Bridget Braithwaite



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  • Name: Bridget Braithwaite
    • Nickname: Birdie
  • Date of Birth: 7 January 2023
  • Species: Coyote 1
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/Her


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Pack Assumptions

  • Bridget is known to be the daughter of Rafaela and Bennett, two high-ranking and respected Ashen.
  • Prim and proper, Bridget is schooling herself on her mannerisms and presentation; she checks her appearance in reflective material and straightens her clothes, usually taking care not to dirty them.
  • Bridget can be seen and referenced practicing her horseback riding in the Lancaster Stockyard, hanging with Gramma Dill and Lucy at the Painted Pony, and admiring perching songbirds in rafters and trees.
  • When tending to animals, Bridget is noted to avoid poultry and waterfowl at all costs.

Outsider Assumptions

  • Bridget does not frequent outside of Del Cenere's borders.
  • Visitors of Charmingtown usually receive a disinterested reception from Bridget. She will not pursue conversation and, if approached, will be standoffish and aloof with strangers until they leave her be. She is absolutely judging them.
  • Bridget will throw openly distrustful looks at wolves and wolf-heavy hybrids.


Bridget "Birdie" Braithwaite is a Chispa of Del Cenere. On the cusp of her Bautizo, the young girl is determined to make the most of childhood before her coming of age ceremony.

She was born to two high-ranking Ashen of Del Cenere, Rafaela Tejada and Bennett Braithwaite. Alongside her were two littermates Esmerelda de la Luz and Lolicia Tejada, and her older, adoptive half-sibling Smoketrail.

Being young and new parents with affluent standing and familial connections, Rafaela and Bennett were constant and loving figures in their daughters' lives. Bridget wanted for nothing and enjoyed an idyllic childhood, growing to adore her family. She was especially close to her father; a true daddy's girl, he was the one she called when she was in trouble, wanted attention, or simply craved his company. She vied for the spotlight and bickered with her sisters, often teasing and prodding them, but always with a lighthearted and soft edge. She easily assumed the role of a playful and protective elder sister, and the bond she shared with her kin was unshakeable.

Eager to establish an identity to set her apart from her sisters, Bridget looked up to her aunt Peony Braithwaite, the Bella Dama and second-in-command of Del Cenere. She was impressed by the woman's regal authority, thinking she struck the perfect balance between power and beauty, and sought to emulate the same for herself. Once she shifted, Bridget started self-imposed lessons for things she thought befitted a Braithwaite socialite: calligraphy, embroidery, diplomacy, archery, and honing her sense for opportunity. However, she had been born in the saddle all the same, and currently finds her desire to be an immaculate debutante at odds with her joy of the rougher, dirtier side of Del Cenere.



Bridget is a full-blooded coyote, a textbook example of her species. Her coat is a mixture of both her parents: predominantly earthy brown with hues of warm sandy highlights, pale underside, and a dark back. She has a black and white crescent at the base of her neck and below her shoulders. A black collar circles her throat, contrasting against her light chest. Her tail is bushy, naturally assuming a droop when at ease as is typical of coyotes. Her eyes are Braithwaite purple, inheriting the soft lavender shade of her father's eyes.

Her size falls into the upper-middle range for coyotes, marking her as average in Del Cenere but small among wolves. Her coat is short but dense, growing a plush winter coat like that of a Northeastern coyote during the colder seasons, and is made silky through the luxury of grooming. She has soft curves and possesses a broad frame similar to her father. There is the suggestion of solid, lean musculature, if it was trained.

Bridget has no scarring or unnatural marks upon her pelt.

Her brown mane is stylized and long, trimmed to reach her collarbone and falling in beachy waves when undone. With it being sensitive to humidity, Bridget usually ties it back into a ponytail or a bun to keep it managed, but purposefully pulls out loose strands and flyaways to frame her face so it doesn't look too stiff.

Bridget highly favors her Optime form and donning clothes and accessories, though she will not balk at shedding them for more intensive activities. She chooses to sleep in her Lupus form, perhaps a comforting holdover from her puppyhood days.


  • Lupus: 26 in (66 cm) — 30 lbs (13 kg)
  • Secui: 42 in (107 cm) — 145 lb (66 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 7 in (67 in) (170 cm) — 160 lb (72 kg)
  • Speech: Southern drawl. Confident and outspoken, articulated and witty. Tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve and is prone to outbursts. Around peers, she becomes more informal and affectionate, erring on boisterous. Chirps as a form of filler, excitement, surprise, admonishment, etc.
    • Fluent in Spanish. Familiar with equine low speech.
  • Unique Scent: Cotton, linen, seasonal flowers, lavender oil, paper, ink, horses
  • General Posture and Body Language: Poised when out in public, mindful of her posture and how she rests her hands, almost doll-like in practice. Precise and deliberate with her gesticulation. When at ease, she is more languid and expressive, amplifying her mood through how she carries herself.
  • Clothing: Simple but well-crafted feminine outfits; loose blouses, skirts, and dresses, frequently detailed with embroidery. When working or playing, she will wear worn trousers or little covering at all.
  • Accessories: Hair ties, leather string bracelets decorated with bone beads, small wooden crucifix necklace, seasonal wildflowers tucked into her mane. She enjoys wearing scarves and bandanas around her neck or over her head to keep her mane in place.
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Summary: Rebellious, proud, playful, dramatic, confrontational, protective, chaotic, emotional, judgmental, loyal

On first impression, Bridget is as outgoing and energetic as her sisters. Around packmates and peers she is genial and sociable, earnest with conversations and seeks others out for company. While initially appearing easygoing or unbothered as she tries to train herself on decorum, she displays a big heart on her sleeve; her easy-to-read emotions run high and can err on explosive if sparked by circumstances. She is observant and possesses a tongue as quick as a whip.

She is self-assured and confident, adhering more to her own judgement than bowing to societal expectations like the opinions of others. Bridget makes a point to be defiant with people or notions she dislikes, or sometimes just on the principle of rebellion if she finds the rules “too stiff.” Her unruly disregard can cause conflict with others, but she is unafraid of confrontation. Bridget is somewhat of a bully, employing sarcasm, teases, and cutting remarks to try to get her way. The only ones exempt from her attitude are her family, who endure playful jests—and will be fiercely defended by Bridget if someone tries to provoke them.

However, her youth softens her edges; she’s mostly placated by her idyllic childhood, having not much reason to be jaded, and is still figuring out how to differentiate herself from her sisters. Currently she is impressed by her aunt Peony Braithwaite and is determined to mirror the woman’s regal demeanor and service to Del Cenere. The incapability between her free spirit and the regulations held to socialites makes Bridget moody and insecure, and all the more determined to make it work. With brute force, if necessary. Her desperate ambitions creates a blind spot and vulnerability in her otherwise impenetrable armor.

In contrast to her investment in Del Cenere, Outsiders receive an aloof and scrutinizing reception from Bridget. Wolves are especially regarded coldly. She is trying to temper this in light of her political interests, but her quick wit can work against her and cloud her estimation of others by drawing conclusions too early.

  • Motivations: Her family, Del Cenere, politics, making her parents proud
  • Fears: Poultry and waterfowl, sudden death and tragedy, harm of loved ones, bad luck
  • Likes: Horses, songbirds, riding, embroidery, reading, singing, playing and roughhousing
  • Dislikes: Wolves, strangers, calligraphy lessons, constricting social etiquette

Raised on Del Ceneren cautionary tales and stories of conflict, Bridget is biased against wolves and wolf-heavy hybrids. She is mistrustful of their intentions and hypercritical of their actions. She is highly curious of the neighboring packs, her current opinion shaped by the gang's relation to them: Casa di Cavalieri is their knightly ally and Salsola is to be regarded with measured caution.


Largely inexperienced at her age, Bridget hasn't put much thought into romance. She likes to daydream about having a handsome partner, beautiful children, and a happily-ever-after (much like how she perceives her parents' relationship) and shares this ideal with others when asked, but considers this to be far in her future. Her critical eye and preoccupation with her pride make it difficult for her to be impressed by potential suitors.


Bridget was raised around monotheism and the Abrahamic God. While she isn't overtly religious, she does believe in concepts like heaven and hell, virtue and sin, and upholding morals. She is somewhat superstitious, though she would insist she isn't beholden by fear of the supernatural.


Bridget has little interest in substances. In her youth, alcohol consumption was dissuaded by her mother and banned for children by Del Cenere's culture, and Bridget had no desire to rebel against this particular aspect of life. She is curious of tobacco and other smoked herbs, a common vice in the gang, but also doesn't actively seek them out.


Immediate Family (Tejada, Braithwaite)

Unknown relations indicated by *


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