Andalusia de Cubana

Andalusia de Cubana is a dog mutt born to parents on the island of Cuba with littermate Matias de Cubana. Her family originated on the continent and various islands, but settled on Cuba briefly. While they did not stay there longer than necessary to raise the two siblings, Andalusia considers it her homeland for all that she was island hopping the moment she was old enough to shift.

Sometime in her independance, she met Santiago, of no island or home. He was a sailor, dashing and charming, and quickly fell for the man. They joined Joao's crew, Andalusia more along for Santiago's sake than her. She was their main trader, when trading was necessary, but otherwise, Joao ran a shipping caravan more-or-less. The entire time, Santiago would go on and on about their fortune, their futures, and Andalusia would blindly ignore his womanizing and whoring around. Youthful optimism left her blind to her lover's many, many faults.

When Santiago met Kalypso Savoy and conducted a tumultuous love affair with her in plain sight, she grin and bore it for the promise of their fortunes and futures being secured the moment the young girl agreed to marry him and he could get his hands on her family's wealth. The plot was the start of her distaste of her lover's behavior and inability to stay true to her, but when the folk running the inn asked Joao to come collect Santiago's decapitated body, he was a martyr in Andalusia's eyes, absolved of his crimes thanks to his violent end. But the Belladonna was forced to depart and her thoughts of revenge could only stew for years.




N P C s

E T C .

  • Date of Birth: 16 May 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Nickname: Lusia (Loo-SEE-ya)
  • Name Pronunciation: Ahn-Dah-LOO-See-Yuh dey Coob-Ahn-Ah
  • Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
  • Species: Dog
  • Subspecies:
    • 100% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
      • Border Collie, Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, misc..


  • Andalusia made her living in the trade routes of the Islands and has a heavy focus in life on diplomacy and trade. A relatively shrewd woman, she is conniving and clever, which can make her seem rather cold to others thanks to her cutthroat methods at times. This puts her at odds with shipmates or other traders at times who find her off-putting and a little too serious for their tastes. Her focus is impeccable.
  • A penchant for cruelty, she's not above sacrificing others for her own goals. She cares at times but when it relates to goals or desires, she has no qualms about other people. Some even wonder if she cares for her own family, but it's clear that whatever she feels, she keeps close to her heart and it's often her anger that shows the brightest.

Skills & Weaknesses

  • An island girl with island living, she is an extremely capable swimmer and takes to water like a fish.
    • She is a capable fisher and capable sailor, though she does not much prefer to handle any of those sorts of tasks.
  • A skilled trader, she has a very discerning eye and is a skilled trader.
  • After years at the trade, she is very good at reading people and is quite good a capable diplomat
  • Lacking true empathy, she is relatively cold and uncaring when it comes to other people's problems. This leaves her failing to relate to others easily.
  • Her physical strength is mediocre at best, so she does her best to avoid a true fight as she is only a novice knife-fighter.


  • Andalusia is a clear dog mutt, though she appears to be more dominantly a border collie mix with various traits of her other bloodlines. Her head is somewhat more blocky than narrow, her fur is less silky to the touch, and her ears flop down. Her tail is relatively puffy, and it seems that she has a great pride in the volume of her styled mane. She keeps it in a braid most of the time, which only makes her look more severe. Even in Optime, she has a noticeably puffier coat of fur, though she often trimmed it when in the Islands to prevent heatstroke when on-board ships. So far north, though, she has let her fur grow out to its full length to compensate for the weather.
  • Humanization: Highly humanized, she stands upright and composed. There is a cold elegance to her that is only marred when her temper flares and her pretty face is contorted into rage.
  • Clothing & Accessories: Andalusia adorns herself with shell, sea-glass, and fake gem necklaces and bracelets. Her garments tend to be more flowing, though in the north, she seems to adorn herself with more tightly fitting thick cloth with leather padding, as though for safety. It's cumbersome, but she is far out of her element that she takes any precaution necessary. A knife is very visible at both of her hips, though she is by no means a good fighter.
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