Valan of Aegas

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Artwork by San

Valan of Aegas is the adopted son of Ivren Ondoher and younger brother to Alastor Ondoher of the Aegas Clan. He had a warm upbringing in the mountainous highlands of Caledonia, where he was tutored in the clan tradition of masonry. However, before his training was completed, his home was invaded and embroiled in war.

Valan followed the Aegas clan and the other clans of Caledonia into battle. When they failed to repel the invaders, he and a handful of survivors (including his King) were forced to flee. Valan was separated from the group, and embarked on a long journey to find where the refugees eventually settled.






  • Date of Birth: February 14, 2018
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: New Caledonia
  • Mate: None
  • Species: Hybrid
  • Family: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Old Caledonia
  • Name Meaning:
Valan — Lives near water (English)
  • Nicknames: Val
  • Pronunciation: vahl-en
Commoner (Jan - June 2020)


OOC Assumptions

Plot Opportunities

Members of New Caledonia may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Casual greetings — e.g. Hi, how's it goin
  • Seeing Valan around the city square, the highlands, and Haven
  • Seeing Valan fixing/renovating public areas
  • Knowing that Valan is a mason/smith
  • Valan is a quiet handyman. He'll come around and fix up your stuff if you ask him!
  • He is a trained smith, but is having confusing feelings about forging weapons. Ask him to make your weapon!
  • Valan has one party trick, and it's that he can bend a giant iron nail in his hands.
  • Valan has problems with forgetting the war. He could use some friends to help him make new memories!

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Valan is a well built man with a reserved disposition. His abandonment at an early age cast a lifelong shadow over his temperament, giving him more reason than most to think before speaking. Despite a difficult start, he learned to value things like duty, honor, and loyalty under the guidance of a strong father, and less refined things from his more gregarious adopted brother. Before the war, he had always envisioned being a stonemason and living a simple and honest life.

Following the war, Valan began to suffer from a form of post traumatic stress disorder. He is undergoing changes as a person, mostly coming to question his role as a metalsmith and the loss of his family and way of life.


  • Demeanor: Reserved, warm, has a dry wit
  • Speech: Deep with a thoughtful cadence. Has an accent.
  • Scent: earthen
  • Outlook: Open-minded
  • Tropes:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
Truth, honor, and the welfare of others is all-important
Will not want to lie or cheat anyone
Promotes the ideals and rights of the majority over those of the individual
Kills whenever necessary to promote the greater good, or to protect himself, his companions, or anyone whom he's vowed to defend

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: building things, fixing things, meadows, mountains, forests, being high up
  • Dislikes: war, storms, the sea at night


Valan is notably more open and relaxed with Old Caledonians, even if they are of a different clan. He doesn't harbor most kinds of prejudices, but he is guarded around types who are pro-war and pro-violence.

Motivations / Fears

Valan is motivated by the desire to rebuild, both his life and his community. He wants to achieve a renewed sense of normalcy.

He fears another war, and in a twisted way, is afraid of settling down because of the chance his life might collapse again.


Valan is heterosexual. He doesn't often think about romance or companionship, but he is a lonely type of person. He has a hard time sorting through his feelings and communicating due to a combination of a lack of experience and his own reserved nature — his "love language" is definitely more acts of service and physical affection than conversation. Which isn't to say he is not a good conversationalist. When comfortable, Valan is open, warm, and curious, and even prone to a little foolishness now and then.


Valan likes to drink, and he has a very high tolerance. He is open to trying smokes and other substances.


Valan was raised in the old Caledonian religion of the Mountain God Dúr. He isn't sure what to think about the religion now that most of his clan is wiped out. Valan carries around a token of Dúr given to him by his father Ivren, but other than this, does not carry on the traditions. He doesn't quite realize it yet but he became somewhat disillusioned with the higher powers when they failed to protect his entire clan and way of life.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Valan is a tall, muscled, and sturdy man, built like the mountains from which he hails. He has the patient gait befitting of someone of his height, and tends to be the last one to arrive anywhere because of it. He doesn't pay too much mind to his appearance and doesn't seem to realize he might be handsome.

  • Structure & Fur
While Valan presents as mostly dog, his thick build and height seem owed to a distant crossover of perhaps wolf and deerhound bloodlines. His fur is double-coated but not warm enough to withstand a winter in the mountains without additional furs and leathers. Trimmed along the sides but otherwise left to its own devices, his hair is equal parts poofy and coarse. It most naturally takes on the shape of a faux-hawk mullet, which makes the most horrible combination of words I have ever written.
  • Humanization
Valan is relatively humanized, given that he prefers his two-legged form and will wear the furs and garment of his clan. He will shift to his four-legged form for hunting and sleeping.
  • Modifications
He has a deep scar on his back, and bite marks on his calves.


  • Lupus: 00 in (00 cm) ↔ 00 lbs (00 kg)
  • Secui: 00 in (000 cm) ↔ 000 lbs (00 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 6 in (000 cm) ↔ 000 lbs (00 kg)


Valan comes with very little in terms of clothing or gear. Being a refugee, he didn't have the time to take much with him.


  • Green plaid sash (worn over/under shoulders, more often around waist)
  • Dark grey trousers
  • Black woolen cloak


  • Metal pin
  • Leather arm guards
  • Thick leather gloves
  • Belt and belt bags


  • Sword
Forged by his father, Ivren Ondoher. It was given to Valan upon his father's death. It is very simple and elegant.

Color Palette

General Colors

 Color (#000000)
 Color (#000000)
 Color (#000000)
 Color (#000000)

Eye Color

 Color (#000000)
 Color (#000000)

Note: Valan's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in his depictions.

2.2  Gallery

Hover over images for artist credit!

by Sanby San

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family

Unknown relations indicated by *

  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
    • Adopted Father: Ivren Ondoher
  • Siblings: Unknown
    • Adopted Brother: Alastor Ondoher
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

Extended Family

Valan was abandoned as a child and adopted into the Ondoher family; as such, many of their members are indirectly related to him. Valan uses "of Aegas" rather than his father's surname; he was told that he must earn his place in the family by completing his training in masonry. When the war interrupted this plan, his chance at earning his family's name, along with his family, was lost.

Key Family Relationships

  • Valan's adopted father Ivren was a strong, honorable man. He was also traditionally minded and very focused on doing things the right way, even if it meant pain or hardship for himself or others. Although he took Valan in, clothed him, fed him, and gave him a bed to sleep in, he always made it very clear that Valan was not yet family and that he would need to prove his worth and earn his place. Valan did his best to meet his father's expectations. When Ivren fell in battle, he gave Valan his sword and his token of Dúr. Valan buried him next to Alastor.
  • His older brother, Alastor, was his closest friend. He was a few years older than Valan and well within his training as a bladesmith. Gregarious, affectionate, and warm, Alastor's good attitude had a strong impact on Valan, who came to rely on his emotional strength and looked to him for guidance. While Ivren withheld certain information or traditions from Valan, Alasator always made an exception for his younger brother. He treated Valan like a true brother and always protected him if they ever got into trouble. During the war, Alastor fell in battle doing just that. Valan has a hard time forgiving himself for this.

3.2  General

Key Relationships

  • Valan first met Clementine Salcedo in a rowdy, crowded Portland bar. Introduced as Antiope Scali, Valan later learned that this was a false name when fate would have them cross paths again in New Caledonia. While he was initially upset, he did not forget that in the middle of a cold winter, she managed to bring some warmth into his life by coaxing him to dance. He has developed a small affection for her and is reluctantly hopeful to see her again, especially since their Kingdoms are friendly.
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Minor Relationships

Significant Positive Acquaintances

Significant Negative Acquaintances

  • Enemies: Invaders

Notable Former Relationships

  • Silmë was his brother's lover. Valan was a frequent third wheel, but they (for the most part) kept things PG around him and often included him in their activities. Valan was fond of Silmë, even harboring a puppy-crush on her until the war. She became extremely violent and embittered after Alastor was killed. Valan suspects that she threw herself into the final battle with the intent to die. Valan recovered her body and buried her next to his brother.
  • Elemmacil was Valan's peer and a friend of the family. He often spent time with Valan and his older brother, and they began their masonry apprenticeship together. They had a slightly rivalrous friendship, even vying for the approval of Silmë together, but Valan would give anything to have Elemmacil back again. He recovered Elemmacil's body and buried him with the rest of his family.

4.  Miscellaneous

4.1  Skills


  • Language & Literacy: Valan is completely illiterate. He can use math insofar as it's needed for his masonry work.
  • Hunting: Valan can hunt in his lupus and secui forms, but he is not trained and can only procure small prey. He typically prefers to trade his handyman services for food.
  • Horseback Riding: Valan knows how to ride a horse and has ridden them to battle. He doesn't know how to take care of them, hence the absence of one in his ownership.


  • Masonry: Valan had almost completed his training with masonry by the time the war began. He specialized as a Fixer Mason, and was trained in rubble masonry and had begun to learn ashlar masonry before he was forced to abandon training in favor of learning to smith weapons for the war. As Valan is relatively resourceful, he has learned to make use of the land around him and has figured out how to work with scavenged material. To some extent, he is experienced in quarrying and sawing, but that was not his specialty. He defaults to this skill for trade, as many settlements require help with repairing homes.
  • Smithing: When the war broke out, Valan's training was redirected to metalsmithing. He specialized in bladesmithing, and picked up a little of woodworking and leatherwork for the hilts. While it wasn't his first choice, it was crucial that he learned it as quickly as possible. He would benefit from instruction from a more experienced teacher, but he has managed to make decent weapons on his training and resourceful thinking alone.
  • Combat: When the mountain was invaded, Valan was forced to learn how to fight. He can throw a punch and swing a sword, but not with the finesse of someone who has been trained in the art since they were young. His is more of a practical, direct style, reinforced over the course of the war. More than his talent, his quick-thinking is what ultimately saved him.

4.2  Inventory




  • His services as a mason or smith


  • Tools
  • Food
  • Ropes and containers (wooden, clay, metal, etc)
  • Leather goods
  • Material fiber (cloth, wool, cotton, canvas, any)

When Valan fled Old Caledonia, he left most of his belongings behind. Everything he has accrued in his travels by offering his labor for shelter, food, and tools to better his work.

  • Firewood, axe
  • Masonry tools: Trowel, chisels, mallet, punch hammer, wooden buckets
  • Cooking tools: knives, kettle, iron pot, clay and stone dishware
  • Flint/steel fire starter

4.3  Residence

Image by Marcus Cramer

Cape House — #19 City Square, Fort Louisbourg

The standalone building is comrised of varying materials: the original wood, and in the areas that were decimated with age, clay mortar and stone. Inside, a hearth has been constructed of the same exterior stone, large and sturdy enough to burn a fire day and night. There are no rooms or partitions in the home, allowing the warmth of the fire to collect in every corner. A soft hide bed on a scrap iron bedframe is situated in one corner, and across from it, sitting beneath an open window with scrapwood shutters, is a large table.

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