I am an oldie member of the site and have nearly entered crusty status. If you need something, just ask. I'm the former leader of Cour des Miracles, having run it for many years before hanging up the leading hat. I am always open for discussing plots.

I'm a Mod! If you need help don't hesitate to ask! I am also a Souls Moderator and can help answer most questions if you have them. Feel free to reach out to me. I am regularly available on Discord as I frequently have access on my phone. I can also help with science-based questions or realism checks!

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    • I will often defer to you on how graphic a thread will get. I tend to prefer fade-to-black.
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  • I will not grave dig threads unless discussed.
  • I write 200-300 word posts for the most part.

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Sadira, Marino

Icons & Titles

Show Title and Icon Trivia



    • A reference to Mass Effect 3's ending theme. I cried like a damn baby when the game ended and I am a consistently addicted fan of the series. You'll notice quite a few Mass Effect references all over the place with my characters, icons, titles, and themes. I'm quite nuts about it.
    • Hover - "Where will you be when this is through?" - This is a lyric from their Mass Effect 1 ending theme.
    • Hover - "And I need you to recover, Because I can't make it on my own"
    • These are the lyrics from the Mass Effect 1 ending theme "M4 Part2" by Faunts. I do have a conflicted love of the game series, especially considering how I got into it, but I refuse to let the circumstances around that taint it for me.


  • your file has been saved This icon came from the 2019 Wacky Wiki Update Initiative.
  • a stack of burned CDs and stolen music This icon came from the 2020 Update the Wiki Week.
  • 'Souls ADvocate! This icon came from the 2015 Advertising Shindig. I went nuts and did over 100 points worth of advertising.
  • And just a bit renegade This icon is the paragon symbol from Mass Effect, basically to be good for the sake of being good; the opposite of the ends justify the means in that the end does not justify cruel means. It was originally on Silvano Sadira? but when OOC accounts were introduced, I moved it off him to myself.
  • Modern Day Potion Master This icon is a reference to the career I've bumbled into as a formulation chemist, which is very like the potion maker I once wanted to be as a kidlet.
  • That's not pumpkin juice... This icon came from the 2020 Wordtober contest.
  • growing every day! Icon for "Straight A Students" during the 2021 Spring Forth, Words! event.

Adrianna Julia


  • "More than just a dance"
    • I was at a loss for a title for her and I picked a lyric from "La La" by The Cab.

Alessan Stormbringer


    • Hover - "Joining yours and mine. Do you still remember me?"
    • Lyric from "Melodies of Life" from Final Fantasy IX. I was and am very much a Final Fantasy nut. It's what got me so deep into gaming.
    • Hover - "Told from impossible distance. I am here again for you."
    • Lyric from "Suteki da Ne" from Final Fantasy X. I got this title before meeting my husband, but it's from a game that we both finished and I basically made him love it (lol). Can we see a theme here for Alessan?
    • Hover - "The moon filled with night as it flowed through your heart. I will live on."
    • Lyric from "Suteki da Ne" from Final Fantasy X. We also heard this performed live at Distant Worlds.
    • Hover - "But now I'm strong enough to know it's not too late."
    • Lyric from "1000 Words" from Final Fantasy X-2. I haven't finished playing this (yet) but the songs are just.. so nice, man.
    • Hover - "and the flesh the hereafter"
    • Lyric from "Answers" from Final Fantasy XIV, which is a horribly pretty song to listen to it. I've heard it at Distant Worlds, too, and it's chilling. FF14 is fun, dang.

Annabeth de Fonte


  • "Liberi Fatali"
    • Hover - "Child of Fate"
    • The main theme title of Final Fantasy VIII. I was/am a big fan of this game and it shows lol..
  • "Excitate Vos E Somno"
    • Hover - "Wake from your slumber"
    • Another lyric from the above song, mostly referencing her leaving Casa to join Inferni to be more in tune with her coyote heritage.


  • Metal in my Blood She was a blacksmith. Very clever, I know.

Delfina Heiwa


    • A reference to her genetically passed on mental instability because of the Revlis line, mostly due to chronic migraines.

Dorian Savoy


  • "amatus"
    • A term of endearment from Dragonage Inquisition by Bioware (can you see the pattern of problem here..). Dorian is thematically based on Dorian Pavus from the game, because I have a problem.


  • for the living, the dead Another reference to Dorian Pavus - this is the icon for the necromancy spell class.

Isabella Heiwa


  • "Stranger Danger"
    • She was definitely not the nicest person ever.
  • "Blood Gypsy"
    • AKA Gen was a very edgy teenager that did not think of the implications of the term Gypsy or didn't care. But it was a reference to her caravan/Roma-esque upbringing.
  • "Frozen Nightingale"
    • She was a heartless maneater or something.


Kalypso Savoy


    • Hover - "Heart of the Ocean, Blood of the Sea"
    • Kaly is very much a child of the ocean and it shows.
  • "the power that you crave"
    • Hover - "it's the the right time to rise to the top"
    • Lyrics from "Regain Control" by Shirobon. It was very fitting for the ambition that Kaly had/has.
  • "taste, what a bittersweet"
    • Hover - "Lose, soon I'll have nothing to. Space, this is what I choose"
    • Lyrics from "Face my Fears" by Utada Hikaru for KH3, which is a sin of a game but that doesn't stop the music from being a real bop. KH is something my husband and I both enjoy and it was one of the things we connected on early on when we started dating. The lyrics were quite fitting for post-CdM Kaly.


  • We'd had our dreams of golden shores with sea glass beneath our toes Was an icon obtained as part of the disbandment of Cour des Miracles.
  • but those sunny days would not last forever Was an icon obtained as part of the disbandment of Cour des Miracles.
  • Extinction didn't kill us Was an icon earned for winning a category in the Humans In The Soulsverse contest.
  • For the greater good, at any cost Is a Mass Effect icon based on the Renegade symbol, which is basically the "dark side" of Paragon, but really it's more of the means justify the ends sort of meaning, which is fitting for Kaly.
  • we've had a good ride This icon honestly has nothing to do with the character, but it WAS on Silvano previously and I haven't yet moved it to my own account. And yes, it's Mass Effect related.

Krios Revlis


    • Hover - "It flows through me like a serpents venom"
    • Salsola is all about blood and family, and it definitely slaps your face with this.
    • Hover - "We're stuck in the storm we were born to ignore"
    • Song lyric from "Don't take the money" by the Bleachers in reference to Kamari and Krios being trapped in the culture of Salsola without being able to escape it.
  • "◅─<<< ♥ >>>─▻"
    • Hover - "You're only everything I ever dreamed, ever dreamed of, ever dreamed of"
    • Again, he loves his wife way too much. Lyric is from "Don't Think Twice" which is, I guess, a theme from KH3 by Utada Hikaru. This song is actually me and my husband's wedding song that we danced to.
    • Hover - "If you want to make it happen, nothing's impossible. All you gotta do is say the word, the walls will crumble."
    • Another lyric from the above song.


  • Silver Scales & Silver Blood Is an icon reserved from related Relvis descendents who take the name.
  • Those who don't believe in magic will never find it. Is an icon that was awarded to players that made 13+ posts in October, 2020 in Salsola.
  • It's never black and white. There's only shades of grey. Now, I know this icon was on a different character at some point but I don't really recall. Oops. But it's the Renegon symbol from Mass Effect.
  • Seekers of Justice This symbol is from Dragonage Inquisition representing the Inquisition group/order/whatever. Krios was retitled as an Inquisitor during the Curse Of The Sanctum plot.
  • out of this world Icon from winning a category of An Alternate Universe contest with Kamari.

Ondine Heiwa


  • All of her titles are thematically based on the first one - "Grim Fandango" - and each one is a type of dance made dark. The hovers for the crosses are the Christian prayer before sleep that I knew at the time, though I technically DON'T know it and if it's even right.

Silvano Sadira


    • He used to be part of Crimson Dreams and had always wanted to be a "knight in shining armor", but he slipped and wasn't so shiny.
    • Because Gen loves Mass Effect.
  • "R E N A G O N • S O U L"
    • Hi, Mass Effect reference. He originally had the Paragon icon but I had it moved eventually. This title is a reference to the fact he became less paragon and more grey, which is the middle ground between Paragon and Renegade.
    • As a cheating bastard that loved reading, this seemed appropriate. It was previously "Prince Charming" or something of the like.


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