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    2.   1.2  Types of Animals
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1.  Information

1.1  Rules and Policies

  1. Help us keep the list updated! For example, remember to add an animal your character obtained for the pack. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please post in our maintenance thread.
  2. Please keep the total word count of your description in the list below 150 words.
  3. If your new animal needs a pixel, let us know.

1.2  Types of Animals


  • Ownership: Communal animals belong to all of Cour des Miracles. Feel free to add animals, but please remember: once an animal is given to the Court, it's kinda like our pNPC and belongs to us as if formally adopted. We might kill it, we might give it to another character, etc.
  • Use: Communal animals may be used for any purpose by a member of the Court. E.g., borrowing a communal horse to ride south for purely persons is absolutely fine. Permanently taking a communal horse as your character's isn't so fine! ;)
  • Trading: Look out for the [NT!] and [RT!] tags -- they indicate an animal should be returned and not traded. In some cases, trading is encouraged -- look for the [FT!] tag for Free Trade. IC consequences may occur if permission is not sought from the leadership before a certain trade.
  • Death and Injury: Injury or death of a communal animal may result in consequences. We're flexible, but please ask first!


  • These animals belong to a particular character; they are non-canine cNPCs (companion NPCs) of their canine owners. Don't powerplay: ask the player before directly controlling or referencing their NPC.

2.  Communal Animals

2.1  Horses

Icon Tags About History


Palomino grade mare, b. 2002

Rider Trained

No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding, broodmare. Good for beginning riders.
  • Personality: Jolie is a generally docile mare, very calm and collected. She is a good horse with whom to begin introduction as well as educating inexperienced riders.
  • Notes:

Named by Skoll Haskel.


Black pinto mustang mare, b. 2005

Rider Trained

Experienced Handlers No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding -- experienced riders only. Very fast.
  • Personality: A wild horse, still only partially tamed. She will kick and bite bold canines and those who spook her. She can be ridden by an experienced canine with a sturdy hand.
  • Notes:

Rumored to have been captured from a mustang herd.


Appaloosa mare, b. 2008

Rider Trained

Experienced Handlers No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding -- very agile.
  • Personality: Finicky and easily-spooked, but eager to work. Requires a firm hand.
  • Notes:

Caught from the wild.


Gyspy Vanner cross b. 2010

Rider Trained

No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding — Beginner, slow moving but surprising agile
  • Personality: Calm, slow to work but easily managed. Easy going and loves apples.

Traded for by Alder in Freetown


Quarter Horse cross mare, b. 2006

Rider Trained

Experienced Handlers No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding — Intermediate riders. Fast, nimble and has a lot of stamina
  • Personality: Eager to be ridden, tends to push a riders limits and enjoys jumping.

Traded for by Alder in Freetown


Black grade mare, b. 2013

Rider Trained

No Trade

  • Abilities: Riding, mostly light; easy to control.
  • Personality: Shy but warms up quickly, especially with treats.
  • Description: A pure black mare with an overall smooth and sleek appearance. She is a very dainty horse with a smooth, graceful step.

Traded from Inferni for stud services, arranged by Vicira Tears and Linden Aatte.

Unnamed Foal

Mare, b. April 2017

Rider Trained

No Trade

  • Abilities: Too young for useful abilities. Playing, eating and being a horse.
  • Personality: Young, learning basic training.
  • Description:

Born to Jolie, sired by Hawthorn.

Unnamed Foal

Mare, b. Feb 2017

Rider Trained

No Trade

  • Abilities: Too young for useful abilities. Playing, eating and being a horse.
  • Personality: Young, learning basic training.
  • Description:

Born to Brindille, sired by Drogon.


Red Pinto Stallion, b. Feb 2017

Rider Trained

No Trade

  • Abilities: Too young for useful abilities. Playing, eating and being a horse.
  • Personality: Young, learning basic training.
  • Description:

Born to Spruzzi, sired by Heritage.

2.2  Birds & Farm animals

Icon Tags About History


6 Males — 7 Females — 0 Chicks

No Trade

  • Abilities: Messenger birds used for communication in the southern packs.
  • Description: A bit intelligent and rather nervous, these birds are finicky and should be handled with care. An experienced bird handler is recommended, especially for health checks and other activities.


2 Roosters — 12 Hens — 0 Chicks

Free to Trade
  • Abilities: Eggs, food, feathers, etc.


2 Ewes

Free to Trade
  • Abilities: Wool

3.  Owned Animals

Icon Gender DoB About

Hwin (Alessan Stormbringer)

Mare 2003
  • Abilities: Riding, pulling wagons.
  • Description: Demure around most Luperci, and obedient to experienced handlers. Maternal and affectionate with an extremely stubborn streak. Please see NPC page.
  • History: Used to be a communal horse in Cercatori d'Arte, then was gifted to Skoll. Gave birth to a foal in May 2014. Skoll made the difficult decision to give Hwin away -- and offered her to Alessan Stormbringer, who needed a plow horse.

Heritage (Abigail Sadira)

Stallion 2010
  • Abilities: Riding, Combat
  • Description: A sorrel stallion, Heritage is a cocky horse with an attitude. He doesn't mind other Luperci, and is delicate with females and children. He has a fierce personality and longs to challenge things. He is happy to be groomed and fed by anyone, and does not bite or attack strangers unless it is clear they are not of his home.
  • History: Born in the February 2011 Blizzard, he was given to Silvano Sadira by Liliana Utina. After the Utinas fled to Crimson Dreams and Liliana died, the horse came into his sole possession and was later handed down to Abigail Sadira.

Baldr (Thyri Dawnbringer)

Gelding 2005
  • Abilities: Riding and pulling (carts, wagons, sleds, etc.)
  • Description: Pinto with markings on a predominantly white base. He has blue eyes and a black "medicine hat" cap covering his ears. His tail and mane are a dirty blonde. Baldr is a very mild and even-tempered gelding. He is affectionate toward other creatures, from puppies to cats to adult Luperci, and often takes a submissive role around other horses; this allows him to get along with his more dominant herd-mates.
  • History: Originally traded for by Shiloh Dawnbringer in Freetown but later gifted to Thyri Dawnbringer in 2015 when Shiloh moved to the Court. Learn more?

Trueno (Paloma Rovira)

Stallion 2011
  • Abilities: Riding; stud duties
  • Description: A sturdy horse resembling an Andalusian, though obviously not of pure blood. Trueno is a very typical stallion: spirited and best handled by experienced riders. Name means thunder.
  • History: Stolen by Halcón Rovira when he made it to Canada; younger sister, Paloma, took a shine to Trueno and later assumed shared ownership.

Ginger (Merlin Knight)

Mare 2010
  • Abilities: Rider trained, cart trained, easy to handle.
  • Description: Big and solid, Ginger is suspected to have some Gypsy Vanner heritage. Red roan in color, with a flaxen mane, she is predominantly a liver red color with lighter speckling and a flaxen mane, tail, and feathering around the hooves. Though a little dumb and unaware of her size or strength, Ginger loves everyone and is a great brood mare.
  • History: Ginger was acquired by Arthur Knight in Portland, during the same trip that bought back Merlin's freedom. Learn more?

Maggie (Merlin Knight)

Jenny 2008
  • Abilities: Green-broke. In training for cart-pulling.
  • Description: Long-legged and tall, Maggie is much larger than your average donkey. She is predominantly dark brown in color, with lighter grey on her nose, around her eyes, and on her belly. Though physically strong, Mags can also be strong-willed, and can definitely be stubborn when she feels like it. Thankfully, she loves treats – especially carrots – and is quite food-motivated.
  • History: Merlin acquired Maggie – formally known as Majestic Beast – while on a trading trip when he was a member of Midnight Shores. She fell into Thyri's hands after Merlin was enslaved, and then returned to him when the friends reunited. Learn more?


Cat 2011
  • Abilities: Hunting small animals, comforting the sick
  • Description: Muddy is a stocky tortoiseshell with very dark fur. She appears predominantly black, but there are flecks of ginger in her fur, especially apparent on her throat and her distinctly mottled face. Her eyes are a very rich yellow.
  • Notes: Please see her wiki page for more information!

Seraphim (Thyri Dawnbringer)

Red-tailed hawk 2013
  • Abilities: Hunting, broken high-speech, spying, stealth
  • Description: Seraphim is a mature hawk with the ability to speak broken High Speech and work cooperatively with Luperci to hunt, fight, and spy on others. Though independent, Seraphim has the tendency to stick around Thyri unless she is commanded otherwise.
  • History: Thyri acquired her from a talented falconer in April 2016 and has been working diligently with her ever since. Learn more?
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