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Fennore O'Hartigan is currently a member of New Caledonia. Hailing from the West, she arrived in Nova Scotia to explore the world and escape the fanaticism of her family, but she still misses them dearly. Though still relatively young, the pseudo-Celtic woman wears a front that makes her seem wiser well beyond her years.






  • Date of Birth: April 11, 2018
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Family: O'Hartigan
    • Mother: Ithilwen
    • Father: Aidan
    • Littermates: Eesold
  • Birthplace: Colorado
  • Species: 100% Canius lupus lycaon
  • Name Meaning: white ghost (celtic)
  • cNPC: Amon is a little weird, but he's Fennore's bodyguard, so it's fine.
  • Macha, a very happy kitty that Fennore met in Amherst. She comes and goes as she pleases and sometimes gets on Fennore's nerves because she is affectionate and begs, but overtime, they will become attached at the hip. She's knows bits of High Speech and will learn more from Fennore.
  • Thalion, Fennore's newest toy: he originally belonged to Amon's 'master,' but he escaped the attack upon Amon unscathed and wandered near NC territory for sometime before being found and wrangled in by Fennore and Amon. He's a proud, older stallion, and he will take some time to be broken in by his new owner.




  • slender build, 5’6, fairly generous assets
  • sharp face and eyes, wavy hair with braids, floofy tail
  • two medium-sized hoops in each ear
  • messy thurisaz brand/tattoo on her ribcage
  • usually seen in her red cloak, always seen wearing a braided leather bracelet given to her by Tamlin
  • she knows she's pretty and carries herself as such
  • Wardrobe: cloak, dress


 WHITE (#ffffff)
 SEANCE (#961ba8)
 GOLDENROD (#db8e1b)
 MISTY ROSE (#ffd3da)
 GOLD (#ffd700)


  • Fur: WHITE, accents of GOLDENROD near her eyes, the insides of her ears, and the back of her head
  • Eyes: SEANCE
  • Optime Hair: GOLDENROD
  • Nose, Skin and Paw Pads: MISTY ROSE
  • Earrings: GOLD
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  • Speech: Typical, if not slightly overdone American accent with a calm, even-toned voice; raised to speak with an Irish accent, and though she broke this habit a while ago, it sometimes slips through.
  • Scent: Earth, forest, flowers, spices
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Flicking her ears to get her earrings to jingle; RBF
  • General Posture and Body Language: Holds herself with a lot of confidence, puts her hands on her hips, etc.

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  • Pros
    • respectful
    • amicable
    • coquettish
    • loyal
  • Cons
    • aloof
    • stubborn
    • vain
    • arrogant

TL;DR: Fennore is a wanderer at heart; she has never felt right staying in one place for too long. However, perhaps her newfound group will help mend this. Civil and admittedly a bit of a diva, Fennore is a relatively level-headed young woman that wants to travel (though now that kind of just means taking walks) and see all the world has to offer her.



  • Outlook: Equally optimistic and pessimistic; depends wholly on the situation
  • Sociability: Polite and respectful; craves attention so will often initiate conversation
  • Expression: Confident, imposing; can come across as icy


  • Seeing the world, finding others similar to her, perhaps settling down one day


  • Dying young/alone, growing old, losing her looks


  • Likes: Flowers, her hair, traveling
  • Dislikes: Rain, her hair getting messed up, her tattoo


  • Packs: Wary of Salsola after an accidental trespassing
  • Species: Probably considers wolves superior but hasn't really thought about it
  • Non-Luperci: Grew up with only Luperci; those that aren't really puzzle her, thinks they are missing out
  • Gender: Sees different genders more useful for certain tasks; but, generally, sees females as a lot more capable than they're given credit for
  • Color: N/A
  • Sexuality: Used to heterosexual relationships, hasn't considered much else but probably wouldn't be opposed
  • Age: Puppies are annoying; old people are spent; gotta live while you're able



  • She's not looking for love or flings or anything, but she really would not be opposed to it. She used to have many suitors and this gave her a lot of confidence; she flirts (in her own deadpan way) when she sees a good-looking man, though she hasn't ever progressed passed this point.


Her culture and religion are a smorgasbord of Celtic and pre-Christian beliefs, either historical or stereotypical, none of which Fennore takes super seriously as her clan seemed to follow these deities as if they were going through the motions. While Fennore doesn't necessarily pay these gods any mind when she's going about her day-to-day life, she still gives them a passing thought from time to time.

  • Mórrígan, the Goddess of War and the "Phantom Queen." She is the primary deity of her clan, seen as their protector. Naturally, "Mórrígan" is a pretty popular name for females in her clan.
  • Cernunnos, the horned God of fertility. He is seen as the father of all animals and the primary reason why canines were gifted with the ability to shift, despite how backwards the reasoning is to Fennore.
  • Lugh, a sun God (along with Belenus). Also deals with the arts, trades, and a festival thrown for his namesake, Lughnasadh. She believes he was an excuse for the clan to party (they have festivals very frequently).
  • An Dagda, the druid god of wisdom, magic, and agriculture. Fennore's personal favorite, as he is basically an old guy in a cloak waving a wand around.
  • There are also several lesser gods that Fennore knows the names of but not so much what they represent.


Fennore has yet to encounter any sort of illicit substance, though that doesn't mean she's not open to the idea. It would probably have to occur in the company of someone she completely and fully trusts.



  • Drying Meats: A journey of such magnitude as Fennore's requires a store of food to stay healthy. As such, she is more than capable of drying and spicing meats for later consumption, and she's quite efficient at it, developing her own little system to stay on top of her food situation.
  • Hair styling: Fennore adores her own hair, and her sister Eesold taught her many different braids and techniques to make even the simplest of styles look gorgeous.
  • Literacy: Once a voracious reader, Fennore was involved with rewriting all of her clan's traditions, religious practices, and history down after their previous books deteriorated with age. As such, her vocabulary is vast, and she is quite a capable writer. (Sorely misses her copy of Lord of the Rings.)
  • Sewing: She can patch up a small hole if she has to. Not super well, but it's servicable. She's willing to take this skill further in order to make dresses for herself and look prettier.


  • Vanity: There is only one flaw on Fennore's body, and it's the ugly tattoo she allowed her family to brand her with. Everything else is perfect. This arrogance often prevents Fennore from engaging in physical activity or fights that have a chance of ruining any part of her appearance (attempting to take down a particularly large mammal, fighting another Luperci), not to mention pride is one of the worse vices.
  • Stoicism: Fennore has a pretty hard time trying to convey emotions aside from anger. Even when she's not mad she tends to appear as such. She can smile out of politeness with little issue, but genuine feelings are not as easy for her.
  • Combat: She would much rather diffuse a situation verbally or just turn tail and run than fight and risk scarring her ivory fur. This can come across as cowardice in a lot of cases, potentially.



Key Relationships

  • Tamlin Anor is definitely her closest friend in New Caledonia, and they are rather inseparable. When she realized they were getting too close, however, she turned him down gently (as much as she didn't want to). Perhaps when she is older she'll revisit those feelings, if it's not too late... For now, they are great friends.

Positive Relationships

  • Most Caledonians; Athras is kind of a pain sometimes, though

Poor Relationships

  • beep boop