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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Members
  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Luperci Dominant Society
    2.   2.2  Wealth
    3.   2.3  Knowledge
    4.   2.4  Innovation
  3.   3.  Pack Relationships


Pack Details



Silver Chalice (#a8a8a8)
Wine Berry (#5e1f1f)





Founded By

Nivosus & Ardoise

Founded On

5th October 2014

Sapient is a pack located in the Frost Reaches section of 'Souls and lays claim to territory within Bathurst, Gaspesia and North Shore. The packs main area of residence is within the Government Estate, a large but old mansion with access to St John's river close by. Sapient is an all-species pack, meaning any canine is free to join the ranks provided they are Lupceri -- non-Luperci are shunned from Sapient's ranks but will be accepted in the event that they allow themselves to be turned into a Luperci.

Sapient's ranks are based on a three tiered system focusing on character skills and personalities, with the main focus on the share of knowledge and attainment of wealth. A willingness to increase knowledge in a specified Area of Study, creation and trade of goods and the preservation and sharing of skills among pack members is important. Respect is expected to be shown to those of a higher rank and experience and those who hold higher ranks may choose to assert dominance over others if they choose, but dominance and submission are not an integral aspect of Sapient life.

Pack Notes

  • Scent: Metallic, Salt, Tule, Oregano, Moineau Family
  • Archetypes
    • Welcome: Luperci, Intellects, Researchers, Craftsman, Loyalists, Merchants, Fighters, Thieves, Diplomats, Greedy, Power Hungry.
    • Unwelcome: Non-Luperci, Criminals, High-Morals, Instigators, Unskilled, Weak Willed, Soft Hearted, Rapists and Murderers.

Sapient Maps

1.  History

Please View Overview | Timeline for Sapient's detailed history.

What was once a passing concept, just an idea loosely discussed quickly grew; loners gathered, drawn together by their mutual interest in trade and the more humanized way of living. Seeking to further expand their wealth, power, skills and knowledge, they banded together and decided to form a pack, consisting of a male dominated membership.

During their first year of existence Sapiens strived to improve the lands that they now called their own; repairing buildings, alongside constructing new ones, deterred only by poor weather and the floods that struck the area. Despite this, members quickly settled into the Government Estate, which became the central hub of activity, along with the main place of residency for membership.

Upon settling in, Sapiens began to slowly branch out, striking up trades with other packs as well as hosting a disastrous diplomatic ball at the end of July 2015.

1.1  Members



Characters born here

Founding Members

2.  Culture

2.1  Luperci Dominant Society

Sapient is unique in its Luperci Dominant culture. Whilst many packs have become mostly Luperci dominant through personal preference, within Sapient it is a requirement to be able to stand on two legs. Non-Luperci are considered weak and Sapient members are encouraged to 'gift' these creatures with the Luperci virus. Medium-High humanisation is often observed in Sapient culture -- members value clothing, material items, trade and knowledge above a more feral way of life. Using ones Optime form is encouraged, though this rule is not strictly enforced. It is the belief of the Sapiens that the Optime form is the highest mark of civilisation. Similarly, more humanised skills such as reading and writing, weapon use, innovation and invention, food production and domestication of animals are valued greatly. Those of weak body or strong morals are discouraged -- able bodied protectors are always needed to guard the stores of wealth within the borders.

2.2  Wealth

Whilst other packs may focus upon combat strength, religion and power, Sapient has a strong focus on individual wealth. Wealth in Sapient is defined not just by physical items however and not by traditional gold. Wealth is the mass of items of interest, from anything like books, to recipes, to knowledge how to create something and of course the more obvious examples such as gems, pelts and other materialistic goods. A character that knows how to create something is deemed to have more wealth than someone who owns the item itself. Because with the knowledge comes the possibility to create more.

2.3  Knowledge

  • Please adhere to the Realism Guide on Knowledge and Skills in the RP Guide

Believing in the education of it's members to teach them skills, common sense and a solid understanding of the world, Sapient actively encourages it's members to learn and better themselves in whatever chosen field that they desire. In addition to the education of members, Sapient believes in the discovery of new things and values knowledge greatly; they will happily charge you to teach you how to ride your new horse. Sapient members are known to record their findings when trying new things out in the worlds, found most often in personal journals of pack members. Alongside discovering their own things, Sapient members also keep knowledge in any kind, preserving the books within their care, rewriting worn down books so that their are more legible, trading with others to learn tips and tricks of various trades and actively seeking out new knowledge to bring back to the pack.

2.4  Innovation

  • Please adhere to the Realism Guide on Technology in the RP Guide

Whilst already established facts and knowledge have a draw for the pack, they also strive to create new things, new technology. Invention is a free concept, not limited to one area; any area in the world that has room to grow, they actively strive to improve upon and apply their knowledge towards. Many of the inventors record down their findings, making detailed notes in whatever way they can to record the process so that someone else could later re-create their invention. These guidelines are kept close within the pack and typically only revealed for something equal to or greater to their deemed worth. Inventions must comply with the board rules, not exceeding the level of present technology, simply adapting it and finding more practical means or uses for it.

3.  Pack Relationships

-- Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
-- Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
-- Neutral.
-- Good relationship, but no official alliance.
-- Officially allied.

Northern Packs


The foundations of a trade network are being built with Salsola.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: Trade is actively being encouraged between Salsola and Sapient to further this budding relationship.

Relevant Threads

  • Salsola members later travel to Sapient on a trade mission, and stay for a Masquerade Ball -- where they are are accused of having something to do with the murder which occurs, despite their relationship with the hosts. They assist Sapient's efforts.
  • Sapient approaches Salsola amicably with a small group, including their Ambassador. Despite a few peculiar incidents, a tentative line of contact is formed between the packs.
  • June 2015: Ciellen Loreath, Akantha, Maire Bradaigh, and Dominic Hunt arrive in Salsola on a Diplomacy & Trade Mission. This opens the ways for the two packs to discuss future opportunities for trade and puts Salsola on the map -- as prior to stumbling upon it many members of Sapient suspected it to be to the south. All the beads of water move up the glass


SP / VN summary here.


Relevant Threads


Krokar has been involved with Sapient since it was first established. They have one official trade accomplished between them, and currently maintain an exchange of information through Sapient's diplomat and founding member, Akantha and Krokar's Semini.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: All KR/SP trades and general relationships should be common knowledge among Krokar members, and newer members can assume to have been informed of their northern neighbours. Diplomatic relations with KR should build off what is already known and seek to further the established bond between them.

Relevant Threads

Southern Packs


SP / IF summary here.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: Inferni and Sapient have unresolved bad blood, with a standing order remaining to gather information upon the Coyote clan. Suffice to say, Sapiens have been warned to be wary of Inferni.

Relevant Threads

  • December 2014: Snapdragon approached Sapient under the name of diplomacy; only to break the trust given and stole from the pack. [M]the moon is out shining bright
  • February 2015: With the theft discovered, Sapiens lost all trust in Inferni and members were thus actively encouraged to spy upon, sabotage and gain intel on the dishonourable clan, leaving the rift between the two packs unresolved. 'Cause your presence still lingers here

Cour des Miracles

Sapient as no official relationship to Cour des Miracles, although the packs have had several positive interactions thus far.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: Trade is actively encouraged with CdM to further expand this budding relationship.

Relevant Threads


After the devastating attack on New Dawn and it's following disbandment, Sapient members were warned to be on their guard with any Anathema members.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: Sapiens have been warned to be wary of and overall avoid Anathema members; trade is actively discouraged.

Relevant Threads

  • October 2015: Sapient were informed by Casa di Cavalieri member, Luca Knight, regarding Anathema's attack against New Dawn. Subsequently, they discourage engagement with the pack.

Casa di Cavalieri

Because of Lola's part in Desiderio 's death, Sapiens are generally more hostile and less welcoming to those from Casa di Cavalieri.

OOC ASSUMPTIONS: Sapient members would be aware of Lola's involvement, encouraged to treat CdC with caution and distrust.

Relevant Threads

  • July-August 2015: During the diplomatic ball hosted by Sapient, Lola killed Desiderio Auditore and caused a rift between the packs. Luca Knight has attempted to bridge this rift and make amends, as such Sapiens are encouraged to be wary, but not hostile towards Cavaliers.

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