Domovoi Alekseyevich Tarasova

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By Alaine!

Domovoi Tarasova is the wolfdog son of Aleksei Tarasova and a nameless traveler. He is the father of four daughters: Liuva Tarasova, Olivia Tarasova, Amorette Aston, and Theresa St Pierre. His is a passionate nature expressed through turbulent mood swings, with a strong tendency toward self-defeating behavior.

Domovoi was born in 2011 into a group of pacifist nomad dogs in Ontario called Sonnerie. Originally more lover than fighter himself, an ongoing conflict between Domovoi and Kharma Asylum resulted in the accidental death of his mother, a near-death experience for Dom, and the beginning of a long and bitter vendetta that changed him forever. Dom's siblings left home in 2013 after the tragedy, and Dom tracked them to Nova Scotia while plunging into alcoholism, depression, and increasing violence.

He became an enemy of Inferni that winter when he launched a series of attacks on their members, all in a failed attempt to reclaim his siblings who joined there. Only Kharma's intervention prevented the pack from executing him, and it came at the cost of letting his siblings believe he died from the grievous injuries. He was indeed close to death when Domovoi elected to become a member of AniWaya in early 2014. He slowly regained purpose in life since accepting the tribe and discovering he had two daughters, but still struggled with his demons as well as his largely-unrequited feelings for Océane Aston. In Aug 2014, he gained his spirit guide companion, a wolverine named Ninovan.

Come spring of 2015, Dom was injured badly in a scuffle with a northern pack leader. Fearing his unstable behavior would ruin his pack's — and specifically Olivia's — reputation, Dom left AniWaya behind. Time alone did him no favors, but he remained in the southern area and notably had an on-again-off-again affair with Hati Catori of Cour des Miracles, which ended poorly. He vanished from the public eye when he was taken hostage by Isolde Sawtooth that winter, and endured months of abuse at her hands. Ultimately he was discovered and rescued by Amorette, and then elected to join her pack, Anathema, in spring 2016, hoping to repay some of the debt he owed her.






  • Date of Birth: 16 June 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: -
  • Pack: -
  • Rank: -

Spirit Guide NPC: Ninovan



  • None atm!
  • -

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • -
  • -

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: His steely-grey colors and frosty blue eyes derive from the wolfdog father he never met, but much of his build draws on his mother's sighthound lineage. His skull seems impossibly narrow and long, echoing the borzoi and collie in him.
  • Fur: He boasts a silky coat thick with curls. His pelt is made of entirely cool colors, varying shades of metal grey and off-white.
    • Optime Hair: His curly fur translates to a wild mop of dark hair. Tries to tame it with scarves.
  • Facial Features: The dark "guyliner" markings around his pale eyes lend him an exotic look. His ears are floppy and often disguised by the long feathering of fur there, making his expressions difficult for wolves to read accurately.
  • Build and Size: Dom is striking in appearance, with an intense stare and an athletic grace to his movements. He is lean and long-legged, with the narrow streamlined build of a sprinter, and occasionally borders on bony or gaunt. He is startlingly tall, with the combined height of a borzoi and a large subspecies of wolf. What strength he has is wiry and built on speed.
  • Humanization: Moderate. While he shuns clothes, his main accessory is a blue violet headscarf with a swirling khaki print, used to tie his unruly mane back from his face. He also has a piercing above his left eye, which consists of a metal hoop with a black captive bead.


  • Fur:
    • Primary Scarpa Flow
    • Fades into Spun Pearl on his underside, legs, and cheeks.
  • Markings:
    • Shark Grey is his darkest tone, surrounding his eyes, running down his spine/tail, and tipping his ears.
    • Spring Wood is his lightest color, marking his muzzle, paws, tail tip, and collar in the "Irish spotting" pattern.
  • Eyes: Submarine
  • Optime Hair: Scarpa Flow fading into Shark Grey
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Shark Grey (#202026)
Scarpa Flow (#51515B)
Spun Pearl (#A8A8B0)
Spring Wood (#FAF9F4)
Submarine (#B9C6C6)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: Left eyebrow.[1]
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars: see map
    • Chest, blade wound from Kharma; runs straight from his left collarbone to his hip.
    • Torso, blade wound from Myrika; clean slash wraps around right side above hip.
    • Chest, blade wound from Lorelei; small lefthand slash perpendicular to vertical scar.
    • Forearm, pair of scars from Leon's bite; jagged tears nearly encircle left arm.
    • Leg, bite mark from Wraith; thin puckered marks from tooth punctures in left calf.
    • Neck, pair of scars from Kharma's bite; jagged tears on left side of throat.


  • Headscarf, ties back his unruly mane. Has several different ones, but the blue violet one is his favorite.[2]





100 lbs (45 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

200 lbs (91 kg)
44 in (112 cm)

220 lbs (100 kg)
7ft 5in (89 in) (226 cm)

Resembles a sighthound in all aspects, with an arched neck, long low tail, and wavy feathering. Very slender and elegant.

Does not use. Wavy fur becomes shaggier, wiry to the touch; more wolfish with added muscle, but still gaunt.

Preferred form. Very tall, with elongated limbs and fingers. Wears a headscarf to tie back his mess of curly hair. Chin fur combed into small goatee.


  • Speech: Deep voice, normally melodic but grows guttural and snarly when angry. Subtle French-Canadian accent.
  • Scent: Marshes, wilderness, alcohol, musk, woodsmoke.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Curses freely when in a bad mood; often in multiple languages. Gestures with hands a lot to make up for inexpressive/floppy ears.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Obvious, even exaggerated, body language; often rigid and dominant when uncomfortable, much more slouchy and flirty when relaxed.

1.3  Gallery

by Kitty

by CoconutMilkyway

by Nat

by Miyu

by Paige

by Miyu

by Miyu

by Miyu

by Lin

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by Chris

by Alaine

2.  Personality

Miles To Go Before I Sleep · Knight Templar Big Brother · Doom Magnet · Icy Blue Eyes · The Berserker · Knight In Sour Armor

Best described as a self-defeating personality including depressive features. Frequently suffers from empathic burnout and some form of stress disorder.

Dom used to be outgoing and kind to strangers, if somewhat controlling and overprotective of his family. The loss of his mother and disbanding of his siblings triggered a severely negative shift in his outlook, where he views all strangers as enemies unless proven otherwise. He is always quick to anger, hyper-vigilant of his surroundings, and often displays a restless energy[3] that prevents him from sleeping for long. He wears his emotions for all to see (ie: no shame in crying in front of a stranger), and easily empathizes with others, though he does not process this empathy well and tends to overload himself and seek an unhealthy release.

He genuinely wants to help others, but often his temper ends up ruining things for him. He is violently reckless in combat, adopting a berserk rage that blinds him and often makes it difficult for him to remember afterward. Ultimately he wants to be a force of good and protect those weaker than himself, but his self-loathing makes it difficult to view himself as anything other than a failure.

Dom has a fierce loyalty to his younger siblings, seeing it as his responsibility to continue protecting them as he has done since their birth (whether they want his protection or not). He therefore has a skewed view of Kharma Asylum, whom he wants to kill to avenge his mother's death and the "corruption" of Gehenna and Avaiki. His devastating grief warped his memories, deluding him into believing Aleksei's accident was entirely Kharma's fault and not his, since he could not cope with the reality. He does not even recall striking his brother Gehenna in the heat of the moment. Deep down he knows who is really to blame, but this repressed guilt is expressed through a near-suicidal desire to get hurt and sacrifice himself. He has frequent and vivid nightmares about Aleksei's death, another reason he does not sleep well, and why the pain remains fresh to him.

He seeks casual sex with males and females alike, usually preferring partners with personalities independent from his so as to distance himself and make it easier to leave afterward. He also has a wavering dependency on alcohol, a crutch he leans on to numb himself. He has a glaring soft spot for puppies thanks to his paternal instinct to protect them, and will ruthlessly dispatch anyone threatening children, viewing child abusers as the worst kind of scum.

2.1  Ideals


Temperamental, stubborn, self-loathing, controlling, hotheaded, reckless, passionate.

  • Song: Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix), Blue Foundation
  • Personality Type: MBTI - ENFP, Keirsey - Champion
  • Outlook: Negative; seeks to take control of bad situations so they don't get worse
  • Expression:
    • Extroverted, as he wears his heart on his sleeve.
    • Dominant, as he struggles to submit to most authority.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good Chaotic Neutral
    • "Feels guilt when he commits a wrongdoing and will seek to right his wrong."
    • "Will support their family even if it means personal discomfort."
    • "Values flexible relationships with romantic partners."
    • "Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly."
    • "Considers himself above the law."


  • Likes: Puppies, mythology, foreign language, travel, hunting, drinking, brawling, casual sex, collecting scarves and colorful items
  • Dislikes: Coyotes, sleep, the occult, fortune telling, submitting to authority, loss of freedom


  • Death of his family
  • His own darkness/guilt/anger
  • Dying alone


  • Family (especially protecting and avenging them)
  • Righteousness by his definition
  • Hedonistic pleasures (drinking, sex, sparring)


  • Packs: Enemy of Inferni; not too keen on Anathema either.
  • Species: Favors dogs. Condescending toward coyotes, thanks to Kharma.
  • Non-Luperci: Kinder to those who can't shift, seeing them as needing help/protection.
  • Gender: Generalizes that females can't defend themselves, so he treats them with well-intentioned (albeit insulting) charity.
  • Color: Fairly neutral, although red eyes trigger unpleasant memories.
  • Sexuality: Used to believe in free love for all; now has disdain for males that sleep around and father illegitimate offspring. (Hypocritical since he holds himself to a lower standard, and continues to seek his own casual encounters.)
  • Age: Puppies are his weakness, he sees them as precious and will guard them with his life.


  • Kinsey 3: "Equally heterosexual and homosexual"
  • Possibly polyamorous; likely to seek casual encounters as a release for tension, but won't commit to a long-term relationship due to his beliefs as well as his flaws.
  • Likely to initiate, as he can be controlling or pushy, and is passionate about the things he wants. Might even be forceful in the heat of the moment, but would quickly stop himself if his partner was unwilling. He does get emotional and likes the closeness of a cuddle afterward, but makes it clear that he will be leaving.
  • In a good mood, he is flirty and persistent with those he finds attractive. In a bad mood, he can be aggressive and will disregard personal space, ie: grabbing, pushing, holding in place. The more alcohol is involved, the sooner he gets physical -- but he does know to stop himself after a direct rejection.


More than a social drinker, Dom relies on alcohol to help him forget. If he has the supply, he may drink to fall asleep, since he won't remember the nightmares the next day. Has developed a dependency on liquor, and will get tense and snappy if he runs out -- culminates in shaking hands, chronic headaches, and violent outbursts.


Undetermined, though he is uncomfortable around the occult and does not like talk of an afterlife or ghosts since his mother's passing and his own brushes with near-fatality. Likes mythology of all cultures from a neutral standpoint. Recently gained an AniWayan spirit guide of his own and is still awkward about it.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Trouillefou, Fidh, Tarasova

  • Extended: Grandparents are Jacquez Trouillefou and Finn Fidh; has scattered relatives in the Trouillefou family, but knows nothing of them (since his father was a missing link, given up at birth under a different name). To date, Dom has sired several illegitimate pups of his own from his casual encounters, but has never had a mate. Has several grandchildren through Amorette.

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Kharma: His mother's lover, and the father of his half-siblings. Dom never liked Kharma, seeing him as unworthy of his mother. They injured each other badly the day Aleksei died, and Dom has made it his mission to resume the fight and kill Kharma, even if it costs him his life in the process. Their second clash nearly killed Dom, and ended with Kharma extracting a promise that Dom can never hassle Inferni again, effectively cutting him off from his siblings.
  • Avernus: His fragile little sister will always need protection due to her health and pacifism, and Dom is more than willing to be that guardian. Her resemblance to their late mother spurs this on further. In turn, sensitive Ave is able to calm him when his moods grow too unstable or violent. They are currently estranged, since Ave left him for his own good -- and he is desperate to find her again.
  • Océane: Traveler who spent time in Sonnerie; they shared an intimate but short-lived relationship before Dom left the pack. They coexisted in AniWaya, but the unresolved feelings -- and the fact that Océane bore his children and did not tell him -- have made things complicated to say the least. He can't trust her but desperately wants to.
  • Neraka: Currently estranged. His righteous little brother once made him proud. Dom generally trusted Neraka to make good choices and protect his family, although he still sees his brother as a child who needs his guidance. Dom barely remembers the drunken episode that resulted in Neraka's disappearance, but fears he has done something unforgivable.

Positive Relations

  • Amorette: His daughter by Océane, though he was uncertain for a long time if he is in fact her father. He doesn't like her pack or her mate, but they shared some dark secrets, and he wants her trust. Feels they have the most in common, like their bad tempers, and has some guilt over "corrupting" her with his genes; doesn't want to ruin her new life.
  • Olivia: His daughter by Océane, though he was uncertain for a long time if he is in fact her father. Feels the need to look out for her, although he is deeply conflicted about trusting and caring about her since she reminds him of his late mother. Sees her as something pure and innocent, and as she has ascended to leadership, he feels bound to protect her.
  • Hati: Originally a one-night-stand; they met again and Dom realized he had a crush on the guy and was genuinely happy to see him. Unfortunately the Courtier did not share his desire for a more intimate relationship, and so Dom's crush is painfully unrequited. They had an on-again-off-again affair that ended poorly and he doesn't want to talk about it okay??
  • Cosette and Clopin: Travelers who spent time in Sonnerie. Felt a connection to them, but never realized they were his relatives. Gave Cosette one of his spare scarves.

Neutral / Negative

  • Avaiki and Gehenna: Currently estranged -- the siblings who chose to follow their father. Dom refused to believe they would willingly leave the family, and embarked on a quest to "rescue" them which ended very poorly. Now he must let them go, and seems unable to cope with this.
  • Mistral: A neglected puppy that he attempted to rescue in Halifax. Unfortunately, his anger pushed him to brutally murder the child's mother in front of her, which caused her to flee in terror. They meet again as adults with mutual mistrust between them.
  • Isolde: A bold thief who attempted to steal from his family in front of him. He lost his temper and viciously beat her unconscious, then left her harboring a massive grudge. Now she is connected to Amorette, which gives him more reason to detest her. She's what's wrong with youth these days.
  • Florina: A pack leader that assaulted him when he got too close to her little sister. She would have killed him if not for the sister's intervention, and so Dom deeply resents her and avoids the pack at all costs.

Minor Relations

3.3  Abilities


  • Combat: Dom is a powerful fighter with berserker tendencies; he becomes wildly reckless and often does not remember the extent of the fight. Due to his impressive height, he can overpower assailants with sheer force. He relies on his teeth and claws rather than a weapon, unless one is nearby.
  • Survival: Dom is comfortable with scouting, hunting, tracking, trapping, skinning, fishing, etc. He can easily survive on his own in the wilderness as well as provide for dependents. Additionally, he is a decent cook.
  • Speed: His natural build is that of a sprinter. In his Lupus form he can outrun prey, wolves, and pretty much anything that moves. He is fast in his Optime form as well, though he sacrifices some of his agility for sheer size.
  • Vigilance: Dom is intensely aware of his surroundings, and it is difficult to sneak up on him. He has naturally keen eyesight thanks to his sighthound genes, and pays attention to the slightest of details in his quest to track down his siblings.
  • Polyglot: Due to his upbringing with travelers of all backgrounds, Dom knows phrases in many languages including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, and AniWayan/Cherokee. The downside is that he is not fluent in any of them, and relies on conversational expressions.


  • Instability: Dom suffers from a form of PTSD[4]. He struggles to sleep, often having disturbing nightmares when he does; he is also unable to recall the exact events of his mother's death, and avoids talking about it. Has trouble controlling his emotions because of this; see below.
  • Short temper: Dom has anger issues that make him unpredictably violent. Sometimes he is set off by a righteous cause, such as protecting a family member, but other times it can be triggered by something as inane as an insult.
  • Reckless behavior: Dom has little regard for his own safety, particularly in combat situations. This could be attributed to his subconscious guilt, as he accepts pain as a punishment for failing his mother.
  • Children: Dom has a soft spot for puppies and drops his guard around them, which can be exploited by less than savory characters. He is willing to do anything to keep them from harm, even at the cost of his own health and safety.
  • Social etiquette: Dom's headstrong attitude makes it difficult for him to show submission, especially to an authority figure he does not respect. Additionally, he has a habit of swearing when emotions run high, which can be offensive.

4.  History

4.1  2011

  • June:
    • Domovoi is born to Aleksei Tarasova in a gypsy pack of sighthound dogs called Sonnerie. With no siblings or father, he grows up inseparable from his mother. She is more important to him than the pack or anything else, and this does not change as he reaches adulthood.
    • He learns a wide variety of colorful skills and languages from his motley pack.

4.2  2012

  • April:
    • Aleksei takes a shine to a coywolf traveler named Kharma. Dom is immediately resentful, disliking the loner and feeling he is unworthy of his mother's affections. However, he doesn't directly interfere, and some months later, Kharma leaves.
    • Dom remains at his mother's side to ensure that she does not miss her lover, and soon discovered that Aleksei is pregnant.
  • October:
    • Aleksei gives birth to a litter of four, Kharma's children: Avaiki Asylum, Gehenna Asylum, Neraka Tarasova, Avernus Tarasova. Dom shoulders as much responsibility as he can to provide for them, remembering the difficult times his mother had during his own childhood. She does not blame Kharma for leaving, knowing their relationship was always casual, but Dom's resentment grows.
    • To distract himself and let off stress, Dom takes on several casual lovers among the gypsies (and disregards the blatant hypocrisy of his actions). The first and most poignant is Miir'ra, for whom Dom has a special place in his heart.

4.3  2013

  • January:
    • Winter brings an influx of travelers seeking shelter. Among them are Océane Aston, with whom Dom kindles a romance, and Kharma, whom Dom immediately attacks, intent on driving him away. Aleksei interrupts the fight to tend to Kharma's wounds, and Dom smolders with rage.
    • As soon as they are alone, he assaults Kharma again, and just like last time Aleksei tries to intervene. This time, however, Dom shoves her aside and accidentally throws her against a fallen table, snapping her neck and killing her. Dom and Kharma are both enraged and fight to the death, Dom sustaining a grave knife wound near his heart and Kharma losing an eye to a garden hoe. Gehenna tries to break up the fight and receives a scarring injury on his face. Finally the rest of the pack manages to tear the combatants apart and keep them separated.
  • February:
    • The gypsy dogs keep Dom separated from everyone else while he recovers. When he is well enough to walk again, he finds Kharma has left along with Gehenna and Avaiki. He is livid with rage, blaming Kharma for tearing his family apart and leading to his mother's death.
    • He vows to hunt down the coywolf and finish their fight, so that his siblings will be reunited and be safe from Kharma's terrible influence. He grows extra protective of his only remaining family, Neraka and Avernus, rarely letting them out of his sight.
    • Befriends travelers named Cosette and Clopin who also mourn their mother's untimely death, and grows more intimate with Océane, which keeps him in the area a little longer. He actively avoids Miir'ra, however, as he is ashamed of what he has become.
  • March:
    • When his siblings still have not returned to Sonnerie, Dom finally uproots Neraka and Avernus and drags them along to hunt down Kharma (not telling them, of course, that he intends to execute the coywolf). Ave needs frequent rests for her health, and significantly slows their travel.
    • Océane realizes she is pregnant, though rather than wait for Dom, chooses to leave for her family in Lac Sakami.
    • Liuva Tarasova is born in Sonnerie around this time, but Miir'ra passes away.
  • May:
  • September:
    • By this time he drinks heavily and has developed a dependency on alcohol. He reaches the eastern coast and ignores Inferni at first, hoping his siblings have not betrayed him for their coyote heritage (a place he cannot follow them into).
    • While searching Halifax for liquor as well as clues, Dom finds a neglected puppy and tries to rescue her. He ends up decapitating the abusive mother, which scares the puppy into fleeing and sends Dom into a shame spiral.
  • November:
    • Fluctuating between withdrawal and binge drinking makes Dom's mood swings more apparent and violent. A thief breaks into their camp and steals from them, then Dom hunts her down and beats the unlucky girl unconscious. Tension rises in the camp, as Neraka secretly witnessed the graphic assault.
    • By sheer luck they stumble into Gehenna and Avaiki, who were in Inferni all along. When Dom cannot convince them to come back to Sonnerie with him, he directs his frustration at all of Inferni.
  • December:
    • Domovoi lurks on the borders of Inferni, growing increasingly unstable in his interactions. He sleeps with Brumaire Moineau, threatens a pregnant Wraith Creed, gets in a bloody scuffle with Leon Bloodmane, and trespasses in a failed attempt to abduct Gehenna. His actions drive a deep rift between him and Neraka and Avernus, who lose faith in him.

4.4  2014

  • January:
    • Dom hits the bottle hard, drowning his failures in alcoholism. He has a breakdown when he realizes he cannot justify leaving or giving up on his siblings; he feels like his only course of action is an all-out assault on Inferni.
    • Neraka tries to talk him down, but Dom unleashes much of his anger on his hapless brother and sister. He tells them he won't be coming back, and storms across the pack borders for his last stand. Myrika, Kharma, and many others meet his challenge and gravely wound him. They leave his final fate in Kharma's hands, having learned the cause of the deep-rooted grudge.
    • Kharma decides to show mercy to the son of Aleksei and lets Dom go free if he promises to never see Inferni again. Dom agrees, mostly because he expects to die of his wounds anyway, and drags himself off into the woods so the coyotes won't find his body.
  • February:
    • Ave finds Dom and bandages him, but in his state, he thinks she is his mother. Ave finally decides she must leave him for his own good, or he will always be haunted by painful memories of Aleksei.
    • Against all odds, Dom begins to recover. He is close to starvation and terribly weak from alcohol withdrawal, and cannot cope with the emotional burden that his family has abandoned him. He regrets giving his word to Kharma, but knows it will be better if his siblings think he is dead. In this dark state he meets Mistral de l'Or, and learns she is the puppy he tried to rescue in Halifax.
    • Océane, his old flame from Sonnerie, stumbles into him and reveals that she lives nearby. The reunion is tense at first, but echoes of their old intimacy begin to resurface. After they part, Dom follows her trail to find AniWaya.
  • March:
    • A protector with nothing to protect anymore, Dom lurks around AniWaya's borders in a silent effort to make sure Océane is safe. In doing so, he meets her brother Claudius Aston, who reveals the existence of Amorette and Olivia — purportedly his daughters. Dom immediately rejects the notion that he could be a father through Océane, but decides to commit himself to the pack just in case; even if they're not his, he will look out for them.
  • April-June:
    • A motley group of loners cause trouble at the borders, claiming that their land was taken from them when AniWaya moved territory. Domovoi gets in several altercations with them, notably protecting Océane in a fight against Dart and Kalju. His strong feelings for Océane are made obvious, though they do not discuss it.
    • Amorette's blossoming romance with pack leader Kentaro leads to her bidding farewell to her AniWayan family. She joins Anathema to seek her fortune there, and Domovoi is deeply hurt by this seeming betrayal over a coyote.
  • August:
    • Dom breaks down and goes binge drinking, vanishing from the pack for weeks. During a nasty bout of alcohol poisoning, he has an unusual encounter: his spirit guide appears to him and convinces him to go back to AniWaya. He makes a conscious effort to contribute to the pack and make up for his issues.
    • The group of loners show up to harass the borders again, and this time outright fighting breaks out. Domovoi plunges into battle to protect Océane and Olivia as well as their home.
  • September:
    • Olivia is named successor to AniWaya, and is elevated to leadership alongside her uncle Claudius. Dom is stunned by this, and has a lot of emotions to work through.
    • Dom's self-control is put to the test when his pack pushes for an alliance with Anathema, marked with two weeks of visitation. He struggles to cope with the wedding of Amorette, Kentaro, and Isolde, but manages not to ruin Olivia's diplomatic efforts.
  • November:
    • The beginning of a downward spiral; worrying about his daughters and fearing he will ruin their respective statuses, he withdraws and fares poorly. Looks for outlets to let off his energy, including a drunken one-night-stand with a coyote named Livia St Pierre, though he does not remember the encounter.
  • December:
    • After a second night with a nameless lover, Dom unhappily realizes he has unrequited feelings for him. He recklessly runs off and encounters a wolf who nearly seduces him, but they are interrupted by the wolf's sister who brutally beats him. Dom struggles home with a broken arm.

4.5  2015

  • January:
    • Recovering from his injuries, Dom makes the difficult decision to leave Aniwaya? once spring comes.
    • Unbeknownst to Dom, Livia gives birth to Theresa St Pierre, his daughter.
  • Summer-Fall:
    • Domovoi lurks in the neutral territories and strikes up a secretive arrangement with Hati Catori in Cour des Miracles, masking his true feelings underneath the guise of casual sex. This falls apart when the Inferni-CdM War heats up and Dom reveals he is an enemy of Inferni; fearing retribution, Hati banishes him from visiting again.
  • November:
    • Isolde Sawtooth catches Dom in a trap and takes him hostage within Anathema, drugging him heavily so that he cannot overpower her. Months of abuse ensue.

4.6  2016

4.7  2016

4.8  Threads


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    Inferni, with Dieter, Felix. Dom seeks answers about the pack his siblings joined, and briefly questions a scout.
  9. [M] And no one thinks they are to blame (1 Dec)
    The Waste, with Brumaire. Unsatisfied with his ignorance, Dom scouts outside of IF for information. He encounters an amiable Infernian, and the chance meeting leads to pleasure.
  10. [M] Felling any foe with my gaze (7 Dec)
    Inferni, with Wraith. Dom loses his patience and destroys some of the border decorations, and is accosted by a pregnant scout. He soon grows frustrated and leaves, but not before threatening to return.
  11. [M] your spine is ablaze (9 Dec)
    Inferni, with Leon. Dom gets drunk and vandalizes the border on purpose, to instigate a fight. A guard attacks him, and they have a brief but bloody squabble before parting ways.
  12. When we bleed, we bleed the same (20 Dec)
    Inferni, with Lorelei, Gehenna, Maeriia, Wraith. Under cover of a snowstorm, Dom trespasses to search for his siblings. He finds Gehenna and tries to take him by force, but the scouts surround him and he is forced to retreat.
  13. I hurt myself today, to see if i still feel (22 Dec)
    The Dampwoods, with Ren. Dom encounters an antisocial loner much like himself, and they quickly part ways.


  1. [M] They'll just grow up, and break the laws you've loved (29 Jan)
    Sticks and Stones, read only. Dom breaks down and cries over the hopelessness of his situation.
  2. [M] I want to be free from desolation and despair (30 Jan)
    The Dampwoods, with Neraka, Ave. Dom tailspins into rage and takes it out on his siblings, whom he knows he may never see again after what he did.
  3. [M] Everything I sow is being swept away (30 Jan)
    Inferni, with Delilah, Myrika, Kharma, Cartier, Leon. Dom has nothing left to lose and loudly trespasses to instigate a showdown. He is severely wounded by Kharma, who decides to show mercy to the son of Aleksei and lets Dom go free once he promised to never harass Inferni again.
  4. and the end is all I can see (1 Feb)
    The Dampwoods, read only. Dom staggers into the woods with grave wounds and the intent to die. Ave finds him and bandages him, but in his state, he thinks she is his mother. Ave finally decides she must leave him for his own good, or he will always be haunted by painful memories of Aleksei.
  5. [M] There's no justice in the world (~Feb)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Mistral. Weak and depressed, Dom has wandered south away from Inferni and encounters someone he thought long-dead. He finds a spark of anger in him he thought was extinguished; in progress.
  6. Now and then I think of when we were together (25 Feb)
    Shattered Coast, with Océane. Dom makes it to the coast and is surprised to run into his old flame from Sonnerie. The reunion is tense at first, but echoes of their old intimacy begin to resurface before she leaves.
  7. Retract the footsteps that brought us to this favor (12 Mar)
    Ethereal Eclipse, with Olivia. Dom is met by a curious young stranger while he is fishing; he is unaware that he has just met his daughter.
  8. Masquerading as a man with a reason (12 Mar)
    AniWaya, with Claudius. Dom follows Océane's trail and is met by her brother, who welcomes Dom into the pack.
  9. [M] I'm caught up in the middle of a headache and a heartbreak (2 Apr)
    AniWaya, with Océane. Now her packmate, Dom reunites with his ex and demands to know the truth -- if he is the father of her daughters.
  10. You stormed off to scar the armada (9 Apr)
    AniWaya, with Olivia. Dom protects his daughter from loners Dart and Behram, who previously laid claim to the pack's territory and have plans to reclaim it.
  11. We're picking ourselves undone (18 Apr)
    AniWaya, with Océane. Dart and Kalju get too close for comfort near Three Moons' Ranch, and Dom jumps to protect Oce.
  12. Throw Water on this Fire, Liar (21 Apr)
    AniWaya, with Genova. Seven skulks about the borders and is intercepted, where he promptly lies about why he's there. Dom frightens him into fleeing.
  13. [M] Feeling like a freak on a leash (1 May)
    Ethereal Eclipse. Dom explores casual sex with a local and reflects on how he is acting more like his old self, but still buries his heartache rather than face it.
  14. Goodbye is Never Forever (16 Jun)
    AniWaya, with Amorette, Kentaro, Olivia, Océane. Dom watches his daughter leave the pack with a coyote lover, and wrestles with his instinct to stop her.
  15. Departure of Ulilohi (10 Jul)
    AniWaya, pack thread. Ulilohi Ehn returns to The Great Tribe; Domovoi renews his commitment to protect the pack.
  16. [M] our wrongs remain unrectified (15 Aug)
    Ashes and Ashes. Dom drinks himself sick and struggles with having failed another family member. Ninovan, a spirit guide, appears to him and convinces him not to give up.
  17. let slip the dogs of war (18 Aug)
    AniWaya, pack thread. Upon his return, Dom learns the trespassers are back, and joins the group of fighters defending the borders.
  18. A great honour (2 Sep)
    AniWaya, pack thread. For her bravery in battle, Olivia is promoted to leadership and becomes Ulilohi's successor. Dom goes through a lot of emotions over this.
  19. Come and dance with me under the moonlight (7 Sep)
    Anathema, Thackary Village, pack thread. Dom is with the AW group that visits AT, though he is deeply unhappy with the arrangements. Then he recognizes Isolde and gets even more upset; Olivia calms him.
  20. We will forge our own legacy (10 Sep)
    Anathema, pack thread. The wedding of Amorette, Kentaro, and Isolde. Dom bears witness as long as he can, though all of his instincts tell him to make it stop.
  21. [M] leyendecker hole wrecker feel no pain (15 Sep)
    Anathema, Thackary Village, with Amorette. Dom has an argument with his newlywed daughter, and learns how much they have in common because of it.
  22. You will be the death of me (21 Sep)
    AniWaya, with Océane. Dom gets drunk instead of returning home and Ninovan brings Océane to intervene.
  23. [M] And maybe tonight I'll call you (6 Oct)
    AniWaya, with Gemma. Dom finds a kindred spirit in one of his packmates.
  24. [M] The kombucha mushroom people sitting around all day (11 Dec)
    The Dampwoods, with Loki. Dom stumbles into an unusual stranger.
  25. [M] The moods that take me and erase me(20 Dec)
    Drifter Bay, with Florina, Ninian. After a second night with a nameless lover, Dom unhappily realizes he has unrequited feelings for him. He recklessly runs off and encounters a wolf who nearly seduces him, but they are interrupted by the wolf's sister who brutally beats him.


  1. [M] I will always land on you like a sucker punch (~Nov)
    Western Tangles, with Isolde. Isolde's crow Henry is killed; she captures Dom in punishment and promises he will suffer.


  1. [M] Filled it up with novocaine and now I'm just numb (6 Jan)
    Western Tangles, with Isolde. Dom suffers through Isolde testing various drugs and poisons on him, and worse.
  2. [M] And don't mind me, I’m just a son of a gun (18 Mar)
    Western Tangles, with Ninovan. Dom has a lucid moment and realizes what's become of him, with Ninovan's help.
  3. [M] (LASKY) This is a black, black ski mask song (31 Mar)
    Western Tangles, with Isolde. The truth behind the months of Isolde's torture — she has used him to conceive a child, which she sacrifices on an altar to curse Amorette.
  4. [M] In the truly gruesome do we trust (31 Mar)
    Western Tangles, with Ninovan, Isolde, Amorette, Toshiro. The final reckoning; in progress.
  5. I will reach inside just to find my heart is beating (Apr)
    Anathema, in progress.

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