Seven Cermak

Seven is the son of Behram and Anahid. He travels with Illiam Quayle's group of loners. After his parents decided to join AniWaya, Seven returned to Illiam and took up rank as his right-hand man as they sought out a new home. He is determined to make a name for himself after the group's unfortunate defeat.

Seven Cermak

Photo by Pavan Kunder


None (NPC)


Date of Birth

16 Aug 2013




Birth place

'Souls, Dampwood


All over the place


Wolf-dog-jackal-coyote hybrid

60% Wolf
25% Dog
10% Jackal
5% Coyote


69.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Dog
10% Golden Jackal
5.5% Iranian Wolf
5% Northeastern Coyote




Pack Loner
Rank None

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1.  Appearance

Seven's appearance is mostly wolfish, though it's pretty apparent that he's got a very mixed heritage. While his stature is smaller than the usual Eastern Timber Wolf, he definitely has the agouti patterning down to a science. The fur along his back is much darker than that of an Iranian Wolf, which is likely owed to his Jackal heritage. His dog influence is mostly indiscernible, as it is overpowered by the other mixes of subspecies he has.

1.1  Coloration

  • Eyes are Tulip Tree (#EAB03E)
  • Base colour of Whiskey (#D9A569)
  • Darker Domino (#967B5D) around his face and Metallic Bronze around his back, neck, ears, and bottom of his tail
  • Dark Creole (#180B03) saddle on his back, similar to the jackal markings, flecked with Hint of Red (#F7F4F3)

2.  Personality

Seven always feels like he is somehow letting down his parents. They are interesting, adventurous, and decided to take him on a massive trip before he was even a year old. Any other kid should feel lucky that they're so great, right? Wrong. Seven always feels like he was born to the wrong family -- he's awkward, apathetic, and doesn't particularly understand why anyone is doing anything, ever.

Seven is irreligious, a pacifist, and doesn't believe in any of the astronomy (or was it astrology?) that his mother is into.

  • Quirks: always seems to have his cat, Dude, hanging around him. Lets Dude sit on his shoulders in all of his luperci forms.
  • Hobbies: tree climbing, star gazing

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Illiam Quayle: leader of the group. Seven often attempts to steer or defy him.
  • Dart Tasin: Seven has a crush on her!
  • Behram Demir: dad. He's okay.
  • Anahid Cermak: mom. Feels a strong discord between her craft (weapons) and his beliefs (pacifist). Generally defies her in ... everything.
  • Bo Quayle: best friend and often partner in "crime"
  • Stois: exciting future friend?
  • Kalju Lepp: godfather. Trusts him as much as any.

3.2  Family Relations

  • Parents: Anahid Cermak and Behram Demir
  • Children with Dart Tasin: Veruta Tasin (f), Flachette Cermak (f)
  • Grandchildren:
    • By Veruta: Sica Tasin (f), Sibyna Cermak (f), Sarissa Kusugak (f), and Hasta Tukkiapik (m)

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: speaks quietly, with little inflection. Tends to rush his vowels and his words sound very guttural, with too many consonants
  • Scent: smells like trees, the nearby lands, Quartz Shoreline, and salt

5.  NPCs

5.1  Dude

  • Species: American Shorthair Cat
  • Sex: Male
  • Age and DOB: 2 years (22 Mar 2012)
  • Description: A cinnamon tabby-coloured cat with yellow eyes
  • Personality: Dude is Seven's best friend and closest companion. Seven bought Dude from a trader in Freetown and they've been inseparable ever since.

5.2  Abilities


  • Observant: since he doesn't really say or do much, Seven is actually a pretty perceptive guy and he understands a lot more than he lets on.
  • Good listener: he just wants to hug it out, man


  • Anxious: he wants to be a laid-back, easygoing kind of guy, but he really just isn't. He's always concerned that he's going to screw up or do something wrong
  • Apathetic: Caring about something? Why?
  • Mindless: tends to do things without wondering whether he should be doing them. This doesn't often end well for him considering how anxious he gets, so he tends to obsess over things a lot

6.  History

Seven was born in Freetown to Anahid Cermak and Behram Demir. When he was less than a year old, his parents journeyed to Nova Scotia with Illiam Quayle and his ragtag band of loners.

6.1  Threads

  1. Throw Water on this Fire, Liar (Apr 21) (NPC)
    Seven is found wandering around the borders, clearly bored, and not really trying to get into trouble... but somehow manages it nonetheless. Bo hides off in the distance, observing. Genova Mal and Domovoi Tarasova intercept Seven and quickly scare him into fleeing.
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