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Hello, I'm Myst! I live in Minnesota where I fully enjoy the winters and dislike the summers. My husband and I have two cats: Megatron, a snowshoe; and Leroy, a DSH with a tuxedo pattern. We also have a retriever mix dog named Gus and a gargoyle gecko named Greta. I was a Souls moderator from July 2014 to July 2018. I also founded and led Krokar until its disbandment in October 2018.

  • Slots: 4/8 filled
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Location: Minnesota (USA)
  • Timezone: Central

Contact Info

Discord: Myst#8071

  • Discord contact is preferred.

I'm usually set to away or appear offline, and I always forget to reset my status. I will reply when I see your message! :)

Other Contact Methods

Please only email me if you don't have Discord or a forum account

Roleplay Info

Plots & Assumptions

  • Plotting: I love plotting things out to avoid wondering "now what?" but I'm also willing to rearrange as things come up!
  • Assumptions: General assumptions are listed on each character's page, and I'm happy to talk about more!
    • Pack mates can always know of my characters' names, ranks, and family or romantic relationships.


  • Threads: I try to avoid meet and greet type threads; instead, I'd rather have something planned such as a thread prompt. I'm also usually willing to OOCly end threads.
  • Reply Speeds: Slow right now, but it varies from a couple of days to far longer.
  • Content: Substances are fine! There are a few other things I would rather fade to black, but I'll always mention it while planning.

Active Characters

Arran Fir-Chlis

Art by Nat

  • Escal of New Caledonia
    • Title-in-Progress: The Shepherd
  • ♂ Wolfdog

Auger de la Croix

Art by Nat


Art by Dark


Art by ErmArtist

  • Loner
  • ♂ Wolfdog

NPCs of Arran

NPCs of Auger

  • Companion NPCs:
    • Monte (horse)
    • Asel (cat)

NPCs of Notch

  • cNPC: Dynia
  • Companion NPCs:
    • Loom (horse)
    • Asel (cat)

NPCs of Petrichor

Inactive Characters

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Titles & Icons Trivia

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  • My "Let the Light in" title with its hover "Armageddon, let the light in. Before we say goodbye, give us something to believe in" came from my one of my favorite Alkaline Trio songs called Armageddon. My husband showed me the band when we first started dating.


Arran Fir-Chlis



  • IT'S SO FLUFFY This is the unicorn toy in Despicable Me. It was originally on Lucille because she was very fluffy. It moved to Norah Morelli and then I moved it to Arran even though he's not as fluffy.
  • This icon came from a sub-territory contest in New Caledonia.
  • The puzzle master icon came from the 2018 Birthday Event.
  • 2020 Spring Spree This icon came from the 2020 Spring Spree



  • Aspen's first title, "Looking for Heaven" is from the Florence + The Machine song Shake it out. The rest of that line is "for the devil in me" but it's missing from Aspen's title because there's no devil in her. :)
  • The next for titles combine to form a song lyric "Believe in what I am, because it's all I have today. And tomorrow, who knows where we'll be?" is from another Alkaline Trio song called Every Thug Needs a Lady.


  • Livestock Manager + Cook + Stable Hand This was Vinatta's co-rank icon and I bought it with points when the pack disbanded.
  • Head of the Starfa Tier This was the icon for Vinatta's council members. At the time of disbandment, Aspen was head of the Starfa Tier, so I bought this icon, too.
  • baa I got this sheep icon from winning an icon hunt contest in Vinatta.
  • humbug This icon represents Aspen's grouchy cat, Major. When combined with the sheep's hover text, they read "baa humbug"

Auger de la Croix


  • Auger's title, "The Wrangler" is the title he had upon reaching Del Cenere Gang's Enkindled rank. It was also his title as part of the Drygrass Posse.
  • The "dust and rust" title with the over "and everything just. that's what cowboys are made of." is a cowboy spin on the "sugar and spice and everything nice--that's what girls are made of" thing. (Also I needed to give someone a title and I'm bad at coming up with them, haha).


  • Venerate savagery, die Savagely The wagon wheel icon was awarded to Drygrass Posse members when they joined with The Cartel to found Del Cenere Gang.

Elsie Hennamin


  • The title "Just Can't Fight the Spaz in me" is because Elsie tends to be somewhat hyper and sometimes had trouble controlling her enthusiasm.
  • Her other title, "Spunky Seamstress" because a lot of that enthusiasm was for sewing.


Esther Hennamin


  • Esther's "Crazy Cat Lady" title was because she had 10 named cats and probably far more from the offspring of those.



  • The dawn is not distant; nor is the night starless; love is eternal This sun icon came from the disbandment of New Dawn. It matches the one her mate, Altair Amarok has, which is mirrored with the green on top.
  • Cougar on the prowl Fayne's mate was much younger than her, so she's a cougar.

Genevieve Auditore


  • They stole my dirty socks... :( The sock icon came from the Mysterious Sightings plot. Ginny was ambushed and had some of her clothes stolen by an unknown attacker.
  • The Steadfast Spirit The bear was the symbol of Mistfell Vale's Wolverthorne house. I dunno why Ginny has it, though.
  • The sound of fury never fades Ginny was in the Hawksond house in Mistfell Vale and got this icon when the pack disbanded.

Naenia Ortega


  • Naenia's titles combine to form the song lyrics "I'm dangerous; I'm warning you. But you're not afraid of me, and I can't convince you." It's a song from the tv show Victorious called You Don't Know Me. Naenia has a very strong personality; if she was in a relationship with someone who was not as strong, she would have steamrolled them. Her mateship with Nivosus Moineau was often full of fights, but his strength to push back was what drew her in. Despite their loud arguments, she was fiercely loyal to and in love with him.


  • You sunk my battleship... This sinking canoe icon is from a joint event between Sapient and Krokar which included a contest called Sink or Swim. Characters paired up and attempted to build a small vessel that stayed afloat the longest in one of Sapient's lakes. Naenia sank.
  • Home is not where you are from. It is where you belong. The silver feather was a co-rank icon in Sapient. I bought it when it disbanded.
  • Some of us travel the whole world to find it. This was the Area of Study icon, which I also got during the disbandment. It's hover text is meant to be a continuation of the feather icon.
  • Others find it in a person. This was another icon from Sapient's disbandment. Its hover text is the last part of the feather, globe, gem series.

Nieve Ortega


  • Little girls with dreams become women with vision This was a co-rank in Sapient, which I got when the pack disbanded. Nieve had a lot of plans to make her name in the pack.

Norah Morelli




  • None yet


  • Notch's title "Unnecessarily Fancy™" is because making things fancy is kind of his thing. If your horse's mane or tail was braided, it's probably his fault.

Tessa de la Croix


  • Queen Bee Because Tessa was a typical 'mean girl' she had a queen bee (aka queen B...) icon.
  • Always wear your invisible crown Going along with the queen bee theme, Tessa carried herself as though she was very high class.
  • Vive la Cour The filigree icon came from the disbandment of Cour des Miracles. The pack suited Tessa, and it was the first place where she finally found peace without her siblings around. She was sad when it disbanded.
  • de la Croix This is the de la Croix coat of arms.


  • Tessa's title of "luxury is in each detail" speaks to the jewelry she was learning to make. As much as she could, she made elegant pieces with small details that made them 'more'.


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