the area around Saint Joseph's Oratory. It was this church that had been set fire too, as well as the forests that surrounded it.

The summers are warm to hot and humid while the winters are cold, snowy, windy, and icy. The cold weather tends to begin around mid- November. Snow cover usually lasts from first or second week of December and up to the last week of March. Spring and fall are mild but can have drastic temperature changes. April tends to be mild and sunny while May is warm and wet. Indian summers are possible and so are snow storms in November and March. There are some winter days in January and February, around four days, that rise above freezing and allow for rain.

The trees in the forests that surrounded the church were used to supply wood to make the crosses place around the borders. The crosses were large as they were used to crucify those that had come to cause harm. A new cross was put up only when there was a body that was nailed to it.

Of course now, because of the fires, all that remains is burned and charred area. With the structure of the church being made of stone you can still see the ruined remains standing but the once fertile land surrounding it is no more.

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2.  Significance

This is the area where Willam la Chemin comes from.

3.  Culture

If your area has a particular culture specific to the area, you include it here. Again, general details will do just fine; there's no need to get really detailed here unless you want to--totally up to you. For 'Souls, one might say that there are many different packs with individual personality, but in general the canines of 'Souls are middling in their level of civilization; for the most part, everyone is just fine in their four-legged forms, but they are also generally not averse to canines who wear clothes or use human tools.

3.1  Species

Everyone in la Chemin is made up of mostly coyote subspecies mixes. Some have wolf blood in them but it is never spoken of.


The place is luperci dominant with the populace staying in optime form for the most part.

3.2  Lifestyle


What is the primary language spoken by the canines of this area? Make sure you're specific -- linking to a Wikipedia page of that particular language is awesome! Remember, too, that if your area is populated by many different canines, an "official" language spoken by most canines is unlikely -- various dialects and different languages will likely exist in your area!


Where do they live? The remains of a human city? Sprawling forests and mountains? Do they remain in one place, or are the canines nomadic over a particular territory?


How adept are the canines of your area with old human technology? Did they bother to restore the human ruins, or are they simply living among the rubble? The most adaptive Luperci of the North American continent are roughly a Bronze Age level of prowess, with most areas populated by European and west Asian Luperci slightly exceeding them.


This section is intended for any particular beliefs your canines may have -- note that this section is separate and different from religion. For example, in Sobiratsya, canines practice piercing "rituals" wherein a canine considered to be turning into an adult is given an eyebrow piercing.

3.3  Structure

Alpha/beta/gamma? King/queen? Remember, Luperci don't tend to form complex government organizations -- their structures are simple, reflecting that of their ancestral packs.


If there is a dominant system of government—e.g., a monarchy, or a pack-like structure with alphas, betas, etc—you can describe it here. Remember that extremely large groups of Luperci are usually split into smaller sects of canines -- e.g., a structure with a few packs or families banded together under a common name, like Sobiratsya.


How do canines regard outsiders? Are they a cohesive, tightly-knit group or are they a quarrelsome group, prone to outbursts of disobedience or even "mutiny?

3.4  Religion

If there is a dominant religion in your culture, you can describe it here. Consider their landscape (e.g., the Kiev wolves worshiping the river around their territory.) Describe their general belief system here -- what are the cornerstones of their beliefs? Do your religions follow a particular written text?

Creation Legends

Are there any myths widely believed by the populations there regarding the creation of Luperci, the creation of wolves, the creation of that particular society? These are sometimes better to include than a detailed history—they're generally brief, fantastical, and easy to remember, and thus easy to pass from character to characters.


Are your characters monotheistic or polytheistic? Do they have minor god(s), if they're polytheistic? What about saints/spirits/angels/demons?


Are any symbols pervasive in your religion (e.g., Christian cross, Star of David, etc). Think about what these things mean for your characters, and how these symbols are represented in your culture (e.g., perhaps residents get tattoos or markings in the shape of the symbols).

Religious Order

Are there priests, priestesses, shaman, religious leaders? How do they enforce the religious code, if there is one?


Do your canines have any particular practices, rituals, or pervasive beliefs? Perhaps the canines from your area are exceptionally superstitious. Ceremonies and the like can be listed here.


If your canines celebrate particular holidays or religious observances, describe them here. This space can also be used for the description of rituals and the like.

3.5  History

If there was a massive war or other large scale occurrence here, you may include it here, however, please keep in mind that these events don't have a lot of meaning for characters who did not originate from the place during that time. A generalized summary is much better.

4.  References

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