Vivian Du Prix

Vivian is a lovely lady of the night. She does stuff to people for pay and stuff, yep. Her madam is Adrianna Julia.




NPC Information


  • Date of Birth: 2018 June 3rd
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Loner Band: The Troupe
  • Family: Du Prix
  • Birthplace: New Orleans
  • Species: Dog
  • Subspecies:
    • Border Collie, Husky, misc dog breeds



  • Vivian is an experienced Courtesan and as such capable of performing related tasks
  • Fluent in Creole, French, and English

You may assume the following without asking:

  • Being seen in La Estrella Roja working, walking away with clients, or with Adrianna.
  • Being seen with the other members of The Troupe.

Referencing Vivian

Please note that Vivian is an NPC and may be referenced freely conversing or attempting to entice your character to purchase her services. You must inform me if the services were rendered and what goods were exchanged for the service.


Vivian has a southern twang at times and may very much play the southern belle for the clientele. She prefers men but will service women as needed. She should be noted for her clean appearance, often decorated and adorned hair, and a faint aroma of apple about her.

Services and Prices

Because their work tends to be of a highly specialized nature, Ladies of the Night will accept Blue and Red Standard items.


Simple and sweet. Spend the best hour of your life with the lady of your choosing. Your privacy isn't necessarily guaranteed if both ladies are working, but you can always upgrade your dessert. One Blue Item.


You're a person of refined tastes. You know what you like and you want it all to yourself. Reserve a lady of your choosing for a few hours with total privacy and (almost) full creative freedom. Two Blue or One Red Items.


For those in dire need of companionship, Ladies of the Night may offer their whole night. They'll cheer you on in the Gambling Parlour, dance with you in the Showroom, knock back drinks with you at the bar, and even hold your hand while you get your fortune told. There's no happy ending to this one, however. It's hard work to be a friend after all. Five Blue or 2 Red Items.

Escort Rules

  1. Goods for trade must be presented upfront. No refunds.
  2. What you're trading for is the Lady's time, not ownership of her. Anyone who doesn't take 'no' for an answer will be banned from La Estrella Roja entirely and subject to the judgment of The Guards, Jethro Lykoi and Galilee Haskel. This goes for any non-consensual attention in and out of the quarters (looking at you, stalkers).
  3. Ladies are not liable for any injuries or illnesses.
  4. BYOT (bring your own toys)
  5. Non-affiliated escorts may not do business in La Estrella Roja. Unless they first contract with the Madam, this is designated as The Troupe's turf.


Please add your name to the list for future reference ;)

  • Client Name - Price Paid - Order
  • Maethriel Cirith - One Dagger, One Buckle - Tiramisu
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