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Gunner Wilds was a runaway from Paris that sought to survive in the wild of Canada. Little did he know, stealing his father's research as he fled caused him to become so maddened that he would stop at nothing to catch the boy...

He still lives, although he had been dragged back to Paris. There he endured another year of abuse, before another chance at freedom suddenly entered into his life in the form of his brother.

Gunner suffers from coprolalia (and infrequently, copropraxia and echolalia, which may occur at the same time). These tics worsen when triggered; either by great stress or trauma, or by him speaking or thinking about this condition (he does not know it by name). They can be assumed to be a result of a stroke.

Gunner Wilds
by Nic

Credit: Hydra Triangle

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 13 Mar 2017
  • Birthplace: Paris, France
  • Etymology:
    • Gunner: Variant of Gunnar, influenced by the vocabulary word gunner. (English)
    • Wilds: Variant of or patronymic from Wild. (English)
  • Nickname: Gun, G-Man
  • Epithet: The Magician
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: He/him
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Hybrid
    • 50% Canis latrans (Coyote)
    • 30% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
    • 20% Canis lupus (Wolf)
NPC Information
  • N/A

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1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Rarely seen without a frown on his face, Gunner Wilds does not read as intimidating as he would like. But he does read as a nuisance to avoid, at least. He cuts an odd shape, slender as a willow but as steady as one. As a thoroughly mixed hybrid, it's hard to tell his lineage just by looking at him. He smells more of 'yote than dog or wolf, but he doesn't have the characteristic big ears or long snout of the species. He seemed to take more to his dog and wolf blood, all spliced together to make him seem a mimicry of full-blooded canines.

He used to carry himself with unearned confidence, now his posture speaks of a long-standing tiredness. In Secui, he is more bone than fluff, lanky and longer: but his muscles are so defined it would be a mistake to underestimate him. The same goes for Optime, for the most part. He has a tuft of hair that sticks up at the top of his head, that won't stay down no matter what he tries.

He likes to wear a tattered cloak and little else. He carries a sword of his own make, though it has no name. He'd rather die than be seen in pants or other restrictive clothing, far too paranoid to surrender mobility. Speaking of his paranoia, they make his eyes dart from side to side when speaking to others. Between his short temper and paranoia, one could be forgiven for finding him a suspicious character.



  • Lupus : --- in (--- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg) (Use this for conversions)
  • Secui: --- in (--- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg)
  • Optime: -- ft -- in (--- in / --- cm) ↔ lbs (--- kg) (Preferred)


His entire left arm is scarred heavily due to a long-lasting experiment (studying scars, infections) he was forcibly put under by his father.

Tattoos & Piercings:

None to speak of.


  • Speech: Fast and blunt. No filter whatsoever.
    • Fluent in French
  • Unique Scent: Metal, ashes, smoke, blood (from frequent minor injuries)
  • General Posture and Body Language: Neutral though suspicious, his copropraxia can sometimes cause him to involuntarily display inappropriately dominant body posture.

Coloration Palette

Fur (Go to name that color!)

DOMINO (#8A725B)

Optime Hair




Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

MAKARA (#867F6A)

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1.2  Personality

Summarized: Determined, short-tempered, efficient, vulgar

In the year Gunner had been taken from 'Souls territory, he grew as a person. The process remained slow, due to the consistent abuse from his father constantly putting stress on him. But, it happened nevertheless. It would be inaccurate to say he 'mellowed': Gunner still retains a sense of fear and paranoia, distrustful of the world. His illnesses also still make it difficult to socialize with others unless they look past them. However, his normal speaking voice isn't at a yell anymore, which he considers an improvement. His speaking voice now is a gruff, monotone sort of thing. Although he deems it an improvement, one has to question whether or not it truly is. He has gone to angry and enraged to unfeeling in some aspects of his life. Instead of feeling too much, he has gone numb to it.

But, Gunner isn't broken. Far from it. Because he has found support, both from a mentor figure and recently his brother, he sees a spark of hope for his life to not end so dreary. Though, he does have a great fear of it ending too soon. He had many near death experiences as a test subject. While under his father's thumb, he thought of every morning as a curse. Now, he can't help but view them more as a blessing. Taking on this more optimistic outlook has made Gunner a kinder person, although this is hard to see underneath his tough exterior. He's still as vulgar as ever, throwing curses left and right, and he still has a temper on him. He is fairly annoyed with failure and incompetence, and that is not likely to change.

  • Motivations: Calming his inner rage, settling into a steady routine
  • Fears: Being taken from 'Souls again, death
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes: ---


  • Non-Luperci: He thinks of Non-Luperci as different animals. They aren't bad, though, just... different.
  • Sex: Gunner is afraid of other men, although he will conceal this fact. He is slower to trust them and quicker to fight them.
  • Sexuality: He hates all love equally, so that's a... positive?
  • Age: Kids are annoying to him.


He is repulsed by sex, touch, and most forms of affection due to past sexual abuse.


Thinks it's a waste of time, but is surprisingly good about keeping his mouth shut about this opinion, at least in comparison to other subjects. He figures there's a possibility he might be wrong for once, therefore usually does not comment on the way others explore their spirituality. He is open to persuasion on this subject, but is still distrustful of people's intentions and reasoning, especially when attempting to 'convert' him.


Used to swear off all substances, but in his (slightly) older age he occasionally 'self medicates' using cannabis. He is still paranoid about any other substance, but will accept cannabis and trade for it. He finds it helps calm his nerves.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Blacksmithing
  • Blacksmithing (Hard Metal Weaponry):
This is Gunner's most favored skill, and the one he prefers practicing with the most. Working the forge with the 'Silent Dragon' are some of his fondest memories, as he had little other means to make better ones. The exhausting work helps distract him from his thoughts and past. The results from his work may end up crude, though he's most talented at making a sharp blade. Gunner has little knowledge of other metalwork besides weaponry, though he has tried to dabble in other types of creations, the attempts were failures.
  • Scrappy:
Due to his inherent nature sometimes pissing people off, Gunner has seen his fair share of fights. He is talented at fighting dirty, using tricks such as kicking dirt into his opponent's eyes or using other distractions to land hits in. Though he is muscular and strong enough to wield a weapon, he is not large and couldn't simply bowl someone over. His endurance in a fight is also not great. He may run out of breath and struggle to go on.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Medical Knowledge, Alchemy:
This was his father's specialty, and as such Gunner did learn it from reading his father's notes and constantly being around him. However, this skill has fallen to the wayside in recent times in favor of blacksmithing. He does not like using these skills as they always remind him of his father.

2.  History


Gunner was born to a litter of four. He had two younger sisters, and one older brother. For a good portion of his childhood, he remained with his mother Lucia. He used to be a happy child who never complained, and liked to play pranks on his siblings. However, not all was well within the family. Unbeknownst to Gunner at the time, he had been born from a non-consensual encounter, and his biological father, Griffon Wilds, had begun badgering his mother to release the children to him. When his threats of what he would do to her if not cooperated with grew too much to bear, Lucia agreed. Using her shrewd mind, she bargained with him. In the end, he took only one child, alongside many trinkets and gifts.

That child was Gunner.

His father hadn't wanted to take the pups from Lucia to take care of them. Instead, he wanted them as test subjects. Griffon had steadily built a reputation as the most reliable medic in nearly all of Paris. Many flocked to his door when they had an illness, or an injury to be cleaned. Griffon did not care for power nor wealth. Instead, what made him so twisted was his passion for the craft taken too far. It fascinated him to see guts, entrails, blood—to see the way the Luperci body worked in all three different forms. Surely, not a bad hobby on its own. But the pup, from the rest of his childhood and into adulthood, became the subject of many different tests; some of which he barely survived. Griffon knew how rare it was to find a test subject he could so easily keep a secret from prying city eyes, and because of this he was careful not to push Gunner too far. One of the most gruesome tests was studying minor infections. For this, he preformed scarification on his son to an extreme degree, leaving his entire left arm covered in jagged, bleeding cuts. They resembled the crackle of lightning when they healed; this was so Griffon could claim that the storms were the true source of the wound.

Griffon also had an interest in studying psychology. He abused Gunner deliberately to see the effects it would have on his personality. He recorded all of his studies on paper, watching as Gunner twisted and changed due to the trauma. His greatest wish was to live to see Gunner's death (if not cause it himself eventually, once Gunner had finally run out of usefulness), so that he could examine his brain and compare it with others. He frequently tested mixtures on Gunner. This did end (though he wanted this to be temporary) when Gunner had a life-threatening seizure after drinking a poisonous substance. After this stroke, Gunner's brain shortly thereafter began epileptogenesis. Gunner did not originally suffer from epilepsy, but developed it due to the brain trauma from the original seizure.

He fled from home with much of his father's research with the help of a better guardian figure, Silent Dragon, whom mentored him in the art of metalworking.


Upon arriving at 'Souls he became acquainted with the King Iomair. He worked for him as a metalworker for only a short while before his plans went awry. Griffon had figured out where he had gone. Not wasting any time dragging his son back to Paris by force, there Gunner remained for one long, dark year until the early fall of 2021.

The door swung to Griffon's home swung open. Gunner recognized the pelt and eyes of his older brother almost immediately. Batyr had found him. And immediately, Griffon knew what he had to do. He had to kill him. Otherwise, he would end up with no test subjects at all. And he would die for his work: that was why he had chased Gunner to the ends of the earth and brought him back. He would do anything to keep his work alive. Anything.

Batyr had grown. Taller and bigger than either of them, and Gunner at first was intimidated and scared by his enraged presence. He hid in the corner as his father struck with honed claws, fueled by instinct, but Batyr had been far more invested in this than either of them realized. Before Gunner could piece together anything, an axe had embedded itself in Griffon's head, driven in by Batyr.

The residents of Paris had put up with Griffon for a long time. They put up with his atrocious personality, his tendency to abuse and manipulate. All because of his services: he provided medical assistance on the cheap, sometimes for free.

They would not be happy about this.

This, Gunner explained to Batyr. He told him of that start: a start of a new life he had once thought he'd found in 'Souls. And the two fled quickly, it being the second time for Gunner. He'd had two saviors, despite feeling all alone in this world. The year away changed him, although if it's for the better or worse that remains to be seen.

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3.  Relationships

  • Extended: Wilds?
  • Mother: Lucia Wilds
  • Father: Griffon Wilds
  • Siblings:
  • His relationship with his abusive father is detailed in other sections, but as for his other family, he views them with a certain kind of reverence. He is grateful that they are still alive (or were at least seen alive recently by Batyr before his departure to find Gunner), and that they thought of him still, after all that time. He wishes to one day see them again, but because of the manner of the way Batyr freed him (by murdering Griffon), they had to make a speedy trip to 'Souls.
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