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Luison was born to the maned wolf Arasy alongside a sister, Jasy Jatere, in Ceniza Valley where Arasy had accompanied Joaquina del Bosque as she fled her abusive family. However, Joaquina's brother Fidel Alvarez caught up with the group and killed Joaquina's companions, including Arasy, leaving the maned wolf pups orphaned.

Joaquina fled north with the barely-weaned puppies and sought refuge in Inferni. Vesper permitted the pups' stay, and they began to adapt to clan life with help from Joaquina and her friend Diego.

A couple months later, Joaquina was abducted from the clan by Fidel. Learning of her disappearance, Vicira Tears and Diego went to find and return her. Several weeks later, after Joaquina died in childbirth, Diego took the twice-orphaned pup in to raise while Vicira took charge of her sister.




NPC Info

OOC Assumptions

  • Date of Birth: September 2016
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Maned Wolf
  • Pronunciation: lwee-SOHn
  • Meaning: wolf-man
  • Origin: Guarani

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

1.  Appearance

True to her species, Luison has long, dark legs and large, wide ears — defining features of maned wolves. Her pelt is a rich ruddy hue that covers most of her body. Black accents tip the back of her neck and shoulders as well as her muzzle and legs. Her neck, groin, inner ears, and tail tip are coated white. Luison has deep, cocoa-brown eyes.

Since being uder Diego's care, Luison has taken after his spiritual beliefs and can often be seen with ash markings — primarily on her face, wrists, hocks, and shoulder. Once fully grown, Luison will weigh in at around 50lbs (23kgs) and reach a height of about 34in (86cm).

2.  Personality

In stark contrast to her sister, Jasy Jatere, Luison is quiet and thoughtful. Though not particularly extroverted, Luison does enjoy being in the company of others so long as small talk is not expected of her. Deep and meaningful conversations about subjects she's interested in, or those that are especially important to her, is the only type that she's accepting of and she will refuse — rudely if necessary — to engage in small talk.

The deaths of the two most important female figures of her life has caused a strong sense of spirituality in Luison. She enjoys attempting to find meaning in life and the bad things that happen. This has strengthened her bond with Diego, whose ritualistic dances and pyromancy are deeply meaningful to her.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • Foraging and hunting.
  • Intelligent conversation.
  • Observation and critical thinking.

2.2  Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes fire and ash.
  • Greatly enjoys talks of spirituality.
  • Dislikes small talk, puppies, intrusive questions, simple-minded creatures.

3.  History

  • Born in Ceniza Valley to Arasy in September 2016.
  • After her mother is killed by Fidel Alvarez, she and her sister, Jasy Jatere, are raised by Joaquina del Bosque, who escapes Fidel with them in tow and travels north.
  • In January 2017, the trio seek refuge in Inferni and are accepted by Vesper.
  • After Joaquina goes missing, the maned wolf pups suspect her brother, Fidel, is to blame. A successful rescue attempt by Vicira Tears and Diego del Bosque ensues in March 2017.
  • Sadly, Joaquina dies in childbirth in April 2017, leaving the pups orphaned once more. While Virica takes in Jasy Jatere, Diego assumes care over Luison.
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