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Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  History of Old Caledonia
    1.   1.1  Notable Events
    2.   1.2  Notes on Old Caledonia

1.  History of Old Caledonia

Old Caledonia was a peaceful place where four clans lived across Highlands and Lowlands. Set upon by renegade forces in late 2018 for their resource-rich land, the Clans fought against their foes separately in an effort to drive them off. Late into the fighting the Clans came together and elected their first leader to unite them, King Iomair.

In 2019 the remaining members of Old Caledonia were forced to admit defeat and abandon their homeland in droves. After collecting what little remained of their lives, they have begun a pilgrimage to find new lands not devastated by war.

As part of Iomair's wish to establish peace he broke apart the Clans and has declared them unified under one banner in New Caledonia.

Note: When creating a character from Old Caledonia, the fighting is to be vaguely referenced. The main emphasis of the story is to have them come to Nova Scotia and begin to rebuild their lives. If you would like to have a specific aspect reviewed or added into the notable events section of the war, please discuss with us first!

1.1  Notable Events

  • Their enemies attacked Old Caledonia in pieces so that it took the Clans some time to realize that it was a concentrated attack. Many of the Clans banded together to create their own forces in an effort to drive off the attackers -- though ultimately these all failed.
  • Iomair declares that Old Caledonia is defeated and sends messages as far as possible to alert all fighters that the time to abandon their home has come. How your character receives this message is up to you!

1.2  Notes on Old Caledonia

The backstory attached to Old Caledonia is purposefully built with some vagueness to allow for your character to interpret or interact with the story as you see fit.

  • In Old Caledonia all of the clans lived on one large territory which was then split by borders into their respective clans. All families within the clans have varying levels of traditionalism, just like us!
  • Your character could have left Old Caledonia at anytime. The war of course was the catalyst to everyone leaving, but your character could have left for any multitude of reasons!
  • The old territory is located somewhere in Manitoba. Travel time from there to Nova Scotia is roughly 18 days -- so keep this in mind as you adventure west towards our new land!
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