Ame Rouge

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Located near the small city of Port Perry on the shore of Lake Skugog in Ontario, Canada. A half-day walk from the city of Toronto, this area is relatively rural. The Silevue family moved from the more immediate suburbs of the city to this location to move the ever expanding family from the influence and violence of the gang life in the city. However, they still often offer their services to the highest bidders and the "magicians" in the family often keep shops for selling trinkets and services near the more occupied portions of the suburbs. They have created a choke point to Skugog peninsula, and control the hunting in the area.

Ame Rouge



Statistics & Foundation

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  • Location: Port Perry, Ontario
  • Status: REQUEST. More Information
  • Demonym: Rougans
  • Languages Spoken: English, French
  • Pronounciation: AH-meh roozh
  • Archetype (Group): Mercenaries, Gypsies, and Merchants
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Mercenary, Fortune Teller, Thief, Warrior, Lovers, Prostitutes, Vendors, Traders

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  2.   2.  Culture
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  3.   3.  Structure
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    2.   3.2  Law & Justice
  4.   4.  Religion
  5.   5.  Significant Families
    1.   5.1  Silevue
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Significance
    2.   6.2  History
  7.   7.  Notes

1.  Essentials

1.1  Geography

Once a decidedly more rural farming region outside of the suburbs of Toronto, the town of Port Perry is more of a quiet suburban looking town that petters out into the farming and wooded areas. Since the decline of man, the wooded areas have begun to more aggressively take over the once well maintained fields and wild grass covers most of the abandoned fields. Game has increased, returning to the area, which is mostly flat with frequent crisscrossing of rivers and streams. Beaches by Lake Skugog are more grassy banks and pebble, home to an array of waterfowl during the migratory months. During the winter, the lake frequently freezes over, as well as many of the other waterways in the region.

Roads crumble and many houses are in disrepair or worse. However, quite a few of the houses along the road that crosses the lake are taken in by members of the pack and maintained as housing for the growing families. Few members prefer traditional dens, instead keeping their valuables in sturdy stone or brick houses that have lasted decades.

1.2  Climate

The area often has warm summers and cold winters, with rainfall common in the spring and fall months though not excessive, with quite a bit of snow in the winter months. High summer averages at 25°C (77°F) and low winter averages at −9.9°C (14°F), with oscillations causing variance in both directions.

2.  Culture

Ame Rouge is a strongly familial society with high expectations of all members, related or not. Individuality is encouraged though unity and integrity is stressed above the individual. The typical though process of a member of Ame Rouge is to better oneself for the sake of all, though not everyone subscribes to this frequently pushed upon philosophy.

The religious priestesshood dominates the morality of the pack, though folk may choose to ignore the teachings. However, things such as moral looseness, infidelity, and familicide, are discouraged with various levels of severity. Monogamy is strongly encouraged, mostly in the sense of keeping promises made – ie, on the alter or to another person. In situations lacking a formal partnership of marriage, a blind eye is more often turned. Polygamy is frowned upon and, when it happens, regulated carefully by priestesses.

Incestuous relationships may not be discouraged, especially in cases between half-siblings or first cousins. Immediate families often have opinions on it, so it is frequently dependent on the parents. Parent-child couplings, however, are expressly forbidden, punishable by ritual mutilation to appease the “insult given to the nature of the goddess”. Men are often more brutality punished in these cases.

Punishment is infrequent, revolving around shame and ostricization, though severe punishments are issued to high offenses such as familicide.


Predominantly English is used by the pack, though a handful have a knowledge of French and a smattering of Spanish. All members are taught to read and write, especially those that are employed in trading and services.

2.1  Lifestyle

Decided used to a slightly more affluent lifestyle, members of Ame Rouge aim to arm themselves with wealth and comfort. A successful mercenary or warrior that has survived into venerable old age or a mobility-altering wound will expect to be kept in comfort following a productive lifetime of service. Fortunately, there are not too many mercenary sons who grow into old age, so resources are not strained often.

Women often dominate home life in the case of heterosexual mateships, as men are often out and about. They tend to run things with iron fists regarding the particulars of what they consider their domains. Families will keep small plots of garden for their private, personal use as the Ame Rouge communal garden is meant to be used to feed communal livestock and for trading toward the general good.

Everyone resides in some manner of refurbished house in the former town of Port Perry, some remodeling their old farm houses more into the former farmland of their claim. The main stables and animal pens are more internal and well protected by the small family that chose to live their lives as animal caretakers rather than traders of skill. The more social members live closer in the small town, with the old high school taking up official purposes such as record keeping, social gathering hall, or storage facilities in its abandoned rooms.

However, a many people chose abandoned houses on the northwestern shore of the peninsula portion of the claim, as it is well protected by water and by the road that connects it at the south – which is incredibly frequently patrolled for strangers. All the valuable animals are cared for there, though horses are stabled both in that farmland, and in a small stable in the main town for frequent riders.


The pack keeps a small quantity of barn animals, mostly sheep and goats. They use the products from these animals to trade in the sanctuary spaces of Toronto for other goods, as well as to feed themselves.

Gender Divisions

Men are expected to go down the road of violence as guards, mercenaries, or looters. They often sell their services to nearby packs or further on to Toronto in the southwest. At home, they are expected to perform guard duty and patrol, or hunt for the pack. Men may also care for the livestock that are kept by the pack, though it is more often a duty given to women who stay at home more often than not.

Women have a few more options; they are encouraged to commit to trade, selling goods or services. Prostitution is not frowned upon and delicately avoided in conversation though there seems to be a loose stance on sexual morality when it comes to commercial business. Women who are seen to have some sort of mystical gift are funneled into the education of a priestess, though not all manage to move on to the female-dominated clergy.

Just over half the women of the pack are priestesses of some level, though minor priestesses are often only called upon for big ceremonies, carrying out other work in the day-to-day

Men returning from a successful life of hire tend to retire to taking care of construction and maintenance, animal husbandry, hunting, and fishing. Older men often provide the food for the pack, as well as the women who do not go into service for the Goddess or for the trades. Older women who have chosen not to continue trading in whatever they had specialized in their prime focus on the gardens, medicine, and childcare.

3.  Structure

3.1  Leaders

Desmond Heiwa rules Ame Rouge after the death of his step-father, though he himself is getting on in years, he is still a fearsome figure.

3.2  Law & Justice

Typically familial justice, almost martial, as the male leaders of the group are former mercenaries and ergo lead their lives in a much more militaristic way. However, they are considered fair thanks to the softening presence of their female mates who assist in any cases to increase justice and fairness. Visionary and Desmond have final say, though they take their spouse's advice seriously. At times, a priestess may interfere, though such cases are rare and require true scrutiny among all priestesses and men involved.

4.  Religion

The dominant religion, and the only recognized one, is that of the Goddess. A rather vague description of a female entity that governs the earth, life, and death. She is considered the sole ruler of canines and especially favors women who are made in her image. Men do not suffer, per se, though men are rarely permitted to interpret cards or ply the trade of fortune telling. Men are rarely priests of the Goddess and the small collective of women that call themselves priestess do not allow them into their circle.


The Goddess is a female formless entity that rules over the earth from which springs life and to where the dead go. She is a benevolent god that watches over women, children, and brings knowledge to those who seek her wisdom.

Sea and Sky is a vague genderless entity that is considered a presence in the sky and sea, though it is more of a force than a god. It has no name and is nothing more than a companion to the Goddess, whose asexual fertility bears life through her own existence. It does have a strong wrath, bringing storms, rain, and high waves, and is considered to be calmed by the Goddess for the faithful when the weather is fair.

Religious Order

Women who are considered faithful and particularly strong in their interpretation of the will of the Goddess are called to name themselves Priestess though it is not necessarily a rank. It is merely a different social tag that is added to ones standing with the rest. These are women that are particularly good at their trades that they use in the name of the Goddess. Men are forbidden, mostly since the Matriarch rejects the few that tried to take the title of Priest. If she does not approve, then the title is not granted. She rarely rejects female hopefuls as she is decidedly more accepting of women devoted to her deity.

There is always an Oracle in this group, who sees better than the others and excels. She has no more power than the others, beyond the one that the believers give her. She has no more authority than her sisters and it is often merely a distinction of ability. At present, the Oracle position is empty, with newcomer hopeful Delfina Heiwa having an eye on the spot - she is likely to get it due to her mother's influence upon the family.


Card reading is a common ceremony done privately for a manner of things. New marriages, unborn litters, and other such things are considered grave and priestesses will conduct readings for those asking. They will often provide "holy" alcohols and drugs that may induce euphoria or a state of hallucination.

Newborns are anointed with oils blended of herbs and flowers to give luck and whatever traits the parents dictate they desire in their offspring. The oils will vary by both traits desired and the priestess that anoints them.

The dead are burned, their ashes collected, and before the few fields that the family uses for their herbs and things are planted, these ashes are spread to encourage new life where the dead returned to the Goddess. These ashes may wait nearly a year depending on time of death.

5.  Significant Families

5.1  Silevue

The line of Lydia Silevue spread wide as her fertility bore many children and those children bore young of their own. The majority of the pack is in some way related to the aged matriarch, though she does not lead the group. Her second mate, Visionary Solitaire leads with the strength of her eldest son, Desmond. With his advanced age, Visionary is more of a figurehead leader with a powerful authority while Desmond runs the majority of the day to day and handles most issues.

6.  History

6.1  Significance

Salsola is home to several Silevue childre

6.2  History

If there was a massive war or other large scale occurrence here, you may include it here, however, please keep in mind that these events don't have a lot of meaning for characters who did not originate from the place during that time. A generalized summary is much better.

7.  Notes


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  • Status: REQUEST.
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  1. Current maps show the Great Blue Heron Casino but it was constructed in 1997 - ergo it is not a part of current maps.



Name Meanings

  1. Red Soul in French
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