Theirn Blackjack

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The older of the litter of two, Theirn was always the more responsible and driven of the two, and also the favored brother. The responsibility carried over into adult life after their parents died and Theirn did his best to make sure that his brother, sister-in-law, and then niece were provided for. He was shocked to learn that his brother unknowingly bet away a puppy, and learned of it only after the pup was taken. His brother was given a choice: to join and fight for them, after which his daughter would be released, or to refuse and have his daughter sold to slavery. Dino agreed to fight and so Theirn decided to fight alongside him to try to keep his family alive.







  • Date of Birth: 13th Jan 2009
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loners
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: Their - n
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Theirn looks mainly like a larger than average husky, although some of his shape is certainly wolf. His tail curls up over his back.
  • Fur: His fur is thick and shaggy, well suited for the northern winters
    • Optime Hair: kept short, it spikes up a bit.
  • Build and Size: he is tall and muscular
    • Lupus: Theirn looks somewhat doggish in this form and is somewhat bulky.
    • Optime: He is tall, has good posture, and purposely stands in ways that make him appear intimidating.
  • Humanization: He generally only wears a ripped pair of red pants.



81 lbs (36.5 kg)30 in (76 cm)


148 lbs (67 kg)41 in (104 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

255 lb (115.5 kg)6 ft 9 in (81 in) (206 cm)


Dodger Blue(#5269ff)
Alto (#dedede)
Cloudy (#a29d9c)
Sandstone (#72655f)
Dorado (#635955)
Cocoa Brown (#2a1f1a)

2.  Personality

Theirn is outgoing, serious, and paternal. He always tries to do the right thing for his family, which extends to his brother's mate, Narexis Blackjack as well. He often finds himself annoyed with his brother and others around him who get in his way of doing what he has set out to do. He also wishes that Dino would get off his lazy ass and make something of himself. Theirn prefers not to get attached to many other canines, and so he has never taken a mate nor had any children that he knows of.

3.  History

Theirn and Dino Blackjack began life without much care in the world. They learned to hunt and fight from their parents, although Theirn took to these much better than Dino did and was thus favored by both parents. As they grew, their parents started arguing and eventually split up. It left both youngsters feeling somewhat bewildered, although they still had contact with both of their parents. Theirn started taking on a paternal role to his younger brother.

Eventually each of their parents died, their mother of illness and their father in a fight, and Theirn watched his brother sink into a gambling addiction. To his surprise, Dino managed to find a mate, Narexis Blackjack, and eventually the pair managed to have a puppy. It was not until after the puppy was kidnapped that Theirn learned that his brother bet his firstborn puppy, and so he decided to help Dino try to get her back.

4.  Skills


  • Education and Learning: this was learned largely through trial and error, although the games he gambles during were taught to him by friends and acquaintances.
  • Dice Games (Journeyman): he's alright at certain dice games, although much of it is guesswork.
  • Cards (Journeyman): Dino is a bit better at cards than dice games, but still not the best.
  • Some days Dino does really well and others, not so much since most of what he does is completely up to chance. He has been known to win a lot and then immediately lose it all.


  • Education and Learning: he was taught a little by his parents and brother, and also learned through necessity
  • Hand-to-hand (Journeyman): due to getting into fights over betted games, Dino was forced to learn how to defend himself.
  • Daggers (Apprentice): he can manage to not hurt himself with the daggers for the most part.
  • With some formal training, Dino is alright, but he fights out of necessity and desperation and is therefore not all that honed in his skills.


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