Matias de Cubana

Matias de Cubana is a dog mutt born to parents on the island of Cuba with littermate Andalusia de Cubana. They were raised on the island until they were shifted, when their parents took them out to sea to begin their sea-faring education. Both excelled in trade ventures, though Andalusia went on her own way after some time. Matias stayed with his family and their ventures, working as the silver-tongued lure for many unsuspecting ladies and men of a certain persuasion. He found a talent for it and often spent time in inns, bars, and brothels enjoying himself fully.

When his sister reappeared and asked for his help, the loyal family dog joined her without hesitating, especially when she promised that he would be free to do what he pleased, rather than be more careful with their parent's clientele. He followed her north with glee, ready to be set off his metaphorical leash.

He died [M] during the final conflicts had during the Winter of Discontent in January 2023.




N P C s

E T C .

  • Date of Birth: 16 May 2014
  • Date of Death: 21 January 2023
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Name Pronunciation: Mah-TIE-uhs dey Coob-Ahn-Ah
  • Birthplace: Havana, Cuba
  • Species: Dog
  • Subspecies:
    • 100% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
      • Border Collie, Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, misc..


  • Full of honey and silver, Matias drips charisma and charm. He is a wooer, a people-pleaser, and a cad. He is overly touchy with people and loves to feed his own ego by pleasing others, whatever that might mean in the situation. He is distinctly different from his cold sister, but often insists there's a reason that they're such good traders together.
  • Selfish at his core, he is unlikely to do anything for strangers that he is not invested in. If he sees nothing good for him or family, he won't do it.
  • Sadistic, he revels in the pain of others and their suffering, though he will never truly demonstrate the sick satisfaction it gives him. It would simply ruin his image.

Skills & Weaknesses

  • An island boy with island living, he is an extremely capable swimmer and takes to water like a fish.
    • He is a capable fisher and capable sailor, though he much more prefers to fish or hunt than sail.
  • A skilled trader, he has a silver tongue and loves to kiss up to potential clients without a qualm. He is incredibly perceptive, and loves to lure people in.
  • Devoted to family, he is blind to his sister's severe failings and actually wants to make her happy. A chronic people-pleaser, he often forgets to take care of himself and his own emotional needs when family suffers.
  • Taut and muscular, he is a hand-to-hand fighter primarily. Capable brawler, he would rarely wear weaponry as it would often distract clients and customers. It is a measure of disarming them.


  • Matias is a clear border collie hybrid. His fur is thick when not trimmed for the heat of the Caribbean. His hair often looking windswept and well maintained in a shoulder-length wavy cut. Some hair falls over his eyes so that he can peer behind them to add to a sultry flare of his gaze. He is muscled beneath the bulk of his puffy coat, though it is hard to tell when his coat is untrimmed and full.
  • Humanization: Highly humanized, he stands with the grace of a dancer about to pounce and leap. He's very organic and flowing in his movements, and there is a distinct confidence in his motion.
  • Clothing & Accessories: He wears a basic pair of clothes that are kept very, very clean. He has a very strong image of cleanliness and purity, for whatever reason. He adorns himself in the same level of accessories as Andalusia, though he is more tastefully coordinated in his color choices and will rotate color palettes by day or mood, as it pleases him.
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