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Listed here is a historical record of all of my personal NPCs who have played an important role in my writing over the years. This includes both canine and non-canine NPCs

Active NPCs


1.  Inactive NPCs

1.1  Canine

    Note: characters are alphabetized by surname

Siskin Amarok

NPC of Percival Parhelion. Killed in January 2023 during the The Winter Of Discontent.

Zyndea Amarok'Kido

NPC of Milos Parhelion. Relocated to Old Ironsides in January 2018.


Leader NPC of Viburnum in Trillium Hollow. Only ever referenced in LASKY.

Tybalt Cormier

NPC of Milos Parhelion. Traveled to Portland and helped found Old Ironsides in September 2016.

Kazimir Drachev

NPC of Marcella Fauks. Killed in March 2016 during the Austringer Hostility.

Apostrophe Evergold

NPC of Sólveig Dawnrunner. Temporarily relocated to Portland with the Shingetsu Trading Company.


NPC of Percival Parhelion. Returned home to southern Africa in August 2019.

Sorcha Logan

NPC of Milos Parhelion. Killed in March 2016 during the Austringer Hostility.


NPC of Evelyn Escuella. Given to Del Cenere as a pNPC.


NPC of Miriel Morgan. Left the area with Miriel Morgan after he and Percival parted ways.

Tarina Skadi

NPC of Milos Parhelion. Adopted by Rat as Ascher Stormbringer's cNPC.

Rúna Stormbringer

NPC of Thyri Dawnbringer. Died in February 2020 due to complications from a birth defect.

Victoria Houlihan

NPC of Charles "Chip" Houlihan. Killed in March 2019 during La Marea's revenge plot against Cour des Miracles.

1.2  Non-Canine

    Note: species of the family Canidae who are not Luperci-capable will also be listed here

Amara (Goat)        

Credit: Alaine

Goat NPC of Milos Parhelion. Brought to Old Ironsides in November 2018.

Overview: Being that Ama was found injured out in the wild, there is little known information about this goat's heritage or history. In the short time Milos has had her, however, is is clear that her personality is fully developed. Noisy, curious, and quite playful, Ama will trust just about anyone with food but will give them grief with her nosiness and her teasing antics. Because her old injury never properly healed, Ama walks with a limp and is often seen toe-touching the ground on her left rear leg.

  • Appearance: Average in size for an adult doe, Ama has a shaggy piebald coat reminiscent of a Finnish landrace goat, complete with beard and horns. Because her old injury never properly healed, Amara walks with a limp and is often seen toe-touching the ground on her left rear leg.

Personality: Curious and social albeit demanding, Amara can often be seen goading others - namely her Luperci caregivers - and heard bleating loudly when ignored. Despite this, she has an affectionate and easy-going temperament that helps to level out her more annoying tendencies.

  • Skills & Abilities: Standing still when being milked; Manipulating Luperci out of treats and/or affection.


  • Born in 2011.
  • Was a member of a wild goat herd.
  • In July 2014, she was found injured on an old farmhouse in Greater Halifax. Milos assumed guardianship of her and helped her recover.
  • She unexpectedly gave birth to a doe and a buck in October 2014. The buck was later a victim of the spring 2015 floods.
  • Amara gave birth to 2 kids (1 buck, 1 doe) September 2016, sired by Billy. They were kept as communal animals.
  • Amara and Sela were brought to Old Ironsides in November 2018 following the Krokar Catastrophe.

Baldr (Horse)        

Credit: Alaine

Horse NPC of Thyri Dawnbringer. Succumbed to the blizzard in January 2020.

Overview: Baldr was a nice, fat gelding who belonged to Thyri Dawnbringer.

Personality: Baldr was a very mild and even-tempered gelding. He was affectionate toward other creatures, from puppies to cats to adult Luperci, and often took a submissive role around other horses; this allowed him to get along with his more dominant herd-mates. Eager to work and eager for food, he was an ideal working companion. He was merely happy for attention, whether that was pulling a heavy cart or being ridden around, and could easily be overworked because he rarely complained. He loved treats, especially apples, and often greeted Luperci with an invasive nudge to see if they had any handouts. He wasn't an especially anxious individual, but he did spook, and was all-around an average horse though one forgiving to inexperienced riders and happy just for companionship.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider- and cart-trained.


  • Born in 2005; Baldr's past is largely unknown.
  • He ended up in Freetown (with a companion horse named Nanna) and was traded off to Shiloh Dawnbringer in October 2012 where he resided at Vinátta.
  • He started getting fat — a combination of Shiloh not exercising him much and his pushiness about treats. Shiloh let him become a bit of a shared horse; not quite communal and still owned by her, but available for anyone to ride.
  • When Shiloh moved to Cour des Miracles in 2015, she gifted Baldr to her daughter, Thyri Dawnbringer.
  • Thyri learned to ride and work with Baldr following her mother's departure and he lost a little of his pudge from more consistent use.
  • When Thyri relocated to Casa di Cavalieri in May 2016, she took Baldr with her.
  • In December 2016, after reaching the conclusion that her good friend was missing, Thyri left Casa di Cavalieri to search for him and took Baldr with her.
  • Thyri and Baldr returned to the area in early 2017 and joined Cour des Miracles.
  • Baldr remained in Cour des Miracles through its disbandment in at the end of March 2019.
  • After a few months hanging around former Cour des Miracles territory with the newly-formed loner band, Petite Cour, Thyri followed the remnants of her family north and joined New Caledonia in November 2019.
  • A terrible blizzard hit the area in January 2020. Entirely unprepared for the severity of the storm, this event claimed the lives of both Baldr and Merlin Knight's horse, Ginger.

Blackjack (Horse)        

Credit: Despi

Horse NPC of Evelyn Escuella. Relocated with her to Palisade in early 2022.

Overview: Blackjack is a warmblooded grade stallion belonging to Evelyn Escuella.

  • Appearance: Smoky black, with a white face ending in a soft, pink nose. He has a long mane and tail.
  • Size: 16.2 hh (64.8 in | 164.6 cm), 1240 lbs (562.4 kg)

Personality: Quiet, but not complacent. Generally well-mannered and patient, but can be stubborn when he wants to be.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider-trained.


  • 2012: Born in May and trained by Santiago Tejada's family in Rattler's Gulch.
    • Blackjack is one of the few, remaining horses alive from the original settlement of Rattler's Gulch.
  • 2019: Bred to Vegas.
  • 2020:
    • Sired Saratoga by Vegas.
    • Bred to Hell's Bells, Imrah, and Wynona.
  • 2022: Relocated to Palisade early in the year.

Fenwick (Crow)        

Crow NPC of Miriel Morgan. Departed with her to Portland following the dispersal of the Midnight Krewe in late 2023.

Overview: Overview

  • Appearance: Appearance

Personality: Personality

  • Skills & Abilities: Skills


  • History

Fiero (Common Genet)        

Common genet NPC of Keabetswe. Killed during the Krokar Catastrophe that destroyed Fiskebyn in late October 2018.

Overview: Fiero was a male Common genet that lived in Krokar from April 2016 until its violent disbandment in October 2018. He was seen almost constantly with Malcolm, of whom Fiero was particularly protective, and later with Keabetswe.

  • Appearance: Fiero was small and had a long and slender body with very cat-like features. He had a tapered nose and wide, pointed ears while his tail was long and banded black and silver. His pelt was soft, with black spots upon a field of silvers and subtle tawny hues. He had a black dorsal stripe down the center of his back.
    • Scars: His most obvious features were perhaps his scars, which left his face notably disfigured. The entire left side of his face was marred, leaving his left ear in tatters, his left eye missing, and scour marks spanning the top of his head down to his nose. There was an another set of claw marks along his right shoulder and arm. His remaining eye was large and dark.
  • Size: 4.4lbs (2kg)

Personality: Though he came off as indifferent or uncaring, Fiero was deeply attentive towards those who gained his trust and had a tender, subtle way of showing his affection. Those who were on the receiving end of his fondness were quick to see how big his heart was but it was difficult to achieve that level of trust and love. That said, he appreciated handouts and passive attention. Despite his small size and obvious physical disadvantages, he could be fiery and fierce. By nature, Fiero liked climbing and being at a high elevation. Due to past negative experiences, he hated mustelids and anything remotely resembling them.

  • Skills & Abilities: Broken High-Speech; Climbing; Secrecy and spying.


  • Born in Italy to a small family whose ancestors had been introduced to the area long ago.
  • At around two years of age, Fiero unwittingly stowed away on a ship bound for Tripoli, Libya.
  • He met other genets in Tripoli but struggled to find his niche in this new land.
  • Fiero relied heavily on Luperci for handouts and protection, never staying with any one person for long before moving on.
  • His travels eventually lead him to Cap-Vert, Senegal, where he met a young boy.
  • A vicious attack from a honey badger left him with disfiguring facial scars.
  • Thanks in part to Mal's constant vigilance, Fiero survived his injuries but not without life-altering repercussions.
  • Unable to confidently feed or defend himself, he chose to remain with Mal and Ailie Morgan when they travel to maritime Canada, later joining Krokar in April 2016.
  • When Malcolm departed from Krokar in early 2018 to find his missing friend, a young woman from Africa named Keabetswe promised to look after him. The separation left Fiero feeling downhearted and somewhat resentful, though he understood the reasoning behind the decision to leave him behind, and the pair began to bond in light of their experiences as immigrants from Africa.
  • Late October 2018 sparked chaos and catastrophe for Krokar. Fiero became caught in the flames that consumed Fiskebyn and sadly perished.

Ginger (Horse)        

Horse NPC of Merlin Knight. Succumbed to the blizzard in January 2020.

Overview: Ginger was a coldblooded grade mare belonging to Merlin Knight.

  • Appearance: Big, solid, suspected gypsy vanner grade. Red roan in color with a flaxen mane, tail, and feathering around the hooves.
    • Coat: Red roan
    • Markings: Blaze + Snip; Four stockings
    • Eyes: Brown
  • Size: 18hh (72in | 183cm), 2,000lbs (907kg)

Personality: Loved everyone and everything, especially food. She was a little dumb though, and didn't know her own strength or size or weight.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider-trained; Cart-trained.


Himmel (Mule)        

img.png? | Credit: Players Mule NPC of Sólveig Dawnrunner. Departed with her to Portland following the dispersal of the Shingetsu Trading Company in early 2024.

Overview: Overview

  • Appearance: Appearance
    • Coat Base color
    • Markings: Markings
    • Eyes: Color
    • References: Source?
  • Size: xxhh, xxxxlbs (xxkgs).
  • Gear: Plain, simple saddle with an equally simple hackamore bridle.

Personality: Personality

  • Skills & Abilities: Pull-trained.


  • History

Hocico (White-Nosed Coati)        

White-nosed coati NPC of Diego del Bosque. Returned to Ceniza Valley with him in August 2018.

Overview: Hocico likes to get his nose into everything -- especially food. Raised from birth as a pet, he is very tame, if not always obedient. He knows several commands and speaks a couple words of (Spanish) High Speech himself (his favorite word being "Quiero!"), and often "performs" with Diego.

  • Appearance: With his long tail, prominent snout, and distinctive facial markings, Hocico is a curious creature and often causes those unused to him to look twice. Hocico has dark legs, head, and lower back with lighter markings on his nose, eyes and cheeks, neck, chest, and upper arms. His shoulders are flecked with orange and his tail is ringed with the same hue.
  • Size: Weighing in at approximately 13lbs (6kgs), Hocico is larger than most female white-nosed coatis but smaller than some of the larger males that can be found in the wilds of southern portions of North America, Central America, and northern areas of South America.

Personality: Hocico is incredibly curious and insufferably nosy. Lacking boundaries, he can frequently be found digging into the belongings of the coyotes he lives with and has no sense of ownership. Therefore, he will steal things from others without batting an eye, especially if the item is edible. A friendly and social creature, Hocico loves being in the company of others. That said, he distrusts the clan's ravens and refers to them as malos pájaros — "bad birds." Though he greatly enjoys "performing" with Diego, Hocico is not good at taking commands and actually prefers to ignore his handler when told to do (or not do) something. This may make the coati seem unintelligent but Hocico is anything but. In fact, sometimes he's too smart for his own good and can find himself in a great deal of trouble because of it.

  • Skills & Abilities: Some High-Speech (Spanish); Theft; Climbing trees; Performance (climbing up Diego, jumping and bouncing around, saying "Quiero!").


Kalla (Cat)        

Cat NPC of Miriel Morgan. Departed with her to Portland following the dispersal of the Midnight Krewe in late 2023.

Overview: What Kalla lacks in her physical abilities she makes up for in her watchfulness and perceptive acuity. Even when it appears that she's asleep or otherwise not paying attention, she is often listening to her surroundings. What she hears or sees or otherwise senses the she deems important or helpful in her mistress' divination endeavors she will share with Miriel.

  • Appearance: Soft and sleek with bronze eyes, Kalla has a shiny coat of solid black with the exception of a spray of white at her throat. An assault in her youth by a Luperci aggressor left her with a broken rear limb that healed poorly, leaving her permanently crippled. She moves with an obvious limp and, when sitting, her bad leg (the right rear) angles out crookedly.

Personality: Though she is by no means shy, Kalla is aloof and reticent towards most Luperci. Recognizing her physical limitations, she prefers to keep to the shadows and, if she can manage it, vertical spaces so that she can observe her surroundings in relative safety. Her silent presence and frequent proximity to Miriel may make some wonder about their affiliation — is it merely an interspecies friendship or is there something more mysterious and spiritual to it?

  • Skills & Abilities: Observation and perceptive acuity; High-Speech; Critical thinking


  • Born in the summer of 2019.
  • In the spring of 2020, brutality by a Luperci left Kalla with a fracture in her right rear leg. While she managed to escape with her life, the pain of her injury combined with her limited mobility made feeding and defending herself increasingly challenging and, with time, Kalla's health quickly began to decline.
  • Near the beginning of summer 2020, Kalla, by this point skinny and weak, was found and taken in by Miriel. Although there was no hope in fixing her leg, time and sustenance gradually began to see Kalla improve.
  • Drawn to her likeness to the cat-sìth of Celtic mythology, Miri began to think of Kalla as something of a guide from the gods.
  • Unable to effectively hunt and feed herself, Kalla chose to stick with Miriel. The pair have been near inseparable ever since.

Luath (Cat)        

Credit: Mandi

Domestic cat NPC of Sólveig Dawnrunner. Relocated with her to Portland in early 2024.

Overview: Luath is a feisty cat who enjoys messing with Luperci and just being a general nuisance. She's something of a chatterbox and, though she practices high speech and is getting a handle on it, likes to carry on conversations in her native low speech just to further annoy Luperci. Despite her impish tendencies, Lua is an affectionate cat and enjoys being around Luperci.

  • Appearance: Small and compact, with a round face and a soft belly. Marked in the traditional calico pattern of black, ginger, and white, Luath's large, yellow-green eyes are as expressive as her patchwork pelt is flashy. Her silky fur is soft and plush to the touch.

Personality: Obnoxious and mischievous, Luath seems at her happiest when she's being a nuisance to Luperci. An inquisitive creature, she doesn't reliably obey boundaries and will try to get her nose in just about anything a Luperci is doing. Despite her annoying tendencies, Lua is an affectionate cat and can be a soothing presence when she senses someone is sad or upset.

  • Skills & Abilities: Foraging and hunting; High-Speech; Mischief-making.


  • Luath was born in Krokar to Meerclar on August 29th, 2016 alongside four siblings.
  • She and her littermates were raised in Fiskebyn with the two boys of Milos Parhelion and Eliza Cormier, Bramble Parhelion and Logan Cormier. Lua considered them as she did her biological siblings.
  • On December 20th, 2016 Luath followed Ailie Morgan home and began to live with her, Malcolm, Fiero, and Raosar.
  • Following the birth of Ailie's children on January 12th, 2017, Lua discovered that being a nuisance and playing games on Luperci was great fun and provided her with attention she missed from Ailie.
  • Latching onto the mischievous Elle Cormier, Ailie's daughter, Luath started to spend more time with her.
  • Following Ailie's abduction in the summer of 2017, Elle assumed responsibility of Luath.
  • Luath remained with Elle even after Ailie's return the following spring. However, unwilling to leave Krokar when Elle decided to join Mistfell Vale in the summer of 2018, she stayed behind and took up residence with Ailie once more.
  • She was, again, left behind when Ailie and Elias Blueridge departed Krokar together for Eilean Cù.
  • She spent much of her remaining time in Krokar mousing and causing trouble with one of her littermates until the pack was destroyed and, ultimately, disbanded on October 31st, 2019.
  • Luath joined the Cormier-Parhelion family to the St. John's Chokehold where she resided as part of The Shoal until mid-August 2019, when she left with Percival Parhelion to start their new life in New Caledonia.

Luison (Maned Wolf)        

Maned wolf NPC of Diego del Bosque. Returned to Ceniza Valley with him in August 2018.

Overview: Luison was born to the maned wolf Arasy alongside a sister, Jasy Jatere, in Ceniza Valley where Arasy had accompanied Joaquina del Bosque as she fled her abusive family. However, Joaquina's brother Fidel Alvarez caught up with the group and killed Joaquina's companions, including Arasy, leaving the maned wolf pups orphaned. Joaquina fled north with the barely-weaned puppies and sought refuge in Inferni. Vesper permitted the pups' stay, and they began to adapt to clan life with help from Joaquina and her friend Diego. A couple months later, Joaquina was abducted from the clan by Fidel. Learning of her disappearance, Vicira Tears and Diego went to find and return her. Several weeks later, after Joaquina died in childbirth, Diego took the twice-orphaned pup in to raise while Vicira took charge of her sister.

  • Appearance: True to her species, Luison has long, dark legs and large, wide ears — defining features of maned wolves. Her pelt is a rich ruddy hue that covers most of her body. Black accents tip the back of her neck and shoulders as well as her muzzle and legs. Her neck, groin, inner ears, and tail tip are coated white. Luison has deep, cocoa-brown eyes. Since being uder Diego's care, Luison has taken after his spiritual beliefs and can often be seen with ash markings — primarily on her face, wrists, hocks, and shoulder.
  • Size: Approximately 50lbs (23kgs) and about 34in (86cm).

Personality: In stark contrast to her sister, Jasy Jatere, Luison is quiet and thoughtful. Though not particularly extroverted, Luison does enjoy being in the company of others so long as small talk is not expected of her. Deep and meaningful conversations about subjects she's interested in, or those that are especially important to her, is the only type that she's accepting of and she will refuse — rudely if necessary — to engage in small talk or entertain intrusive questions. The deaths of the two most important female figures of her life has caused a strong sense of spirituality in Luison. She enjoys attempting to find meaning in life and the bad things that happen. This has strengthened her bond with Diego, whose ritualistic dances and pyromancy are deeply meaningful to her.

  • Skills & Abilities: Foraging and hunting; Intelligent conversation; Observation and critical thinking.


  • Born in Ceniza Valley to Arasy in September 2016.
  • After her mother was killed by Fidel Alvarez, she and her sister, Jasy Jatere, were raised by Joaquina del Bosque, who escaped Fidel with them in tow and traveled north.
  • In January 2017, the trio seeked refuge in Inferni and were accepted by Vesper.
  • After Joaquina went missing, the maned wolf pups suspected her brother, Fidel, was to blame. A successful rescue attempt by Vicira Tears and Diego del Bosque ensued in March 2017.
  • Sadly, Joaquina died in childbirth in April 2017, leaving the pups orphaned once more. While Virica took in Jasy Jatere, Diego assumed care over Luison.
  • She remained in Inferni until Diego del Bosque returned to Ceniza Valley in August 2018, taking Lusion with him.

Maggie (Donkey)        

Credit: Mandi

Donkey NPC of Merlin Knight. Killed in January 2022 during New Caledonia's war.

Overview: Maggie was a Mammoth jenny belonging to Merlin Knight.

  • Appearance: Tall and long-legged, with ridiculously long ears.
    • Coat: Dark gray dun
    • Markings: Pangaré
    • Eyes: Brown
  • Size: 16.5hh (66in | 168cm), 1,700lbs (771kg)

Personality: She had a sweet, in your pocket kind of temperament, but was also a typical donkey. She would do everything told to her until she didn't feel like it anymore, then she'd stick to the ground like a tree. She loved treats - especially carrots - and was easily motivated by food.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider- and cart-trained.


  • Born in 2009; Maggie's past was largely unknown.
  • Merlin Knight acquired Maggie (then named "Majestic Beast") while on a trading trip when he was a member of Midnight Shores.
  • Fell serendipitously into Thyri Dawnbringer's hands after Merlin was enslaved by Salsola.
  • She was brought to Cour des Miracles, where Thyri took care of her until Merlin resurfaced in April 2018.
  • Upon his return, Merlin took Maggie back and resided with her in Casa di Cavalieri for a time.
  • When Merlin and Thyri solidified their relationship, she returned to Cour des Miracles with him to start their new life together.
  • Several months after the Court's disbandment in the spring of 2019, Merlin and Thyri joined New Caledonia, taking their livestock along with them.
  • Unprepared for the harsh blizzard at the beginning of 2020, Merlin and Thyri lost Ginger and Baldr respectively. Maggie survived, but suffered through the increased food scarcity that followed.
  • Maggie was killed in January 2022 during New Caledonia's war.

Meerclar (Cat)        

Credit: Alaine

Domestic cat NPC of Milos Parhelion. Relocated with him to Old Ironsides in mid-August 2019.

Overview: Meerclar is a grumpy, aloof cat who has little patience for Luperci. Despite her moody behavior, she reserves a certain amount of tolerance for puppies, particularly those youth belonging to the few Luperci she is most loyal to.

  • Appearance: Petite and shorthaired, Meerclar is a blue tabby with yellow eyes. She has a scrappy, wiry build but is well-muscled. Meerclar was found during the discovery of a barn full of cats along with her litter of malnourished kittens. While Milos' packmates offered to give loving homes to many of her kittens, Milos felt a certain endearment towards their mother and offered her (and any remaining kittens) a safe place within his own home.

Personality: Grouchy and feisty, Meerclar has little patience for stupidity and nonsense. When she's not with her remaining kittens, she can often be seen snoozing in the furs inside the house or off on her own around Krokar. She generally avoids Luperci when she can and largely ignores them when she can't. Meerclar respects and tolerates Milos, however. She has some handle on high speech but is not fluent.

  • Skills & Abilities: Foraging and hunting; Intelligent conversation; Observation and critical thinking.


Moo (Cat)        

Credit: Mandi

Domestic cat NPC of Milos Parhelion. Relocated to Old Ironsides Trade Depot in early October 2018.

Overview: Moo is the last remaining kitten from Meerclar's 2016 litter and seems perfectly content to continue living in the Cormier-Parhelion household, much to her mother's chagrin. Unimaginatively named, Moo is a playful cat who particularly enjoys rough-housing and play-fighting.

  • Appearance: Holstein might have been a more apt name for Moo, whose black and white markings are reminiscent of a Holstein Friesian cow. Primarily white, Moo has black markings on her head, a few isolated spots on her body, and a tail that looks as though it was dipped in black ink. She is larger than her sister and has a delightfully plump body shape. Her nose is pink and her eyes are bronze.

Personality: Moo seems to be a rather simple cat, whose only goal in life is to hunt mice, engage in play, and snooze in the sun. She is neither crafty nor ambitious and, unlike her mother or her sister, she has no desire to ignore or annoy Luperci. On the contrary, Moo will often leave "gifts" for Krokarans in the form of mice or other unfortunate creatures.

  • Skills & Abilities: Moo is an excellent mouser – a skill she learned from her mother and honed with practice. She is capable of broken High Speech. Though she isn't fluent in it, or even as competent as Luath is, she knows it better than Meerclar does.


Pim (Cow)        

Credit: Mandi

Cow NPC of Percival Parhelion. Relocated with him to Fort Preble in the spring of 2024.

Overview: Pim is a gentle, trusty old ox belonging to Percival Parhelion at the end of October 2018 following the tragedy that lead to his former mistress' death and Krokar's disbandment. Over the years, he has accompanied Percival through the fall of Krokar, the founding and eventual demise of New Caledonia, and the assimilation into Salsolan life.

  • Appearance: Has a thick and stocky build, with long horns that curve gently upwards from his head. He sports a brindled hide with a rich blend of mahogany, brown, and black and bears a white head, dorsal stripe, undercarriage, and legs. Interspersed spots of brindle and roan markings can be found throughout his body and legs.

Personality: Loves being around Luperci and actively dislikes being alone, often going out of his way to seek companionship. Pim's favorite spot to be scratched is between the eyes.

  • Skills & Abilities: Harness-trained, rider-trained.


  • Following the decimation of her family's homestead at the hands of Kazimir Drachev, Ilse Verhoeven was forced into servitude with only Pim to comfort her.
  • After the resolution of the Austringer Hostility, Ilse took Pim with her when she joined Krokar.
  • In the spring of 2017, Pim fell ill during the spring sickness. Thankfully, he made a full recovery with Ilse's help.
  • An act of arson by a group of loners ignited important areas of Krokar in flames, resulting in Ilse's death and the disbandment of the pack.
  • Pim fled the flames and was later found by Percival Parhelion, who assumed ownership of him after learning of Ilse's death.
  • After roughing it in the loner band, The Shoal, for several months following Krokar's disbandment, Pim accompanied Percival to help found New Caledonia in August 2019.
  • The winter of 2019-2020 brought a terrible blizzard, which severely impacted Pim's ability to find suitable forage and left him significantly underweight when spring arrived.

Raosar (Common Loon)        

Common loon NPC of Malcolm. Vanished in the autumn of 2017 and is presumed dead.

Overview: Raosar was a female loon under Ailie Morgan's care until Malcolm took over following Ailie's abduction. An attack left her right wing crippled, rendering her unable to fly. Raosar vanished in the autumn of 2017 and is presumed to be dead.

  • Appearance: During the breeding season in the spring and summer, Raosar had a very distinct plumage of deep ebony with a stark white collar and checkered back. Her winter plumage was a drab dusty grey with white undersides. Her eyes remained deep crimson regardless of the season. Having evolved to swim and dive, with legs situated far back on her body, Raosar was heavy and ungainly on land. She had short, tapered wings but could not fly due to the injury to her right wing, which was visibly abnormal.

Personality: Raosar was a mysterious and secretive bird, preferring to spend the majority of her time out on the lakes whenever she could. During the months when the lakes began to freeze over, she took advantage of Ailie's generosity and relied on her for food and warmth. Quiet and mystifying, Raosar had a soft, beautiful call that Ailie found sad and haunted.

  • Skills & Abilities: Fishing; Diving.


  • Hatched in June 2013.
  • Was found by Ailie Morgan after she had been attacked by a cat.
  • Her wing had been badly broken and healed poorly, rendering her unable to fly.
  • Knowing her fate if she didn't intervene, Ailie took her in and carried her around in sling of cloth around her shoulder during her travels.
  • Malcolm began caring for Raosar after Ailie was abducted in the summer of 2017.
  • Raosar failed to return to Fiskebyn one autumn evening in 2017. After extensive searching, Mal assumed the worst and determined that she was likely dead.

Sela (Goat)        

Credit: Alaine

Goat NPC of Milos Parhelion. Brought to Old Ironsides in November 2018.

Overview: Sela was born unexpectedly to Amara on Ocober 12th, 2014 and is just as shaggy and wild as her mother. She is the Houdini of goats

  • Appearance: Sela has a shaggy coat similar to that of her mother's. She is smaller than Amara and sports a color scheme very similar to that of a Bezoar ibex.

Personality: Sela has grown into an adventurous and deeply curious young doe. Though not as noisy or demanding as her mother, she rarely backs down from a challenge and is known to frequently escape her enclosure. Sela is friendly, playful, and usually one of the first goats to greet visitors.

  • Skills & Abilities: Escaping; Climbing on things.


Seraphim (Red-Tailed Hawk)        

Red-tailed hawk NPC of Merlin Knight. Was released into the wilds after Thyri Dawnbringer's death in February 2020.

Overview: Seraphim is a mature female hawk with the ability to speak broken High Speech and work cooperatively with Luperci to hunt, fight, and spy on others. Thyri Dawnbringer acquired her from a talented falconer in April 2016. They worked diligently together until Thyri's death in February 2020. After spending some time under Merlin Knight's care, she was released into the wilds to live her life free from falconry service.

Personality: Independent; Responsive; Watchful.

  • Skils & Abilities: Hunting; Broken High-Speech; Spying; Stealth.


Sidonia (Golden Eagle)        

Golden eagle NPC of Kazimir Drachev. Was claimed by Eliza Cormier after Drachev's death in March 2016.

Overview: Sidonia is a large and powerful female golden eagle with the ability to speak broken High Speech and work cooperatively with Luperci to hunt and deliver messages. She was claimed by Eliza Cormier following the resolution of the Austringer Hostility in 2016

  • Appearance: She is primarily dark brown with lighter brown plumage.
  • Skills & Abilities: Hunting; Delivering messages; Broken High-Speech.


Spruis (Horse)        

Credit: San

Horse NPC of Elle Cormier. Departed from Mistfell Vale with her in the spring of 2019.

Overview: Spruis is a wily, sometimes unruly, mare with an apt name. She doesn't mind Luperci but she only accepts a select few to handle or ride her. She'll happily listen to you sing, though!

  • Appearance: Spruis is well-balanced but otherwise average to look at. Her markings are the most remarkable thing about her appearance.
  • Size: 15.3hh, 1,102lbs (500kgs).
  • Gear: Plain, simple saddle with an equally simple hackamore bridle.

Personality: True to the meaning of her name, Spruis can be a tricky mare to manage or get to know. She acts largely indifferent to Luperci, neither avoiding them nor actively seeking attention from them. She'll willingly accept treats (especially dried apples!) and listen to songs from anyone, but she allows only a very select few to handle her and trusts even fewer. If she's pushed by someone she has not previously accepted as a "worthy" handler, she may bite or otherwise act out. Those who can handle her should still be cautious; Spruis may still try to take advantage of any handler who she doesn't implicitly trust.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider-trained, but she requires a stern handler. Inexperienced riders are encouraged to exercise caution as she may take advantage of those lacking confidence or experience.


Striebro (Horse)        

Credit: Mandi

Horse NPC of Merlin Knight. Traded to Bennett Braithwaite at the Lancaster Stockshow in September 2022.

Overview: Striebro is a large draft grade stallion who once belonged to, and was largely trained by, Merlin Knight.

  • Appearance: Striebro is a large specimen with muscular hindquarters and a long, full mane and tail. Because of his greying gene, Striebro will continue to lighten with age. At the time he was traded, he was transitioning out of dappled grey and was nearly completely white.
  • Size: 16.8 hh (67.2 in | 170.6 cm), 1790 lbs (812 kgs).

Personality: Striebro has a calm temperament. He is docile in spite of his size and expresses a gently playful side.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider-trained; Was in training for draught work at the time he was traded.


  • Born in September 2016 to Gda, sired by a Svantevit horse named Milos, a grey stallion.
  • Was given to Krokar in October 2016 following AniWaya's disbandment.
  • Named by Gen during the livestock naming contest in December 2016. His name is Slovak for silver.
  • Found and claimed by Keabetswe following Krokar's disbandment in October 2018.
  • Gifted to Percival Parhelion when Keabetswe decided it was time to return home to southern Africa.
  • Brought along to New Caledonia at its founding, where he has resided quietly ever since.
  • Given to Merlin Knight after Percival recognized that he was neglecting the horse's care.
  • Traded to Bennett Braithwaite at the Lancaster Stockshow in September 2022.

Vegas (Horse)        

Credit: Despi

Horse NPC of Evelyn Escuella. Relocated with her to Palisade in early 2022.

Overview: Vegas is a Hotblooded grade mare belonging to Evelyn Escuella.

  • Appearance: A dusty silver dapple, tall and slender built. She has a white snip on her nose, and one white sock on her rear right hoof.
  • Size: 15 hh (60 in | 152.4 cm), 940 lbs (426.3 kg)

Personality: Fast, strong, and foolhardy; haughty and stubborn. Little deters this determined horse, and even less scares her. This can, however, make her a nightmare to deal with. While not outwardly aggressive, Vegas readily and eagerly pushes her limits with her riders, and is hard to motivate. She's curious and generally unafraid, which can get her into some trouble if not supervised. A habitual Houdini if given enough roam without restriction. She is particularly fond of Santiago Tejada) and Evelyn Escuella.

  • Skills & Abilities: Rider-trained.


  • 2013: Born in June and trained by Santiago Tejada's family in Rattler's Gulch.
    • Vegas is one of the few, remaining horses alive from the original settlement of Rattler's Gulch.
  • 2019:
  • 2020:
    • Bore Saratoga by Blackjack.
    • Bred to Bairre.
  • 2021:
    • Bore a stillborn foal by Bairre.
  • 2022: Relocated to Palisade early in the year.

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