Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives [...] on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam. -Carl Sagan
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Hey there! I'm Mandi and I've been around 'Souls since 2014. Currently, I am a Moderator on the board, so if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to PM or DM me! c:

I'm an introvert with social anxiety, so you probably won't see me around 'Souls chat often. But I'm a friendly person and I love brainstorming character plots and ideas! If there's something you'd like my thoughts about, or are interested in plotting something with one of my characters, don't be afraid to reach out! You can find information specific to my RP preferences and habits here. <3


PM – Mandi

  • For 'Souls or Mod-related questions:
Please feel free to PM me or

Discord – Mandi#0384

  • Feel free to DM me even if I appear offline

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Active Characters

Percival Parhelion

Art by Despi
New Caledonia
♂ Wolfdog
OPEN for some new threads
Stats: x threads | 288 posts

Sólveig Dawnrunner

Art by Mandi
New Caledonia
♀ Wolf
OPEN for some new threads
Stats: x threads | 84 posts

Rafaela Tejada

Art by San
Del Cenere Gang
♀ Coyote
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Inactive Characters


Future Characters


Decommissioned Characters


Deceased Characters

Canine NPCs

Past Canine NPCs

Non-Canine NPCs

Past Non-Canine NPCs
  • Sidonia, golden eagle NPC of Drachev. Was claimed by Eliza after Drachev's death.
  • Raosar, common loon NPC of Ailie. Vanished in the autumn of 2017 and is presumed dead.
  • Luison, maned wolf NPC of Diego. Relocated to Ceniza Valley in the winter of 2017.
  • Hocico, white-nosed coati NPC of Diego. Returned to Ceniza Valley with him in August 2018.
  • Moo, domestic cat NPC of Milos. Relocated to Old Ironsides Trade Depot in early October 2018.
  • Fiero, common genet NPC of Keabetswe. Killed in the fire that destroyed Fiskebyn in late October 2018.
  • Kaja, Verda, & Kaimana, wild boar NPCs of Milos. Ran from the fire that destroyed Aster's Fields and returned to life in the wilds.
  • Amara & Sela, landrace goat NPCs of Milos. Brought to Old Ironsides in November 2018.
  • Spruis, horse NPC of Elle. Departed from Mistfell Vale with her in the spring of 2019.
  • Meerclar, domestic cat NPC of Milos. Relocated with him to Old Ironsides in mid-August 2019.
  • Baldr, horse NPC of Thyri. Succumbed to the blizzard in January 2020.
  • Ginger, horse NPC of Merlin. Succumbed to the blizzard in January 2020.
  • Seraphim, red-tailed hawk NPC of Merlin. Was released into the wilds after Thyri's death in February 2020.

Roleplay Information

Posting and Threads

  • Plotting: I love plots! Have an idea? Let me hear it!
  • Post Length: My post lengths vary, but I tend to write shorter posts (250-350 words) on average.
  • Reply Times: I try not to go longer than two weeks to reply to a thread, but my time to write is limited to just a few hours on weeknights and weekends, and I juggle 'Souls with other responsibilities and hobbies. If we have a thread that I should prioritize, please let me know!
  • Requesting Threads: I'm often open for new threads, but please refer to my active characters list above for individual thread statuses.
  • Closing Threads: I'm almost never opposed to OOC endings, especially for old threads where the main objective has been met.
  • Reviving Threads: I prefer not to revive archived threads. If a thread of ours has died, please check with me first before reviving it.
  • LASKY: With few exceptions, I will only take canon LASKY threads. However, all LASKY threads take lowest priority!

Content and Habits

  • Mature Content: I will play mature content to varying degrees. I'm always okay with body horror (blood, gore, torture, etc.). Depending on my thread partner, however, I generally prefer not to play out explicit sex scenes.
  • Powerplay: I'm almost always okay with minor powerplays, especially when to move a thread along. But please understand that I may ask you to change something if I do notice an inappropriate PP.
  • Assumptions: If we have characters in the same pack, I'm fine with most passive assumptions (knowing names, brief greetings, etc.). Please check individual Wiki pages for each character for specifically approved assumptions. For anything else, just ask!
  • Themes & Characters: Common themes I tend to lean towards when plotting, writing, and during character creation are freedom, tragedy, death, courage, escape, opposites, self-sabotage, and failure. I gravitate towards playing strong, confident women and gentle, sensitive men.

Trivia and Achievements


  • My first title, "we get better" (hover: "we get things wrong and we get better"), is part of a quote from my favorite audio drama, Wolf 359. The episode that this quote comes from focuses heavily on mental illness (albeit from a unique and unconventional perspective), with one character wrestling with her demons while the other attempts to help. When the main character asks why memories can give her fears and insecurities and weaknesses, the supportive character responds, "Because you're a person. [...] No one expects perfection. That's never been the point. You're here to [...] have your own opinions, and your own unique perspective. And that means you're going to be wrong sometimes. That's the price." As the episode progresses, the supportive character later expands on this thought by saying, "That's the other thing about being a person. We can't just change who we are... but we get better. We get things wrong and we get better."
  • My second title, "MEMORIA" (hover: "how we gentle our losses into paler ghosts"), comes from two sources. Memoria is the title of an episode from Wolf 359 (this is the same episode, in fact, where the quote in my first title comes from). The quote in the hovertext is from a novel by Peter Heller called The Dog Stars, which follows the tale of a man and his dog trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. My interpretation of this quote, which is preceded by the main character musing how certain moments in the past can start to feel like dreams behind dreams, is this: living and time can soothe the ache of grief into something less vivid, less noticeable, and allow us to better carry the memories of those loved ones who we have lost nearer within us. I read this book for the first time with my heart-dog, Snuggs, nestled next to me. When I re-read it half a year after his death, in part to feel close to him again, this quote spoke volumes to me.


  • - This little golden key is given to 'Souls Moderators to identify them as such. I've been a part of the mod squad since 2016. If there's something you need help with, let me know!
  • - I have been awarded Community Soul individually twice: first in August of 2015 and again in January of 2018. In September 2020, Community Soul was shared among the Staff. <333
  • - Milos was awarded Spotlight Soul in February of 2019. <3
  • - Since joining 'Souls in 2014, I have participated in Souls Super Writing Month (SoSuWriMo) and smashed it every year! Due to increasing RL demands, however, 2019 was my last year participating seriously.
  • - Of all my pixels, this is the most personal of them. Since reading Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy way back in the late 90s, I have been enamored by the idea of Dæmons and have spent a good, long while trying to identify mine. In fact, he had a name (Sabicus) long before he had a shape. For the past few years, I've found that the Malayan Civet seems to be my closest match, although I'm currently exploring the Grey Fox as a possibility. If you'd like a fantastic resource for helping you identify your dæmon, The Dæmon Page is phenomenal!
  • - This is the Black Rabbit of Inlé, a grim reaper-type deity from Richard Adams' novel Watership Down. I first read this book in the late 90s or early 00s and it was one of the first books I can remember genuinely being sad to complete. I didn't want it to end so much that I started looking online for WSD communities and eventually stumbled upon the very first PBP RPG I ever joined: Nepenthes Warren. I credit Watership Down and Nepenthes with my continued interest and enjoyment in writing today, so Inlé-rah is my tribute to that!

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