Dart Tasin

Dart Tasin is a spry guerilla warfare expert travelling with Illiam Quayle's group of loners.

Dart Tasin


None (NPC)


Date of Birth

20 Apr 2010




Birth place

Moose River Plains Wild Forest, New York




Coyote-dog hybrid

75% Coyote
25% Dog


75% Northeastern Coyote
25% Dog




Pack Loner
Rank None

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1.  Appearance

Dart is a coyote-dominant coydog hybrid. She is tall and thin, exceptionally so.

1.1  Coloration

  • Eyes: Chantelle (#C1B3CD).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Dusty Gray (#ADA1A3)
    • Lighter Lola (#E1D4DD) underbelly
    • Darker Spicy Mix (#7C5840) around her ears and Cold Turkey(#CDB3B6) on the muzzle

2.  Personality

Dart is an enigmatic, excitable, highly disciplined warrior who excels in guerilla warfare. She is lascivious and preening, eager to engage in new sexual experiences. Although she is very skilled, she has a tendency to exaggerate, causing others to disbelieve her true abilities.

  • Quirks: humming, fur pulling when in optime form
  • Hobbies: horse riding, falconry

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

3.2  Immediate Family

  • Parents: Arrow and Quill Tasin
  • Siblings: Spell and Jaunt Tasin

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: has a fairly neutral accent, tends to exaggerate and use hyperboles without intention
  • Scent: smells of horses and falcons

5.  NPCs

5.1  Juno

  • Species: Horse, of some unknown breed(s)
  • Sex: Female
  • Age and DOB: 3 years (24 Apr 2011)
  • Description: Juno is a trustworthy horse Dart rescued from a cruel owner. They are very close and Juno is both her general steed and mounted steed for archery
  • Personality: Juno is calm, except when the wind blows. She's a very skittish horse when Dart isn't around and detests Stois.

5.2  Myrrh

  • Species: Red-tailed hawk
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 5 years (22 Mar 2009)
  • Description: A reliable falcon used for hunting

5.3  Abilities


  • Guerilla Warfare (Expert): Raised in a dominantly warrior family, Dart learned how to fight from a young age and quickly discovered that she was most skilled in guerilla warfare, concealing her scent and identity, and stealth
  • Mounted archery (Journeyman)
  • Horsemanship (Journeyman): a hobby turned into an asset, Dart has a natural way with horses. Occasionally, she may let her love for horses bend her moral conscience and has been known to "liberate" a horse from its owner on more than one occasion
  • Falconry (Beginner): Taking this on more out of chance than anything, Dart volunteered to watch the falcon Kalju won in a game of dice. She learned a bit from the former owner, but for the most part, is running around blind
  • Optimistic: Dart has a very positive outlook and it's easy to get along with her


  • Histrionic: Dart is sexually provocative, enjoys getting a rise, and tends to be quite theatrical with friends
  • Fear of sickness: Dart was a very sickly puppy and is always very concerned about becoming ill or injured. She takes great lengths to protect herself when scouting potential targets, and as a result, may be easy to surrender out of a fear of getting hurt
  • Ignoble: although disciplined, she does not have a very strong sense of nobility and is comfortable bending her own moral rules if she feels like it

6.  History

Dart was born in what was formerly the northwestern part of New York state alongside two siblings. She grew up in a coyote-dominant clan that raised many warriors. Early in her infancy, she was a sickly puppy, just barely overcoming an unknown illness. As a result, she did not gain as much muscle as her siblings, who inherited a much greater size from their half-dog mother.

Dart met Anahid Cermak when she in the market for a new bow to replace her old one. They became fast friends and Anahid introduced Dart to Illiam Quayle, who she said could challenge Dart's abilities.

6.1  Threads

  1. You stormed off to scar the armada (Apr 9) (NPC)
    Dart brings Behram Demir to AniWaya's borders to ask his opinion on the area and how he thinks they could penetrate the tribe's defenses. Olivia and Domovoi Tarasova intercept them.
  2. We're picking ourselves undone (18 Apr) (NPC)
    Dart and Kalju Lepp get too close for comfort near Three Moons' Ranch, and are confronted by Ocèane Aston. Domovoi Tarasova runs to her aid when the encounter turns into a scuffle.
  3. Thread name (MMM DD)