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Feel free to contact me with any questions you have, whether about specific adoptables or any of the terms, stipulations, or considerations you see here. Even if you think you might not be approved, please reach out! I'm very willing to work with players who show a genuine interest in adopting!

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Contract Terms
  • Relaxed:
    • Character is freeform and does not come with additional constraints.
    • Character may come with minor connections and/or brief, previous play.
    • Most pre-adoption changes to history, appearance, family dynamics, etc are acceptable
  • Moderate:
    • Character may have specific constraints that are open to discussion.
    • Character does come with preexisting connections and/or previous play.
    • Some pre-adoption changes might be acceptable with discussion.
  • Strict:
    • Character does have specific constraints that must be adhered to.
    • Character does come with extensive preexisting connections and/or previous play.
    • Pre-adoption changes are not acceptable.
Post-Adoption Stipulations
  • Art, Titles, Icons, Etc.:
    • Anything given with the adoptable returns with the character.
    • Anything acquired by you is considered your property and may be requested transferred in a timely manner.
  • Reclaiming an Adoptable:
    • I reserve the right to reclaim any adoptable who has been removed in an activity sweep, dropped after brief and/or inadequate play, or if the player has become inactive from 'Souls.
Player Considerations
  • While I'm always willing to try and work with prospective adopters, I may refuse players who:
    • Constantly pick up, drop, and switch characters.
    • Consistently struggle with communication, comprehension, or grammar.
    • Arbitrarily and/or excessively beget progeny from their characters.
    • Break rules, fail to follow board-wide policies, or treat others discourteously.

Current Adoptables

Calhoun de la Cruz

Basic Information

by Despi
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Coyote
  • DoB: 22 Jul 2019
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Contract: Moderate
  • Points of Interest:
    • Devoted to God...
    • ...Or struggling with his faith?
    • Plenty of development potential!

Aspiring Preacher of the Del Cenere Gang
One of three children born into Evelyn Escuella and Santiago Tejada's first litter, and raised alongside an adopted brother, Calhoun's early life was largely unremarkable and filled with happy memories. After the deaths of two siblings, and with the growing tension of a destabilizing family marred by stress and grief, Calhoun has appeared to double down in his aspiration to become a preacher. But whether his efforts come from to a true devotion to the lord or from a desire to hide his emotions behind a pious facade is something only Calhoun can say...

Active Relations: Rafaela Tejada (littermate), Esperanza Tejada (younger sister), Jimena Escuella (younger sister), Remy Debois (adopted brother); Tejada; Del Cenere Gang

Character Art:

Other Possibilities

Previously Available Adoptables

If none of the above suit your fancy, I have a few previously available adoptables, each of which have been shelved for one reason or another, that I may still be willing to adopt out on a more relaxed basis. Sadly, these characters have been a bit neglected for some time, so a little more discussion may be needed to hash out precise details. But I'm happy to hear your thoughts and help you plot things out if needed!

Nikolaj Parhelion

Milivoj Parhelion


Available Concepts

Alternately, there are a few concepts that I have concocted that may be worth your while if you're looking for a place or family (with or without ties to on-board relations) with which to build your very own character!

On-Board Families

Off-Board Families

Past Adoptables


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