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by Libri

Neith Heiwa is the son of Lillith Trombetta and Isabella Heiwa, born into Salsola but raised primarily at the Salsolan outpost in Portland. Biologically born to two witches, Neith has been assumed to have more supernatural susceptibility than the average man; as a result, he has made a career for himself focusing on the real and tangible, and has emerged as a self-taught doctor of some esteem.

While part of a caravan from the outpost to Salsola in January 2017, he was tangled up with the start of the Second Boreas Conflict and remained with the pack proper after the war was won. Neith has become increasingly disillusioned to the culture of Salsola due to several Salsolan-inflicted incidents, including the questionable death of his mother by a packmate; the usurpation of his rank by a man who would later serve as the pack's second-in-command; accidents and mistreatment of several relatives, including the suspected murder of his sister and closest confidante; the suspicious affections of a witch and her dead brother; and two wars. As a result, Neith has turned quietly but viciously traitorous against his homeland, going as far as faking the death of a Salsolan child to "free" the boy from the Kingdom's clutch and influence.

A doctor and self-taught master of first aid and anatomy, he lived in Salsola for a long while and ran a small health clinic out of his home before moving back to the Salsolan outpost in 2019. He returned to Salsola proper following the death of his mother in July 2020, and despite planning only for a temporary stay, various unexplained reasons seem to have convinced him to stick around longer term.

Neith was voted "Worst Luck" in the 2017 Yearbook and "Most Likely to be Cursed" in the 2018 Yearbook.






  • Date of Birth: 02 Oct 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: —
  • Alias: Rust
  • Epithet: The Good Doctor
  • cNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs: N/A

Pack Information

Plotting Info & OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Salsola
  • Join Date: 2 Oct 2015 by birth
  • Return Date: 1 August 2020
  • Residence: The Ruins somewhere "temporary"
  • He's returned to Salsola! But wasn't this a temporary visit? Why is he still here?
  • Need some patching up? Neith is a doctor!
  • Someone from Neith's past or know someone who is? Catch up with him!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


A wolf-dominant hybrid, Neith is a handsome and gallant man, more or less the closest one can probably get to being an actual bishounen on 'Souls. Lacking anything beyond the minimum muscle tone, Neith's overall presentation screams scholar, as he is always well-dressed, clean, and noble in appearance and clothing choices. Tall and quite pretty to look at when calm or off-guard, Neith typically maintains a somewhat intense aura in a mental sense, but is as physically unintimidating as the day is long. His fine and wavy hair is grown out long and typically held back in a low ponytail, and has a few natural streaks of the silvers from his pelt.

by Despi


Presents as clean, well-kept, well-dressed, and gentlemanly without fail, but shies away from overt displays of wealth or power in clothing. Often carries his rapier sheathed at his belt, particularly when out and alone. Prefers earthy colors and simple textures over showy extravagance, and generally doesn't wear jewelry. Hooded garments are often preferred and worn with the hood up on particularly sunny days or days when his headaches are bad. Doesn't wear armor of any kind. Often carries a satchel of medical supplies and books. Clothing is pristine and kept well-hemmed and patched up when and where necessary.

Clothing & Accessories

  • Dark-colored slacks
  • Simple light-colored shirts with clasps, rolled to elbows
  • Layers up in fur-collared cloaks during winter
  • No jewelry, piercings, tattoos


  • Various minor scratches; one large gash at shoulder from an arrow (Briarblack)


Built for stamina, if anything; willowy if not a little twiggy in all forms. Little muscle. Stays in Optime form.

  • Lupus: 30 in (76 cm) ↔ 85 lbs (38 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (101.6 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 4 in (76 in/103 cm) ↔ 238 lbs (108 kg)

Color Palette

General Colors
 Alto (#D9D9D9)
 Cloudy (#B0A49E)
 Tapa (#7B736F)
 Cedar (#372014)
 Irish Coffee (#5D3320)
 Paarl (#B14E2A)
Eye Color
 Chelsea Cucumber (#6BA54A)
 Hippie Blue (#4AA5A4)

1.2  Gallery

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by Despiby Razeby Natby Ninaby Songbirdby Despiby Despiby Libriby Alaineby Razeby Raze

2.  Personality


  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Ambiverted
  • Expression: Prissy, stiff, sincere
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "Believes in a strong, well-ordered government."
    • "Respectful to both their leaders and their peers."
    • "Whether a law is good or evil is of no import as long as it brings order and meaning."
    • "May attack an unarmed foe if he feels it necessary. Will never harm an innocent. Will never kill for pleasure."


  • Speech: medium and even tones, educated, proud
  • Scent: tea tree, papyrus, pine
  • Body language: highly cultured and sophisticated, dainty, analytical


Handsome, prideful, intuitive, cultured. Surprisingly soft beneath a pride-swollen exterior. Analytical and calculating. Concerned with appearances. Prone to overworrying, particularly when his dignity or image are at risk. Good-hearted and sincere, deep down. Suspicious of others' motives. Wavers between skepticism, interest, and fear regarding witchcraft and supernatural concepts.

2.1  Detail




  • Likes & Motivations
books and studying, literature, tea, documenting herbs and flowers, light cartography, rainy days, new candles, garden work, writing, peace and quiet
  • Dislikes
hostility, insufferable politics and "putting on airs," most supernatural topics of conversation, O'Riley, heavy or dirty labor, getting wet, strong scents, people barging into his home
  • Fears
Salsola and its more intense members, secrets and lies coming to light, indentured servitude, being placed in the center of something spoopy-witchy

Heterosexual and monogamous. A respectful and sentimental man, Neith has in the past had the sad tendency to fall a little for anyone who showed enough interest in him. As he has grown older and observed friends become lovers and lovers become parents, Neith has wanted less and less for children of his own... but he finds himself lonely just the same.


Acknowledges ghosts and witchery, but tries to steer clear of these things as much as possible due to some questionable past experiences. Prefers and trusts things visible and real, for example trial and error treating with herbs over prayer.

Neith has seen and been through a lot regarding the pack he was born into. Wars, usurpation, captivity, lies, murder—Salsola has more than fallen from grace in his eyes, and yet despite years of talking about breaking free, Neith has not. In some personally dangerous and warped way, Neith sees his ongoing membership as waiting for an opportunity to be a hero, but in actuality, he's just a big ol' coward probably with some messed-up victim complex. He knows his lies and quiet rebellion will catch up with him, but he [stupidly] thinks he'll manage to get himself somewhere safe by then.

He also steers clear of witchcraft, and tends to stay home on especially bright and sunny days especially in winter, as these trigger migraines. But that's less cOoL and dRaMaTic.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

3.2  Prominent Relationships

Key Relationships

  • Ondine Heiwa was Neith's older half-sister, though the two were not biologically related. Ondine was Neith's strongest ally and closest confidante; they witnessed much of each other's secrets, and had committed to escape Salsola together and never to leave the other behind. Sadly, their plans never came to fruition: Ondine was killed in August of 2018, triggering a significant, albeit subtle, change in Neith.
  • Ask Fylgja is Neith's young half-brother through his biological father, who was kidnapped by a fleeing servant during the Inferni-Salsola War. Neith risked his life to save the child, and in so doing became captured for a time by Inferni. Desperate to see one Salsolan child saved from the Thistle Kingdom's corruption, Neith negotiated Ask to be kept alive by Vicira Tears, and later talked Dove Reverie into taking the boy and fleeing for Cour des Miracles. Neith maintained the lie that Ask had been killed during their capture (a lie that would eventually mean the end for Ask's father), and to this day wonders very often what became of Ask and whether he did the right thing.

Notable Positive Relationships

  • Elphaba Revlis has taken a curious and virtually unprompted liking to Neith. Having convinced himself that she needs help and is acting out as a result, Neith thinks himself a good doctor by staying patient with her in efforts to learn how she works. He does not understand her motives, and though he has been formally "introduced" to her brother Maugrim more than once, Neith remains skeptical of her witchcraft. Over time, Neith unwittingly developed feelings for Elphaba and admitted them to her in the spring of 2018. Nothing came of it, and his desire to clear his head after the fact was one of many reasons that drove him to live back to the Outpost in 2019.
  • Briarblack and Neith have a long and complicated relationship. During the Inferni-Salsola War in 2017 the two clashed as enemies, leaving her with scars; despite this, Briarblack showed him sympathy and kindness during his captivity as a war prisoner to Inferni in the weeks following. After several accidental meet-ups and a laundry list of ideals in common, a genuine friendship developed, and despite promises made to avoid Briarblack and her pack, Neith met up with her in the mountains on a monthly basis as friends. This stopped abruptly when he left for the Salsolan Outpost in 2019.
  • Lilia Salcedo is one of few that has given Neith a chance, and Neith has become quite fond of her. The two became sparring partners in late summer 2017, and together with 'Indra Revlis and the late Ros O'Sionna, the three personally raided Inferni and rescued Neith from captivity there during the Inferni-Salsola War, earning a great measure of Neith's respect and loyalty by doing so.
  • Odalis, Salvador Sadira and Neith were a strange trio of friends in 2018, and Neith was grateful at the time to have associates aware of but irrelevant to the corruption of Salsola. Rumors of Odalis's longtime indentured servitude in the pack proper finally reached Neith at the Portland Outpost near mid-2020, and he didn't respond well to it.
  • Krios Revlis and Neith were considerably closer during Krios's youth. After the death of Ondine, the two started to drift apart, though they never became unfriendly.

Notable Negative Relationships

  • O'Riley Eternity is Neith's rival and strongest enemy, the school jock to Neith's twiggy nerd. O'Riley threatened and usurped Neith's rank in July of 2017 and has been a taunting pain in the ass since. Despite this, Neith always gives in and helps when O'Riley gets himself beaten up. There is a lot of deep-seated loathing there, but given O'Riley has jumped in rank, Neith maintains composure and retaliates only when it is subtle and convenient to do so.
  • Taika Rask squeezed herself into an unavailable apprenticeship with Neith to learn to become a medic. Although Neith obliged, he was never fond of her energy or sheer recklessness. When he moved back to the Outpost in partial attempt to get away from her, she followed him, much to Neith's chagrin.

4.  Residence

Floor plan with key features, by Lin

Currently living in "temporary" housing as his old small clinic needs some clean up and he's only staying "temporarily" in SL. :I

Neith lives alone within a small, single-story stone home at the heart of The Ruins in Salsola. It is a tidy but private residence, with ivy descending some of its external walls and most of its windows and internal doorways curtained off with found materials.

Note: Crossed out features are currently missing/yet to be obtained. Other features are currently unusable and undergoing repairs over time, but are listed here for reference. The status of features here is considered accurate at the time of reading!

  • Main room: The front door is creaky but intact, and opens to a wide room with a broken table, broken chairs, a beaten-up couch covered in furs and sheets, a firepit for very small fires. The main room has a number of counters and kitchen cabinets in the corner, almost all of which are falling apart or broken off the wall. A number of jars, candles, dishes, and other small objects line the fairly flat surfaces, one day to be placed inside the cabinets once fixed.
  • Bedroom: Neith sleeps on a large old mattress littered with furs and sheets to the point that the mattress becomes comfortable again. He has a closet in the corner filled with clean, fancy clothing, as well as a broken standing mirror.
  • Study: Extremely homey, and clearly where Neith spends most of his time. Neith uses a desk in the corner, which is covered in books, papers, and sketches at all times but kept fairly neat. He has two bookcases, a pile of furs for reclining, a bear's pelt, and the standing bones of an optime skeleton in the corner, held upright using a rod and very roughly kept together with a system of holes drilled into the bones and detachable string or found wires to connect them. The skeleton changes arrangement by the day (and is, for the record, usually arranged wrong) as Neith studies it, and the whole thing hangs in place more than it does stand. Most of the smaller bones of the body are missing, or lined up on the ground like puzzle pieces.
  • Clinic: The clinic has an old twin mattress with a few dingy sheets and pillows, clearly scrubbed as well as Neith could manage to sanitize them. Most of the wall cabinets won't close or are falling off, but the floor cabinets in the corner are fairly intact; a number of jars and medical supplies line both the surface and the inside. The room also has a desk missing a leg, and a number of broken chairs in the corner.
  • Storage: Once perhaps intended for a restroom, only a clawfoot tub used for wet storage and cabinets still remain. Items are piled everywhere, from hanging clothes to jars to linens and blankets.
  • Outside: Neith maintains a small garden of medicinal herbs outside, and has flattened out some land for use of combat training. Behind the house is a ramshackle clothesline made of large branches and torn-up rags.

5.  History

Neith Trombetta was born to high-ranking Salsolan mates Lillith Trombetta and Isabella Heiwa in October 2015, fathered by equally high-ranking Loki Jade Lykoi. Neith had one sister, Elektra Trombetta, with whom he shared a positive relationship, if not a minor rivalry. Boasting good looks and a powerful lineage, Neith grew up both loved and structured, with high standards for himself and others.

In later 2015 he traveled with his mother Isabella to the southern Salsolan outpost where he was better socialized and exposed to the outside world, though at the cost of extended separation from his other mother and sister; Neith began calling himself by the surname Heiwa out of habit for this reason. By late 2016, Neith began to experience headaches and recurring nightmares in which he saw spirits and faces he did not recognize, and after a particularly unsettling event in December, his mother began to consider returning him to Salsola up north to get his bearings back.

Threads & Timeline

5.1  2017

January 2017

While traveling up to Salsola with a number of Salsolans from the Portland outpost, Neith's caravan is attacked as the Second Boreas Conflict abruptly begins. Titled an Associate but unsponsored in his pack of birth, Neith feels virtually stranded. Taking on his older half-sister Ondine Heiwa as a sponsor, Neith subtly seeks out help for his headaches.


  1. to bear this worthily is good fortune

As the Second Boreas Conflict begins, Neith is attacked along with several others en route to Salsola in a caravan sent from the Portland outpost.

  1. what you got, it runs too pure

Neith reunites with his sister Ondine Heiwa after many moons and confides in her about his condition.

  1. the wind sounds as if the world's sighing

Calla Valentine provides some herbs and tea to help with Neith's headaches.

  1. treasure maps, fallen trees

Loki Helsi, Pierrat Benoit and Neith investigate sprung traps around Salsola's borders.

February 2017

With the war ended, Neith has the freedom to return to the Salsolan outpost but hesitates; however, near the end of the month his biological mother Lillith Trombetta dies in childbirth at the outpost.


  1. and the stars flicker like the last glimmer of her eyes

Katinka Holt helps Neith with a count of the chickens.

  1. our happy miserable condition

Ondine Heiwa informs Neith of her pregnancy.

  1. it's kinda like a cigarette smoking you

Neith learns more about the Blackwoods from Osrath Eternity.

March 2017

Neith becomes a part of The Family. Surprisingly numb following his mother's death at the end of February, Neith struggles with grief over her passing and joy over the birth of his nephew Krios Heiwa. He busies himself with assisting his sister Ondine take care of the child in their home in the Ruins, and visits with his mother Isabella Heiwa during her time away from the outpost.


  1. faunts

Neith and Ondine speak after a infancy ritual for her son Krios Heiwa by their mother, Isabella Heiwa.

  1. where one might lose their body

Trident Collins assists Neith out of a trade gone bad in Amherst.

  1. i see your star, you left it burning for me

Elphaba Revlis brings Neith into the Blackwoods, and more "formally" introduces him to the late Maugrim Revlis.

  1. learn to move fast and adapt or you will be eaten

Boss Salvia Eternity checks in on Neith after the death of his mother.

April 2017

A low-scale plague hits Nova Scotia mid-month. A Confidant, Neith suffers few symptoms, but a persistent fever spikes the intensity of his normal headaches. Between this and residual grief, he spends little to no time outside or socializing throughout April.

May 2017

Recovering from illness and cabin fever, Neith begins to spend much time outside in the blossoming spring. Inspired by the sickness in April and the (in his opinion) ineffectiveness of the pack witches' attempts to cure it, ANeith takes an interest in healing and begins to seek out medical texts and mentorship. He takes up poetry, though he keeps it to himself, and reads and writes often outside during nice weather.


  1. actions must have consequences

Neith discourages his sister Elektra Trombetta from acting up around the Blackwoods.

  1. extinction is the rule

Indra Winters and Ros O'Sionna teach Neith a little about herbs in the Salsola garden.

  1. strange days moving on

Salsola May 2017 Last Supper.

June 2017

Neith begins self-teaching about herbs and flora as spring turns into summer. He ventures beyond territory borders to get a better view as to what is available to him, and brings back samples, sketches, and notes about his discoveries. His migraines, at least temporarily, seem to lessen in intensity.


  1. like some up-ended boulder split in two

Neith is impressed by the feral power of Dreyma Moineau.

July 2017

Neith continues self-teaching anatomy, but also takes the time to develop his other skills and interests while the weather is kind. He trains the rapier with Rafael and Lilia Salcedo, spends time with his visiting mother, and tries to take a larger role in the life of his nephew Krios Heiwa. At the end of the month, Neith is usurped by O'Riley Eternity, and loses his rank of Confidant.


  1. part of the plan

Rafael Salcedo and Lilia Salcedo (NPC) show Neith a thing or two with his rapier.

  1. the early Pompeii

Krios Heiwa is injured in the border traps and treated by his uncle.

  1. deeper than the knife goes in

O'Riley Eternity unveils that leadership knows of Neith's folly during the caravan attack in the Boreas war, and usurps the rank from the humiliated Neith as a result.

August 2017

Reeling with shame after his rank was usurped in late July, Neith continues his studies determined to make everything worth it in the long run. He trains with Lilia Salcedo, and cares often for his nephew Krios while sparks fly between his mother Isabella Heiwa and sister Ondine. Ondine is pregnant again—and even Neith isn't sure how to feel about it.


  1. the wicked do not walk alone

Elphaba Revlis catches Neith on his way back from collecting bones beyond the pack borders.

  1. cracks running down my spine

Neith catches up with Ondine Heiwa, pregnant again much to the dismay of their mother. Neith considers absconding from Salsola, though taboo, and promises to take Ondine with him if/when he goes.

September 2017

Climbing back into the role of The Confidant after his usurpation, Neith focuses on life at home after a few months' distracted by studies and his station in Salsola. He continues to train swordsmanship with Lilia Salcedo by day. At night, Neith studies a dissembled human skeleton discovered in and brought home in trips from Drifter Bay, and turns some of his herb-related research onto himself, causing illness. At the end of the month, Neith's young nephew is violently attacked by Inferni's Vesper.


  1. the perfect party guests

Neith "parties" with Elphaba, O'Riley, Grievous, and The Bull. And by "parties" I mean, "is not allowed to leave."

October 2017

Following several scraps with Inferni, the Inferni-Salsola War breaks out. Neith stops the attempted kidnapping of Salsolan pup Ask Fylgja, but is captured and held as a prisoner by Inferni in doing so. Neith meets with several Inferni members while in captivity. He arranges for Ask to be permanently and secretly taken from Salsola, and returns home after his rescue by Lilia Salcedo and Indra Winters with fake news of Ask's death, and condemning news against Lokr Revlis.


  1. soldiers of the fallen land

Salsola declares war against Inferni. Neith, unfaithful to his pack but offended by the senseless attack against his young nephew Krios, is torn.

  1. reprisal [M]

Three Inferni members attack a caravan from the Portland Outpost traveling to Salsola. Neith, having lived this experience before, is quick to intervene with his rapier.

  1. panic switch [M]

In his attempts to rescue young Ask Fylgja from attempted kidnapping by the slave Silas Kasper, Neith is wounded by Dove Reverie and captured with Ask by Vicira Tears.

  1. the sedentary game

Briarblack, resentful of her wounding by Neith in battle, visits him in captivity.

  1. please tell us why you had to hide

Faith de le Poer visits Neith in captivity to learn more about Salsola—particularly, its slaves.

  1. not being heard is no reason for silence

Antioch de le Poer guards the prisoner Neith. He identifies the arrow that killed his son as belonging to Lokr Revlis.

  1. now I do my talking with a gun

While in captivity, Neith proposes a traitorous plan to Dove Reverie and Salvador Sadira.

  1. stand by you, walk through fire [M]

Lilia Salcedo and Indra Winters perform an elaborate rescue mission for Neith.

  1. stare's on fire and their hearts are burning [M]

The Battle of Drifter Bay, between Salsola and Inferni. Neith and his nephew square off with Briarblack and Redtooth once more, but things don't go as expected.

  1. stories within stories

Neith relays his experience as a captive to Boss Salvia Eternity, including Ask's "death" and an accusation against Lokr Revlis as instigator for the war.

November 2017

Neith spends a portion of the month recovering from fever and migraines brought on by stress of his captivity and rescue. He is unspirited and contemplative, sharing little about his experience unless necessary. Near the end of the month, Salsolan Lord Commander Lokr Revlis is exiled; Neith harbors some guilt for his mild involvement. Elphaba Revlis steps into her father's role as subleader. Neith takes this news with a completely reasonable level of anxiety.


December 2017

Neith keeps mainly to himself, due to persistent migraines brought upon by the glare of sunshine off snow.


  1. line my skull with harmless lies

Elphaba Revlis discusses her new rank and plans, and asks Neith to make an important promise to her.

5.2  2018

January 2018

Neith keeps mainly to himself, due to persistent migraines brought upon by the glare of sunshine off snow.


  1. we make a life by what we give

Salsolan Last Supper.

  1. the principle of inertia

Grievous Eternity allows Neith to study his BIG MUSCLES :'3

February 2018

Dealing with cabin fever, Neith emerges from his winter prison and back into Salsola prime by February. His sister's mate abroad moves into their home in the Ruins, stirring Neith to begin looking at a new home for himself. Near the end of the month, Neith travels north near and around the mountains on a several-day trip alone researching plants during a thaw.


  1. like drops of rain on your rooftop

With Helena Troy Lykoi.

  1. like a tree-bound kite

Neith blurts out his feelings for Elphaba Revlis in the Darkwoods of Salsola.

  1. you're my last candle in the night

Ondine hints at a dangerous secrets regarding the birth of her son Krios while Neith chooses a new home.

  1. wear this flesh and rule the world

With Coaxoch.

  1. you had an island unto thyself

Briarblack and Neith meet up by chance—and Neith goes back on a dangerous promise in order to help her.

March 2018

Neith ventures back from his week abroad, running and catching up with several familiar faces along the way. Paranoid once again after the reveal of his nephew's heritage, Neith continues his studies but keeps his head down, playing carefully by the social rules of Salsola so as not to draw attention to himself in any way.


  1. why was any and everything alive?

With Indra Winters and Tamara de le Poer.

  1. be your violent overnight rush

Tiamat helps a wounded Neith out of a pit.

  1. you need more help than you know

With O'Riley Eternity.

  1. blood and wine, forever mine

During a Last Supper, Neith's nephew is announced as both a Revlis and betrothed, much to universal shock.

  1. maybe I should cry for help [M]

In the right place at the right time, Neith rescues Courtier Odalis from an attack by loners, and the two become fast friends.

  1. every planet we reach

Briarblack and Neith meet for the first time as arranged on the day of the full moon.

April 2018

Promoted to Arbiter, Neith struggles with keeping under the radar while performing the questionable role this rank poses for him. More and more often, he pushes beyond Salsolan borders to the world beyond, and devotes himself hard into his studies and sketches, including multiple excursions to the western coastline to investigate the mysterious, stories-tall flowers suddenly growing there. Neith moves from the family home in the Ruins, to an independent cottage nearby and spends a considerable amount of the month cleaning, repairing, and filling the space to make it his own. Through discussions with Lotan and Pazuzu Lykoi, as well as studies with Elphaba Revlis, Neith investigates the strange blossoms growing by the coast in depth, and manages to bring home some pieces to research.


  1. burn the scorecards, balance out the scales

Neith moves into his new home within the Ruins. With O'Riley Eternity and Helena Troy Lykoi.

  1. will the raven come to bother me? [M]

While scavenging in Amherst, Neith finds and helps patch up Sebastien Stone, who recently escaped captivity.

  1. burn the scorecards, balance out the scales

Neith apprentices under Ondine Heiwa for a time, helping her with herb satchels.

  1. it's a little bit of magic to end the world

With Lotan and Pazuzu Lykoi. Neith learns more about the mysterious flowers and their effects.

May 2018

Neith continues to shape up his home and gather supplies to stock his shelves of herbs. His clinic is not yet running in an official sense. Early in the month his friend Elphaba seizes control of Salsola as the Boss, with Neith's longtime rival O'Riley as her second. Utterly unsure how to take this news, Neith often strays from the pack to clear his mind.


  1. the law of the jungle

During a Last Supper, Boss Salvia Eternity rescinds her role as leader, much to the alarm of Salsola.

  1. heard you tried to keep your hell on a shelf

Meeting up in Biff's Bar, Neith and Odalis learn about laudanum from Salvador Sadira.

  1. you don't need poltergeists for sidekicks

Elphaba Revlis investigates Neith attempting to do a ritual in his backyard to attract minor spirits.

  1. in the glass labyrinth, I am the mouse

Neith and Briarblack take a break from training.

June-July 2018

Neith keeps his head down in the wake of Elphaba and O'Riley's succession, focusing instead on his studies as an Apprentice.


  1. the real universe is always one step beyond logic

Igor Kotovo finds Neith when Erilaz O'Riley Eternity goes missing; together, the two find him wounded and Neith performs emergency surgery.

August 2018

August is a jarring month: Neith's sister Delfina Heiwa unexpected arrives from the Outpost to stay. Taika Rask arrives as well, and becomes quietly obsessed with apprenticing under Neith, despite an obvious clash of personalities. Further into the month, Neith's sister and close friend Ondine Heiwa and her husband are discovered murdered at the bottom of a cliff, causing a subtle change in Neith. He becomes angry and impatient and avoiding socialization.


  1. start small, grow tall

Egged on by Taika, Neith helps out Brocade Valentine with getting Symre Rask out of a mud pit.

  1. you're a natural

Taika and Seppo Rask break into Neith's house to "help out," only to end up getting nursed back to health instead.

  1. at the gallows it was mercy I had found (M)

In the middle of the night, Elphaba brings Neith news of his sister's death. Neith doesn't take it well.

  1. x

With Briarblack.

  1. x

With Delfina Heiwa.

5.3  2020

August 2020

Neith returns to Salsola proper after the death of his mother, Isabella Heiwa. He plans for a brief stay, but upon discovering his old friend Odalis has been enslaved by the Queen, his plans abruptly change.


  1. the chasm in my chest

With Briarblack.

  1. steadfast

O'Riley Eternity meets Neith at Salsolan borders as he arrives (and they predictably heckle each other).

  1. with gravity now do you play

Neith performs a minor check up on Idreus? and Grievous's children at their home.

  1. everything is as designed

With Argive Hemlock.

  1. I can see the sun on the horizon

Neith discovers his old friend, Odalis, has long since been turned into a servant of Elphaba Revlis.

September 2020



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With Character?.


1 Wolf breeds (71%): Great Plains, Alexander Archipelago, Tundra, Common Gray, Arctic, Eastern Timber, Red, British Columbian)

2 Coyote breeds (26%): Plains, Mexican, Northeastern

3 Dog breeds (3%): Husky, Sighthound, Wolfhound, Shepherd, et al.