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  2.   2.  How it Began
  3.   3.  Leader History
  4.   4.  Leadership Changes
    1.   4.1  Subleader Changes
    2.   4.2  Leader Changes
  5.   5.  Timeline History
    1.   5.1  2009
    2.   5.2  2010
    3.   5.3  2011
    4.   5.4  2012
    5.   5.5  2013
    6.   5.6  2014
    7.   5.7  2015
    8.   5.8  2016
    9.   5.9  2017
    10.   5.10  2018
  6.   6.  Past Pack Relations

1.  Introduction

Hi, and welcome to Cour des Miracles' history Wiki page! This page is intended to be a timeline of Cour des Miracles' history. Anyone is free to edit this page, provided you follow the 'Souls Wiki Guidelines as well as the Guidelines specified herein. Thanks for contributing, and please continue being awesome, Inferni!

2.  How it Began

The idea of a new pack started in two different groups that eventually merged into one cohesive vision. The first group consisted of Firefly Sadira, Svara Thames, and Leroy. Firefly and Svara had just been exiled from their previous pack, Dahlia de Mai, and Leroy had left his pack to be with Svara. They wanted a fresh start in a pack that would be different from the ones they had each left behind. The second group belonged to Jacquez Trouillefou and included Ruri Aceline. They left their homelands in the south and sailed north, hoping for a new land with new opportunities. However their ship hit a storm and was capsized, scattering it's inhabitants into the ocean. Ruri washed up on the Shattered Coast of 'Souls lands, being found by Haven Aatte, Firefly, and Svara. They helped to treat her wounds and Firefly and Svara took her in to live in their cabin with them. Haven returned one night to see Ruri and they talked, him explaining the personal issues that were dragging him down and making him feel outcast.

Jacquez had also survived the shipwreck and washed up on shore, though in a different place. He walked along the shoreline until he came to the Shattered Coast and was found by Firefly, Ruri, Svara, and Leroy. The five of them talked and decided that they should band together to create a pack, though nothing was made official. Ruri also told Jac about her friend Haven who was distraught and living in the nearby city of Halifax.

Jac visited the city and ran into Haven. The boy was instantly intrigued by the self-styled King and was willing to try his hand at following the man. Meanwhile Svara was brutally attacked and raped by Haku Soul and was left on the beach to bleed out and die. Luckily Leroy found her and sounded a distress call and all the members came together to save her. That night they knew they could no longer stay as a group of loners but that they needed to become a real pack. With a rousing speech from their King, all agreed to join this new pack, Cour des Miracles, and pledge their loyalty to it.[1]

3.  Leader History

Leaders of Cour des Miracles
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Jacquez Trouillefou (2009-2010)
Svara Thames (2009)
Vigilante Haskel (2009-2012)
Ruri Aceline (2009-2010)
Strelein von Rosnete (2011)
Silvano Sadira (2012-2017)
Charlotte Haskel (2012-2014)
Abigail Sadira (2016-2018)
Kalypso Savoy (2018-2019)
Paloma Rovira (2019)

4.  Leadership Changes

4.1  Subleader Changes

Svara Thames leaves Cour des Miracles.

  • Information about the event here.

Vigilante Haskel is asked to step up as Constable.

  • Information here.

Ruri Aceline leaves Cour des Miracles.

  • Information here.

Strelein von Rosnete is asked to step into the role of Dauphin.

  • Information about the event here.

Silvano Sadira usurps Strelein's leadership role.

  • tired of an alcoholic leader, Silvano confronts the Dauphin and demands he step down. Strel promotes Silvano before stepping down, and in turn is demoted to serf for his inability to do his duty any longer.

4.2  Leader Changes

Vigilante replaces Jacquez Trouillefou as King.

  • Information about the event here.

Charlotte Haskel replaces her father's role in the pack as Queen.

  • Information here.

5.  Timeline History

5.1  2009

June 3:

Cour des Miracles is formed by Jacquez Trouillefou, Ruri Aceline, Haven Aatte, Svara Thames, Firefly Sadira, and Leroy. Ranks are assigned, and Jacquez becomes the King, while Svara becomes the Constable.

Dates Unknown:

Svara Thames and Firefly Sadira both leave the pack separately, no explanation given. Firefly later rejoins on August 26, and Svara rejoins on September 23. Svara is given the rank of Serf, omega status.

August 26:

Cour des Miracles hosts a horse race with AniWaya! There are six contestants, and the order of winning went as follows: Haven Aatte (CdM, riding Drogon), Dawali Amara (AW, riding Belle), Heath morte dre Soul (CdM, riding Lumiere), Susquehanna (AW, riding Galilahi), Catherine (AW, riding Bluma), and finally Hemming (AW, riding Bayard). Members of both packs came to watch, and it was a fantastic day.

October 17:

The pack’s first litter is born to Ayita Catori and Leroy, resulting in one female (Amaranth Catori) and one male (Kable Catori).

October 18:

Svara Thames jumps dramatically from the cliffs into the ocean, killing herself and hurting those she was close to.

November 14:

Jacquez asks Ruri Aceline to be the Dauphine, and she accepts.

November 17:

Jacquez asks Vigilante Haskel to step up as the Constable to give a strong face to the leadership. Vigilante accepts.

5.2  2010

January 11:

Jacquez calls a pack meeting to announce Ruri and Vigilante as leaders, as well as to discuss the war between Dahlia de Mai and Inferni. The pack is to remain neutral, but both Jacquez and Firefly will be aiding Inferni. Cour des Miracles will be a safe haven for anyone wishing to get away from the war.


Vigilante Haskel replaces Jacquez Trouillefou as King.


The Court’s first year is celebrated with a party featuring food, music, and fancy dress.

November 20th:

Ruri Aceline and Heath morte dre Soul welcome two puppies: Forte Aceline and Arnette morte dre Soul.

Dates Unknown:

Anann Kelevra organizes a bonfire for Courtiers and those from the surrounding lands. Ruri Aceline leaves the Court, along with her family.

December 28th:

Ayita Catori and Vigilante Haskel become parents to Liam Catori, Noah Haskel and Ame Haskel.

5.3  2011

January 28th:

Linden Aatte, Felicity Chance and Robin Aatte are born to Princess Chance and Haven Aatte.

February 5th:

A massive snowstorm hits ‘Souls. King Vigilante calls together as many of the pack as he can and moves them into the Chien Hotel for safety.

February 6th:

Elijah and Elvira Winters are born to Alaine Winters.

February 7th:

A search party is sent out to look for stragglers and those lost in the snowstorm. Ever Mayawyn, Alder and Haven Aatte check on the pack’s horses.

February 9th:

Firefly’s Cabin, a landmark since the Court’s formation, is found destroyed.

April 2nd:

Jiva Takekuro is born to Amaranth Catori and Niro Takekuro.

August 27th:

Ezra Rosen and Ever Mayawyn had a single puppy: Elias Rosen.

September 12th:

Skoll Haskel, Charlotte Haskel and Hati Catori are born, the second litter of parents Vigilante Haskel and Ayita Catori.

October 1st:

Following tensions between AniWaya and Crimson Dreams, Vigilante and a group of Courtiers enter AniWayan territory to confront Maska Ahote, whose supporters have attacked Crimson Dreams. Maska himself has taken prisoners, one of which is freed by the Courtiers.

October 2nd:

Vigilante declares war on AniWaya.

October 7th:

Maska Ahote and a group of AniWayans raid Cour des Miracles territory. Lunenburg is looted. AniWayan scout Ayasha treacherously leads a group of AniWayan Guardians into an attack by members of the Court.

October 17th:

Along with Crimson Dreams, Cour des Miracles launches an attack on AniWaya.

November 17th:

A treaty is finally reached between Cour des Miracles, Crimson Dreams and AniWaya; the latter are not allowed warriors in the tribe until the Court and Crimson Dreams deem it acceptable.

Dates Unknown:

Vigilante asks Strelein von Rosnete to take up the role of Dauphin.

5.4  2012

Dates Unknown:

Silvano Sadira deposes the Dauphin, Strelein von Rosnete, later becoming King alongside Queen Charlotte Haskel. King Vigilante Haskel dies; daughter Charlotte Haskel takes up the mantle of Queen. Ayita Catori dies. Friendships with other Southern packs are formed, including Cercatori d’Arte and Casa di Cavalieri.


Thanks to the toil of several Courtiers, a new Ampitheatre is built.


Claudius Aston ventures to the Court to petition for the return of warriors to AniWaya.

September 21st:

The edge of a hurricane hits the Court.

September 23rd-27th:

The hurricane is in full swing, enveloping all of ‘Souls and causing considerable damage to most areas of the Court. Courtiers are advised to stay inside and the bottom floor of the Hotel is used as a storm shelter.

September 28th-30th:

The hurricane dies down. Damage can be assessed and rebuilding can begin.

5.5  2013


A tournament is organized for members of Cour des Miracles and Casa di Cavalieri! Events are held in both packs’ territories, including: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Sword Combat, Archery and a Horse Race.

February 14th:

Aoves and Harvey Butler welcome new children: Basil, Estella and Samuel Butler.

April 3rd:

Rio Marino and Liam Catori have a daughter: Valencia Catori.


The Court celebrates their fourth year with a bonfire.

June 6th:

Following an affair with Vináttan, Shiloh Dawnbringer, two more puppies are born to Silvano beyond the Court: Abigail Sadira and Alessan Stormbringer.

June 25th:

Aoves and Harvey Butler have another litter: Vivienne and Silvia Butler.

Dates Unknown:

Tensions caused by Belmonte D’Amore culminate in the King’s son, Pascal Sadira, being attacked. He is rescued by Silvano and Skoll, and Skoll kills Belmonte. Salsolan spy Artemisia Eternity infiltrates the ranks but learns little of value.

5.6  2014


One of Silvano’s children by Shiloh Dawnbringer, Abigail Sadira, arrives at the Court unexpectedly.


Queen Charlotte Haskel goes missing following a riding accident; no trace of her remains can be found and Silvano is left to lead the Court alone.


Tensions emerge between Courtiers and Infernians: Skoll Haskel angers Annabeth de Fonte; Mistral de l’Or and Annabeth get into a verbal altercation. No major bloodshed occurs.

5.7  2015


Flooding hits ‘Souls. The Court is, mercifully, not too badly damaged; although the King’s Cellar must be restocked, nobody is lost to the swelling waterways. Courtiers are encouraged to assist their neighbours in Casa and AniWaya.


Tensions start to rise between Cour des Miracles and Inferni: following an argument with Skoll Haskel, Liir Altav attacks Aurelya Shandara. Skoll vows to get revenge, later putting pressure on Infernians to tell him if Liir lives there. Skoll informs the King of Liir’s whereabouts and crimes and Silvano agrees to meet with Infernian leadership. Vesper turns him away when he demands Liir be punished.


Pascal Sadira, son of the King, is violently kidnapped in the Dampwoods; blame is placed on Inferni. Silvano, along with Alder and Mara Savoy, goes to Inferni, blaming them for Pascal’s disappearance. Back in the Court, Silvano advises his pack mates to make preparations for war. Cartier Inferni sneaks around the Court and is attacked by Skoll.


Skoll and Liir fight; Skoll loses an eye in the process. Other fights break out between Courtiers and Infernians and the search for Pascal continues. Things are escalating...

October 15th:

The Battle of Halifax causes injuries on both sides. Silvano and Vesper agree to an armistice and call a halt to the fighting.

5.8  2016

January 11th:

The Court throws a New Year Ball, inviting friends from Casa di Cavalieri, Midnight Shores, Vinátta and Sapient.

March 31st:

A bright red star is seen off the coast.

April 1st-2nd:

The Red Star falls. As the pack closest to impact, the Court loses a great deal of its coastal territory to the ocean. In a cruel twist, Skoll Haskel is almost lost to the sea, too, but is rescued by the King and Aurelya Shandara. Alder and Linden seek to keep the horses safe during the impact.


Alder discovers a potential new meeting place for the Court and consults the King on making it fit for purpose.

11th June:

Silverbell, Willow, Argan, Acacia and Walnut are birthed by surrogate Grace Revlis to mated pair Rei and Alder.


Linden Aatte is promoted to Majordomo.

July 22nd-29th:

The Court holds a week-long festival to (belatedly) celebrate its birthday, inviting a band of gypsies to entertain the Courtiers, some of whom end up taking a shine to the Court itself.

November 1st-3rd:

The Court band together with allied pack Casa di Cavalieri to share in hosting a grand tournament featuring a Grand Melee, targets, a horse race, a swimming contest and a Grand Ball as the finale.

December 10th:

Galilee Haskel is born to Skoll Haskel and Aurelya Shandara.

December 12th:

Rei, with mate Alder at his side, takes his own life following a long and drawn out illness.

5.9  2017


A mysterious sickness affects much of 'Souls, making many feel under the weather and taking the lives of elder Madilyn Joyce and one of the communal stallions.

June 16th-July 5th:

A group sets out for Portland to establish an Outpost and aid in future trade. Amongst them are Eugene and Pascal Sadira, Valencia Catori, Ariadne Arcanum and Aithne Marino, all of whom elect to stay at the Outpost. The King and others return home along with some new faces including Kalypso Savoy, daughter of Mara Savoy, and Iris le Conte.


Abigail Sadira is promoted to Grand-Duchessa.


A new housing project begins, spearheaded by Kalypso Savoy, although it might be to keep her busy... Courtiers are welcomed to submit ideas for housing locations and structures.

November 15th:

Abigail Sadira births two pups by Kira Raine of Casa di Cavalieri after a year-long romance. Ajax Raine and Cicely Sadira are King Silvano's first grandchildren.

December 25th:

Grand-Duchessa Abigail Sadira's pups go missing, beginning The Winter of Tarnished Gold.

December 26th:

King Silvano Sadira, whilst out searching for his missing grandchildren, is captured by Mistral de l'Or and her mercenaries. When Silvano disrespects Mistral she cuts off his hand and takes him prisoner.

December 28th:

Ajax Raine is reunited with Abigail, but he's returned with a grisly souvenir: the King's hand.

5.10  2018

January 1st:

Mistral de l'Or and her mercenaries march on the Court, a disgraced Silvano in tow, and Mistral announces herself as the new Queen.

January 2nd-16th:

The new Queen's mercenaries cause havoc in the form of scuffles, arguments and vandalism. Bad feeling within the Court starts to grow.

January 16th:

After speaking with a pregnant Mistral and being threatened should she show her face again, Lady Kalypso Savoy begins an underground resistance whose numbers include: Thyri Dawnbringer, Silverbell, Gaia Dawnrunner, Paloma Rovira, Dove Reverie, Galilee Haskel, Alessan Stormbringer, Mayne Hanzi, and Gilmore Whiteheart.

January 29th:

Shiloh Dawnbringer goes to confront a very pregnant Mistral about her present and past behaviour. Mistral, flying into a rage, kills Shiloh.

January 30th:

Two of the mercenaries, Piper and Silex, are given the chance to leave by Kalypso. Another two, Chaska and Callista, decide to join the Court.

January 31st:

Shiloh is given a Viking funeral by family and friends.

February 2nd:

The Court puts on a show to finally "recognise" their new Queen. There are ulterior motives, however: two groups of fighters attempt to subdue the remaining mercenaries while Kalypso arrests Mistral.

February 5th:

Whilst incarcerated, Mistral gives birth to two children by Majordomo Linden Aatte: Florian Aatte and Bennett de l’Or.

February 7th:

Mistral is executed, Linden banished and Kalypso reveals herself as Silvano’s daughter and the new Reine; a new regime has been born.

6.  Past Pack Relations


There have been no notable interactions between Cour des Miracles and Sangi'lak, though the leaders at the time of Sangi'lak's formation did not have a high opinion of each other.

Cercatori d'Arte

Cour des Miracles and Cercatori d'Arte have a friendly relationship, and some members have moved between the two packs. The artisan pack's caravan has visited and offered trades, lending to a good relationship with no official alliance. Tensions arose when a member of the Court was caught trying to steal the caravan, but after her punishment, the relationship remains good.

New Dawn

Cour des Miracles and New Dawn do not have much of a relationship, though some of the original members of New Dawn were formerly members of Cour des Miracles. There has been some minor tension with specific members, however, the pack on the whole does not regard New Dawn with much of an opinion.


There have been no notable (known) interactions between Cour des Miracles and Anathema, though CdM leadership has discouraged interaction in the past.


In the past, the coyote clan and Cour des Miracles have had a benevolent relationship, with members moving and trading between the packs, relationships and friendships between individual members. However, even in times of war, there was no official alliance offered. Recently, however, a member of the Court vandalizing the border decorations has taken away some of the friendliness of the relationship existing between the packs. In summer of 2015, relations with IF deteriorated to the point of open conflict over the absence of the King's son Pascal.

Midnight Shores

There have been no notable (known) interactions between Midnight Shores and Cour des Miracles.


Prior to the spring of 2011, Cour des Miracles and Aniwaya had a very good relationship and Cour des miracles had hosted a horse race, which the tribe was invited to. Cour des Miracles was involved in the war with AniWaya when their new leader proclaimed a distaste for hybrids, which led to Cour des Miracles' official alliance with Crimson Dreams. After Crimson Dreams disbanded, a former member rose to leadership in Cour des Miracles, and while relations have improved under the tribe's new leadership, there is not a geat deal of friendliness.


Several eventual members of the Court were born in Vinátta - notably several children of former King Silvano Sadira and Vinattan Araedi Shiloh Dawnbringer. Members of Vinatta were also invited to fun events hosted by the Court.


There have been no notable (known) interactions between Sapient and Cour des Miracles. However, Silvano's son was a founding member of Sapient.

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