Community Soul 2021

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  1.   1.  Winners
    1.   1.1  January - Gen
    2.   1.2  February - Myst
    3.   1.3  March -
    4.   1.4  April -
    5.   1.5  May - Ems
    6.   1.6  June - Juni
    7.   1.7  July - Casa di Cavalieri Leadership
    8.   1.8  August - Mads
    9.   1.9  September - Despi
    10.   1.10  October - Adel
    11.   1.11  November -
    12.   1.12  December -

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Gen

Gen is our Community Soul this month! While the whole staff team collaborates on putting together the Yearbook every year, Gen really stepped up this year to take care of the layout and filling in most of the individual entries. Gen also tallied our internal votes for superlative categories, ensuring we got our list done on time! Thanks for everything you do, Gen!

1.2  February - Myst

This month's Community Soul is Myst, who has been really consistent about hyping people up in pack chats to post for SoSu and generally been a friendly, positive voice of encouragement in the community. Thanks, Myst!

1.3  March -

There is no Community Soul this month.

1.4  April -

There is no Community Soul this month.

1.5  May - Ems

This month's Community Soul is Ems! Within their primary pack, Ems has been working hard to drum up interest and activity for pack projects and other projects like Wiki updating, contributions to DCG storage and helping out other players there. Beyond that, Ems has been super active across Discord and very engaged with many members of our community. Thanks for bringing the hype, Ems!

1.6  June - Juni

Our community 'Soul this month is Juni! Juni is one of the most active chatters among both pack and public Discord channels, always hyping other players up and getting people engaged in conversation about their characters and plots. They've recently made a full 100% responsive div free-use character template for the wiki to share around as well! Thanks for bringing all this fun energy to the forum, Juni! You rock!

1.7  July - Casa di Cavalieri Leadership

The Casa di Cavalieri leadership is the Community Soul for this month! Putting together and launching pack-specific plots can already be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of dedication, but everyone -- packs, loner bands, and individual loners alike -- was welcome to the first 'Souls Olympics that was successfully constructed, launched, and maintained by CdC's leaders. That's no small feat, and it looks as though everyone had a lot of fun! Thanks for putting it all together, CdC!

1.8  August - Mads

Our Community Soul for August is Mads! Mads has been an extremely active participant in Salsola with her two characters, Evelyn and Pompeii, and has gone to great lengths to integrate her characters in the pack, from picking up an adoptable and getting her promoted to earning a second job for Evelyn. With a third character (and yet another adoptable!) now in the mix, Mads is spreading her good vibes throughout the forum. In addition to this, Mads is a constant friendly presence on Discord, warmly greeting other players and encouraging them with plots and threads. We want to commend Mads for her consistent, high activity and friendly player disposition!

1.9  September - Despi

Solo leading is hard enough, but to then attempt a giant, community event filled with multiple main threads, prizes, and baubles? Despi went all out with DCG's Lancaster Stockshow, and managed to keep both her own pack and everyone on the forum in attendance engaged and actively plotting and threading with one another! The event is superbly organized, and Despi had made sure that there is plenty to do, as well as that you have all of the information available to you! She's done her best to answer questions quickly, promote threads (both event-related and spin-offs!) and individual ideas/plots, and has been genuinely involved with every aspect of this event! Her positive attitude and leadership skills have certainly made this event run both smoothly and kept players excited to interact with one another across packs and band lines!

1.10  October - Adel

This month's Community Soul is Adel! You may recognize Adel from her many characters across the board, with those that range from sweethearts to pure evil. She is always engaging on discord and has proven to be super active with characters she picks up. Her high level of activity and community involvement when it comes to plotting, running or assisting with projects, and helping others achieve co-ranks in various packs have stood out. Well done, Adel!

1.11  November -

There is no Community Soul this month.

1.12  December -

There is no Community Soul this month.